This week on the Joy the Baker Podcast, Tracy  gets the low down on Joy’s FIRST book signing in Pasadena.

Joy just had her first Book BABY!  Sadly, there was no mesh underwear involved.

3 different sharpies were christened at this event. Which one is Joy using at this point?

I spy a black sharpie…

Joy made people laugh! Maybe she’s teaching them about blog math??? Doubtful.

Maybe she was talking about the dude who sat in the baby chair? Most likely!

The next day, Joy was at the Kitchen Aid event hosted by Todd Porter & Diane Cu of White on Rice Couple.

Look at that fancy blazer! Business lady attire.

Photo from:  ThoughtfullySimple

Joy & Tracy also ask each other some nosy questions in this podcast.

We won’t spoil it, but here are some reference images for you:

Of course the picture Tracy finds has Michelle Rodriguez in a leg brace. It’s totally leg candy!

Legs for days…except for that brace…

Pre Tom Cruise? Maybe?

Did you forget about Chris O’Donnell? Tracy hasn’t.

If you didn’t already know… Joy is a Sugar Freak. Chow says so.

Aaaaaaand Tracy podcasts for the first time with sunglasses on.

Thanks for listening!

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74 comments on “Book Baby

  1. I totally wasn’t expecting a new podcast until a little bit later, so I’m stoked to see this! My otherwise boring flight tonight will be awesome because of this podcast! Well, at least for 52 minutes. Maybe I’ll repeat it! Which I’ve done before. A lot. Ok bye!

  2. Gretta Mar 1, 2012

    Joy: I love the book and I can’t wait until the signing in NYC!
    Tracy: I wish you could be at the NYC signing because I would totally want you to sign the book as well! And I’m not great at blog math, but I know a ton of people would agree with me here :)

  3. Tempa Mar 1, 2012

    Joy, Just in case you’re counting the number of people who will be absolutely, totally, MOS DEF(!) coming to see you in Portland…Count me IN! I can’t wait to meet you!
    Tracy, Will you be with Joy in Portland too? Oh, I hope so! Please come!

  4. Katie M. Mar 1, 2012

    I complete L.O.V.E this podcast.

    I listen all the time and always catch myself with a goofy smile on my face.

    My husband now refers to your podcast as “Food Porn” because he overheard you girls describing easy appetizers to throw together.

    He even suggested that I take my coffee into the shower this morning because he heard you girls recommend drinking in the shower. And let me tell you, I did, and it was amazing. I felt ahead of the game this morning, I highly recommend if you haven’t done so already.

    take care! keep up the awesome work!


    Katie from Pennsylvania

  5. Joy, I’m so proud of you! I had no doubt that tons of peeps would show up to your book signing. I’m so wish I could get my book signed too (I live in Canada). It would be awesome to see Tracy too!

    My perfect bonus day would be to wake up in the morning in my Paris apartment, walking over to the corner boulangerie for a freshly baked chausson aux pommes and cup of espresso. Leisurely stroll through the fresh market or perhaps spending a day at the Musee D’Orsay. I would then come home and make me and my beau a dinner inspired by the ingredients I bought that day. Then later that night, hopping on a boat together on the Seine and sipping on mini bottles of a good French red wine while watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle in the distance. Yes..That would be nice.

    P.S. – I’ll be moving to Paris for a month in April, so hopefully I can make this day come true!

    • Courtney Mar 1, 2012

      Jen, that’s the beauty of living in France. That bonus day can come true every single day, because every other doorway opens into a boulangérie and you’ll find an open-air market in a different spot in the city each day of the week, where you can indulge in actually interacting with the people you’re buying your food from. I’m livin in France till May, and I’ll be in Paris in April, too, so let me know if you need a guide or a boulangérie buddy!

      • Ooh, that would be cool, send me an email and i can let u know when im around

  6. Great podcast once again girls!

    Joy- congratulations on the release of your book, wish I could get to a signing, but I’m way over here in Belgium waiting for the book to come out in the uk (in a month :-() whatevs, it’ll come!

