This week on the Joy the Baker Podcast, Joy and Tracy discuss the stress of moving… you’ll hear an update on Tyler Florence Gate 2012… we’ll talk to you about our Siren Songs… and we totally want to hear your S.Songs as well!  Lastly… we’ll get into Mother’s Day!  When in doubt, BRUNCH!

Tracy is moving!  She’s starting to document her moving adventures on High Straightenence.  Check it!



Let’s talk about Trader Joe’s!

Tracy is all about the Trader Joe’s Crumpets.  That’s good breakfasting.

Open at your own risk.

Dip in cookie butter at your own risk. Seriously… they’re that good.

Joy loves the Plain NonFat Yogurt from Trader Joe’s.  She made a Cardamom Rose Water Lassi!

Salty Chocolate Almonds.  Dreams come true!

What’s your Siren Song?

The garbage disposal?  Airplane buttons?  Freeway walls?  Road kill?  Kitten bellies?

It’s all a trap!  It really is…

What are you making for Mother’s Day Brunch?

Angel Food Cake is totally a good idea!  It’s so fluffy and light.  Topped with fruit… it’s perfectly mom-friendly food.

Joy’s Angel Food Cake comes with sweet Vanilla Strawberries.

Tracy’s Black & White Angel Food Cake look just too good!  Look at that chocolate!!

Other stellar brunch ideas are:

Potato Frittata and Strawberry Shortcake.

Happy Mother’s Day!  Look at little Tracy’s knees!

We can’t wait to see pictures of you and your mama!  Tweet us at @joythebaker @shutterbean and @homefries!

We love that you comment and participate!  Thank you so much!

Here’s last week’s homework!  What’s your favorite accessory!  Let’s share!

(We missed some of your accessory pictures!  Please forgive us (or resend!).)

Joy loves her glasses and a borrowed deer scarf.

Nice job, Tracy!  That necklace is major!

What up, Andy!  Nice scarf and hat!  Well played!!

Sweet, Forrest!  That necklace is EVERYTHING!

Hey, Jesi! You clearly know how to work it.  Look at those stripes on stripes, too!

Kari!  So cute in glasses and bangs!

Lala Freeman.  That ring is darling.  Ps.  Who is the cute dude in the background?

I love what is happening here, Nomnivorous!

Ovenloving!  I’m obsessed with this bracelet.  Also… nice use of the red pant!


Sinamon twist!  Work those pearls!

Woot, Ronni!  Love the bracelet and LOOK AT THAT RING!

Andrea!  Your necklace is like math!  Very cool!

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83 comments on “Brushing My Teeth With Cookies

  1. Dustin May 10, 2012

    My siren Song is a bowl of fresh leftover frosting. I know I’m never going to use it again and I’m just so tempted to reach my hands in the bowl and squeeze the frosting. Is that weird? Awesome podcast by the way :).

  2. Oh my goodness, I was just doing the dishes and listening to your podcast when you kept saying my name over and over and I had to message you guys to tell you! Not only is my last name Dingle, but my dad’s name is Barry. Yes, Barry Dingle. So when you kept saying Dingle over and over again and Tracy mentioned Barry I burst out laughing and had to tell you guys!! I love listening every week, you guys always make me smile :)

  3. My siren song has gotta be Nutella ! oooh yeah

  4. Caitlin May 10, 2012

    Tracy, your mom is gorgeous and you are adorable!!! Sweet dresses, too.

  5. Heather May 10, 2012

    My siren song is my next door neighbor’s cluttered/leaf-filled front yard. Everytime I look at it, I have an insurmountable urge to break out my leaf bags, gloves and rake. I must admit that I gave in to my temptation one time, and cleaned their entire front yard while they were at church. They totally confronted me about it, and even though I was HIGHLY embarassed the pure satisfaction of a tidy yard trumped my magenta face.

  6. Hilary May 10, 2012

    I didn’t know that siren song was the name for this! My siren songs are: open flames, live electricity wires, electricity sockets, the opposite stream of traffic. This is a kind of crazy that other people have??

  7. Balconies. Always have the urge to jump off of them. It’s not as morbid as it sounds, I don’t think. And also, obviously, cat tummies. They are just SO. STINKIN. CUTE.

    • Tracy May 10, 2012

      I feel you on the balcony tip!

    • I totally get this! I have to remind myself not to jump onto the El tracks. What is that?

      Also: I want to drop my phone between the train/platform gap. Elevators, too.

      Sirens are destructive.

