This week on the Joy the Baker podcast, our hard work and relentless Twitter stalking finally pay off!  We talk to the man, the myth, the LEGEND:  TYLER FLORENCE!!!  During our chat we learn some really important facts:  Tyler Florence  is no stranger to the TFlo nickname, Quest Love smells like a million bucks and Oprah is a good hugger.  (The T-Flo goodness starts at around 34min)

If you feel like it, you can drop T-Flo a tweet to thank him for stopping by.

We LOVED all the siren songs you left in the comment section of the last podcast!  Thanks for sharing your weirdness with us!  All this siren song talk reminds Joy of a bucket list item:  to dance in a laundromat like no one is watching.  We need a choreographer.  How can we make this happen!?

Thank you for all your amazing Mother’s Day photos!  Your moms have some amazing hair!  On the real.

Thanks for being a part of this podcast!  We love you like crazy…. totes burrit, NBD.


Tyler Florence Family Meal and Tyler Makes Pancakes.

Breakfast Skillet inspired by Tyler on Joy the Baker.

Tracy’s TFlo inspired Angel Hair Pasta… the pasta that started it all.

Tyler Florence’s Wayfare Tavern.  Must GO!

Tyler Florence The Shop, Mill Valley.

No bigs… (TOTALY bigs).

AND!  We totally learned something majorly important:  Quest Love smells like exactly 1 million dollars.  Amaze.

All Joy wants to do is Dance Like Nobody’s Watching…. in the laundromat!

Let’s make it hapen!

Joy is completely losing it.



Sarah Jane!

















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64 comments on “Flozone

  1. Awww – love all the mom picts, so sweet!

  2. Joy – I have the same email-sending problem! The only thing I’ve found that stops me is not entering a recipient (in the “TO” box) until the email is finished. That way I can’t accidentally send it to anyone!

  3. Thank you! Totes smiling all day long…NBD

  4. Ok you two are way too cute. Giddy like school girls with a crush! Yay TFlo!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE TFLO! Wayfare Tavern is INCREDIBLE. I want to go again!

  6. Joy, I know several choreographers in the LA area. I’ll hook you up!

  7. Wow! T-Flo! How much fun was that?!? Good job, ladies!

  8. WOW, I think this podcast just blew my mind … He was so cool and funny and nice and now I think I want to go to his store and buy all the things. Incidentally, I do not know why it has taken me so long to listen to your podcast, but I have been enjoying it the past few weeks whilst taking the somewhat gross and always crowded bus to work in SF and it has made all the difference (or, diff?). Thanks, ladies!

  9. WOW! it was so cool that you guys got to talk to T-Flo!

    On another note, after a period of deep contemplation, I think Shutter Bean should be shortened to — get ready–
    “S. Beanie”

    the JTB and S. Beanie SHOW!!!!!! Get into it.

  10. Loved the podcast again! T-flo was great! So nice and cool!

    Can’t wait till next week- 50!!!

  11. Let’s totally take it back to the Food 911 days!!! That show, along with a few others on Food Network back then, are what got me into cooking. Thanks, T-Flo!

    • Joy the Baker May 18, 2012

      i don’t think TFlo appreciated my humor in that moment. that show was the business!

  12. I just love this. I don’t know what else to say. You guys rock!

  13. I didn’t know that other people had the urge to do these things too, and that the “siren song” was even a thing.

    Maybe Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog would inspire you in your laundromat quest. :)

  14. Check you two out! You totally got a Tyler Florence call-in! Nicely done.
    You know that website showing dads as original hipsters ( I think my dad, in addition to being an original hipster, was also an original word shortener. As a teenager, it was so embarrassing that my dad always talked in shorthand, but now I realize he was just ahead of his time.

    I don’t twitter, but here is my mama:

    Thanks, as always, for the fun podcast! If the laundromat dance-off goes down, I hope it gets filmed so we can all check it out! I’ve always wanted to do that in a bank.

    • Joy the Baker May 18, 2012

      dads are totes og hipsters!
      and BANK!!!!! that’s a good one! … but i’d totally get tazed. (is tazed spelled right?)

  15. tflo just oozes charisma! loved him on the podcast. who knew he was an outkast fan (“i try to be fresh and clean at all times”).

    unrelated – do you guys know the weekend for homefries u in the fall? i know it’s early but i start a new job on tuesday and would like to book the vacay time right away!

    one more thing – in university my friends went through a nicknaming phase where they would drop the FIRST syllable of names in stead of the last. this is how i became BYN! by this logic, tracy is BEAN!

    • Joy the Baker May 18, 2012

      we haven’t firmed up the homefries u weekend just yet! but good on your for thinking ahead!!! thanks byn!

    • Joy the Baker May 18, 2012

      Byn… i secretly love that name abbreviation.

  16. What’s with all of the Tyler Florence love lately? Didn’t you guys meet and bond over how stupid and phony Tyler Florence and his pre made meals were?

