Let us give thanks!  It’s November and it’s the season of turkey, chardonnay, guacamole, and THANKS!  On this episode of the Joy the Baker Podcast, Joy and Tracy are kicking off the season of thanks.  They’re also answering your questions about Florida party schools, talking about how awesome librarians are, and teaching you how to flirt (badly).

It’s time to get into these Thanksgiving favors!  Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Butternut Squash & Cranberries from Tracy!

Pumpkin Bourbon Milkshakes.  Drink your pumpkin pie!!

Brussels Sprouts shredded into ribbons.  It’s salad!  Apple and Pomegranate Brussels Sprouts Salad.

A creamy no-bake pumpkin situation from Joy!  Almost No-Bake Pumpkin Cream Pie.

How do you flirt?  Um… let’s have Steve Harvey teach us a thing or two:   Act Like a Lady Think Like A Man.  Also, text message flirting is a totally exhausting and ridiculous game.  Yeesh.

We are thankful for you!  You are probably not thankful for our advice on flirting.

Do you have any tips on flirting??

Also… if you have any holiday season questions, leave us a comment.  We’ve got all sorts of answers and advice.

 Thank you for being here with us!

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40 comments on “Bold It Up!

  1. Rachel Nov 8, 2012

    I have some advice for Kelsey about Florida party schools. I grew up in Gainesville, FL which is the home of a very large public university/party school. I had a lot of friends that went there, most of whom were not into partying and would rather stay in an read a good book. So, there probably are people there that have the same interests as you, but in such a large school they can be hard to find. I know at UF there was a specific dorm where the honors students lived, which may be the people who are more you’re speed. I’d check out the websites for your college and look for running clubs, book clubs, etc. Facebook is also a good place to look for those kinds of organizations. Give it time.

    Joy, I agree with feeling like people who were born in the 90’s are super young. My sister-in-law and my sister happen to be born in the 90’s, so I know that people born in the early 90’s are now old enough to drink and people born in the mid 90’s are now old enough to vote! Totally crazy.

  2. I recently found out the word for thanks in Portuguese: obrigada. So go ahead and add that to the list. :)

    I wish I were 9 years younger and going to Kelsey’s school…I would so be her friend! I’m on Couchsurfing, and it’s a pretty excellent way to meet new people with similar interests. You can post on the forum to try and reach out to people…I have met some cool people that way! I think Meetup.com is cool too. That’s what the site is about actually – meeting people who like the same things as you. Good luck, Kelsey!

    • I was thinking the same thing, Sha! I’d totally be Kelsey’s friend cause in college I wanted nothing to do with partying and was much more interested in staying in and reading! haha

  3. brandi l-b Nov 8, 2012

    “thank you” in Icelandic is “takk”!

  4. Oh, I have a question! Maybe more than one….
    A. Ugly holiday sweater parties: Still awesome? I want to have an ugly sweater party and then have people take pictures in a photo booth a la Awkward Family Photos.

    B. How does one make super tiny parties still awesome? I love having parties but tend to get a small turnout, which is fine, except I have no idea how to keep the party going. Most people prefer not to drink, some games can get tedious and awkward to start, and sadly (very sadly) many of my friends are not of the dance party type.

    Love you guys! Thank YOU for the great podcast!

  5. Excited for this week’s podcast. After last week’s show, I just had to share the google search options that came up when I started to type “I’ve been ask to…”. The first choices were: “to join the freemasons”, “to be a godparent”, and “to drink the blood of Christ.” WTF? Gave me a good laugh.

  6. Loving this podcast! Every year, my friends and I do a “Friendsgiving” so that we can all celebrate together before we go our separate ways. We each are responsible for a different dish– it works out beautifully!

  7. In Hebrew, it’s “todah.”

  8. I want to make a Frankenpie this year and would love your advice on it! From the bottom up, I’m picturing: Pie crust, layer of pumpkin filling, layer of crumble or pie crust, layer of chocolate cream filling, topped with crumble or pie crust or…something. Any thoughts on how to make this caloric confection happen? Thank you ladies!

