Let’s talk about tattoos!  Actually wait… no.  Joy doesn’t want to talk about hers specifically.

This week on the Joy the Baker podcast, Joy and Tracy get into it with some real-life blogging tops, the status of their fingernails, and discuss whether or not tattoos are regrettable offenses.  Sometimes they are.  Let’s GO!

image from zzzlist

Remember that podcast Joy mentions sometimes?  Uhh Yeah Dude!  People get UYD catch phrases tattooed on their bodies.  Yea… it’s serious.  Please don’t do this.  That’s not what we’re asking.  (Ok… it’s totally what Michael is asking, but don’t listen to him on this point).  No one needs a ‘totes maj’ tattoo!

image from smitten kitchen

For the most part we try to keep our nails done did… but let’s be REAL!  It’s impossible.  We have chipped and crazy looking nails sometimes.  That’s just the way it goes.  Back in the day, Deb from Smitten Kitchen got a lot of flack for this chipped nail.  Come on… can we just live?

Besides… just look at this tart!?  Amaze.  Flaky Blood Orange Tart!


This is an unedited photo from where Joy podcasts.  It’s dark.  It’s a bed.  There’s a crazy looking cat.

Joy can’t bear to put the indecent cat photo up.  It’s just too much.  Seriously.  But look at this tail.  Downright silly.

Tracy put picture mash-ups in her blog as a barometer… just to see who gets her awesome weird sense of humor.  Heart!

These Cashews taste like a Wes Anderson movie. It’s true!

This photo goes with Tracy’s Dark & Stormy cocktail. It makes sense….in her head (but not in Joy’s).

Thank you for listening to another ridiculous podcast!  We love that you’re here with us!  We thank you for all the emails tweets, iTunes comments, and phone calls.  (817) 82-fries.

Boom Boom (POW!)

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48 comments on “Dodged a Fairy Bullet

  1. I have a tattoo! I got it a year and a half ago, when I was nineteen. I think I’ll love it forever, but you never know. It says shalom and it’s on my ankle, so it’s super easy to cover up, but it really represents a lot of what my personal philosophy is about at the moment and what I’d love my life to represent.
    Also, getting tattooed is addictive. I have plans for at least seven more. I can’t wait. Although I am waiting, because it’s a big decision.
    Guys, I love your podcast. You are amazeballs in my earballs. I love listening to you every week. (I missed you last week).
    Big ups!

  2. Maggie Jul 19, 2012

    I’m so excited!!! But I’m saving this one up for a car trip I have to take next week.

    I have to share a totally important unimportant thing: One or both of you, in the past, have mentioned how you sometimes hide food from yourselves. Well, I always thought that sounded completely impossible. As in, “I’m am way too clever to hide things from myself”.
    BUT IT TOTALLY WORKS!! And I know where those very-delicious-only-appropriate-for-hikes-and-def-not-cool-while-sitting-at-my-desk energy bars are hidden, but some part of my brain considers them as not-there. I’m not sure, but I guess, maybe, perhaps I don’t want to go through the embarrassment of digging them out from behind everything? Anyways, it’s genius/I’m not so clever after all.

  3. Can’t wait to listen. This day has already gotten better. Plus you talk about tattoos my fav.

  4. I don’t have any tattoos right now, but I’ve been thinking about getting one for a couple years now. I really want to get a whisk tattooed on my shoulder blade. Kind of weird, I know, but I feel like it could be really awesome. I’m just afraid of getting it done somewhere and it won’t turn out as awesome as I imagine it in my head…and then I’m stuck with it :/

    Also – Tracy! I like to peel my nails too! I love to do it in the shower since something about the steam/hot water makes them come off in one big peel (soooooooo fulfilling) and I feel it’s nicer on my actual nails.

    • Hi Sara, Your tattoo idea reminds me of a tattoo a friend of mine has. She loves to sew, so she got a spool of thread with a bit of unwound thread coming off of it with a needle. It’s such a random household item to have as a tattoo, but it’s so cute and representative of her.

  5. I’ve always had a deal with myself when it comes to tattoos. I have four, and it has served me well. I have to live with the design for three years before I put it on my body. My first one I painted on my kitchen wall. The others I’ve framed and hung in my office or around the house. If I’m not sick of it and still want it three years later, I’m good to go! Trust me, there have been ones that have come and gone in those three years.