    Tracy- waiting for your book to come out soon! You should totally do it!

    Take Care! Hear your girls next week!

  7. Alison Mar 1, 2012

    Joy I just wanted to let you know how awesome your cookbook is!!! I love it. Its too bad you won’t be visiting us in Canada. Specifically Ottawa! That would be awesome. I really think you and Tracey should do a book tour/podcast/road trip combo thing. That would be awesome!!!

  8. I spy some totally adorbs bookmarks with someone cute and fluffy on them! Congrats again Joy! Major!!

  9. Joy, I’m sure everyone leaves your awesome book signings to also take off their pants and bras (if they’re a lady) and walk around in their slippers too. That’s what people do! I’ll be at your first Seattle book signing but can’t make the other two since it’s my husband’s birthday weekend. I am so excited! And YES! I want Tracy to sign my book too there!

    My dream extra day…waking up late with my husband and time to cuddle with him and the dogs. A great homemade breakfast, sushi lunch out, and dinner with friends with plenty of rest in between plus a good walk with the dogs.

    I thought that Michelle Rodriguez picture WAS Joy!

  10. Courtney Mar 1, 2012

    Along with all this birth-talk- today’s my birthday, and I’m sequestered here in my little town while I work this week, till the revelries and ruckus with friends this weekend. So tiding me over for now, thanks for somethin fun to listen to on my birthday!

  11. Ohhh I get the mesh underwear. I’m pregnant right now and not looking forward to it. Thanks for bringing that gem into my mind. :) You should probably make gift requests because I would totally bring you a gift! Unfortunately I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it to a book signing, unless you want to visit Minnesota or Wisconsin and sleep on my couch (totally an offer).

  12. Thanks for the shout out Joy! You guys are wonderful and make me laugh every time!

  13. i will be at your book signing in Chitown – well not real chitown, but winnetka! i already made your brownies with chocolate buttercream frosting last night. bonkers delicious! can’t wait to meet you! i wish tracy was gonna be there too! :)

  14. I laughed (out loud), I cried (a teeny bit, for real), I hurled (not really . . . but mesh underwear and squeeze bottles? All my friends have kids and I’ve never heard of this. I am totally terrified).

  15. Julia Mar 1, 2012

    Hi Joy and Tracy! So, I am a total lurker. Read your blogs, got the cookbook, listen to the podcast, and realized I have never once posted on or about any of those things. But I am a HUGE fan of all these things. Stayed up way late last night reading the cookbook and you two are always keeping me entertained on my walk to work. So thanks guys. And keep on being awesome.
    And I’m going to try to come to the Chicago-land book signing (it’s on my birthday!) but not sure if I’ll be able to make it.
    Anyway, you ladies rock. Just thought I should put that out there now that I’ve been thinking it for so long.

  16. Hmm, my perfect bonus day…All my friends would have to come with me on some kind of trip. A picnic would definitely be involved. Okay so we’d hop on a flight to Monterey, pick up some good picnic foods, drive out to a good hiking foresty/beach spot and spend a lazy day hiking/poking around on the beach. For lunch we’d feast on some kind of cheese/meat/fruit plate. Once it got dark we’d head to town for some delicious seafood and maybe we’d have to squeeze in an aquarium visit. Just because those jellyfish are way cool to look at (not to swim with).
    Of course, I could think of a bajillion different days like this. I guess they all involve friends, seeing something new and fun and good food!

    Lastly, for your blog math count, my friend and I are coming to your HB signing (but I posted before on your blog so I just made your math more complicated- sorry). Oh, and I predict that your Chicago signing is going to be totally jam-packed with fans- they love good food!

  17. Elexis Mar 1, 2012

    I was totally not expecting a podcast due to the book tour, but you two pulled through, you guys rock! I look forward to every thursday for this podcast, it makes my cleaning job so much better :/ As well has another awesome podcast I was so overjoyed to hear that you had over 100 people show to your first book signing, I am so happy for you Joy! I’ll be at the Oregon book signing, I can’t wait! Congrats Joy and thanks you two for make my Thursday every week!


