Hi Friends!  Welcome to another Joy the Baker podcast!

This week we’re talking about Tracy’s awkward leg massage, and taking your questions about friendship.  We’re friends… we have some words for you!


Joy just got back from a quick lady-friend trip to New Orleans.  Sometimes friendship takes some time off and a trip across the country, other times friendship requires a chill pill.

We’ve talked about friendship before!

There’s The Friend Diet where we talk about our weirdo secret diet that involves texting pictures of all of our meals.

Take a listen to You’ve Got a Friend where we talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly side of friendship.

A long long time ago we talked about Long Distance Relationships… romantic and otherwise.

Thanks for joining us for another podcast!

Call or email us with your questions: (817) 82-fries or contact at homefries dot com.  We love you, we do.

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37 comments on “Chill Pill

  1. Good morning from Memphis, ladies! Just wanted to say thanks for another great podcast– preparing for some job interviews later today and a big presentation, and listening to you really calmed my nerves.

    I’ve been invited to several engagement and bridal shower parties like Tracy, where most were not invited to the wedding, and gifts were “required”– to the point where my close friends and I have begun to call those “fundraisers.” We also use that term for weddings where you go and there’s only enough food and wine for the family and the rest don’t even get cake, let alone hors d’oeuves (yup– been to a bunch of those, too!)

  2. Katie Mar 28, 2013

    I’m jealous of your dry cut! I used to go to a place where that’s all they did and I looooved it, I had to switch recently back to wet cut and it’s definitely not the same.

  3. I feel like this is the appropriate time to tell you both that I wrote the Spice Girls a fan letter when they were at the height of popularity. I was 12, shut up.

    • Tracy Mar 28, 2013

      What did you tell them???!!!

      • I told them that I loved the message of their songs because I had a great group of girlfriends and loved GIRL POWER. Also that I really “related” to Baby Spice.

        I also got grounded because I bought the CASSETTE TAPE and told my mom it was a song about friends but all she heard was the LOVER part and was seriously concerned about the zig-a-zigging.

        That. happened. This is the opposite of a humble brag.

    • Joy the Baker Mar 29, 2013

      you are everything.

  4. Brittany Mar 28, 2013

    That was my question! Thanks for replying ladies. Great advice. Tracy, I also had the EXACT same issue with the engagement party with a different friend! We had a celebratory “just girls” dinner and night out, a weekend long “engagement event” with gifts and extended friends, a bridal shower, a bachelorette weekend in vegas, and then the actual wedding. Good grief this stuff is getting out of control!!!

  5. Hey there Joy and Tracy! I’m writing live and direct from Memphis…
    I felt compelled to comment… i l i v e for the leg massage during my pedi!!! The place I frequent does a leg massage and hot stone combo for no extra charge. Can you say score?! I would feel so jipped if I got a pedi with no massage lol

  6. Once I was asked if I wanted an extra massage and before I knew it they were massaging my shoulders under my shirt without asking…did not go back there again. Thank you for letting me take a break from my mini-fellowship (humble brag) and listen. Smiles all around. xoxo

  7. What, no pictures of the spice girls? BTW, now I REALLY want to see photos of that super cool store your questioner and her business partner made. Tho’ I promise NOT to go there and blab for hours on end. Delightful cast as per. xo

    • Joy the Baker Mar 29, 2013

      i totally should have put pictures of the Spice Girls in these notes. that’s my failure, for sure.

  8. Ok, I hope you don’t think I’m lecturing you or something but… c o m e o n!! Voice memos back and forth?!!! Why not just call/skype each other?! What happened to your first (and most sane advice) to make time for your friends? And I’m sorry but a tv party is all good and well as long as you are seeing these friends quite frequently. How does anyone catch up while watching serials?! “Oh hey, I’m pregnand!” “Shhh! The Bachelorette is ready to make her choice of wine” I know I’m being cruel but, I’m sorry, I don’t get this at all. I usually enjoy your podcasts but these friend advices… well they suck… Other than that you guys are grate and I envy the world you live in (apart from the way people seem to conduct their friendships…)
    P.S. As for the weddings asking for gifts, let’s all (us unmarried, childless people) do what Cary from Sex and the city did when she lost her Choo’s at that baby-shower episode!

    With love, affection and good intentions (and astonishment)

  9. I’ll say this too and then I’ll shut up: You seem to be more friends via your i-phones than via live presence…

    • oups… There is no edit button… I wanted to change this last commet. What I wanted to say is it seems you’re more experienced in communicating via machines than face to face (or at least ear to ear) (live). (Might be guilty of the same and that’s why it got to me so much… I express myself so much better in writing that in talking)

    • Tracy Mar 29, 2013

      We live about an 8 hour drive from each other. I’m not sure you knew that! We don’t get to see each other in person as often as we’d like. We’re very committed to our friendship, so we do WHATEVER it takes to make time for each other with our busy schedules. If it means catching up through voice memos while we’re driving or working then we do it! So to say that our advice on friendship SUCKS is pretty insulting.

