This week on the Joy the Baker podcast, Joy and Tracy talk summer camp!  Tracy enjoyed Camp Unique.  Joy lived through Camp Hollywoodland.  From rum cake to swim tests… Joy and Tracy go deep.

It’s possible that Joy was playing Red Rover all wrong.  It’s also possible that Tracy pooped in the pool and is now trying to blame it on another camper.

But first let’s discuss Joy’s supremely broken phone.  Being without a phone for three days is actually a relief!

Remember our efforts for an Unplugged Sunday?  Turns out the easiest way to do this is to leave your phone in another state.

Tracy and Joy spent lots of time this weekend dancing through Seattle.  Here’s proof:

ps.  like a boss.

A wedding in a jar!

Giardinieria. It’s in a JAR!

Maybe salad is a weird wedding gift.  Hm…

The salad jar by The Dieline

Strawberry Infused Vodka

How to Make Vanilla Extract!  …it’s in a jar too!

Hannah!  We love how you BLAZE!

Your Summer Bucket Lists!  (this picture is major Jen!)

We LOVE you madly… and LOVE that you’re in on the Summer Bucket craze with us!  Here’s a list of what you lovely people are doing.  Click around.  Check each other out.  Make new friends!

Kiki from Paint Chip Madness!

Kali from Kali Jan!

Gwen from Saturdays with Maggy!

Courtney from Culinary Courtney!

Kate from Eat Recycle Repeat!

Jen from Whitfield Awesome!

Meri from Pots and Pans!

Winter from Redd Party!

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Julie from Julie Goes Healthy!

Gray from Yep Indeed!

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Katrina from Warm Vanilla Sugar!

Christine from An Honest Life!

Allie from Pretty Awkward Life!

Thank you for all your inspiring homework!  We love you like crazy!

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81 comments on “Camp Awkward

  1. I have to tell you about my siren song. I know this was a while ago, but I think I just figured mine out.

    I am an archaeologist and I spend a lot of time working on construction sites and in really strange parking lots. Totally normal. We mark things on the ground using spray paint, which is fun to use. Except, I have an overwhelming urge to spray paint the cars in the parking lot. Just to angle that can up from the ground and spray some poor innocent person’s car. I don’t even know what I would write, I just want to paint… It is awful, I could not stop thinking about it the whole time I was working on my last job.

    So, there is my siren song. It will haunt me every time I pick up that florescent spray paint can. Also, I love your show. It makes me laugh and you guys are tots awesome. I listen to you all of the time while I am driving around going from job to job.

  2. I love starting every Thursday morning listening to you gals, but to have a link to my blog featured on the show notes!? AH-MAZING! Thank you both so much! And thanks for making us laugh every week and for your (sage?) words of wisdom!!!

  3. I’m not even done listening yet but i have to say, when i was in elementary school we played red rover and a boy in my class broke his collarbone plowing through! I think the only issue with your explanation was what happens when you do or do not break through. You get one of the players you broke through if you do and you join the other team if you don’t. I would definitely not want to play this game now. ow!

  4. I’m having a total fan girl moment! Thanks for the diet encouragement and for posting my illustration. This made my day!

  5. Oh man, this episode brought back the best memories ever! I was a CIT at the camp I attended as a child, and my nickname was Micro — because I’m short and I talk super fast like that Micro Machine commercial dude. I had been waiting my entire childhood life to get a cool name and I was so sad that’s what my fellow counselors named me. Womp womp.

    Also, Joy — I was totally with you on the frizzy bangs/curly triangle/sunflower t-shirts. That was me, too.

    Great podcast…again!

  6. When I played Red Rover, you had two teams, and each team takes a turn calling over someone from the other team. So the person whose name is called has to run and try to break through the other team’s arms wherever they think there is a weak link, and if they break through, they get to take someone from the other team back to their team. If they don’t break through, they have to become a part of the other team. So the goal is to get as many people on your team as possible by not letting them break through! I, too, was surprisingly good at this game for a tiny little girl, Joy!