  18. Ahh you guys are making me feel like being a lurker = being a lepper! OK I’m lurking no more. Good luck on your tour, Joy! If I could make it to Brooklyn for your signing, I would. Eat tons of amazing hipster food and sorry the weather sucks compared to LA. Love you two ladies, you’re so real it’s refreshing.

  19. Kelli Mar 1, 2012

    Joy, I’m definitely coming to your Chicago book signing! I’m so excited – I got your book yesterday but I had a crazyhuge paper due this morning, so I forced my roommate (who’s also coming!) to hide it from me so I could finish on time. The pictures are GORGEOUS!

    Tracy, I really hope you write a cookbook too so I can one day go to your book-signing as well! I’m major jealous of everyone in Seattle and San Francisco who get you meet both of you at the same time. It’d be like hanging out in a podcast.

  20. Sasha Mar 2, 2012

    This was so much fun to listen to. I had a great time at your book signing in Pasadena and I can’t wait to see you again on Saturday. I sincerely love the cookbook and can’t wait to bake from it.

  21. Sasha Mar 2, 2012

    Also, listening to you ladies interact with one another reminds me so much of me and my friends and it’s so awesome. Tracy, your blog rules as well. :)

  22. Amber Mar 2, 2012

    What are these squeeze bottles? I need to know. As a person who will be pushing a human being out of her womb in early September, I need to know.

    • Tracy Mar 2, 2012

      Umm. Real talk? It’s basically a squirt bottle for your lady business. After having a baby you can’t really wipe after using the bathroom. REAL TALK!

      • Amber Jul 9, 2012

        I’ve thought a lot about this. Can I just use a bidet? Is that possible? Can girls use bidets? This squirt bottle thing sounds suspicious at best.

  23. Lyndsay Mar 2, 2012

    Ahahahaha….love the mesh underwear comment :) So excited for your cookbook Joy! You are amazing! Well, you both are. Love the podcasts :)

  24. Hannah Mar 2, 2012

    So excited to see you’re keeping up with the podcasting despite your book tour! I’m so happy for your success and can’t wait to see you in Seattle at CakeSpy. P.S. Tracey – I would TOTALLY buy your cookbook too!

  25. I will be at the St. Louis book signing!! My Long Distance BFF and I are going together! Bonding to the extreme. Can’t wait to meet you!

  26. Rachel Mar 2, 2012

    I’m not a person who usually leaves comments, but I’m super-excited to meet Joy in Portland! Thanks for all the great podcasts!

  27. Emily Mar 2, 2012

    My friend and I love your podcast, and sometimes you two remind us of ourselves. We even have a long distance friendship going right now, too. We decided the other day we should do a podcast together, where I’m Emily the Shaker and she’s Carrie from Can you ever imagine from where we got our inspiration?? Thanks for such a great podcast, it’s bonkers awesome.

  28. Mira C Mar 2, 2012

    I just got so excited that Tracy is coming to Seattle! Squealing may or may not (definitely may) have been involved. I will be coming to your BookLarder event in Seattle, and my man will accompany me if he can get off work early enough.

    Can’t wait! Eeeee!

  29. Tracy should totally come to the Portland book signing! I would love to have you and Joy sign it :) So excited to meet you, Joy! Great podcast too!

  30. Hi Joy! I hope this is a good place to leave this comment. And I hope to book tour is going awesome! I don’t know if you know of/follow A Practical Wedding but the founder just went on a massive book tour and wrote this very thoughtful, compelling, beautiful blog on how it changed her life and how pushing herself was so rewarding:

    Even though I’m not on a book tour and not even really a writer, I found it profoundly helpful with perspective on my own life. Just wanted to pass it along!

  31. Another fun podcast! I always look forward to listening to you guys while I work!

  32. Hi Joy and Tracy!

    I’ve just recently followed your blogs and have been listening to your podcasts. Joy, congrats on your book and tour. I can’t wait to get my copy! I’m excited that Tracy is coming to Seattle. I plan to go to the Lake Forest Park event!

    p.s. The fact that you mentioned College Station made me laugh out loud. I attended college there at A&M. WHOOP!