  9. I have a question for you both . . . do you have any Christmas gift suggestions for someone who has everything? (My in-laws.) Thanks! :)

  10. I am going to visit my husband’s family in Colombia for most of the month of December. My question is, how do I keep in the Christmas spirit in a tropical climate? I live in Minnesota and I’m from Nebraska, so a white Christmas is usually a must. Since you two are Californians, maybe you have some suggestions?

  11. rebecca Nov 8, 2012

    Just quickly… In Australia, we too say “thanks”. Noone says “throw another shrimp on the barbie” unless we’re taking the piss (Aussie slang = mocking/ making fun of something).
    “Ta” is also a more casual way of saying thanks too… More a chick thing, very few boys say it, now I come to think about it.

  12. I’m pretty sure everyone knows this already but thank you in Mandarin is “xie xie”. In Cantonese it’s “mm goi”. In Hokkien it’s “kam sia”. And in Malay it’s “terima kasih”. Yeah, I’ve run out. LOL.

    Btw I love love love brussel sprouts. So much.

  13. Thank YOU Joy, Tracy, and Michael for bringing us awesome podcasts each week! I’m thankful that my earballs get to listen to your funny, entertaining, and totally random (scrubbing bubbles?) banter week after week. Makes my Thursday commute so much more enjoyable!

  14. …totally loved “Think Like a Man” the movie. Not usually an advocate for movie adaptation over book (unless it involves Noah and his 365 letters), but this one was kinda super great.

    • Sofie T. Nov 10, 2012

      I haven’t gotten around to seeing the movie, but I liked the book! I was skeptical at first because it’s Steve Harvey, but he had some really good points/pointers. Y’all could do a spin-off… “Act Like a Man, Think Like a Lady”. 😉

  15. totally going to go home and scrub my baseboards. Thanks/no thanks Tracy!! : )

  16. Did you REALLY just lump all 40+ into the “don’t keep them from the chardonnay . . .sipping at 1pm” bunch?!?! WHAAAT? :)

  17. Fantastic podcast this week! Tracy, I was so happy to hear of your thankfulness of Scrubbing Bubbles – because I totally share it and am sick of people looking at me funny when I get excited about their awesomeness. I didn’t know I could use them for baseboards though – so thank you for a weekend project!

    Keep up the great work. You make my Friday morning commute fantastic each week. :-)

  18. Great podcast yet again. Thanks for the smiles. Alas, no flirting ideas since I have almost been married 10 years. God, I am old.

    Anyway, I do have a question for the holidays. I am most likely going to be making desserts for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. In the past I have done the traditional desserts for Thanksgiving (which get kind of boring) and then spiced it up with a bunch of different types cookies and ice cream that people could just pick at if they did not want pie / cake or something more formal for Christmas.

    Getting to my question, what to do for Thanksgiving desserts that has the traditional flavors but is more exciting…and what to do for Christmas Eve. It will be the same people at both events. About 8 for Thanksgiving and about 10 for Christmas. Ideas for fun holiday desserts that are easy to make but exciting and fun.

    Thanks for all you guys do!

  19. I don’t like turkey either! I’m opting for a couple chickens this year, I’m forcing everyone to deal with it. But Tracy, if you have to cook one, try the spatchcock method, It’s what I’ve done the past couple years and it’s juicy and cooks in a little over an hour.

  20. lucy neish Nov 11, 2012

    something great to pass the time with and to improve flirting skills look up chat up lines on google there are some hilarious/ interesting ones! here are just s few….
    did you fart? because you just blew me away!
    do you like raisins? how about a date then?
    I bet you £10 you’re gonna turn me down!!
    have funnnnn!

  21. Joy and Tracy, love your podcast every week. I feel like I am listening to my girlfriends. I am thankful for your podcast when I am baking and on long road trips.

  22. Yeah, I totally do the “look at baseboards in bathrooms” thing. I feel you.

    Also, I look at the floor right where it meets the wall/baseboard….I’m awful.

    • Tracy Nov 12, 2012

      YESSSSS!!! That’s where all the scary is. Right in that corner.

  23. Just an FYI on the Starbucks red cups. In Canada there is a Red Cups Challenge contest that is running until the end of this month. Each day we’re given a prompt from Starbucks Canada to take a photo with a red cup doing something with what’s mentioned in said prompt. 10 people will win $10 Starbucks cards daily, with the grand prize of four $250 gift cards up for grabs. I’ve already one $10! Yay!