    For seven years I was a high school swim coach, and I shared this idea with many of the kids on the team who were sure they were going to get one right when they were 18. My nieces and nephews have all asked about my ink too. I’ve told them all the same thing.

    My thought is, you’re going to live with it for the rest of your life. A few years to make sure it is the right one isn’t so long to wait. And when the time comes…it is that much more exciting!!!

    Finally, the dudes are still listening! Nail polish, cats and all. We love you both!!!

    • I love this idea. I’ve been wanting a tattoo for years, but can never settle on what to get. I should make something a piece of my life first, see how I like it, then tattoo. Genius!

  6. If I decided to have a Joy the Baker Podcast tattoo it would be a red flag 😉 Loved the podcast, as always!

  7. Real talk + tattoos. I have a lot. Love them all don’t have a single reason to not want them on my body. They are like little pieces of art that I carry around on me all the time. Alas, I live in Santa Cruz Cali and we are good friends with our tattoo artist. Plus my husband is full of them as well.

    My suggestion is find a good artist, talk to them, take your time thinking about what you want…but allow them to also do their thing with the design as they are the pros. Saying that they should listen to what you really want work with you.

    People come up to me all the time asking about the “meaning” behind them. If I am in the mood I will give a simple answer about them. But usually I just say I have them cuz I love them. I also get a lot of people who glare or roll there eyes at me and I just smile. Lovely lady tattoo smiles. (This usually happens when we are out of town and I am in a bathing suit.) Sigh.

    Great podcast as always. Sorry for the long comment!

  8. Blogger is a great place to start a blog. You can have a custom domain name and there are easy to follow directions for how to set that up. You may, of course, outgrow blogger, but I’ve found it’s been a good place to start my blog experiments.

  9. Okay sorry if I’ve posted this three times but my internet keeps messing up – to add to the WordPress discussion, you can actually buy your domain name through WordPress.com for about $20 a year without having to self host, so that’s one solution to the domain name issue y’all were discussing. It’s literally no different from yourblog.wordpress.com aside from the name that shows up on the URL!

  10. Missed you ladies last week. Enjoyed, as always, today’s podcast!

  11. Jillian Jul 19, 2012

    I have a gigantic one and a large one both on my back. The large one is a human heart with a banner that said “unlove” (I was 18 and angry… whatevs lol) When I got married in a strapless dress I got a cover-up done of it and now its a human heart with roses covering the banner and behind it.
    The gigantic one goes from the crack of my ass to higher than my belly button/high waist on my back. It is a crazy flower garden. It needs touch ups soooo bad but man do lower back fleshy area tattoos hurt!

    I don’t regret them. What I do regret it my plugs. When I was 15 I started stretching my ears and by 18 I had 1/2 inch holes. At 28, I kinda wish I hadn’t done it.

    Tattoos are forever just like those holes. I’m a middle school teacher in Philly and at least 1/3 of the kids are tattooed. They have crappy street pieces on their hands, chest, forearms, etc. etc. I always use my ears to teach the lesson- What’s cool at 13/14 isn’t still cool when you’re an adult.

  12. I have a tattoo on right shoulder and people touch it…. people I don’t know. (!!!!!!!!!) It’s weird AND creepy! Especially since it’s a memorial tattoo and very personal. I really don’t mind if someone asks me what it means, but keep your hands off me! :(

  13. I have a tattoo that I got back when I was in my early 20’s, it is one of my own creations and for that, I love it. My only regret is I got it on my lower back (a place I knew wouldn’t sag as much when I got older…see, I was thinking!) but now lower back tattoos are called tramp stamps and that I don’t like. I don’t regret the tattoo though and if I ever decide on what to do for the next one I will get another one!

  14. I have two tattoos a trio of hearts and a cake. Luckily I can just say that I love love and cake so there’s not much to explain. :)

  15. Caitlin Jul 19, 2012

    I had to read the comments on smitten kitchen’s blood orange tart post after hearing about the chipped nail polish hate.. some people are just plain mean.

  16. Hey gals! I just got back from New York, you are going to have such an amazing time! Def go to Chinatown, hit up some $1 oyster spots, and go to Levain bakery for a choc chip cookie. Here are some of my adventures: http://saturdayswithmaggy.blogspot.com/2012/07/nyc-foodie-highlights-part-iii.html

  17. Stephanie Jul 19, 2012

    “It’s like Burning Man without the burning man”…Tracy! You are too totes maj amazing. I was dying laughing

  18. Thanks for the helpful feedback, Joy and Tracy… and everyone else who has commented! I totally understand not wanting to get into the meaning of your tattoos with everyone who asks. I’ve been thinking about my design for a year now, and I’ve picked a place for it that will allow me to control who sees it and when, so I think I’m going for it. Thanks again!