      • I’m sorry.. Reading it again I realize it’s my comments that actually suck.. Sometimes my hands are faster than my mind. I have to work on that. Please accept my apologies, both of you. Yikes… I feel bad… I didn’t want to insult you. Sorry

  10. When Joy said she didn’t like (dodge) balls flying at her face, I couldn’t help but think of the tennis scene from Clueless:

    Amber: Ms. Stoeger, my plastic surgeon doesn’t want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose.
    Dionne: Well, there goes your social life.


    • Emily Apr 15, 2013

      Me too! I was only 10 or 11 when I first saw Clueless, and that was one of many jokes that went right over my head.

  11. This is random but I wanted to share… I work in a store that sells cookbooks only and finally opened up “fifty shades of chicken” which ended up being surprisingly hilarious. There’s a story & recipe of “Spatchcocked Chicken” in there which made me think of you Joy & Tracy. Is that a bad thing? haha I think not! Have you read this book at all? http://www.fiftyshadesofchicken.com/# I don’t plan on reading fifty shades of grey though..

  12. Hey ladies, thanks so much for your podcast every week. I started listening last fall and I can now say I am ADDICTED. I listen to your podcast while I putter about the kitchen, usually baking something. Oh, I listen from Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

    I have to say that I disagree with the voice memo recommendation, but that’s just my preference. Receiving a voicemail is one of the biggest annoyances to me. I would much prefer an email or a text, but YES – say NO facebook messages. gah.

    Oh, and I had to stop going to a pedicure shop down the street for similar reasons…the man who owned it was waaaaay too chatty and sometimes stepped in to do the massages if it was busy. I don’t think it was quite as intense as Tracy’s massage- eek!

  13. Amanda Apr 1, 2013

    For the chick who doesn’t know why she keeps losing her female friends, Liz Pryor totally wrote a book about this phenomenon: “What Did I Do Wrong?: When Women Don’t Tell Each Other the Friendship Is Over” It’s a great read, and it totally makes you feel more comfortable with the whole thing. You are NOT alone, and you aren’t crazy. Women totally ignore each other rather than break off the relationship cleanly.

  14. I have a story about friendship and spice girls combined. When I was 6, I got into a HUGE argument with a friend about who was the real baby spice (between the two of us). Her side: She was blonde and her name was Emma. My side: My middle name is Emma. I think you can guess who won that one. I am only slightly embarrassed to share this story. Sporty-baby! You girls rock!

  15. Fantastic post ladies and thanks for leaving me thinking of Clueless (http://www.hark.com/clueless/miss-stoeger-my-plastic-surgeon-doesnt-want-me-doing). And Joy and Tracy I totes used to have sleepovers and watch the Spice Girls movie…don’t judge.

    • Mira C Apr 3, 2013

      I totally thought of that Clueless quote too! Too funny.

      And I mos def danced around in my sister’s room blasting “Spice Up Your Life”. No shame.

  16. Hi lovelies. I love your podcast. Tracy, I like your idea of sending an email. You can up your game and go to IOMOI.com and send the cutest e-stationary for free. Go to Iomoi.com–> to Estationary—> then to send free sample and it gives you tons of cute options,including fun fonts and ink colors. I have no affliation with the company, in fact I own my own stationary company so I really shouldn’t be giving out this tip but alas, I couldn’t help but share. You will love it and if you forgot to send a birthday card in the mail, this almost makes it okay. My sister and I send them back and forth once and a while and it makes our day a little brighter.

    Have a great weekend!

  17. I absolutely love the voice memo suggestion. I have many long distance friendships that will benefit from this. I just know they’ll reciprocate, too. And the iPhones make this so easy. Thanks ladies.

  18. i like the voice memo suggestion also!! my friend and i actually use the app called “Hey Tell” which more or less is voice memo-ing/using your phone like a walkie-talkie. my husband and i use it too for random reminders and requests when we can’t text (like when we’re driving). It’s great!

  19. Crystal Corliss Apr 12, 2013

    I just wanted to say how much of love this pod cast!! I work in medical billing and listen to your show until I run out of new episodes :( and laugh out loud all day!! and believe me I need it!! :)

  20. Melissa H May 13, 2013

    Tracy! I wanted to share my similar awkward moment with you… I went to get a mani and pedi at this salon I have never been to before…I had a groupon, which is how I found the place. Anyway, the pedicure part went okay, but for the manicure I had a one guy doing my nails, an older woman massaging my hand after the guy already did it..awkward.. but the worst part was all of a sudden this older man/maintenance worker just seemed to walk in with a huge bag of linens, drops it off, and comes up behind me and says, “are you ready for your massage”?…starts massaging my shoulders, and then leaves the building completely without doing it to any other guest there!! I was so freaked out…I kinda just looked at my friend and was wondering what the HECK just happened!!

    thought you should know you weren’t the only one. The minute I heard you ladies talk about that, I HAD to tell you! Love ya ladies and thanks for all the laughs =)

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