  33. Rachel! Mar 2, 2012

    You two are awesome but like way less awesome then like me (sorry to break it to you). But seriouslay I listen to you guys chat all day and its super awkward when I’m on the bus and people around give me weird stares because I am dying of laughter. So thanks for that.

    I actually have a question though:::
    I was just wondering what to say to dumb guys when they say vegetables are “rabbit food” when they are offered any sort of vegetarian item. I always want to just go up to them and hit them or something and say “vegetables are fly! and I’d like to see you and your giant fat belly in 5 years while your having your very attractive meat sweats!!” grr.. Some men are just stupid I guess..

    Anyhoo keep podcasting as I love them.


  34. Marian Mar 2, 2012

    I can’t wait to see you both at CakeSpy in Seattle! Will there be books available for purchase
    there and are you doing a cooking demonstration? I hope so!

  35. Real talk? I am totally going to be at attending at least one Seattle signing (most definitely Saturday) and would love to have Tracy sign my book. And even though I thought I made a total twitter gaff (which clearly wasn’t actually a gaff as you really will be in Seattle, Tracy, Yay!) I really would like to take you ladies out for a drink, provided you don’t want to just go home (wherever that will be in our fair city) and take off your pants. For reals–even though it will be St. Patty’s Day and there will be a lot of other people out drinking too. No green beer for you guys though, I’m guessing, that’s not very classy.

    And P.S. That popcorn sounds awesome, when you get it right.

  36. I will be at your second Seattle Book signing! And I am super excited that Tracy is going to be there also. (hopefully you won’t have to be wearing a hat!)

  37. Blog math: I’m coming to Omnivore on Sunday! So…that’s ten other non-commenter-type people you can expect to show up.

    See you there!

  38. Kathy Mar 2, 2012

    Joy and Tracy,
    I’m hoping to come to the signing this Sunday at Omnivore. I live right around the corner! Oh, and I’m bring the boyfriend :)

  39. Elizabeth Mar 2, 2012

    As a nurse in a mother baby unit, I was quite amused by your talk of mesh underwear and squeeze bottles. I hand them out every night at work.
    I’ll see you both in Seattle, at at least one of the signings! I don’t think CakeSpy is big enough!

  40. for those of us who aren’t in a city on your book tour of love and awkwardness – would you consider signing bookmarks to send out to us? like if we send you a self-addressed stamped envelope kind of thing? or name plates for inside the book? i mean not right now, but maybe when the tour is finished. just a thought!

  41. Add me to your Chicago book-signing count! SO pumped!

  42. Joy, I don’t think I’ve let your book go since I received it in the mail. Thumbing through it on the subway, it sure got some attention. Everyone was oo-ing and ah-ing at it with me! I got weepy (in a good way) reading just the intro to the book because I can relate to your experiences…a self-taught, taste-bud taught, passion-driven learner…mascara singing the eyes shut from opening the hot oven…and because you were my inspiration for starting my own food blog. You wouldn’t believe the number of recipes on my blog that say “adapted from” or “from” JoytheBaker. I will never forget your rooftop picnic in LA. And every time I see your kettle corn recipe I’m all like “I’ve tasted the kettle corn that Joy herself made!” I am so happy for you and proud of you. Yes, everyone loves dessert and yes there is something magical about pleasing others with the treats you make them. Girl, you had me at chili cheese fries and ice cream pie. Can’t wait to see you again in Brooklyn.

    -Stephanie (figsinmybelly)

  43. oops…singeing (not singing)

  44. Meghan Mar 4, 2012

    Hi ladies!!! I adore your podcast! And your blogs…and Joy, I love your book! I’ll be at your book signing in Brooklyn – with at least 4 other people…so that would be 5 (if you’re doing the blog math). I’m so excited I can’t handle. I recently moved to DC from NY and left all my friends and family behind and your book signing will be my first trip home! It’s going to be the best weekend ever. Tracy!! I wish you were going to be there but alas – someday!!