  24. Becky Nov 13, 2012

    This one’s for Kelsey: Sometimes stuff just don’t work out. I mean, we all wish things like schools and work and partners click and work out and feel great, but honestly a lot of the time they don’t. And that’s 100% super ok, you just have to be honest with yourself. If I were you I’d look into finding a smaller school with a “geeky” reputation and do the research on transferring there. Don’t stick around just because you feel it’s your fault that you haven’t done enough to find new people, it could honestly just be a place where you don’t fit in right now. Sometimes a rough start could lead up to something awesome, sometimes not. You just have to WANT to stay there and work for it. If you have that feeling that you’re still (somewhat) excited about going out there yet again and finding cool friends, then do that. But if you just feel discouraged and depressed about it, you need to get out and find a place where you feel at home. Take care of yourself, don’t stick around because you feel you should “take the fight” or “be tough”.

  25. Hey Kelsey, everybody is giving you the best advice so i’m just gonna say, DON’T WORRY!! i won’t say you don’t need friends cause that’s not true, but don’t rush it, take your time, don’t stressed over it, it will come ^^ if you keeeeep thinking about it it’s just gonna upset you, so just try your best but if it’s not happening, don’t be upset. Something will work out for you, I promise! <3 Take care!!

  26. Joy, I’m a librarian at a university library and I just have to tell you how absolutely thrilled I was to hear about your love of librarians! It’s funny because a lot of us go into libraries because we just really like books and reading, but you quickly figure out that the real point of being a librarian is to help people. Maybe that’s by helping them find a particular book (either for personal reading or for research) or maybe that’s by helping them find some info on campus clubs. Seriously, the library would be a great place to go for help making some friends or finding/creating a club. Most libraries also have email and chat services if you feel shy asking for help in person. Book clubs on campus are tricky, because a lot of people don’t have time for personal reading with all the reading for class. But most public libraries have book clubs or can help you set one up. I’m sure this school also has a volunteer center where it would be easy to make friends with like-minded people. And since it’s the week before Thanksgiving, I would bet there’s a turkey trot of some sort going on either on campus or in the community. :)

  27. Hey Tracy! This is my fifth year hosting Thanksgiving, and I think I’ve got my system down. The best piece of advice I can give for the oven is to bake everything on Wednesday. On Thanksgiving morning, take everything out of the fridge so that it comes to room temperature. When the turkey is out of the oven (needs to rest about 30 mins or so), start rotating the dishes in and out of the oven like a madwoman to get everything hot. If your oven is underneath your stove, keep dishes covered on top of the stove, too as it will help keep things warm.

    My other tip is to iron tablecloths and even set the table on Wednesday; makes things really chill on Thursday.

    I wrote a post last week that let people in on my secret OCD of planning T-day (including a pdf because I’m that much of a crazy planner). Hopefully you’ll find it helpful! http://nourishandpreserve.wordpress.com/2012/11/08/thanksgiving-plan-for-a-relatively-stress-free-t-day/

    • Tracy Nov 14, 2012

      Thanks for the tips!! The cool part is that I have a double oven (although one is hotter than it’s supposed to be!) I’m actually not super worried, I’m just in denial about what I have to do!

  28. Becky Nov 14, 2012

    Hi ladies,
    I am so happy I found Joy’s blog, which led me to the Podcast, which led me to Tracy, who is also extremely awesome. I like to pretend that I am your good listener friend that sits on your couch Wednesday nights and cracks up at your jokes while overall being endearingly quiet. But wait, that would be weird.
    So the question– I get a CSA basket and they send me awesome things that I have to learn how to cook. After a year or so, I am doing pretty well but what in God’s name do I do with a persimmon? I want to be excited when they show up but I don’t think I like them as is so I need some recipes. Any tips? I will eat most anything.
    Keep up the entertainment, recipes, and ’80s references please.

  29. kjlingenKali Nov 21, 2012

    Was this the episode about the discussion of the saying, “Beer before liquor, never sicker. Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.” I think this was the episode… anyway, I’m not sure where wine fits into this equation…

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