You’re listening to the Joy the Baker Podcast with me… I’m Joy the Baker, and as always I’m joined by my friend Tracy from  This week, like every week we’re discussing totally important unimportant things.  This week in particular we’re talking ‘dudes’… it’s a dudecast and it’s for you.  We take calls from our beloved few male listeners, and do our best to…. totally now answer their questions.  We have a bad habit of that and we mostly apologize.

maine is awesome!

Joy went to Maine where she stayed on an 85 year old schooner.  It was magic.

maine is awesome!

Maine knows how to get up with the get down.  These soft-shell lobster were cooked on the beach of a tiny island over an open fire.  Few things are more romantic.

maine is awesome

Ok… so Joy totally bought a seersucker blazer at the grocery store… and she killed it  with leopard in Maine.  To be honest, the Maine-iacs totally looked at her like she was a poser, but she didn’t give a care.

Let Joy and Tracy teach you how to drink!  The trick is to do it responsibly.

Joy was obsessed with her summer drink.  Negroni!

Pimm’s cup is a solid summering beverage.

Tracy’s Maple Bourbon Cider for Fall!

Maple Bourbon Cider

Oh!  Tracy totally pulls off warm gin with this Gin Toddy!  Ginger go!

Time, Love & Tenderness.  Oooh gosh this is good!

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29 comments on “Dude Where’s My Podcast

  1. Aww, my email didn’t get read in this episode :-( Heartbreak!

    • Joy the Baker Sep 6, 2012

      oh no! did we miss you? it’s possible. fear not. there’s next week!

  2. You guys! I’m on vacation in Switzerland this week and I listened to your podcast in the shower while having a cold adult-type beverage. I totally get this drinking in the shower thing now.

    As for fall drinks: my go-to bar drink used to be a left-handed screwdriver. It’s just a screwdriver but made with grapefruit juice, so it’s not too sweet. Also, you get to explain what it is to the bartender a lot.

  3. Every time I am away my husband will only eat things from cans and boxes or take out. I warn him that he may get scurvy from lack of veg but he is willing to take the risk.

  4. Kristin Sep 6, 2012

    I’m from Maine and I <3 you guys for mentioning MAINE in your podcast. I went on a similar windjammer cruise a few years back to celebrate my anniversary and it was amazing, even though I was the only Maine-born person on the boat…touristy much?? Anyway, I was loving the seafood talk and your mention on Mainer's pride for their culture and food- you're correct!! I'm always told I have more pride for my state than anyone should…but I love Maine…what can I say? Looking forward to the Maine post tomorrow Joy! Thx!!

  5. Yes! I heard my name in the car and squealed like a fool!
    Joy, you sound so much more relaxed this week than two weeks ago. The Maniacs were good for you.
    My drink of choice this summer was the Dark and Stormy.

  6. Oh my, I am totes obsessed with Pimm’s Cup! I just drank my first, of many the other day! So refreshing! Negroni is my fancy lady cocktail! I missed you guys!

  7. Joy and Tracy! I’m Elizabeth, and I’m Bill’s daughter!
    Thank you so much for including my dad’s call; we were both so stoked when we were listening. You two are amazing!

  8. Since Tracy mentioned realtor red flags, why not do house/apartment hunting red flags? Tracy, I read your summer bucket list recap…I am so not ready for fall either or any sort of flavored latte. Nooooooo!

  9. Aaron Sep 7, 2012

    Hi Ladies! I loved this episode (and every episode). I laughed really hard when you said “Maine-onites.” Also when you were talking about the schooner, it reminded me of that episode of Sex and the City when Charlotte and Trey go to couples counseling and they name their private parts Rebecca and Schooner. I am a dude who has been listening to your podcast since episode 2. Random question: what can you do with apple butter other than put it on toast?

  10. Oh! I loved the fact that you brought up that you guys will be talking about red flags with blogs! I have had a blog for about a year now and am hoping to expand…could you guys maybe talk about how you went about finding the right designer to redo your blogs and create new layouts for your websites? That would be awesome!