  7. 1. Thank you so much for the link love! That was awesome to see this morning!

    2. That’s totally how I played Red Rover, too.

    3. I looooooved summer camp! I went to Camp Chief Ouray for many years and did the horseback riding program there. I had a counselor named Willow (I loved her) and all the girls had a crush on the cook named Cous-Cous (I like to think that was his real name). One year all the cabins went caroling (serenading?) to each other, and my cabin serenaded Cous-Cous. That was a highlight. The only thing was the showers……were freezing. All the older girls took forever to shower so by the time we, the younger girls, showered, the water was ice. cold. One year my friend Mallory and I decided to boycott showers. Being 12 with stupid hormones (hormones that are stupid, and hormones that make you stupid) and no deodorant, you can imagine the boys were allllllll over us. Or not.

    Thank you again!! Love you guys so much!

  8. Yay!! Thanks so much for the shout out! Loving all these fabulous links!

  9. Seriously? Wow.
    Really there? (Which, in typing out, doesn’t make sense, but is something we say all the time where I’m from.)

    [Bolo tie. (and)
    Nobody made out with Joy.]

    I laughed in such an embarrassing way when I heard that. Worse than snorting (somehow).

  10. Hey Joy and Tracy! I love that you shared your memories of summer camp. I too have so many good memories of summer camp that I actually worked full time as a summer camp professional (seriously, it can be a profession) in California for several years after college. I thought it was great you talked about Camp Unique as they are still around, but are now called Mountain Camp Woodside, still the same awesome (and unique) people! Plus they are accredited by The American Camp Association, which means it’s a stellar program. Love the podcast!

  11. maija Jun 14, 2012

    Ok, funny small world, Joy. I *think* you said your 4th grade friend’s name was Michelle Poyourow. If so, I know her! She now lives in Portland & is a super great bicycle advocate. I think she’s originally from LA & is 30-something, so possibly the same girl??? The last name stuck out to me as it’s not too common.

    • OOOOHHH MY GOOODNESSSS!!! that is totally the same girl!!! seriously! tell her I still remember her mom phone number. and tell her i say hi! and give her a big hug for me!

  12. Y’all just got me through some insufferable household chores this lovely Thursday, so thank you. And thank you for talking about summer camp and frizzy hair and not making out because of it because that was TOTALLY me as a kid, too. And then I was a camp counselor, and if y’all thought things were crazy and dramatic as a camper? All= I will say is the life of a counselor is absolutely ridiculous — good AND bad — and some of the stories I have from my four years as a counselor still make me laugh out loud to this day.

    Great podcast! And now, I want to make a summer bucket list…

  13. The fact that Tracy sang at the end of the podcast had me crying. Total Camp Awkward…tots on totes! Plus I learned that Joy and I both used to have crazy bangs and bolo ties. Fashion divas that we were! Who knew! Can’t wait to meet you both in July!

  14. Oh boy! I’m featured in the show notes? ‘Tis a good day. Thanks a million.

  15. I love it when you two talk about childhood fashions. I was ALL OVER that choker fad. Chokers with babydoll shirts and biker shorts… And I had some hot pink high top sneakers with Tweety Bird on them that I thought were the coolest.

    Tracy and the Huckleberries… You were probably headed for stardom with that song! And “Bolo” – oh how I love you ladies!

  16. Fusilliamy Jun 14, 2012

    How excited was I to hear my twitter friend Erin on the podcast asking about mason jars?! Another great show, ladies! Driving home with the windows down and laughing with yall is my new favorite way to get weird look from strangers.

  17. Sasha | Global Table Adventure Jun 14, 2012

    I totally rocked the ‘above the shoulder hair triangle’ in my younger years. And by “rocked” i mean i had no idea what was going on. This is why I have a perma-pony today.

