This week on the Joy the Baker Podcast, Joy and Tracy are talking fact or fiction.  Is it Joy or Tracy that  had a hippie-raver phase?  Who went through a deep goth phase?  Someone lived with a stripper?  Wait… who had their face pierced?  Joy and Tracy also have a good cry… or at least talk about having a good cry.  From kids to movies… what makes you cry and why why why is it always the movie Beaches that makes us ball like babies?

If you’ve come here in search of pictures of Joy and Tracy in their hippie-raver and goth days… well, luckily those were the days before digital cameras (at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves).  We could draw you stick figures of raver pants and lip rings, and black hair and ear/navel rings.  Would that help?  No… sorry.

Mondays are haaard, so we should all just watch The Bachelor and feel better.  Hey… sometimes it works.  Let’s just not try to make ourselve feel better my labeling ourselves ‘smart’ before we watch such nonsense.  That’s just silly.

Let’s have a good cry.  Beaches anyone?

What makes us cry?  Tracy’s darling child is just too precious.  Mom cryfest.  Bring on the Pampers commercials.

Football makes dudes cry.  It’s just a known fact.

Pretty things make us cry.  Anger makes us cry.

Watching Flight of the Concords makes us laugh cry.

Clearly, Steel Magnolias makes us cry.

Thank you for listening to the Joy the Baker podcast.  Thank you for listening in your car.  Thank you for listening while you work out.  Thank you for enjoying cocktails in the shower.  It’s a good life!  We’re so glad you’re in it with us!


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33 comments on “Fact or Fiction

  1. Nadia Jan 19, 2012

    Great podcast!

    I’m now planning on watching Steel Magnolias this weekend… Yup. I’ve never watched it. For my part, it was a cryfest at the bus stop a few weeks ago, when the bus just wasn’t coming and I had to wait outside for 30 minutes, in -30C weather. I was actually angry at the weather… Is that a normal thing?!

    Have a great day!

  2. Kelli Jan 19, 2012

    Haven’t even listed yet but had to comment. I always watch Steel Magnolias when I need a good cry. Love you guys “more than my luggage”!

  3. Elma Joy Jan 19, 2012

    Hi Joy & Tracy!

    This is my first time commenting here but I am a huge fan of your blogs and this podcast!
    Love that you played fact or fiction! It never fails to brings friends and strangers closer + summon some laughs.
    This podcast could not come at a better time for me because a talk &a good cry always make me feel much better after. :)

    Oh & Joy! I am also a Joy and a part time Joy middle namer 😛

    Elma Joy

  4. Courtney Jan 19, 2012

    I’ve totally caught a cry in the walk-in; restaurants get crazy. I’ve also walked in on a crier in the walk-in. (I also run in quite often on hot summer days when I’ve been standing over a grill, cookin’ fish for ten hours…ah, the refuge of the walk-in.
    Speaking of things people do at restaurants, do you ever see people break up at restaurants?? Schadenfreude entertainment.

  5. I think a good cry is the best thing ever. Joy, I love your idea of going to a cry movie by yourself and going to get a cocktail after. I need to find the guts to do that. Tracy, hope you’re enjoying Salt Lake – my home – you didn’t pick a great weather weekend to visit though! Pretty gloomy!

  6. Morgan Jan 19, 2012

    The first 10 minutes of the movie UP, total tear jerker.

    • Every. Single. Time. I cannot help but cry in that movie. I actually saw it theaters with a friend, and I swear I saw tears on his face. When I told him he angrily said, “I don’t cry in movies. The only movie I’ve ever cried in is Marlee and Me.” Not sure that’s any better?

  7. Ohmygosh Up is the worst tear jerker! And I love that song on Flight of the Conchords. I’m not crying, I’m making a lasagna…for one! Joy, I totally know about being upset about crying in the first place. I would do that a lot while I was pregnant and the strangest things would make me cry. I just felt like, who am I? Why am I crying about this?! Thanks for the fact or fiction, its always fun to hear strange things about people. I used to wear a hat with a flower on it (yes, like Blossom), so what?

