Hello, friends!

Thank you for joining us for another Joy the Baker Podcast.  We’re well into April and we’re not talking about tax season or Easter brunch.  Let’s talk about ghosts, blog burnout, and The Godfather.

My neighbors tell me there’s a ghost in our house.  I’m hoping she’s friendly.  So far so good.  If I see her I’m going to full-on FREAK OUT!  Tracy thinks I should talk to her.  Do screams count as talking?  I didn’t think so.

Let’s just be real… sometimes Tracy and I get a strong case of blog burnout!  It’s a real thing.   Always creating new content can be a challenge.  We’re totally up for it, but sometimes the process takes more wine an encouragement that we’d like to admit.  Ebb and flow.  Ebb and flow.

Have you taken a look at Statigram?  It will give you all sorts of statistics about your Instagram account, including who has unfollower you.  Tracy has some real-time experience with this.

Carry on Carry on!

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” – The Godfather. 

36 hours

We are quickly approaching wedding season.  That means it’s time to buy gifts!  I love this New York Times 36 Hours Book about weekend travels.  It’s a sweet gift for a newlywed couple.

Working in the kitchen takes a lot of practice!  Even going to the grocery store takes a bit of traffic!  Go easy on yourself.  Ask your mama for help.  Make a roast chicken and maybe some chicken stock too!

flat roast chicken

Try Tracy’s Flat Roasted Chicken! Smashed Potatoes would also be totally amazing.

Don’t fret too much!  Just master one recipe at a time!

Homemade Chicken Stock is really simple and such a wonderful way to teach yourself to use the whole dang chicken.

Thank you so much for joining us for another podcast!  It really does mean so much to us that you’re here and you listen!

As always, reach out at contact (at) homefries (dot) com!  Ring us up at (817) 82-fries.

Big love to you!


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69 comments on “Devil With A Blue Dress On

  1. Tracy, I am loving the new things you’re doing on your blog. And I love the things you’ve always done as well! I really look up to you (and Joy!), and the best role models are real people with real worries and blog funks and occasional sciatica. Just do you! And please feel better soon!

    • Tracy Apr 23, 2014

      Thanks so much!! I think I might be feeling better. I went to the acupuncturist and she told me to walk like a duck (oh dear) and it’s working. I guess we Americans tuck our tailbone in too much when we’re sitting. xo

  2. Nicole Apr 21, 2014

    Ugh, I’m scrolling through instagram right now while listening to this…instead of doing work.

  3. Annie Apr 21, 2014

    i have to speak up and tell Tracy that I read your blog just about every day and it has meant so much to me! it’s upsetting that you feel discouraged by lack of comments, etc. i was a long time reader of joy’s blog and found yours after listening to the podcast. to be honest, i don’t use it as a source for recipes (although there are some i’d love to try). mostly i go to your site to look at photos. the lens you filter your life through is especially unique. you capture the colors and shapes of this crazy world in such a beautiful way– i find it incredibly inspiring! please don’t ever doubt your posts, if nothing else they encourage this reader to seek out beauty in everyday life.

    • Tracy Apr 23, 2014

      thanks so much for your perspective. when you’re on the other end, it’s hard to know what’s up! :)

  4. Tracy, as a dietitian I LOVE the healthy recipes you’ve posted lately! Even if this departure doesn’t appeal to 100% of your usual readers, there’s definitely an audience that appreciates what you’re doing. I consider you and Joy to be true food authorities; your recipes never fail to impress! Even if there are a hundred different coconut cakes on Pinterest, your story, approach, and photos will be different from everyone else. Keep doing what you do!

  5. Hi Joy and Tracy. We didn’t get to find out why Joy moved to New Orleans. Inquiring (and nosey) minds want to know. Oh, and Tracy, I also read your blog every day. I especially look forward to Friday and your lists.

