Hello friends!  Welcome to another episode of the Joy the Baker Podcast!

This week I’m going to bombard Tracy with surprise questions.  Turns out she really just wants to be Beyonce on vacation, or Oprah always.  That makes sense!

We also tackle:

•  How to stay positive when we just want to push people down or drop-kick them out of sight.  Staying positive has a lot to do with Rosewater Spray.

•  Here’s that Vine Tracy talks about. Only watch if you don’t mind a kid being pushed….

•  Tracy’s been streaming yoga videos on her Roku (not a vacuum).

•  It has been decided.  Real World: Seattle was the best season of all.


•  Remember CT?  Real World Paris.  Real Life Ben Affleck? Maybe.

•  Speaking of Ben Affleck, here’s is your Daily Afflecktion brought to you by Matt of The Things I Think About.

daily afflecktion

daily afflecktion

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32 comments on “Daily Afflecktion

  1. Megan Jul 28, 2014

    Hello! Thanks so much for creating these podcasts! They always end up being a bright spot in my day :-) Also, Joy – have you watched the series Ray Donovan? So many Boston accents! Based on your love of The Town I think you’ll enjoy this as well. Thanks again!

  2. Um, those Afflecktions are amazing. Thank you for posting them!

  3. Joy, I listened to this podcast while making your French Onion-y One-pot-pasta. So meta.

    Anyway I loved these tips for positivity! It resonated with me! Thank you so much for devoting the time to remind us about the power of small changes! A friend of mine just started a 30 Day of Positivity experiment. If you’re interested in checking out his blog about it, you can find it here: http://aroomicallmyown.wordpress.com/2014/07/29/30-days-positive-day-3-dancing-with-disappointment/

  4. Joy, I loved/still love the We’re About to be Friends podcasts and hope you do bring back some version of those episodes! Love the Q+A idea! :)

  5. Kendra Jul 30, 2014

    The Master Class with BBT was AMAZE. I, too, was overwhelmed by his story about his brother. It really touched me as I thought about some of the loss I have experienced in my own life and how gracelessly I seem to handle it some days.

    I wrote down his advice about dealing with a massive loss. He said, ” You won’t ever get over it. And the more you know that, and embrace that, the better off you are.”

    After being told so often to “just let go and accept, life goes on, everything happens for a reason, bla bla bla”, I found that advice SO. REFRESHING. It does NOT get easier. Ever. And there is truly a beauty and a freedom in accepting and honouring THAT.

    Excellent ‘cast as always, ladies.

  6. Hi Joy and Tracey, thank you so much for an amazing funny podcast! I listened to this episode while I wrote my notes for a lecture at the uni library and had to console myself quite a few times for fear of laughing out loud too loudly and too often. Please keep them coming, you both inspire me so much to think and be positive! Much love from New Zealand x

  7. Howdy! I have been adoring your podcast for years! I don’t know what I’d do without my weekly dose of laughter, and both of your blogs are so lovely and inspiring! A very heartfelt thanks for continuing doing what you do! And speaking of Benaffleck…he was in my town last year filming Gone Girl and my husband, son and I all got to be extras! I got to watch him for about 12 hours straight do his lines over and over again (the vigil scene) whilst being directed by the darkly ingenious David Fincher. Ben was super nice and stuck around to take pictures with us. Major crush.

  8. The daily afflecktions are hilarious! And go Tracy on the show art!! I love it!

  9. Michelle Jul 31, 2014

    Tracy…check out yogaglo.com instead!! It’s much better.

  10. I am so excited to hear that “We’re About To Be Friends” might be coming back! I absolutely cannot get enough of you both! One question? What happened to your theme song at the end of this episode? My partner and I always crank it and sing along at the end of each episode. (Pretty funny visual, two big dudes driving down the road, “No presh totes, just don’t reenact Ghost…”!)

    Thanks for another great episode and all the hard work that goes into everything you both do! You bring a lot of extra joy and deliciousness into the lives of your listeners/followers. (Pun only sort of intended.)

    Love and Peace!

  11. Thanks so much for this podcast! What BBT has to say about the loss of his brother rings really true for me. I lost my dad 3 years ago after a long illness, and I miss him as much today as I did in the first few weeks or months, sometimes more. It punches me in the stomach when I remember that he’ll never meet his grandkids (if and when I have them) and that I won’t get to tell him about the crazy thing that happened at work this week. I know that I’ll miss him for the rest of my life, and that the loss we all feel when the people we love are gone stays with us and we have to figure out how to live in it. I’ve chosen to think of it as the last way we get to love people, and I cherish it. Because the love we have doesn’t go away when the people do. The love is ours, and it makes us stronger and better, and more whole even in their absence, and I know that’s when I need it most.

  12. Danni Aug 4, 2014

    Lol Joy are you on Reddit?

  13. Andrea Aug 5, 2014

    Real World! Seattle WAS the best. My sister used to videotape episodes for me because I went to a Christian college where MTV was blocked from our cable – ha!

  14. Aisha Moore Aug 9, 2014

    Tracy you are so right that you have something off your plate to make more time for other stuff like exercise.

    • Tracy Aug 11, 2014

      It’s been such a challenge figuring out what to kick off the plate!

  15. Oh my god I’m dying over the pics! Great episode ladies! Wanted to share my new app with you. I designed Inspiration Now to help moms find inspiration and encouragement in the heat of the moment. When things are tough and you’re down and grouchy and unmotivated. It’s a way to turn your day around and get some positivity back in your life. Hope you like it :) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/inspiration-now/id891583373?mt=8

  16. Great podcast–the Real World tangent was incredible!!!

  17. Thanks for another great podcast. About passwords – you don’t have to change them all – just maybe one or 2 that you type everyday. For me that is my work password. I like to use a word that makes me smile, something that will brighten my day for a second, like beach or ColinFirth.

  18. I la-huved your positivity portion of the podcast. Today I was overwhelmed with the negativity that is on the news and I stopped reading it and immediately searched for my horoscope and then my coworker’s. It totally got me out of my funk. And I would like to have some of that rosewater face spray – looking into it now. Although I also use the Aveda Stress-fix roll-on and lotion daily. Love that stuff!

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