  18. Thanks for talking about summer camp, Tracy and Joy! Especially since my summer will be absolutely consumed by it. For some added fun, I’d like to share some camper quotes from week one.

    “Your hair is SO popular”
    “Will you be my mom?” (followed by “you’re my grandma”)
    “You see that? I eat sweat.”
    “You have 100 boyfriends” (flattery all around)

    And that’s it. Kids these days…super presh.

    Also, please look at this picture of a really impressive bunch of lanyards.

    I want to paint my nails with you guys.

    • LaneM Jun 19, 2012

      Your hair is so popular?! That’s hilarious. I’m headed to summer camp next month as an “adult leader” and I’ll have to try that one out! Last year it was “Joy the Baker is the bomb dot com back slash INCREDIBLE” (for example)

  19. I used to carry a huge purse and have those terrifying phone-moments too! It got so bad that I started having back problems, and there were always red purse-strap marks on my shoulder. My gentleman friend gave me a tiny purse as a gift, and I felt bad not using it, so I used it for a couple of days and never went back. It just has my wallet, phone, lipstick, and keys. Totes min.

  20. Hi Joy & Tracy!

    I was about to listen to your newest podcast goodness, but first I wanted to share with you my summer bucket list, since it also has dancing in it… although mine is a much less cool, less put-together production than yours! You ladies are Awesomesauce, with a capital A.

    Here’s a link to my bucket list:

  21. joy! haters gonna hate, but bolo ties are totes in!! i mean, just check it out.

    just drop it in the bucket.

  22. the whole summer camp thing made my life. i went to a day camp for one ill-fated summer (where i perfected my mad “fake sick” skills, because i hated that place), and then my parents discovered my inner hippie and sent me to art camp for most of my summer. my best friend and i then worked then between junior and senior years of high school, which was simultaneously awesome and miserable (misersome? awe-able?). i was in charge of Box City, and that meant i was the all-powerful wielder of the x-acto knife and put together like 99% of that cardboard playground.

    also. my summer bucket list. i wrote one.

  23. I have 2 words for you: debate camp. For 3 summers. I loved it, and I’m not in the least ashamed.

  24. Oh sweet mother of awesome!

    I was just listening to the latest podcast while driving around and it made me think of several things:

    1. When I went to summer camp the best “thing” was hair wraps. You know? Wrapping embroidery floss around a teeny-tiny section of your hair? If you had a friend (or a CIT) with mad skillz, you might have been able to convince them to make a fancy knot pattern. I want one. Like now. And because I am 32, I will no longer hide my hair wrap by having it done at the nape of my neck! Oh no! I will rock it on top like that hair tinsel that appeared to be a “hot” trend several months ago. I used air quotes TWICE! Win? Lose.

    2. My strawberry vodka is steeping away on my dresser. Because where else do you keep that shiz?

    3. It’s time for me to get back to blogging. I was a regular poster ’round about 2008 and then… wait, what? That was a hella long time ago. So back at it. It’s on the Summer Bucket List.

    4. Summer Bucket List. It’s happening. I made it. With a pen and paper! But my first back-to-the-(blog)future post will be about my bucket list. Oh, it’s a vicious circle!

    Thanks dudes. You both are awesome!

  25. because blazers are always relevant, here is a slideshow of some major blazeness:

  26. MathGirlAsh Jun 15, 2012

    I can totally relate to the frizzy bangs and triangle hair. Kids on my bus lovingly named me “Afro Puff”. This name has stuck with me with those friends over the years. When I would try to curl my triangle hair under, I ended up looking like the top half of a Goomba. My own father started calling me “Mushroom head”.

  27. I have a gosh darn question! How do you two stay so gosh darn slim?! LOOK! HOW. DOES. THAT. HAPPEN.

  28. Is it weird that making the show notes was on my summer bucket list? Check! Love this podcast, as usual…I save listening to you guys for whenever I’m feeling down – you always make me laugh and cheer me up!