  6. Oh man, so many responses to this post.

    First- Tracy- echoing the others, please keep it up with the healthy recipes. I soo appreciate them. Other blogs that I love (lean in, I’m whispering here)- have lovely delicious recipes that I can only make on really special occasions because of the nutritional content (Smitten Kitchen). Or they have really beautiful, nutritious recipes but with ingredients that are a bit too obscure to have in the pantry (101 cookbooks). So finding that middle ground of relatively healthy, but still delicious and approachable is so key. Keep it up! I’ve been loving your meal prep posts and actually have been reading An Everlasting Meal based on your mentioning it in a podcast. I even bought a copy and sent it to my ex because I knew he’d dig it (is that weird?!).

    Joy- You know when you said, “Often I’ve just moving forward and doing things and not really stopping to consider how I feel about them”. I feel you, completely. I’ve spend so many years perfecting the even-keel and not being ruffled and just pushing forward that I usually never take the time to honestly assess how I’m feeling about any situation.

    Lastly, as a Portlander- your “hippy” assessments cracked me up. It’s true, California “hippy” is pricy bohemian. In Oregon we legit wear our fleece everywhere, and plant our gardens, and use mason jars as water or tomato juice holders. People can judge, but I find its pretty easy to be your authentic self here.

    Ok, one more thing. Sorry for the novel. But I hadn’t realized you guys look for comments. I usually think they are a burden to you as the blogger (like another thing to deal with). So please let us know how we can encourage you! If it’s leave comments, then I’ll stop being the silently pleased reader.

    • Tracy Apr 23, 2014

      I love this comment! I think you’re right about Oregon. People felt really authentic. At least for the three days that I went to visit. I really liked!

  7. I relate to the comment above! I had no idea that bloggers pay much attention to the comments on their posts. “New media” such as podcasts and blogs inspire me on a daily basis and I am so grateful for your contributions. I refrain from leaving comments, assuming they aren’t really necessary. Maybe that is selfish on my part. Shutterbean is heaven for photography porn (sorry) and i personally love the healthy recipes (salad inspiration for days).. Joy the Baker is just complete fun and a wonderful place to visit everyday. PLEASE keep up the work, ladies, you are much appreciated!

  8. Great Podcastio! Joy, don’t be scared of ghosts, they are not real (pretty sure)

  9. Joanna L Apr 21, 2014

    You gals are fabulous. Any deadlines or schedules you feel obligated to, please know that the best of your followers don’t care about that baloney. We will eat up whatever you feel like putting out into the world.

  10. A few things:
    1) I think it’s funny that Joy’s way of dealing w/blog burnout (which might be characterized as over work) is WORK MORE! 100% Joy. =) And Tracy. =)
    2) I comment less, lately, ’cause I wasn’t sure you’d want to keep hearing me say OMG, SO GREAT w/o anything particularly interesting to say. But, apparently it’s appreciated? So, perchance more cheerleading and less cheerleading filtering.
    3) for the record, there’s plenty of non-rich hippies in California, just not in Marin. =) Look toward the mountains! =)

    Love your show, as ALWAYS, and we even learn from you when you’re blogged out. Now, THAT is good work.


    • Mira C. May 2, 2014

      I totally relate to your commenting comment! I’ve felt the same way.

  11. Jackie Apr 22, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! I have been reading your blogs daily and listening to the podcast for over a year now and I have never commented! This weeks podcast broke my heart a little bit (real talk) – please don’t be discouraged! Some of us just aren’t so great with words and don’t feel inclined to comment. Sometimes I feel like the comments I would think to make are so generic that they aren’t worth making and you both have so many followers that it doesn’t feel like you would miss what I might have to say. Thank you for all that you do and I hope you ladies are feeling better soon!

    • Tracy Apr 23, 2014

      You’re totally right. I understand what you’re saying. Sometimes I don’t know how to respond to comments and sometimes I don’t know if I have anything to add that hasn’t already been said. It’s definitely something to keep in mind when I’m posting.