  8. Loooove Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered almonds. I share the garbage disposal siren song with you, Tracy! I laugh every time you mention it ’cause I relate. My other siren songs are Pinterest and chocolate, espesh (short for especially) around eight o’clock at night! I know I shouldn’t log onto that website because I have laundry to fold, bills to pay, a garage sale to prepare for, but somehow I get sucked into it.

    In regards to your previous podcast conversation about the Take Five candy bar…. For some reason that chat reminded me of the PB Max candy bar. Do you remember those? Yummmm!! Or yum-didee as my son would say.

    Love your show!

  9. Tracy is right, it is dangling chads!

  10. My siren song?! Homemade rolls rising. I just want to punch them down. Not violently, just a little touch. Whoopsie. Result- Flat rolls, but it was fun. Right?

  11. Valerie May 10, 2012

    Oh my goodness that part with the siren song had me ROLLING!! You guys are great. Also, Joy: amazing suggestion about getting your mom stuff that Dad just wouldn’t think about!! LOVE that, I will always think of this from now on. :)

  12. Let’s see, siren songs. Definitely jumping into a pool with all of my clothes on. I actually succumbed to that desire once. :3 I was at an overnight camp, and became known as “the crazy girl who jumped into the pool with all her clothes on.” But it was totally worth it. Oh, and jumping off the edge of a balcony. Very much a siren song. Another thing for me is when I’m talking to somebody at a party. I can be having the most enoyable conversation with them, but then I get an incredible urge to throw my drink in their face. At that point, I try to wrap up the conversation in fear of what I might do.

  13. When I sit behind someone in a movie theater, I want to thump the person in front of me in the back of the head. I know: crazy.

  14. Sheila May 10, 2012

    Siren Song! My siren song is when I am stopped at a red light. My foot suddenly has the strongest desire to step off of the brake. Aaah, so scary!


  15. Hey Joy and Tracy! My neighbor and I found each other through your podcast, such a small world! Thanks for connecting us. You can read about the details here:

  16. We don’t have Trader Joe’s here in Canada, we only really get their trail mixes and dried fruit. All this talk of cookie butter makes me very, very jealous.

  17. Pushing over the mile high cereal box display at the grocery store.

    One of these days, it’s going to happen.

  18. Trader Joe’s also has an amazing seasonal Vanilla Cinnamon Tea at Christmas time. I always stock up so I can have it year round!

    Ohh, siren songs! So morbid, but so true. I have the same deal with the garbage disposal– it’s not like I WANT to put my hand in there, but when it’s on I always worry that I’m just going to for some reason. And oh those concrete barriers on highways… especially when I’m sleepy. It’s like, let’s just crash and take a nap.

  19. Jayne May 10, 2012

    I feel like crying. No Trader Joe’s here because I’m halfway around the world away from the nearest store. Sob sob!

    My siren song is when I bake a cake and decorate it nicely (tho I have zero skills) or when I buy/see a very nice cake… I have the urge to smash into it. I mean, it’s too pretty to eat so let’s mess it up a bit so we can actually eat it. It freaks me out so much cos I’m always afraid I’d really smash the cake!

  20. I love all this siren song business!
    One that always gets me is blender lids. Never blend without making sure the lid is on. I know this rule and I always follow this rule, but everything about me just wants to leave the lid off and let the mess fly. Are siren songs primarily all about inner rebelliousness?
    Great mother’s day tips!

  21. Living in Europe means that many people live in apartment blocks with the doorbell buttons with thier names on them down at the front door. My Siren song is DEFINITELY those rows of buttons. Whenever I walk past, I just want to slide my fingers along them all effectively ringing every single one within the space of 2 seconds! :) Especially if its a big building with lots of buttons!

  22. My siren song is weird, but I suppose they all are. Every time I am in the shower, I am paranoid that I will accidentally/kind of want to use my razor to shave off part of my eyebrow…

  23. Joy the braclet is John Hardy..early Mother’s gift from the husband. It was made for year of the dragon. I feel like a fancy lady when I wear it! Especially when eating those darn chocolate salted almonds from TJ’s.

    I love Tracy’s picture she looks just like a mini girl Cooper.

    I have two siern songs.. when walking down the toy isle at Target I want to push all of the annoying buttons that make songs on the toys. I also want to punch my finger through the plastic on the wrapped packages of meat at the grocery store. I know gross!

    Thanks ladies for making me smile as always.

  24. Fact 1: I’m a man
    Fact 2: I listen to your podcast
    Fact 3: I can do a really good Ramona Singer Impersonation. Eyes and all.

    Of course that means I’m one step closer to doing a good T-Flo.