    Sending [vegetarian] love from the Midwest!

  11. Hey Tracy,
    I think the drink you are talking about is pronounced pee-sco (and spelled pisco.) It’s super popular in Peru… you should try a pisco sour sometime.

  12. Joy, your Chris-the-emailer-dude voice sounded just like Napoleon Dynamite. It was awesome!

    Thanks for the awesome podcast as always, ladies! I will be walking around this week calling all people from Maine “maniacs”. Missed you last week!

  13. I have not listened to the podcast yet, but one of your littlest dudes…Calvin wanted to know what your favorite type of pizza is. He also told me that he really likes Joy the Pizza and Shutteregg. Now you know his favorite foods! Happy Weekend!!!

  14. Lots of boys wear skinny jeans! I don’t think they are always as tight as girls’, but just slimmer/narrower than normal. Also, Joy’s dude voice made my day.

  15. Tracy, I love that you are always bringing it back to the Creek. haha. Now I want to have a Dawson’s Creek marathon. Great podcast, ladies… as always!

  16. Joy,
    I went to a clambake too!
    It was the coolest thing ever…

  17. YES. Thank God you guys are back. I seriously look forward to my long run on the weekend to listen to you. Today I ran 7 miles and totally regretted signing up for that half marathon.

    As a blog/web designer, I’m weirdly excited to hear about designer red flags! (I would have a few of my own…ie: If they are charging $75 for an ENTIRE SITE – run, run away!)

    Also, Tracy, my husband refers to you as “Squishybean.” Just thought you should know.

  18. Shoniquoi Jones Sep 9, 2012

    Girls –
    Crown Royal is the Canadian go-to drink. Mix with Ginger Ale (Canada Dry of course) and a slice of lime. Perfect all year round! Have a go and let me know what you think. xo SJ

  19. I love a pimms cup! It is a total summer drink!

    So glad you were back to podcast this week!

  20. Rosemarie Sep 12, 2012

    I am a total season drinker myself! (well, in Cleveland, OH we have definite seasons). First, normally red wine in the winter and white in the summer (unless it is sangria). Winter/fall drinks are my faves (good thing!) gluewien (spiced warm red wine), bourbon with apple cider (either hot or cold). In the summer, it is normally a mojito or margarita. But, I’m pregnant now so my drink of choice this summer has been lemonade/lime soda water mix!

    So happy you guys are back!

  21. Kaitlin Sep 12, 2012

    OMG I LOVE PISCO!!! I’m studying in Chile right now (I’m an Oregon Duck like Tracy!) and pisco is everywhere down here! It’s made from grapes but it’s distilled, and it’s SO tasty. The cocktails of choice are pisco sour and “piscola” (pisco and coke, totes delish). It’s my fave.

    This might be my favorite podcast too…..y’all should do dude voices all the time :)

  22. heather marcus Sep 14, 2012

    what was in that apple cocktail tracy? how do i do a recipe search on love this episode….choo choo

    • Tracy Sep 14, 2012

      it’s in the show notes! that maple bourbon cider? the cider is the apple part :)

  23. Hi Joy- Smitten kitchen has an idea for a fall tequila cocktail here
    No recipe, but I’m sure you can taste test figure it out!

  24. I am catching up on a lot of missed podcasts and just heard this episode. I work as a graphic designer for a wine and liquor distributor in NYC. Basically we make wine and cocktail menus for all the area restaurants and lounges. So I can say I am an expert. Our clients carry Crown Royal. So here are some ideas for what to do with Crown Royal:
    -Spiked Hot Apple Cider with cinnamon or clove
    -Fake-it-till-you-make-it Spike Apple Cider: Crown Royal, Goldschalger, apple schnapps, cranberry juice
    -Ginger Snap drink: Crown Royal, Canton Ginger Liqueur, Grand Mariner, cinnamon, shake and serve over ice, top with a splash of giner ale and a maraschino cherry

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