  12. I wish you both would get a million comments telling you that no one would even come close to forgetting about you if you ever decided to take that week off. Or month, or year. Xo

  13. Pineapple sandwiches are common in the South. The pineapple sandwich, while slightly messy, is delicious. Here’s a simple “how to” link and some history about the pineapple sandwich supposedly originating in Albama, but I’m a Georgian, and it has been around all of my life. It remains a staple snack or light meal in our household, especially when it’s hot and humid out. We use chilled pineapple.


    • Tracy Apr 23, 2014

      WHOA. My mind is blown. Also??? MAYO!! AHHHHHH.

    • I came here JUST to see what the heck a pineapple sandwich is. My mind is ALSO blown. Mayo, white bread, and pineapple!? WHOA.

      I used to have grilled cheese with pineapple in high school and that was awesome. Mmm.

  14. Hi you two.
    I’m writing y’all a LETTER, an e-LETTER?

    Justt… thanks for being around! Your podcast, instagram, whatever.
    I want y’all to know that you are two bright spots in my life.

    Because there’s a lot of blah to your business – make sure this, best practice that, strategic tweet times of day, Statigram analysis, glob blob goo. And even though you have to keep up that stuff to enable your dreams…

    Please keep in mind that the value I find in your work is often just that its something you guys did. Its just that you’re around.

    I don’t see if you post a consistent # of times weekly, I don’t expect EVERY detail of your life with the ENTIRE internet. But whenever I do see you around instagram, twitter, podcasts – its just like a check-in with some e-friends, my like-minded creator friends. Soo..I guess just thanks from me.

    And overshare hangover commence! 😉

    • Tracy Apr 23, 2014

      THAAAAAAAAAANK YOU!!!!!! Sometimes it feels like too much. When I don’t know people ask personal questions and want to know where I GOT EVERYTHING, it can feel like too much. Sometimes I just want to take a picture of my feet and that’s all :)

    • Jessie Apr 24, 2014

      I totally second this! Love you both and regularly make recipes from both of your sites/cookbook (Tracy – Addictive Brussel Sprout Salad!, Joy – Corn and goat cheese grits. Both are in regular rotation).
      I have been a long time reader to both of your blogs and have listened to the podcast since the beginning. I feel like we are friends yet you guys have no idea who I am :) Thanks for the real talk!

  15. Also – lets embrace this burnout feeling and creative block!

  16. Did I miss something? I thought this week you were going to tell us why Joy moved to New Orleans….

  17. Steph Apr 22, 2014

    Since I’ve been uncontrollably gorging on Easter candy + carbs as the end-of-semester stress sets in, I’m LOVING the healthier recipes, Tracy! I agree with the comment above, sometimes we can’t always find the super witty or creative thing to share. But, we’re out here supporting you from roasted veggies to salted caramel whatever!

    You’ll get out of the rut, and we’ll happily take whatever recipes, beautiful photos, and stories that come until then!

  18. Rachel Libertin Apr 22, 2014

    I read your blogs daily and often find myself perusing into the back files just to help me relax at the end of the day. At least two of my weekly meal items are inspired from you two stellar ladies!! Love you ladies!

  19. Jessica Apr 22, 2014

    First, LOVE both your blogs! Just keep doing what you’re doing. Second, I thought we were gonna learn why Joy moved to New Orleans this podcast?? Do tell! :)

  20. I agree with the others. Often times, I don’t comment because I can’t think of anything smart and just feel like I’m repeating what others said. However, I love the healthy stuff! You’re part of my inspiration for starting running. I’m doing couch25k because of you and love it! I would like to hear or read more about your healthy habits! Joy, I love you too! It made my day when you commented on my Instagram photo last week! Love you ladies! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  21. I LOVED this podcast. Thank you for the real-talk. I’m in a blog reader rut and am not keeping up with my fave blogs at all. Both of your blogs are at the top of my must-read list though and are the only ones I’m reading regularly at the moment. How about that?! They’re also the ones I pull recipes from that I actually make most regularly!