  17. Tanashati May 17, 2012

    Joy, you should take moves from that girl on the SunDrop commercial. And bust out to Snoop’s “Drop it like it Hot”!! lol that would be so awesome

  18. @tracy …I totally get it about the Michaels line. For some reason everytime I gget online its long….and there is no one else with kids….older group of women,couples,senior citizens…and my kids tend to get impatient, start touching everything and annoy the heck out of everyone. I get a lot of the eye rolling and whispers. such is my life!

  19. Holly May 17, 2012

    My mom has a huge crush on Tyler Florence. (She’s turning 75 this year.) She’s given me a lot of his cookbooks and always talks about his recipes. This episode will make her day!

  20. TFlo!!! Couldn’t stop giggling while listening to the podcast today (which was very weird since I was at work and my colleagues kept giving me weird looks..)
    And I don’t know why but when I saw Emma Stone today (on TV, duhh!), I thought of Joy!

    • Joy the Baker May 18, 2012

      thanks so much for listening and giggling! you’re so major! and love Emma. LOVE!

  21. As someone who has actually done imprompu by-myself dance parties (not in laundromats, but grocery stores count, right?), I hereby offer my services as choreographer.

  22. “so then she had to comb her hair with a fork the rest of her life.” = best line.

    Way to get TFLO ON DA SHOW!!!!

    also, what is this number I can call for questions??? I do have one, but I don’t know if it would be right for the show because it’s so random. Okay fine! I’ll just say it now!

    I think part of the reason I like this podcast so much is because you are living out your dreams and I find that to be so encouraging. I am working on doing that myself. I have a project called “I’d Rather be Short”. I submitted it to agents this week and I already have two who want to represent me. Joy, do you have any advice for someone in my position? I know it’s a good problem, but it’s scary. I must figure out my answer in two weeks!

    this is the project:

    thanks ladies!

    • Tracy May 18, 2012

      OMG!!! I love this series. It’s HYSTERICAL.

      Call us!


      • TRAZY!!!
        Thank you for your enthusiasm for my proj.
        After I wrote that comment…and put the fries number into my phone, I realized that maybe I should wait to announce this news until after I have the agent locked down. It still seems surreal and I’d hate to ruin anything before contract is signed. Hopefully it will be in the next couple of weeks. I still have the number saved in my phone…so you can expect to hear from your #1 fan in the near-ish future.

        Hooray! You and Joy (and whoever read my comment) are in on a kind-of secret!

  23. Jillian May 18, 2012

    T. (motherfucking) Fleezy!!!!! I’m sooooo excited for you. Tracy sounded soooo happy!

  24. 1) Ty Ty Flo FLo is a perfectly acceptable nickname and not babyish at all.
    2) Love that me and my gram made the show notes. Nancy Schroeder was one AMAZE lady.
    3) I never go to Michaels unless my life is being threatened for all the aforementioned reasons.

  25. Really amazing podcast – I smiled and laughed the entire time. I pretty much lost it when Tracy asked T-Flo about how Oprah smelled – that was the best. I love how you both are so real and so star-struck! And congrats on getting T-Flo on da show!

  26. CarrieLovesKeith May 19, 2012

    I always want to dance like crazy on the elliptical machine, when I listen to pump-up music. The other day I got totally into Carrie Underwood “Undo It” and without realizing it I started like dance-working out a little bit, and I didn’t even realize it until I noticed out of the corner of my eye the girl next to me giving me a really weird look… oops!

  27. Jenny May 20, 2012

    I saved this podcast all week so I could listen to it during my 8K (5 mile) race today! Thank you for keeping me entertained during my run today~I think this podcast will be my ear food for any future races!

  28. This podcast made me think of a few of my siren songs: when someone is in the car next to you, watching to make sure you don’t hit their door with yours as you exit, I want to SLAM my car door into theirs as hard as possible. When I’m buying meat, I want to smush my fingers into every single package. And (THE WORST!) I’m a teacher, and when we’re boarding the bus for field trips, I occasionally think about tripping my worst students (they’re freshmen! Not little ones!) just as a little payback for the torture they put me threw.

    P.S. I adore you ladies! This episode is AMAZING.

  29. Joy! I haven’t even finished listening to this episode yet, but I had to jump on here and tell you that you HAVE to put your laundromat dancing plan into action. Dancing in public is one of my siren songs, too. I once found myself on a train with a man carrying an honest-to-goodness 1980s boombox on his shoulder, playing the most heinous old school techno I’d ever heard. And I passed up the opportunity to dance with this man on the train, even though every fiber of my being wanted to SO badly. I’ve always regretted it. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!!

  30. Polly May 21, 2012

    Of all things for Tyler to discuss he wanted to denigrate Martha Stewart, it seemed rather arrogant and inappropriate to me. Then after he was done with Martha he wanted to hear if you guys had more problems with other celebrity chef’s recipes. I liked how Tracy steered him away from the negative talk and focused on the positive. Great job guys, thanks for getting me on the podcast train!

