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Are you ready for our group cage dive with Kasey and her sharks!?  No?  Too soon?  Ok… maybe next week.

On this episode of the Joy the Baker Podcast with TRACY(!!!) from Shutterbean, we talk to our 21 year old selves.  They need a good talking to.  They’re drinking too much, dating bozos for too long, and reading their roommates’ diaries.  It’s out of control.


While Joy digs deep to find a picture of her table-dancing, cigarette smoking, Red Bull- drinking youth… here’s Tracy exploring an early goth phase.  Can we live?  (heck yes!)

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38 comments on “Go Get It!

  1. 21 year old self …GO TO PARIS!! Don’t wait until your 39 and your hip hurts from that stupid new bed. GO TO PARIS!

  2. Hi Joy and Tracy!
    Long time listener here and I look forward to your podcast every week. I’m not 21 yet, but I will be July 17th of this year. I’m currently studying abroad in Modena, Italy and I’m slowly settling into the Italian way of life (even though I leave in less than 2 months). Italians specialize in relaxing, talking, and eating amazing food, so I’m getting pretty good at that. I study political science in DC but I plan on going to culinary school after I graduate. I work at a restaurant in Philadelphia (when I’m home) as the baker and prep chef. I’m really considering moving back to Italy for culinary school if possible so I don’t forget the language and because, well, food and Italy pretty much go hand in hand.
    So yeah, that’s my 20-year-old life in a nut shell. If anything changes radically this July 17th when I reach that crazy age of 21, I’ll let you know.
    Love the show!

  3. Love this podcast! The 20s are some tumultuous years. I’m 27 now, but looking back on my earlier 20s I can see how self-absorbed and insecure I was at times. That might sound harsh, but I really didn’t look outside myself too much. I had a great time – drinking, being ridiculous, and living it up (i suppose i still do), but I was so worried about my (lack of) job/career and what other people thought about my ambitions. I’ve by no means got it figure out now, just graduated this week with a masters and the job hunt is on, but I do feel much calmer and positive that things are going to work out. I guess my cliched advice is to not get trapped inside of your own head. If you work hard and put in the energy you will eventually get to where you want to go!

  4. Hey ladies,

    Long time listener, rare commenter.

    I’m REALLY loving these throw back podcasts. I’m gonna be 31 later this year and love how i can relate to both of you ladies in so many ways. Looking back I wish i could tell my 21 year old self that I need to put me first, rather than trying to be such a people pleaser.

    Girls can be super bitchy for stupid reasons – get over it, they’re not your true friends.

    Everything happens for a reason, good or bad, so tough it out, all these experiences will shape us into who we are, mistakes are lessons learned and we’ll be wiser for it in the future.

    I think if my future self were to talk to me now, it would say “Eat well. Travel more. Enjoy your sleep while you don’t have a kid. Live life with no regrets.”

    I enjoyed my 20’s but I’m definitely more excited for my 30’s.

    Great podcast ladies!


  5. Loved this episode but maybe it’s because I’m 35 (36 in 3 months). I’d tell my 21 year old self to go easy on that guy she’s about to marry cause that all works out pretty well.

  6. Excellent show ladies! Loved the thought-provoking question. Thinking of what advice I’d give myself makes me laugh….Happy Birthday Joy!

  7. http://faithhopecarrotcake.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/thats-your-own.html

    My blog post on this very topic! Loving your podcast over in the UK :o) xx

  8. Amanda May 24, 2013

    21 year-old (aka heart of all human knowledge) here! I feel such solidarity with your crazy 21 year-old selves and loved your perspective and advice on being 21. Awesome podcast!

  9. Manissa May 24, 2013

    Holla ladies! I’m 21 now, so thank you for this podcast! I think at the end of the day we just have to LIVE – as long as we work hard & stay true to ourselves, things will turn out ok. Ain’t nobody got time for worrying and all the drama!

  10. Sydney May 24, 2013

    Hey Joy and Tracy! My husband has been overhearing me listen to the Joy the Baker podcast from Day 1. The other day I caught him singing “No french toast! Just believe in that ghost…” It took me a minute, but I realized he was singing your theme song. Don’t worry. I totes corrected him.

  11. Just so you ladies know…the way Tracy was enunciating Nelly Furtado’s last name was the correct way, I’m Canadian I ought to know! Also I am a control freak Leo so I just had to get that out there! Thank you! Also, you ladies rock!