  8. Great podcast, although I am EXTREMELY disappointed by the no raver/goth pics. If your mom’s read these notes maybe they can send some in :)
    PS Joy, I went to the Cheesecake Factory last week and I wished you were my server and longed for some “real talk” about what would be the least gross thing to order. I decided on WINE. Lots and lots of wine.

  9. Josie Jan 19, 2012

    There is nothing wrong with men crying! They aren’t robots, they have emotions just like women. The only reason many men hold these emotions back is because they have been socially conditioned to repress these feelings because it’s not ‘masculine’ or considered socially acceptable or some rubbish like that. If a man has managed to avoid this kind of brainwashing and is in contact with his own emotions enough to cry then I would say that is an extremely good sign, not a red flag! He would probably be way better at communicating too… 😛

    • dayna Feb 5, 2012

      I totally agree! I love a nice sensitive man. As long as he’s not crazy over-emotional, or crying to get some kind of weird attention, I say approved!

  10. Josie Jan 19, 2012

    P.S I love your podcast!!

  11. Katya Jan 19, 2012

    Girlies! I love your podcast and funny enough after dinner and a glass of wine in my home on a lazy Thursday night I saw that Steel Magnolias is on TV. Given that I have never watched it and I just listened to the podcast today, felt like it was perfect timing. Hope I don’t ball my eyes out like crazy.

  12. I love a good cry and I’m totally feeling ya, Joy, on going to a movie, crying it out, and then having a nice cocktail. Ahhh, I think I know my weekend plans.

    Also, it’s “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” and not vice versa. Based off the novel — a good one! I hope you love it!

  13. Mariah Osborne Jan 19, 2012

    OMG Tracy! I have the same garbage disposal fear/lure too! Except that I’m always worried I may hit the switch on accident while I’ve got my hand in there cleaning it out…
    It’s so dangerous and scary and we’re perfectly aware of that, but I have to constantly remind myself to NOT HIT THE SWITCH WHILE MY HAND IS DOWN THERE!
    Yet often times they put other switches right next to the garbage disposal…so one time I accidentally DID hit the wrong one! So scary! Luckily I didn’t have my hand all the way in there! Yikes!

  14. Joy–you got rid of your conch piercing?! I have both my conches done, and I want to be a GRANDMA with those things. I love them so much.

    My mother cries when her favorite retired football players show up on TV in recaps. I’ve been resistant to crying at everything for a long time, but as I get older, the tears flow more readily. It’s embarrassing!

  15. Hi there- I love the show and I love the way your friendship comes through in each episode. I’d be interested to know your backstory, like how you two met and what you bonded over. I think it would make an interesting podcast segment.


  16. Oh, Flight of the Conchords. Love.

    I’m an angry crier. Indeed, it’s a vicious cycle. Right before finals last semester, I spilled tea on my laptop in a coffee shop and burst into tears. It’s where my boyfriend works, so it was the exact mix of people I knew and people I didn’t. I couldn’t stop crying, which made me angry, which in turn made me cry more.

    But crying can be nice too, like a release. I don’t watch the Bachelor, but cheesy-show-wise I do watch Grey’s Anatomy and it’s just a ridiculous cry-fest, in sort of a good way. The type of crying you do alone, and perhaps while eating an extra large piece of chocolate cake.

  17. Jenna Jan 20, 2012

    I love a good movie cry!
    When I was a single lady that was so much fun pick a movie I(!) wanted to see bring a good food magazine for before the preview (I love the previews–I usually cray at at least one preview) cry during the movie then whiskey afterwards!

    Some of the best movie cry whiskey scenarios in my life…Leaving Las Vegas, Dancer in the Dark, Requiem for a Dream (I like my movies kind of dark :)

    Now that I am a mom of 3 with a fun husband who has his own opinions about movies I don’t get to do it that often but I really want to.

  18. Agnes Jan 20, 2012


  19. Dear Tracy and Jamaica, I mean Joy-
    I love, love, love your podcast. My only complaint is that I only get one per week — I wish yous could podcast every day!

    PS: I cry at Humane Society commercials. You know, the ones with that dang Sarah MacLachlan song.