  25. Tracy! Your cardigan is totes Old Navy. I know cause I have a few of them. THey’re perfection in cardigans. Would wearing cardigans be….cardazin’?! Maybe not…

    Also, your mom is gorgeous! She looks all serene. And you? You look exactly like Cooper! Wow.

    • Tracy May 11, 2012

      My mom is/was a hottie!!! She also had some really good fashions. CARDAZIN!!!!! Totes Old Navy.

  26. I forgot! My siren song…when sitting in church, I have this insane desire to stand up and shout something. Just cause it’s so quiet and everyone is being so polite. Also, just sweeping my arm over a stack of glass jars or candles on a shelf at a store. Bath and body works candles kill me.

  27. Adrienne May 11, 2012

    Hi Joy & Tracy,

    Here’s my siren song… it’s a little strange. Whenever I’m reading an article online (political or not) I always get this urge to read through the comments! And if anyone has ever read any article on Yahoo News you know that there are some seriously wacky people commenting on those things (and they all have crazy usernames). It’s like my finger on the mouse is just forced to go further down the page…. It’s like crack! I can’t stop! Reading these nutso comments that are so offensive and grammatically wrong is like a bolt of caffeine, it gets my blood pressure going. It’s really bad. I’m trying to control myself now because it’s starting to get depressing realizing how many wacky people are on the internet. Anyways, that’s my siren song, strange though it is!

    • kaylee May 14, 2012

      i feel you on this! don’t do it! haha i always feel 100% worse about the human race after reading the comments on grrrrrr

  28. Elizabeth T May 11, 2012

    I was listening to the part about siren songs while sitting in a train at the station where someone was eating McDonald’s fries. So unhealthy but so alluring! Total siren song!

  29. Siren Song – totally with you Tracy on the garbage disposal…and my second, I must stress I have NEVER done this – but I always want to kick some old persons cane when they walk past me. so bad, so very very bad

    • kaylee May 14, 2012

      HAHA! That made me laugh out loud! :)

      • it so true and so bad! thanks for the acknowledgment!!! – and Joy and Tracy you mentioned me siren song :) still staying strong haven’t kicked a cane yet.

  30. kelly May 12, 2012

    Tracy, your mom looks just like Kate Middleton~no wonder you’re so cute!
    Happy Mothers Day:)

  31. Victoria May 12, 2012

    My siren song is seeing if I can fit myself into tiny spaces… sometimes I resist, sometimes I don’t. Large cardboard boxes are a problem. And new buckets. Dirty or used buckets do nothing, but if I see a clean one, it calls to me until I put it on my head.
    That’s normal right?

  32. Loved your last word Tracy 😉 You guys just made my day. So glad you are doing this podcast!

  33. my skinny leopard print belt says thanks for the shout-out! waist candy! here it is again!!/PlanetByn/status/199516644526133248

    i’m cooking for my mom tomorrow too! she wants chicken pot pie (trying a scalloped potato crust instead of pastry) and rhubarb upside down cake for dessert!

  34. My siren song is definitely hot candle wax. I always want to dip the tips of my fingers it it. I never let myself light candles because I always end up making such a mess!

  35. Beverlily May 13, 2012

    I’ve always wanted to throw a cream pie at someone. That’s my siren song! Happy Mother’s Day Tracy.

  36. I have 3 siren songs… 1.When someone is really mad and you just know you can’t laugh! I will sit there trying to swallow my giggles, hoping that I won’t get caught. I’ve had this problem since I was little, my sister would be getting in trouble and I would be laughing so hard. 2.After I work out or if it’s really hot outside I just want to take my clothing off (it sounds so bad). I have to remind myself that in public this is off limits.
    3.When I walk down the appliance aisles I press every single button whether it’s a stove or food processor. I have to press absolutely every single button. Sometimes I will leave without touching any button (feeling very proud) and I will sneak back and press all the buttons. no bigs.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  37. Courtney @ I Am A Mess! May 14, 2012

    I was so pumped to discover there is a term for those dangerous, compulsive urges! Not really dangerous but ONE of mine is sticking my hand in a box of rainbow sprinkles. I worked at an ice
    cream shop in high school and they had giant boxes of sprinkles and I used to hide in the back and stick my hands in. You inspired me to write a blog post about Siren Songs!


  38. My siren songs include: the garbage disposal and – this one is bad but I’d NEVER consider it really- pulling the emergency exit door in an airborne airplane. Ugh, that just totally freaks me out, I feel like I might accidentally bump into it and “woosh”- I get sucked out the door! I think mostly these stem from vivid scenes I have imagined that pop into my mind every time I’m doing them. On a related note, it’s funny that one of the commenters mentioned Pinterest as her siren song, because that’s immediately what I thought of; then again- that’s more of a guilty pleasure.