  29. Girls, I so enjoyed this week’s podcast about your summer camp experiences! I recently wrote a post about my love of summer camp and the song I loved the most. Although I’m probably your mothers’ age, we still had the same fun as you girls (just not the same cool music) Here it is.

  30. Better late than never, right? My summer bucket list!

  31. Ohhh my sister was ALL about the choker. We just went through her jewelry box and found at least 5 chokers.

  32. Catherine Jun 16, 2012

    Hey there! Love the podcast, and I especially loved this episode. You had me at bolo tie. So I was thinking about those two ladies starting a new blog series, and since they’ll be cooking on Tuesdays and there are two of them, one idea is to do a play on words like “TueChefs” or “TwosdayChefs” or “One Dish, Tue Chefs.”

    • allison Jun 19, 2012

      Thinking about a name for the Tuesday Cooking blog post, ‘Attached at the Mitt’?

      • Allison! I’m one half of the Tuesday bloggers — That’s such a cute name! Thanks for the suggestion!!!!

    • Hi Catherine! Thanks for the awesome suggestions! Molly and I will confer and totally take these into consideration!!!

  33. Carrie Jun 17, 2012

    Every time I see a woman (strangers included) wearing a blazer I sooo badly want to stop her and ask her if she listens to this podcast.

    So many summer camp memories! Wow! I don’t remember the food at summer camp, but I remember after our last meal at the end of the week all the campers pounded their hands on the tables and sang, “Weeeee waaaant a cook’s parade, we want a cook’s parade.” We’d sing that over and over until the camp cooks came out and paraded around. Then we’d cheer for them as a way of saying thank you to them. I think I’m gonna teach that to my kids so they will sing to me for cooking for them all week!

  34. I am going to Girls Camp in a week as an adult leader! I secretly want to ambush my girls with honey and shaving cream and string like in The Parent Trap…but I won’t.

    Tracy, I recently got together with my girlfriends and made pies in mason jars! It was maj fun! ( Thanks for pointing that out, Gwen from Saturdays with Maggy (!

    Thanks for great podcast, ladies!

  35. Elizabeth T Jun 18, 2012

    Hi ladies!

    I love your podcast! I heard you talking about the first day of summer and what you described about the days being as long as the nights wasn’t the solstice, but an equinox. Summer solstice is the day that has the most/longest period of daylight. It’s something I’m looking forward to, too!

    Keep the podcasts coming! :)

  36. Thank you for the podcast shout-out! Made my day!

  37. Tracy Jun 18, 2012

    Hi all….after listening to the summer camp episode I wanted to share my summer camp story. I went to Salesian Sisters Camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I would go for a week and there was swimming and a snack bar and a huge apple orchard. It was great. The camp was run by a bunch of nuns, “sisters.” And one summer. They sat us all down in our courtyard and told up that there had been a kidnapping of the head Sister. And her abductor was BIGFOOT. We had to be careful, but they new where his hiding place was. And we were all going to go there and try to get her back. We all hiked up into the mountains with the other Sisters and our counsels and when we got there we saw our head Sister tied to a tree and no BIGFOOT. But we all waited and were told that we had to sing to persuade him to untie her. So we did, and out came this BIGFOOT, tall hairy suited man/animal. He let her go and we were told that he would not bother us anymore. I don’t remember the song, nor do I know what this was supposed to teach us, but it is defiantly not something that I will forget.

    Just wanted to share….thanks for all the shows you really help my commute.

  38. I’m supremely late to the summer bucket list party too, but here’s mine:

  39. Polly Jun 19, 2012

    I don’t remember which episode it was, but Tracy, you talked about cookie butter. Now. I live in Colorado where we, sadly, do not have Trader Joe’s. But I am in Michigan on work and got the fantastic pleasure of going to check it out. I bought some cookie butter… If I keep myself from eating the whole jar tonight, it will be a win.