    Tracy – I am loving your quinoa tabbouleh recipe – so versatile. <3 I also used your salted caramel recipe on the recipe I use for macaroons (Mark Bittman) and it got RAVE reviews. The host's mom requested the recipe, so maybe you have a new reader/instagram follower in her??!

    I totally understand taking a break, but I selfishly like your advice to each other about just keeping on!

    • Tracy Apr 23, 2014

      I am so happy you tried that quinoa recipe. It’s DELISH. Casey even liked it and he normally is MEH about quinoa. He did LOVE the macaroons, though.

  22. Lesley Apr 23, 2014

    Tracy, you are the only person on the internet who has made healthier recipes accessible & reliable enough to me that I actually follow through and make them! I might pin other salad/soup/meal planning recipes and guides, but I manage to make the ones you post on your blog because they are consistently delicious and uncomplicated. You must be doing something right. I might not comment very often, but that’s because I already feel like a stalker to both of you.

  23. As another commenter said – I don’t think we found out *why* Joy moved to New Orleans…! We wanna know!

    Also, Tracy – maybe consider getting an MRI for your lumbar spine? (I work for a spine neurosurgeon.) You have done so much conservative management…time to take a peek inside!

    • Tracy Apr 23, 2014

      That would be the next step. I had a brain scan last month to help figure out what’s up with my hearing. No brain tumors (WOOT!). So between the hearing and the back issues, I’m ready to figure out WHAT IS UP. It’s been a challenge trying to figure out what’s up— and dealing with so many different doctors who have such different ways of caring for their patients.

      Thanks for thinking of me. I appreciate you and nice avatar!

  24. Katelyn Apr 23, 2014

    Speaking of saving stuff – my mom saved all the wrapping paper from the gifts she received at her baby shower (when I was in utero). When I had my shower, her gifts to me were wrapped in that paper. It was so lovely. And yes, I saved the paper, too.

  25. Kathy Apr 23, 2014

    I thought that commenting on blogs was just an extra burden on the blogger. I appreciate bloggers time and don’t want to add to their work. I never miss your week in photos just love it. I also agree with the post that sometimes we as readers go thru our own blog tiredness and may not be as responsive as normal.

  26. My apartment also has a ghost, his name is Phillip. My cat can completely see the ghost and will watch/guard/stare at the corner we assume Phillip is occupying. She is also very good at investigating scary noises at 2am. Personally, I want to research my apartment to learn more about Phillip but as my roommate points out, that’s always when things go bad in the horror movies (let it be a mystery…and don’t watch Insidious or Insidious 2).

    Also, I love the healthy recipes! And my coworkers have complained less about the continuous stream of baked goods I’ve been bringing to work….

    Love you ladies!!!!!!!

  27. Carley Apr 23, 2014

    Tracy- we love you! You sounded like you needed a hug on this podcast. I’m super guilty for reading blogs and NEVER commenting! But I love when you and Joy post healthy stuff! Due to health issues i can no longer eat sweets. I have made many of your recipes and have loved them! You and Joy are my go to blogs when I want to cook something! I know your recipes won’t be a flop!

  28. stephanie Apr 23, 2014

    hello ladies! i recently discovered your podcast & i love it! about this ghost…joy, you said on the last episode, the ghost tour stops outside of your apartment? think they could shed some light on the lady in the blue dress?? (you probably already thought of this…) also…the 36 hour book is fabulous…maybe if you know where the couple is headed on their honeymoon it would be fun to get the one that “coordinates” with their trip…like if they are heading to europe, the europe version of the book would be such a fun treat. thanks so much for the podcasts! i get so excited when i see one has downloaded. tracy, i hooe the acupuncture helped your sciatica! (& i LOVED the coconut oil comments because if i see one more article about coconut oil… did you read the article with miranda kerr about coconut oil & water & blah blah? sorry…got off on a tangent.)

