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WE’RE ON A BOAT!!!! Except you’re supposed to call it a SHIP.

As promised, we recorded a few “Captain’s Logs” whilst sailing the seas.

It’s weird. It’s full of siren-songs.

There was a cowboy one night….

Don’t take off the hat. Really…like NEVER take it off.

oasis 019

That’s Tracy checking out the SEDONA blazer…. We’re glad that old lady in the wheel chair “likes your jacket.”

Forever grateful for that gem!

oasis 017

Maybe we were laughing at your towel wizardry, dear Hall Guy.

We were TOTALLY just laughing that you decided to put TRACY’S GLASSES ON A TOWEL FACE.

That’s it. Totally that. And Tracy is sorry for requesting more towels. You clearly did that already.

oasis 015

There was a Casino Night. Joy is sad because she lost $20 on penny slots.

Tracy is showing off. Tracy was up $40. Tracy lost it all because KARMA/showing off.

Lesson learned: Know when to fold ’em.

oasis 018

Somehow we weren’t invited to prom….RUDE. We were all 15 once.

We did meet a nice couple from Nebraska who showed us all the dog videos/photos on their phones at this Champagne Bar…. #silverlining

oasis 020

How one feels in a boat big enough to hold 6k passengers.

oasis 013

But really… it was NON STOP LAUGHTER for a week straight.

Just majs being majs on the high seas.

oasis 012

Thank you for joining us….

oasis 025

Sorry for the weirdness. But really…not.

oasis 023

Boat (SHIP) life is weird. Here’s proof!


24 comments on “Captain’s Log (s)

  1. Brian Feb 6, 2015

    I think your Portuguese speaking elevator buddy was probably just saying, “Vocês são dançarinos?” It was an honest question, and others have asked it!

    Seriously, even though Joy was not feeling it because of tooth pain, and Tracy was hungry, that was a great episode! Thanks for strapping those logs together and floating that little bo–SHIP(!) out there for us.

  2. Great, fun episode ladies. I love you two in the same room. And Joy, your haircut is major.

  3. “I’m on a boat / ship. ” Still no life vest photos? Love you both!! Cowboy!!

  4. you guys are even funnier when you’re together IRL. i know it isn’t always practical, but my maj and i try to take an annual trip together because its just so fun, you should try to keep it up!

  5. Alexis Feb 7, 2015

    On your idea to have a stage act: DO IT!
    First thought that came to mind was Muriel’s Wedding, the two friends do an ABBA act on holiday trip.

  6. Nancy M Carlson Feb 7, 2015

    I know I must be really out of it but, what is a maj or majs??? I’m dying to know.

  7. This made me laugh so much – also Tracy you then went and posted a picture in your “And I quote” post of the water with the quote ‘Jump In” and I was reading that and listening to this and I was just like “Nope – that is an invitation to my siren song”

  8. Amy H. Feb 9, 2015

    So glad you had a good trip! The whole time I was thinking “roommate majs” and making it “roommajs” in my head! You were roommajs for a week!

  9. Polly Feb 9, 2015

    I was on a Royal Caribbean a few years ago, and this totally brought back memories. We couldn’t get enough of the FRESH JUICE REAL JUICE ladies that would great you everywhere with their fancy juice-squeezing machine. We also shared the boat with the European Bear Cruise (please google it), so giant hairy men in tiny swimsuits were everywhere! Hands down, my favorite memory was walking by a hot tub full of at least 15 bears, and one of them says in a very thick German accent, “Mmmm. Bear soup! My favorite!”

  10. Caitlin Feb 10, 2015

    Um favorite podcast of yours so far.. and I’ve been listening since the beginning! I know I’m late listening but may just have to listen again right now. Cruises have always freaked me out and now I feel like that fear is validated a bit more. Also, I feel like Joy’s hair is shorter? Even if it’s not new, love it, Joy!

  11. Caitlin Feb 11, 2015

    I’ve been listening to you guys since the beginning, but I swear this has been my favorite episode yet! I have always been leery of/scared of cruises and I feel like now I have even more reason to feel that way, haha. I was cracking up the whole time listening. Thanks for recording on the boat and THANK YOU for podcasting! I love it :)

  12. Oh man. That was funny.
    About 2 years ago now, I went on a cruise with my husband when I was the max weeks they’d “let” me cruise pregnant. 25 or 26 maybe and my son was big, so I looked 8 months pregnant. We had to reschedule it to fit it into their timeline and everything and email as well as bring proof from a doctor. We showed up to check in and they immediately and loudly requested a copy of my paperwork proving I wasn’t too pregnant to cruise…it took every fiber in my husband’s being for him not to say “what do you mean, pregnant?”
    Now that we’ve been on a cruise, I can honestly say that’s checked off the bucket list. It was a bit like being part of a social experiment 😉 and a bit like being on a field trip. I’m not a fan of being scheduled. Oh and it was also spring break.
    Also, totally agree about room service. We ordered cereal and bananas our last morning so that we could pack up and wait to be called to leave and the milk was at least room temp when we got it. Gross. I guess it is possible to mess up cereal.
    Nice haircut, Joy!

  13. Anna Emerson Feb 27, 2015

    Hey Ladies! I am currently on my first day of working from home full time! Hooray! As an introvert, my day so far has been nothing but peaceful and this situation is a dream some true. A walk with my puppy on my lunch break, a cup of coffee in the afternoon, and a sunny window to sit by. However, I know that this routine, like any other, is going to get old eventually. I am an administrative assistant and spend my days scheduling and returning emails. Any tips for how to structure my apartment life to be more productive, and enjoyable 9-5 Monday-Friday? Thank you and I love the show! Anxiously awaiting the next episode. <3


  14. Emily Apr 10, 2015

    I miss you, guys!!! Are you still making episodes?

  15. Nanehe Apr 16, 2015

    I miss you guys!!! I’m jonesing for more podcasts! When are you starting up again?

  16. Katharine J. Apr 23, 2015

    Joy and Tracyyyyy… come back and feed our earballs! Miss you fun silly girls :-)

  17. Hilary May 4, 2015

    Bring back the podcast! I want summer bucket lists!!!!

  18. Elyse Harvey May 4, 2015

    I’m a new listener and just wanted to say THANKS for making my commute to work so much more enjoyable! I’m glad I have so many episodes to get caught up with, but hoping you will keep making more!! Thanks, Ladies!

  19. Um, are you lovely ladies ever coming back?

  20. This episode was hilarious!

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