  19. Margaret Elaine Murphy Jul 20, 2012

    My tattoos are based on love- taking people and parts of things I love in my life has helped me cultivate what I choose to put on my body forever.

    I saw JAWS at a very young age and have been mesmerized by Great White Sharks ever since. So, at the ripe age of 21 (am now 31), I got my first tattoo: the outline of a Great White Shark in red ink on my mid-left shoulder, going down to a bit on my chest (a line drawing- hoping it fades to pink when I am 70). My second tattoo is an apple line drawing my BFF Abel drew, in black ink. It is on my mid-right forearm with the words, “Once a day.” written below it in his writing. He has a matching one over his heart. I like how it keeps us connected. My third are three 70’s looking flowers from the book, “Once Upon a Potty,” that are on my back-right shoulder. They are yellow, pink and blue with different colored centers and no black outlines. Number 4- the one I don’t love: it is a schematic drawing of a see-saw on my lower right back- got that the day my pappie passed away- as Joy mentioned, this one will be more about the memory of receiving the tattoo. Lastly, I am named after my two grandmothers, Margaret and Elaine. I had them each write their names for me as they would when signing a card or letter and I have their names tattooed on my left upper arm. Seeing their handwriting every day and the names we share makes me so happy.

    Thanks for being awesome Joy and Tracy, I so love listening to your podcasts!!!

  20. Loved the blog talk on this week’s podcast!

    One thing to clarify: there is a difference between owning your domain and being self-hosted. WordPress.com is the free, WordPress-hosted option, but you can buy your domain there (so you can be smittenkitchen.com instead of smittenkitchen.wordpress.com or whatever)… your cost will be under $20/year.

    WordPress.org is the self-hosted option, where you need a host server like Bluehost, Dreamhost, etc. Your cost for self-hosting (and owning your domain) will be more like $75-100/year.

    From my experience as a blog designer, it is MUCH easier to transfer from a free WordPress blog to a self-hosted one than to go from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress. So if your listeners think that is something they may want to do down the line, definitely go with wordpress.com over blogger!

  21. Tracy I have to say I too totes keep a nail file in the glove compartment. Do you ever think you have longer than you do at the stop light and try to continue filing while you start to drive? Not safe…don’t recommend, but hard to stop myself sometimes…Thanks for podcasting! You too are most definitely getting me through this work week!

  22. Emily Jul 20, 2012

    So speaking of nails and baking….has anyone ever snagged their fingernail while grating something on a box grater? This happened to me the other day while baking zucchini bread, and I was so horrified. Luckily my nail just tore a bit but didn’t detach, but gross!

  23. kathryn Jul 20, 2012

    love your show and you both and UYD! seatbelts! i have three tattoos, didn’t think about any of them for more than about 20 minutes before i got tatted…not the best way to go about tattoos, but it makes for a good story and i love them all! they are all tiny and have a good reason for being. when i was 18 i got a lightning bolt on my foot for my love of harry potter, it was my first rebellious act (albeit super dorky), my sister and i got matching four-leaf clovers and lastly i got an anchor on my ankle after i’d done a few months traveling on a ship. i want more! i hope to do some kind of “charm bracelet” idea of totes maj moments in my life – my travels and passions. next up (i’ve actually been planning this one, i’m maturing!) is a few edelweiss flowers to add to my anchor, i just finished 18 months in switzerland. tattoos are addicting, much like the jtb/sbean cast. thanks ladies!

  24. I gotta say – that was the most awkward but fun-to-listen-to podcast. does that make sense? it’s totally a compliment.

    also tracy – my goal every time i peel a clementine is to get one big fat peel.

    happy weekend, and enjoy the east! i’ll be enjoying my 60 degree SF weather ;).

  25. tracy – i was guessing that your ideal tattoo would be something to do with your astrological sign of course! not a lion, but that circle/swoop symbol – do you know what i mean?

    michael – i hope your mom is doing okay!

  26. Evelyn Jul 21, 2012

    Missed your podcast last week :( Glad to have you ladies back. Thanks again, made me smile.