  31. Dear Joy and Tracy,

    I ran a half marathon on Sunday listening to your potcasts the WHOLE TIME. I even saved the most recent ‘Flozone’ episode for the last stretch. Thank you for keeping me pumped and motivated for 13.1 miles. Running gets hard when you start laughing too much though! Love you guys.

    P.S. My abbrev. name is E-Bray.

  32. Oh, I was so proud of you guys today! You got T-Flo on the podcast!! Woop woop!

    I really love Joy’s idea of the laundromat dance! I hadn’t seen that video before, and now I totally want to do that in a public place.

    I have to tell you, it’s not public or anything, but once when I was working as an accountant at a local K-8 school during the summer I was completely alone. I checked out front and made sure the janitor had already left. There were no cars in the parking lot and the building was empty. I ran down the hallway screaming, “I wanna be an airborne ranger….” I really, truly hope you know why…. One of my best memories, ever.

  33. Seriously, bestest podcastillo ever! Love both of you, and of course, the guest T-FLO was really a BIG DEAL! If you ever have a siren song about stopping doing this podcast, DON’T DO IT! You ladies totally rock!

  34. Valerie May 23, 2012

    Hey there ladies! I am such a huge fan of your respective blogs and podcast. I’ve been listenting for awhile now and it’s hard to believe this is my first comment. Real talk: I am sooooooo not tech savvy. So imagine my suprise that for the first time in my 27 years I shell out a wad of cash for a ridicuously priced techy iPod touch. Lets back up: I do not do smart phones. I like to keep it old school with my candy-bar phone that I repair constantly with ducktape! Yeah, I’m a resourceful gal. Anyways, I digress. The reason I am writing is to find out what APPS you both cannot live with out and which ones are really worth all the hype! Thanks for being fabulous and keep on making amazing things that fill our bellies, make us laugh and keep us on our toes! You guys rock!

  35. you should definitely do the laundromat dance joy!!!! it would be extremely awesome and i’m sure would make many people’s day. also, love all the siren song talk. i thought i was the only one with those strange urges!

  36. I have to admit, I too tried a roll recipe from MS and it was a total, unmitigated floppola. I don’t trust her… just don’t trust her.

    And I totes agree with Becky, best line ever: “so then she had to comb her hair with a fork the rest of her life.”

  37. i usually listen to your podcast while cooking dinner, but last saturday, i found myself at home without my husband or our 2 year old. after some much needed lounge time spent reading and then napping, since there was some daylight left and i was still all by my lonesome, i cranked on your latest episode and got to work making chicken salad and homemade pimiento cheese…

    while i drank margaritas….

    which i made out of tequila and lime popsicles. real talk.

  38. Lyndsey M. May 23, 2012

    Ok, I have been waiting for a perfect opportunity to leave a comment since the beginning of this fantastically, wonderful podcast. I have spent many a long drive through LA laughing so hard to the point where, once, a lovely gentleman in the car next to me at a red light on Melrose had to ask what I was listening to….and plenty more where that came from….crazy looks and all. its alright. I accept it. You guys are the best! Anyway…..seizing opportunity….Joy, I can make your laundromat dream dance happen!!! I am a choreographer!! I bet you don’t need much help, but I’m 100 % sure I can get your groove going. I can even get you back-up dancers. What?! It’s true. It can be legit. Totes legit. Thoughts?!

  39. This comic ( totally reminds me of the two of you and your habit of shortening words … plus it’s adorable. :-)

  40. Dear Joy and Tracy,

    I was walking to work and listening to your podcast about Joy’s goal of dancing in the laundromat. I don’t know why, but you gave me a siren song there and then to dance on the street. I was walking across the campus of the university where I work as a professor. Nonetheless, your laundromat plan siren-songed me into doing a little two-step right there in the middle of campus, without realizing what my legs were doing.

    I felt so silly because I’m a young prof and wear a pretty serious game face at work, since most of my colleagues are much older. When I realized what I’d done, I waved around pretending to swat a bug so that anyone watching would think I just got a bee in my face or something.

    In hindsight, it did feel good.

    I love your podcast so much! Thanks for all the laughs, ladies!


  41. Tanya May 16, 2013

    So I am super late to the party, but I am making my way through your podcasts. I just had to comment about this one. First, I had no idea Tyler Florence was such an awesome guy. I get why there was so much love flowing for him. Second, holy crap Tracy. I snorted and busted out laughing at my desk in my cube at work when you asked Tyler Florence if he smells goods. I can’t stop laughing. Oh my gosh! You guys are totally awesome.

  42. Premature publishing? I think Tracy just did it today for her I Love Lists… right? ;-P It’s ok. I did that enough times to slap my forehead silly. Also, this is my 3rd time listening to this.

    • Tracy Aug 4, 2013

      Yes. I jumped the gun in anticipation for my vacation.

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