  39. I got so excited when you guys mentioned your siren songs because I totally have one. Whenever I’m in a high place, especially on the top level of a stadium, I feel a strange urge to fling myself into the crowd below. Also hitting cones while I’m driving.

  40. chris May 14, 2012

    I just found your podcast! I make Tyler Florence’s pizza dough recipe every other monday….and now all I can do is smile and laugh when I’m doing it!

    funny, funny, funny podcast………I’ve very afraid to try the cookie butter as it is a rabbit hole I cannot go down!

  41. Siren song? Butts. Whenever someone is walking in front of me up some stairs I always want to give them a smack on the butt. I’ve done it a few times and it’s totally worth it!

  42. kaylee May 14, 2012

    My siren songs:
    1) Hot burners. The red is so weird tempting. Ouch!
    2) BAKING CHOCOLATE. I knowww it is going to taste gross but why does it smell so good??

  43. My siren song moment is whenever I’m driving and I pass a cop car, I get the urge to give the cop the finger. Not because I hate cops, just because I know I’m super not supposed to do it.

    • Tracy May 15, 2012

      I sometimes just want to drive right into a cop car. SIREN SONG!

  44. My siren song moment is driving in a construction zone and as I pass cones, I want to hit them. I want to watch the huge orange cones bounce off my car like a pinball machine. My life will be complete when I’m able to do this.

    Also, about petting kitty belly siren song, see The Oatmeal’s comic about petting a kitty.

  45. Hey Tracy – Just wanted to say I TOTALLY get the whole wanting to spend your Mother’s Day alone. I’m so there with you. Our solution? We do Mother’s Day and Father’s Day WEEKENDS. On Saturday, the celebrated parent gets to go off and do whatever they want, by themselves. Then on Sunday, we do the family thing. It’s amazing.

    My siren song: pouring a cup of ice-cold water over the shower curtain while Kyle’s in there. That would SO not go over well, but it’s sooooooo tempting.

    • Tracy May 15, 2012

      Wow. That’s such a good idea!!! Totally doing that next year!

      Casey has sprayed me with the hose from the backyard while I was showering in our bathroom…SIREN SONG!

  46. I have two main siren songs at the moment – the big red button right in the middle of the dashboard of my Mum’s car (I gather it turns on the hazard lights), and tattoo parlours.

    On that second one – please, please,please, chuck some advice my way! I desperately want a tattoo, I have done for years and years. The only problem is I’ve never managed to come up with a design that I’m absolutely in love with. But then I wonder if maybe I’m just getting nervous and seeing flaws in tattoo ideas because I’m super worried about it (I do that a lot). My fiance is trying very hard at the moment to think of something to get me for my birthday in June, and I’ve thought a million times about getting him to buy me a tattoo, but I don’t know. Is it crazy to get a tattoo when you’re a little bit unsure? I’m turning 22 this year, so it’s not like I’m a baby or anything, and I’ve lived out of home for over 5 years now, I’m a real life woman. Gaah, help!

  47. Hi Tracy and Joy. Thanks so much for the shootout on the recent show.
    Do you think you can shoutout my food blog, What Andy Ate (

    Thanks so much for posting my picture and the compliments.


  48. Sarah R May 16, 2012

    Oh man, so many siren songs! Joy, I feel you on hopping into bodies of water fully clothed. I often struggle against the urge to bust out in dance in public when I hear a good song like I’m in a music video, but figure I’d look like a crazy person. But then I think about how maybe, just maybe, other people would join in. And this one’s going to sound way dark, but whenever I’m on a sidewalk and a bus is about to go whizzing by I have to coach myself to not take a step forward. It’s not that I want to be flattened by the bus, it’s just that the combination of the size and momentum is magnetic. Danger!

  49. Jayne May 16, 2012

    This is totally unrelated to your podcast but I was feeling so awful this morning. I tried my hands in making homemade egg noodles late late last night cos I couldn’t get it out of my mind. One red flag: I didn’t have a pasta machine. Second red flag: I merely eyeballed the dough. It turned out disgusting after cooking it for breakfast this morning. Ewwwww…. and I had to come on here to listen to your podcast again just to lift up the dark cloud. Made me laugh again. K.. I’ll stop rambling now.

  50. Liz P May 17, 2012

    My siren song: You know when you go past the toy section and there are ell those toys with the little buttons saying “press me” or “try me”? Well, I’ve been known to leave a trail of singing, ringing and dancing toys behind me…

    By the way, you guys are slowly conquering Europe. You had a listener from the Netherlands, I’m from Portugal, and I’m sure there are lots more! Love the show!!