  27. “There’s nothing classy about Comic Sans” Yes. Amen. Here you go:


    Maybe you could try Papyrus or Curlz MT? “Winky Face”

    But in all seriousness, Helvetica never fails. or a good, classy script?

  28. Got my first tattoo at the age of 20. Do I regret it 7 years later: ummmm…..yeah! Luckily I got it in a spot where no one would see it unless I pranced around in a swimsuit all day (which I don’t do too often;) Because of where its located (on my mid back)I sometimes forget that I have it until I get a glimpse of it in the mirror. My suggestion for folks wanting a tattoo is not only to make sure like what your getting but think about where it’s going to go! It’s all about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!

  29. I don’t have any tattoos and I don’t think I would ever get one…I’m too much of a baby and I don’t like pain. Plus, I’m married, so my hubs is my eternal tattoo! Yay for the married ladies out there!

    Missed you all last week…Michael, hope your mom is doing okay. Tracy, hope you feel better. And Joy hope you had fun–excitement about another cookbook!

  30. Tracy, I was in the process of peeling off the shellac on my nails as I was listing to you talk about it! It is incredibly addicting and I feel so accomplished when I can peel an entire nail off with one pull. Does a number on your nails, but so worth it!

    Great podcast. Highlight of my week as always!

  31. Loved the blogger tips you gave and wanted to add one more big one. It’s SO important to find or create a community. A message board, a group like the SITS Girls, I started one – SoCal Lady Bloggers) and all of the smaller bloggers are leaping in and the older bloggers are there to give advice, honest criticism and sometimes a forwarded email to an event that brings people up higher! She should totally find one of those to help her.

  32. When it comes to nails, I have a few tips on how to keep a manicure lasting longer! A lot of it has to do with your base and top coat. I suggest Orly’s “Bonder” and Seche’s “Seche Vite”. Obvi there will be a little nail wear after a few days, but major chipping is barely a problem for me when I use those products. Also, Sally Hansen’s “Complete Salon manicure” line is magical. I think it is the longest lasting drugstore brand.

    Also, wearing gloves when washing dishes keep your nails dry. When your nails get wet, the polish doesn’t stick as well.

  33. Hi Joy, Tracy, and Michael….LOVE your show! You mentioned a few shows back how you would like to see what it looks like where people are watching you from. I think that is what you said…something along those lines. Anyway…I am listening to you from The Netherlands and I thought it would be fun for all of you to see what I see when I am listening to the podcast. I hope you like it. I posted it on my blog: http://morethananexpat.com/.

  34. Thank you for this podcast, for it kept me awake on a middle of the night drive. Sleepy B didn’t fall asleep thanks to lion cat and design talk. P.S. I’m redesigning my blog and I’m going to get it coded…yeeesh. Finally biting the bullet.

    OH YEAH, there is this other bit of exciting news…
    I’d Rather be Short is getting published! By Plume (Penguin)!!!!! Thank you for your various shout outs. Seriously. I am so grateful.

  35. OMG! OMG! JOY AND TRACY! YOU READ MY E-MAIL! (I didn’t anticipate it being read, so I’ve been hoarding podcasts so I can listen to them all at once- hence, sorry for the late response) I almost fell out of my seat when I heard Joy say “bazookamillion”.

    Thank you so much for reading my e-mail. I will take your advice! You guys are amazing-awesome-totes-rockstars.
    yay! yay! yay! yay! yaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!

  36. heather marcus Jul 27, 2012

    ok ladies….ventura county fair is coming up. baking entries are due on monday. need some inspiration. i make something from you guys at least once a week, but need some more ideas quick. just spent four days in palm springs, and my mind is just getting back to thinking again. i usually enter 4-6 items, as well as an on stage cooking competition. thanks…i just remembered these amazing cashews. one down. i love you listening to to both, and reading your blogs.

  37. If I call and *pretend* that I’m a dude, will that make you guys happy too? I know you want more dude calls.

  38. Susanne Oct 8, 2013

    Oh I have a tattoo too and I totally don’t want to talk it either! It’s so personal and hard to explain to random people, that I usually just make sure that it’s covered up (also because I work in a hospital so it would be kind of inappropriate). But Joy, you are not a jerk! I understand EXACTLY what you mean, also about a tattoo being a reminder of a certain time in your life that is now over.

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