    Thanks so much — I love listening to ya’ll every Thursday!

  40. A blog name for the 2 cooks — Double Batch!

    • Hi Lin! I’m one of the Tuesday bloggers — I love this, thanks! Molly and I will definitely discuss!!!

  41. Just curious….How do you all have your pretty faces by your name in the comments section?

  42. Louise Jun 20, 2012

    Tracy ! Same thing here parents do not use cell phones to take calls! Had to laugh at that.

    Love the show!

  43. You guys are so awesome for sharing our bucket list links! I’m working my way down the list…

  44. Jenny Jun 21, 2012

    Joy & Tracy! This podcast was so amazing on so many levels. Triangle hair…I had the amazing puffy football shaped hair! Camp Awkward…Party of 1! Also I am “Clementyne7″ of “tots maj” status. Thanks for turning my typo into something that totally made my day! Love you gals & your podcast! Totes Tots!

  45. Hello ladies! For the blog name suggestion (the two girls who are in different cities making the same recipe) I think it should be called “Food Apart”. Whaddya think??

  46. Hey Joy & Tracy! My siren song is so totes bonkers I’m pretty sure I should be institutionalized. Whenever I see a really long sharp knife I have this ridiculous urge to cut my hair with it. I’m pretty sure only psychos and possibly small children with terrible impulse control have done this but it just feels right (and totally WRONG at the same time). This is a bad emotional haircut situation.

  47. Emily Jun 22, 2012

    I loved the bolo tie comments! My last name is Bullough, which in our crazy English language is pronounced the same as bolo tie. I always have to tell people how to pronounce my name, and the easiest way to get them to actually remember it is to say it’s like a bolo tie. Works maybe half the time. :)

  48. Hi Joy & Tracy,
    All the camp-talk brought back so many memories, especially with the camp counselor names. My favorite counselor, you ask? Her name was “Snickers”, of course. Awesome camp name.
    Just wanted to share one other story- I remember one camp counselor named “Jasper” and we thought he was just the coolest. After returning home, we discovered that he worked a regular job at the local roller-rink, which shocked us because we thought the counselors were ALWAYS at the camp, even if we weren’t. Timidly, we approached “Jasper” at the roller-rink…would he remember us? No. He did not. He just swore at us and told us to get out of his way. Our idol had fallen but I would go back to camp again in a heartbeat if they let 39 year olds in as campers!

  49. I’m loving all this new blogs I’m reading because of the summer bucket list!!

  50. Maddie Jun 25, 2012

    Joy, I totally think your camp counselor name would be Buttercup!

  51. I am in camp envy from you ladies. My mom made me go a Jesus Camp when I was a kid (She says I wanted to go, but till this day I’ll deny it). It was so bad I prayed for a hurricane – one came, and we all got to go home! Amen!

    P.S. y’all are awesome. Check out my bucket list fun! Thanks for the inspiration!

  52. I’m a new listener so I’m going back and listening to a llll your podcast. Loving them :o) I just had to comment on Red Rover…We loved this game as a kid but it always turned out to be super dangerous. We played it once in Sunday school and my brother got all scraped up because, as he was running towards mine and my friend’s linked hands we let go so he wouldn’t hurt us, he went flying through the air and slid across the ground. Despite all the injuries it was still, like, one of our favorite games :o)

    ps joy, my hair was a triangle as a kid and it’s not even curly…

  53. I’m a little late listeneing to this podcast, but I had to giggle about the whole last name sitch.

    Tracy, I feel ya on the maiden name mis-pronoucing thing. My married name is Welsh, but my maiden name is Doornbosch. Yeah, I know, it’s super long and super Dutch and NO ONE can pronouce it. What is even worst is that everytime I type it, the computer spell checks it to Doorknobs. Totes computer fail.

    ps. Tons of love from Vancouver, Canada and blaze on!

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