  29. Ashley Apr 23, 2014

    Heyo Tracy, just wanted to reiterate what many others have said – I read your blog faithfully but don’t think I’ve ever bothered to comment because I can’t think of anything worthwhile to say (this damn Interweb makes me feel like a failure if I’m not perfectly witty sometimes). Regardless, I love your photos and recipes – both the healthy (delish coconut curry chicken) and the not-so-healthy (cornflake cookies yes please). Hang in there, lady!

  30. Joy + Tracy,

    This was by far my favorite episode in a while. Don’t get me wrong – they’re always good, but this one touched on some feelings I’ve been dealing with, too (AHHH! feelings!).

    Tracy, I love the balance of healthy recipes and more extravagant, splurge-like treat recipes I can find on your blog. As other folks have mentioned, the ingredients and recipes themselves are always super approachable, which I appreciate. The added dynamic of photography and content that isn’t recipe-specific is also something I always look forward to (on Joy’s blog, too!). I think my favorite part about both of your blogs is the voice and real-talk that comes with every post, no matter the genre. It’s nice to feel like there is something in every post that I can relate to, or connect with, despite not knowing either one of you in person.

    You know, I live in Ashland. That breakfast hippie you mentioned – it made me wonder, “do I know this guy?!” Then I realized and had some crazy brain ideas: This is a small town… chock full of hippies! Oh wait – am I a hippie?! Probably to some degree, minus dreadlocks (only because my half-Japanese white girl hair doesn’t “dread”).

    Anyway, mostly I wanted to say, keep doing what you’re already doing — it’s inspiring and appreciated.

  31. OK. I am part of the 10% of the men that follow Tracy’s blog and whatever % of guys that follow Joy’s blog. I like to cook, but don’t always have the time (long work hours and long commute). I like both of your recipes. They are different from each other. Joy’s are more dessert focused (go figure) and Tracy’s are more family and meal oriented. I like the new healthier focus, but I also like that Tracy puts in pictures of colors and food prep. I do my food prep on Saturday for my lunches next week and some meals. I am encouraged to see Tracy’s meal prep on Instagram. I like seeing the breakfast and dinner pictures and the weekly meal prep. I really enjoy Tracy’s weekly “My Everyday Life”. It sometimes reminds me of when our son was younger (now grown and married). So, sometimes I do “like” the photo’s on Instagram. Hopefully that is encouraging. I hope that both of you can work though blog burnout, because I enjoy and appreciate both of your blogs. This would have been a longer post, but I have to get to bed to get up for tomorrow’s commute. :-)

  32. Carrie Apr 23, 2014

    Okay girls. You two are the bomb-diggidy (as my boys would say). Your podcasts and blogs are a ray of sunshine, a slice of pie, a wonderful escape. My Dad died very unexpectedly in October, my house was hit by a tornado in November, we lived under the Polar Vortex for months and my child was diagnosed with special needs this month. This has been the hardest six month of my life. For reals!! It’s been “intensil” (or was it intensical that you said, Tracy?) I can usually keep myself going, but on the days when things are really tough I turn on your podcast or surf your sites and I am refreshed. Your laughter is contagious, your perspective is unique and your work inspiring. Keep up the good work. We certainly appreciate the time and energy you put into being JTB and Shutterbean!

  33. I was just flexing my fingers to type both of you emails, but I skimmed the comments and everyone is summarizing what I probably would have gone on and on about. Love you both. Don’t change. Tracy, please feel better. Joy, I started to feel settled in a new province after about 10 years. These things take time. xox

  34. Michelle Apr 24, 2014

    To echo all the comments above, your blogs have been so appreciated over the years! I have a suggestion for blog rut (this may be controversial, but well-intended, I promise).. Less blog, more pod! The Joy the Baker Podcast is fantastic. My friends and I listen to a LOT of podcasts (mostly comedy and personal journal type formats) and yours is the one we look forward to most. You guys are good at it. Spoken, unscripted conversation is a medium that breeds authenticity.
    It’s a hard truth but Tracy is right.. there are a million recipes for coconut cake on the internet. I don’t want another cookie recipe or a perfectly styled photo of mise en place. These days people gravitate toward realness and your podcast is chock full of it. Maybe a schedule, even if it’s biweekly, will garner more listeners and help the podcast grow? Just my two cents! Big love to you both.