  45. Jenny Mar 4, 2012

    I’ll be at your Seattle signing! Looks like it is worth getting there early to get a seat! And I think this was the episode that talked about what to do with the extra day in February. I spent Wednesday night at Costco, stuck, locked out of my car, waiting for someone to come help me unlock it. Sad, sad day. Never toss your bag into the trunk, close it, without having your keys on you.

  46. I am totes going to come to the Friday book signing in Seattle! I can hardly wait to meet you! Count me in your blog math! :) xo

  47. I can’t wait to see Joy in SF! I couldn’t make it to the signing on Sunday but I will totally be all over that business on Thursday.

    I love the podcast, love both of your blogs and am so excited to get my hands on this book!

  48. Adele Mar 5, 2012

    Joy, so excited to come to your book signing in Portland (i guess it’s technically Beaverton, but it’s ok I still love you). Let’s hope those Powell peeps have enough copies of your cookbook, I can’t wait to buy it and use up all the butter in my fridge.

  49. heather Mar 6, 2012

    love love love you, your recipes, your podcast…..but i have to set you straight. one is NOT OVER THE HILL @ 40. i like to say that 40 is the new 27 (not 30, tracy). that’s it. keep being fabulous, just a bit more aware of how quickly my friend, you will be there yourself.

  50. Jessica Starr Mar 6, 2012

    Your podcast and both of your blogs keep me going through the week! The only thing that can get me out of bed and to the gym before work is knowing that I have a Joy the Baker podcast episode to listen to. Thank you so much for brightening my days and inspiring me to cook, bake…and hopefully start my own blog soon! Joy, I’m totally counting down the days until this weekend when I’ll have time to make something from you new book.

  51. My perfect extra day would involve a donut from Dough in Brooklyn, an amazing facial, mani/pedi, basically everything that makes you feel amazing and fabulous but would cost way too much to do all in one day. Then follow that with champagne and freshly baked goods. Maybe even have an island magically appear in my kitchen 😉

    P.S. I’ll be at your signing in NY! Tracy, you should totally come also :) love love love your podcast!

  52. Um, why do I still sometimes wear the mesh underwear…months later…it’s awesome and breezy.

  53. Boo to moving from California to Utah. Would so be there today in San Fran. It is time for you to go national. And I think Tracy should escort you. Everyone needs a travel buddy? And someone to help open books while you sign them? And advertise a future book of her own? Or something like that.

    If only my husband knew how much I loved you so he would’ve flown me out too. Oh well.

  54. I don’t usually comment but I ALWAYS listen and read JTB & Shutterbean! I made TWO Joy recipes today. Despite my repeated efforts my husband still does not like risotto (surely this is some sort of undiagnosed medical condition…who can resist risotto??!), so I have an entire 13×9 casserole of lemony goodness to tackle on my own this weekend. AND there is a coffee cake with what is surely an unsafe amount of crumb topping on it in my oven right now. I am going to win wife of the year with that for sure- it will make up for my risotto-pushing ways. Tracy, we loved your Edamame salad last week!

    Love you both, thanks for being awesome! Keep up the inappropriate ramblings, they make my week. xo

  55. I want so badly to be at Joy’s signing tonight but my cat got sick and I had to take him to the vet and now I have to keep an eye on him. I’m grateful that he’s ok (though we don’t have a diagnosis) but totally bummed to miss this great event.
    Hope the tour is awesome!

  56. Marie Mar 9, 2012

    OOO to keep the blog math to a minimum…three friends and I are driving from Abbotsford ( BC, Canada) to come to the Friday Seattle book signing at Third Place Books! We are super excited! AND we are extra excited that Tracey is going to be there!