  20. Katherine Jan 20, 2012

    Fact: I love going to the movies and for cocktails by myself! It does not happen often. Sometimes you need to take yourself out on a date!

  21. Jamaica Joy sounds like an ice cream flavor to me. blog post?

  22. Real men cry…and bake. :)

    Why is it a turn off or a big deal when men cry? Aren’t women always saying that they wish their men were more sensitive and in touch with their emotions? Just not too much? There is this big need for men to be “men.” But what does that mean?

    Maybe there woud be less rage and bullying in the school yard of life if we raised our boys in a world where they don’t need to suppress their emotions. The reality is that no one wants to be around anyone who is crazy emotional and crying all the time. Doesn’t matter if they are a boy or a girl. It gets exhausting being around that energy all the time. A good, healthy cry does just as much for those of us with twigs and berries as it does for those without!

    Hi, my name is Matthew, and I’m an out and proud cryer.

    Love the podcast! I look forward to every Thursday!

  23. I cry a lot! If I could cry for a living, I reckon I could be some kind of CEO.

    I have cried at work, I used to work in a bookstore, and one day a lady came in, and she was a well known lady to the town centre, I think she used to be a teacher, and was really smart, but at some point had, had a total break down, and now wandered around, shouting – yes shouting, about how the police were out to get her and it was all a conspiracy theory. Anyway, she came down to the basement floor in the store, where I was working, and was wanting an encyclopedia, so she could ‘find the address of the Court of European Human Rights in Geneva’ “Oh boy” I think. So we have a lot of books, but not encyclopedias, and last time I looked they didn’t have addresses in, real or otherwise. So I tried to politely steer her towards the till, and said I could look online for some information that might help her. That was when she went crazy at me, shouting her head off for what felt like an eternity, about how I was with the police, and out to get her, and then she stormed off. And I was fine, just, until some gent said ‘Excuse me” and I went into ‘How can I help you mode” and he said “Oh nothing, I just saw what happened, you handled it really well, and I wanted to check you were okay?” That was it, he gentlemanliness broke my professionalism, I burst into tears, he offered me a tissue, which only made things worse, and I literally slid down the back of the counter to the floor, and he made a hasty exit… so yeah I cried at work (in fact off the top of my head I can remember 6 times I have cried at work) Better out than in I say :)

  24. LOVE Flight of the Condors.

    LOVE that Tracy was a goth and that Joy had a tourette stripper roommate.

    Love love love your podcasts. I listen at work, and it’s always something I look forward to.

    I think we like to watch shows/movies that have issues we don’t have personally. When I was in college and had uber drama in my life, I wanted to watch relaxing epic romances, soothing and lovely. Sometimes they bore me now that I’m married and settled down. I don’t mind a little drama in my tv. Kinda fills in the gap. Although, I’d rather have it on my tv than in my life!

  25. loved this episode! especially the section on crying – i hate crying! also, totally like tracy where i only really cry a couple times a year so it’s usually a terrible mess.

  26. FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS- WHAT!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Jan 28, 2012


  27. I live/grew up in Burlington, VT. 😀

  28. Tracy’s devious little laugh throughout this episode made it hard for me to drive straight! Hilarious.

  29. Citti Feb 16, 2012

    I ve been meaning to tell you this like 3 weeks ago when i first heard this episode! I had such big cry in a restaurant this day, and unfortunately it wasnt cuz i got proposed :(. So funny when i was listening the podcast. You girls are so hilarious! You def make me life better!

  30. pritzkit Jul 21, 2012

    Just found you guys and am catching up. Tracy, have you seriously not cried at Forrest Gump? Oddly, this thought kept me awake for many minutes after listening to your podcast right before bed. thanks ALOT!

  31. Still catching up on your podcasts 😉

    Thank you so much for doing this episode! I’m a bit of a crier…and it’s kind of nice to know that I’m not the only one, because I get so ashamed of myself!
    I’m studying cello (music) and sometimes I’ll just break down in a lesson because I get really frustrated, and then annoyed at myself that I’m frustrated/crying…oh it’s a vicious circle.

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