  35. Rachel Apr 24, 2014

    So I’m one of those people who stalks both of your blogs every day but never comments….mostly because I am personally annoyed by all of those people who comment “OMG! This looks SOOOO good!” on every single recipe…but I love both of your sites and recipes. It seems to me like in the last couple of years a lot of the blogs I used to like really changed and became super bland and commercialized, and neither of you has done that. People might get a lot of pinterest clicks with recipes for salted caramel bacon donut sandwiches or whatever, but I don’t think anyone actually makes those things (or at least I hope not). You both make real food, show authentic parts of your lives without oversharing, and basically are awesome. Keep it up! Also, Tracy I LOVE your healthy recipes. Keep them coming! :)

  36. I’ve thought about what to say all day after listening to the podcast, and for what it’s worth this is what I think. I follow a lot of blogs and the ones I truly love, the ones I actually read and comment on, are the ones that are honest. It’s not rewarding to read about someone painting a picture of their lives and only cooking/baking for blog content. I appreciate when bloggers share what they make for breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert for their friends and families; these are real words and stories. Your blogs are two of my very favorites because they are real. Real meal prep, real bouts of uncertainty, eating your feelings through cake, and bits of everyday life are the reason I look forward to reading Shutterbean and Joy the Baker. In other words, keep doing whatever you’re doing and if you want to make changes, make changes; I’m in! Love you ladies!

  37. This was such a great episode! Thank you! So fabulous to hear that even great bloggers like yourselves get burnt out from time to time – it isn’t just me. Phew for that. Don’t be afraid to play around with things on your blog, Tracy, because that is how it evolved to where it is today. Looking at Statigram though after listening was an error. I had a couple of unfollows from people that surprised me (and now in my head when I see them I can’t help be feel a little judgey!) Oh and Joy – apparently New Orleans has quite a few more ghosts to be found: http://www.hauntedplaces.org/new-orleans-la/


  38. My favorite line from this podcast: “not for public consumption.” I try not to take mirror selfies for public consumption either!

  39. To the woman who wants to learn to cook: don’t worry about memorizing recipes! Just take it slowly and tackle one recipe at a time, and who cares if you need to refer to the “cheat sheet” when you make it? Going shopping with your mom is a great idea, and also check out Tracy’s meal prep photos on Instagram. I find that reading a new recipe through several times and then prepping as many ingredients as possible before starting is a huge help. Good luck!

  40. Emily Estes Rogers Apr 25, 2014

    As always, great podcast! When Joy was talking about the ghost taking the glass in the apartment upstairs I couldn’t help but think of a picture book that my 6 year old loves called The Bake Shop Ghost by Jacqueline K. Ogburn. The story is about the ghost of a woman who used be the town’s best baker haunting her old bakery when new bakers move into it. The first few bakers get spooked and leave but finally a feisty, young woman takes over and finally figures out that all the ghost wants is a birthday cake since no one ever baked her a cake when she was alive (who bakes a cake for a baker?).

    Anyway…. I think Tracy was right- definitely leave the ghost in blue a nice stiff drink!

  41. Jenna Apr 27, 2014

    So, it’s already been said a lot above, but I love both of your blogs. Tracy, I’ve been reading your blog every day since just after Cooper was born. I don’t comment that much as saying “OMG, this looks AMAZING” etc everyday would be a bit boring for everyone involved – I usually save it up for when I’ve made one of your recipes (I’ve made a lot & agree with people saying your recipes are always reliable & easy to follow) or because your photography is so amazing that I can’t not say anything :) Easy to say, but I don’t think you should pay too much attention to what other bloggers are doing – it’s your (and Joy’s!) unique voice & sense of humour that makes me follow you and connect with what you’re creating.