  51. Emily May 17, 2012

    Siren song–When I see a lady with extra long hair, like down to her butt, I have this deep urge to just grab some scissors and snip it all off. Especially if she’s wearing it in a ponytail.

    I can’t remember which of you was talking about driving into freeway barriers, but fairly often I’ll be driving along the freeway and think about what would happen if I just twitched the wheel real fast to the side. That’s probably not healthy!

  52. LaneC May 17, 2012

    My siren are little birds on the sidewalk. I want to pick them up and squish them! I think because they would fit so perfectly inside your hand. Finally, a name for my weird thought! Thank you ladies!

  53. Emily May 17, 2012

    I succumbed to a siren song back when I was 6… my mom still makes fun of me for it. I was on the beach at Cape Cod helping this girl build a sand castle with her dad. It was super amazing with stones for paths and roof tiles and I remember a tower with a staircase inside (my memories maybe exaggerated its awesomeness). Then the girl and her dad went back to their house for lunch and… I jumped on the sand castle. ALLLL over it. Totally ruined it. My mom was horrified… and we ran away down the beach and back to our rental house. I was pretty embarrassed too, but those sand castles…. still sing their siren song 20 years later.

  54. I have two: first of all, when I’m standing near a stranger and they have their back turned to me (like on the subway or in line at the bank or something), if they have stray hair (especially long hair) that’s stuck to their top, I just want to grab it and pull it off their sweater. And second, if I ever see a parking bylaw officer writing a parking ticket for a car, I am always tempted to go up to them and scream at them about how they make people miserable for a living. But I know I must not do either of these things!

    Oh and sometimes I’m tempted to jump on the train tracks at the subway station. I don’t want to get hit by the train, I just want to jump on the tracks for a minute!!

  55. Andrea May 22, 2012

    oh my god – I went to trader joes this weekend in search of cookie butter and holy cow, me and my 4 year old daughter are hooked!! That stuff is seriously amazing!!! Thank you!!!

  56. Tanzida Z. May 27, 2012

    Trader Joe’s has peanut butter pretzels covered in chocolate! Those are definitely one of my many siren songs. Those and touching the plate at restaurants after the waiter warns you that it’s hot. I can’t resist!

  57. Ahahaha these are all so funny! I have this compulsion which I’ve had for years. At my high school we have assemblies with the whole school maybe once a fortnight and the principal speaks at them, talking about sporting achievements or whatever, and we all sit on the gym floor, and I just have the strongest urge to stand up and just yell something at her. I would probably get expelled/people would think I was bipolar but ohh… so tempting!

  58. Siren song! I always want to run through my neighbor’s sprinkler…or any sprinkler that happens to be spewing water. Same goes for wading in public fountains.

  59. My longstanding siren song is throwing a shoe at someone. I always have an urge to take my flip flop off and fling it at someone! I’ve only given into it once, and luckily it was just my BFF who thought I was totally crazy, but still likes me anyway.

    And I just realized a new one the other day. I was dress shopping at a bridal shop with the same BFF and there was this huge fluffy wedding gown on display. I had to stop myself from diving straight into the mountain of tulle. Apparently wedding dresses are my weakness.

  60. Krystina Jun 15, 2012

    Tracy –

    I just moved, too and I figured out the best way to unpack … do so with old school episodes of Dawson’s Creek streamin’ on the Netflix. I’m doin’ it. You should be doin’ it. No shame.

    • Tracy Jun 16, 2012

      There’s absolutely NO shame in watching Dawson’s Creek. NONE. If I wasn’t running from room to room, I’d totes do it.

  61. What do you do with Peppermint Joe Joes when they are your friend’s favorite? Cover a cake in them….

  62. First of all. I am a dude and I really love your podcast. My sister in-laws turned me on to it. (side note: you actually mentioned them in a podcast after my sister in law left a comment about moving to Ohio, advice on making new friends, and using this podcast as a way to stay in touch with her sister). I’ve listened to these first 48 episodes in about a month. I am not really getting my work done but whatever. BTW – I work at Epicurious and have been trying to get our editors to interview guys, it would be perfect as I am sure all of our users would love your podcast and your blogs.

    Anyway, you guys are going to think I am totally evil but my siren song is that whenever I see a pregnant woman I have this uncontrollable urge to smack her on the stomach. Not hard or anything but I have to put my hands in my pockets. My wife is actually pregnant right now with our second and bizarrely I never have an urge to do it to her, just complete strangers. Weird and horrific I know.

    • Tracy Feb 6, 2013

      Hilarious! And crazy! What a siren song to have!

      You should interview us. DO IT.

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