  12. Aisha May 25, 2013

    This podcast was so real. Thanks ladies. My 34 year old self needed to hesr this.

  13. Loved this podcast. I just turned 31 last week, so I’ve been thinking about this kind of stuff lately, too. My 21-yr-old self could have benefited from your advice, especially the part about not dating the wrong guy for too long. I’d also tell my 21-yr-old self not to worry so much about fitting in or what other people think, to stay out of debt, and to travel more.

  14. Kimberly Gonzalez May 25, 2013

    Hola Tracy and Joy de Miami!
    Just felt compelled to say thanks for the kind words about Miami… ’tis true, clothing is kinda optional around here. I’m feeling like, Joy, you were at Mango’s on South Beach? Uh huh…
    Also, love your podcast and blogs, you guys both do amazing work. I teach Digital Imaging and I know how much work you guys put into your blogs. :)
    Ms. K. Gonzalez

  15. Lizzie May 25, 2013

    I was in the middle of doing pushups at the gym yesterday when you guys started talking about the fetal position in the shark tank. I had to stop exercising so I could giggle properly. Luckily no one was watching me….

    Good fiber talk, too!

  16. This is one of my favorite podcasts of yours. As a 23 year old, I majorly identify with most of the afflictions of a 21 year old with a touch more of wisdom. Good to be reminded. Thank you guys

  17. Nicola May 26, 2013

    I turn 30 in a week, which has been wildly upsetting since I’m not in a financial position to do what I want for my birthday (I live in Brisbane, Australia, massive traveller and would rather be anywhere than here), but what I realized earlier this year is that I’ve lived my 20s in reverse. I was super conservative, never really let go and had a good time, was focussed on uni and a career when I was 21. Then I started travelling, then I moved overseas and spent 18 months living abroad and enjoying the complete freedom of being miles from anyone who knew anything about me. No preconceived ideas. It was so much fun! I still didn’t get in any real trouble, but I certainly played hard and didn’t go home until 5:30am more than once! So that was my gap year, I then returned to Australia and moved in with my parents and was unemployed for four months. It’s like knowing the possibilities of the world and how capable I am, but being a teenager stuck at home again, relying on your parents for everything.

    So my advice to the 21 year olds: stop caring so much. Be smart and have FUN. Life is better than you can possibly imagine if you stop trying to do or be what you think you’re supposed to be. My life is nothing like I imagined it would be, it’s so much better.

  18. Biggest advice–Love your body!! I agree with Tracy, weight goes up and weight goes down. As long as you are healthy, love it all. AND some cute boy (or girl) will eventually love it and put a ring on it. It happened to me, so it will happen to you. :)

  19. Tracy in her goth phase photo looks a lot like Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction!!

  20. Hi Joy and Tracy. I just wanted to tell Tracy that we have SO much in common. We’re the same age, both went to the U of O, have many of the same pet peeves, body issues, etc. It’s so much fun listening to you girls! Kari

  21. Is it weird that I feel like I’d have loved 21-year-old Joy and Tracy? 21-year-old Amy was a mixture of them both. LOVED this. More Goth Tracy photos, please!

  22. Hey J-racy! (joy/tracy) I am 22 right now (happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way – Taylor Swift), and if I were to give my 18 year old self some advice I would say, don’t listen to other people freaking out – trust yourself, and your abilities and your work ethic and smarts. You can do it! And you are so awesome, just own it. And it gets so much better after high school! MAN does it ever get so much better. Also, always remember, no matter your situation, you can choose your own life. Literally, you can choose your life. So make it whatever you want it to be! :)

  23. This was a GO-OOD podcast. I’m 28 and I know nothing! I feel like the late twenties are trouble! It’s like everything I thought I’d have figured out, I sure don’t. So now I’m just going to go and own by bod! Own it and love it, and stuff. And, Tracey, I totes was a pinch goth when i was 21.

  24. Samantha Paulin May 28, 2013

    Hello ladies! I just want to tell you two how much I LOVED this last podcast. I’m a 23 year old and even though I’m still young, I feel as if I’ve learned so much in the past two years that I wish I could have passed on to my 21 year old self.