    I also LOVE your podcasts – yours was the first podcast I ever listened to & I get really excited whenever a new podcast comes out. I may or may not do a little dance…

    Joy, I hope your ghost gives you space. My theory is that if you don’t want to see a ghost then you won’t… Loving your blog lately & totally understand you wanting to keep some things private and not always put your business on the street!

  42. Rhonda Apr 28, 2014

    I really enjoy both of your blogs — I know there are lots of posts here. I think I have “like/comment” burnout :) But I look forward to both of your posts. They seem “real” whereas some posts really seem like creations that have nothing to do with the actual life of the creators. It must be a tremendous amount of work creating these blogs and my hat is off to both of you. You’re stuck with me as a reader and listener. I will also say i feel overwhelmed by social media and I’m resistant to really get into Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. I mean, sometimes I just turn everything off and knit. I do enjoy how you both include your journeys in your blogs. Love yas!

  43. Rhonda Apr 28, 2014

    Oh, and girl you are right about Asheville, NC — it is very crunchy. I love it but they crack me up.

  44. Nicolette Apr 28, 2014

    Tracy, I have to throw this out there: I love what you are doing on your blog! I appreciate the healthy recipes as much as the not-so-healthy recipes. I also love reading (/viewing the pictures of) the lifestyle posts. Sidebar: I made the quinoa tabbouleh for my lunches this week, just adding in a bit of leftover salmon and using a fava bean/chickpea blend and it turned out great!

  45. Mira C. May 2, 2014

    I know I’m commenting on this really late, so maybe you won’t get this, but I wanted to leave this regardless:

    Both of you feeling burnout is totally, 100% understandable. You put out so much all the time, and without getting a break, it is so hard to find renewal. My only thoughts would be to focus on what you want to do/say, as opposed to what your think your audience wants. We are drawn to and follow your blogs because of your voices, because of your personalities, because of the quality of your recipes. If you cooking and writing in a way that interests you, we will definitely be interested as well. Maybe that’s an over-simplified way of looking at things, but I feel like you should do what you want to do, not what you think other’s want you to do.

    Sooooo much love to you ladies!

  46. You guys are the best. You even helped me get out of a bit of a funk this morning Joy with your reminder that everyone isn’t really happy all the time and, it’s ok.

    I appreciate all the work you guys do – I had a blog for a millisecond before I realized how much work it was and decided I couldn’t handle it then (I maybe had a hard time focusing in grad school…). I also thought a lot about what you two talk about on here, and how strange it must be to share so much with people who don’t know you, but feel like they know you so well, and demand so much time! I have a lot of respect for the work that goes in to each and every one of your posts.

    Also, I’m really intrigued by the unfollow aspect of statigram, I’ll have to take a look at that tonight. Who has been driven away by my relentless instagraming of my baby???

  47. Rebecca in STL May 16, 2014

    Just listened to this episode and felt like commenting so you know–you’re not talking to air! True, three years ago I used to spend more time sitting at my computer and commenting on blogs, and now that I have a kid, I have to read on my phone. Most of the time when I turn to the internet for recipe inspiration, I go to your blogs first. (Just this week I made your little puff pastry twists for my MIL). Listening to your podcast helps me relax after crummy days (like this one!). You guys produce inspiring, quality content. Thanks for doing what you do!

    Also, a related question: what do you think is the best way to read blogs on my iPhone? I don’t have an rss/reader app of any kind on my phone and I’m not sure what’s best.

    • Tracy May 19, 2014

      Thanks for your comment!! :)

      I read blogs through FEEDLY on my phone.

  48. Giulia Pessano Sep 29, 2014

    I know I am behind on the podcast but love you guys! You guys make me laugh when I do my homework!! I just wanted to say that I know exactly how you guys feel about feeling burnout. I am not a blogger but a Fashion Design student and feel the same way when I compare myself to my classmates work but we just have to our lives… and occasionally scream in the shower LOL!!

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