  57. Sophie Mar 10, 2012

    Joy, I am totally going to try the popcorn recipe from your cookbook that Tracy mentioned! And I love your popcorn layering idea- my boyfriend currently sits with a shaker of nutritional yeast and shakes it on each successive layer as he eats- your idea is classier :)

  58. Arianne Mar 10, 2012

    I will be there in NYC. Include me in your blog math! I can’t wait.

  59. Tanashati Mar 10, 2012

    Hey Joy and Tracy can you talk more about the steps you take to make recipes.


  60. Gabriella Mar 12, 2012

    I just listened to this podcast again and can’t believe that Tracy let Joy had the last word of the podcast. 😉

  61. Just caught up on this episode! WISH I lived in the states so I could come to one of Joy’s book signings. OR that I was rich enough to fly over just because. But I’m not. I do have the book on pre-order with Amazon. WHY do we have to wait so much longer for things in the UK?!?!
    Tracy, my bonus day would totes be the same as yours. I was listening and nodding. My daughter’s two.
    Thanks for another AWESOME podcast!

  62. Caitlin Mar 13, 2012

    Joy and Tracy I have been working back through your archives for the last few days now, thanks for keeping me company while driving, shopping, doing my hair, cooking etc. I totally just started washing my hair with baking soda and I’m loving it.

    I moved overseas several years ago and I’ve lost a lot of my american accent but listening to you, I’ve totally found myself talking like you and getting my accent back! haha.

    Also, I just bought Joy’s cookbook on amazon and I can’t wait for it to get to me all the way here in Australia, I wish international postage didn’t take so long.

    Love the show and your blogs!

  63. Rebekah Mar 18, 2012

    Ahh Joy, figure me into your blog math cause I’m coming to see you in Chi-town this weekend and bringing a friend! Can we share a salad with you? :)

  64. Katy K Mar 21, 2012

    Hi Joy and Tracy!
    I just wanted to tell you guys how much I love your podcast. You can’t know how much it has helped me these past few months. In December my mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. She lived in Knoxville, TN and I live in Nashville, TN – about a 3 hour drive. You can imagine that I was making this drive very frequently to go see her and visit with her and make the most of our time together. I was always driving alone, even though I have a husband and two kids, and it was sometimes a daunting task to sit in my thoughts for 3 hours. Enter you guys. The drives to see my mom became a time to sit and talk with friends. You and Tracy made those drives bearable for me. I would hoard the episodes and only listen to them in the car. It became such a fun time for me – and I was usually smiling the whole way!! Sometimes in the midst of the craziness and surreal-ness of my life, I just needed to hear about all the totally important, non-important stuff. This might be a little heavy for the comments section, but I just *had* to say thanks for being “friends” I could lean on during a hard time in my life. My mom passed away on the 12th of March – and I still listen to you guys when I need a laugh or to lose myself for a little while. So glad you’re doing what you do! Thanks!!

    • Tracy Mar 22, 2012

      Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I’m sorry for your loss and am really happy that our conversations together could help you through this difficult time in your life! Much love to you and your family!

  65. Becca Mar 27, 2012

    Ohmygosh this is my first comment post and I’m so excited. haha. I just listened to this episode tonight – I know, I’m a couple of weeks behind – but I had to share something with Tracy. Tracy – I know it’s too late because it already happened, but REST ASSURED if you brought pictures to your haircut if anything your stylist should have appreciated it.! I say that because every time I go to get my hair cut and I waffle with real indecision about what I want her to do, or I know but can’t describe it, and EVERY time she says, “next time you should just bring a picture”. She told me to! It’s not crazy. I hope you did, laminated or no. Also Joy, book tour sounds so exciting. I’ll be there in Brooklyn! Hope the east coast treats you well.

  66. It’s awesome hearing Tracy’s POV of the book tour. I wish I could have gone to one of her signings, but I was in France when those ones were going down. I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad about that!

    I love that Joy called Tracy a Type A Freak and Tracy didn’t even protest!

    PDA, ew gross. Let’s keep it to hand holding and very quick pecks, people.

    Thanks for a hysterical podcast, guys! I decided I’m going to start commenting now! Proud much?

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