    The one thing that really stuck out to me was Tracy’s comment about body image. I struggled with emotional eating/yo-yo dieting for a long time and always thought that if only I was 10-15 pounds lighter then my life would be so much better. I’ve finally learned that I should appreciate my body for what I’m able to do and know that people (most specifically guys) will not like me better if I’m a size 2 instead of a 6! Accepting myself for who I am was a liberating feeling and I wish I could had learned that a younger age.

  25. Cathy May 29, 2013

    Joy and Tracy — first, a hearty thank you for the way your podcasts (I’m catching up on this treasure trove of fab) and the way they improve my Houston traffic commute. This episode is one for the ages. It resonated with me on a million levels. I often find myself nodding to your conversations in tacit agreement; this time I was doing so much more animatedly. The points about you change as much as you allow yourself to (true), seeing ahead from life with roommates, working to make it not about you all the time, how time is not as lengthy as you think, and worrying so much less about others’ thoughts and doing what impresses YOU — these are shimmering pieces of wisdom. I liked thinking too about what our 40ish selves would tell our 30ish selves (I’m 33), and that means 1) I put eye cream on my neck last night :) and 2) I reflected on who I hope to be in 10 years and what it will take to get there. Thank you for such wise perspective and levity. Love your show and your beautiful selves!

  26. Sarah May 30, 2013

    I loved this episode SO much!! I think it’s so interesting to learn about people’s younger selves. Joy’s Miami living days were especially surprising – I never would have guessed! I’d love to know more about your paths through life – career-wise, and all the different places you’ve lived. You’re never allowed to stop podcasting, just so you know.

  27. I’m 21 and that advice was totally well received/ I already knew it all! (I didn’t!).
    I think the hardest thing about this age is that you’ve got the world kinda at your feet and you just wanna jump in, but you’d probably drown; it’s hard not to feel like you know everything.

    Quick question guys – at 21 did you ever feel like you were underachieving for your age? Like time was running out for you to achieve something great? If so what do you think about those feelings now? Thanks guys!

  28. To my 21 year old self:

    1) Put money in savings and don’t touch it.
    2) Try a wider range of foods…you’re just wasting time right now cause in your 30’s you’re going to realize that it is good.
    3) You WILL get over it…whatever it may be.
    4) Get a profitable hobby :)


  29. Damn, Joy. That part about how we’ll always be wishing we’d asked for what we want HIT HOME.

    You are wise. Don’t ask, don’t get. And I really wanna get.

  30. I’m a week behind and just listened to this one, but great podcast! I’m almost 33, so I can totally look back on my 21 year old self and tell her a few things! The number one thing I would say to myself is: for the love of all that is holy, don’t sign up for all of those stupid 300% interest rate credit cards that are so damn tempting. You will not magically get your dream job once you graduate and be able to quickly (and painlessly) pay them back. They will haunt you for a very long time! And, yes, do take full advantage of your metabloism. It won’t stay around forever. Also, Tracy, I have a sneaking suspicion that you and I were both at the same school at the same time for our college years. Given that, I would also tell myself to lay off the AMF’s at Taylor’s, lol…

  31. erica Jun 14, 2013

    ladies, I’m 25 and loved this episode. have no fear of what us crazy 20 something year olds think and keep rocking on.

  32. So my husband and I listened to this episode on our semi-long drive to & from our friends’ house. I must say that we are both really thinking about what we would say to our 21yo selves (my husband is 31 & I’m 30…not for long). Thank you for this episode because our hearing it this evening is very timely because I am considering a career change. A part of that process is getting to know yourself and what your strengths are…and what in the world you want to do.

    So, I would tell my 21yo self to get to know yourself as you journey through life instead of taking everything for granted. That, and save your money more…apartments are overrated.

  33. Joy and Tracy, great episode! I found myself laughing hysterically when Tracy began to talk about her 21 year old self. I enjoy listening to your podcast while making art in my studio. Tracy brought up that she went to the University of Oregon, and I am currently enrolled in a grad program (last year of it) in the art department! I am from Long Island originally, so Eugene is quite the change. But yes on the tillamook, yes on the pizza, and yes on the ice cream! Also related 100 percent on the remarks about the terrible roomates situation and not so long lasting friendships. I would probably tell my 21 year old self to be not so self doubtful, because this is only the beginning of many instances where you’ll have to stand your ground.

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