We’re 50 episodes in!!

Can you believe it!  Tonight we’ll relive some of our more hilarious moments, we’ll take your phone calls, and we’ll chat with the man behind the curtain at Homefries.

Thank you to all of you who called over the past few weeks!  We can’t wait to play all your calls in the coming weeks!  We make this podcast for you and we love that you participate  Thank you!

It’s our Golden Mickey episode.  This is a total biggie!

It’s just about Road Trip time again!  Can you believe it!

From McDonald’s fries to Strawberry Cheesecake…. don’t be like us.  Actually… just never let a strawberry cheesecake in your car ever.  That’s the best bet.

If you need some good road trip listening, check The Simple Mom Podcast, This American Life… the app, and Savage Love.

The Mos Def debacle.  We all know it well.  The Red Flags podcast was another favorite.

Dustin!  Front and left!  We love ya!  Sorry if we insulted you by calling you a child.  You’re a youth, right?

Tracy’s green bean dinner.  Find some staples and make em work for the week!


** Michael note:  I realized that I learned my bird joke from one of our great commenters.  So, thank you to Carlee for your comedic genius and great comment.  Thank you all for a great year!

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52 comments on “Golden Mickey

  1. Ashley May 24, 2012

    Happy Anniversary, Ladies! Thanks for the memories, the laughs, and for serenading your fans with the Baywatch theme song! That rocked.

  2. Happy 50th!!! You’re the best and this podcast is the most delicious sandwich for our ears :) I’m handing in my thesis tomorrow, and this + Joy’s kettle corn is keeping me sane through this late afternoon of editing the 30 pages of smart things I wrote. Thank you for being awesome and keep keep keep going!

  3. Maggie May 24, 2012

    Happy 50th!!! I started studying for the NY Bar this week, which means I’m locked in my room for 12hrs per day and I basically have to live like a machine for two months. No friends, no movies, no web-surfing, no baking, no etc. BUT, the podcast is absolutely staying in my life otherwise I would go insane. Thank you thank you thank you for always always making me laugh and smile for days!!

  4. Thanks for a great podcast…yet again! You all make me smile on my way to work. I serious feel like I am sitting around a table chatting with you all. Michael it was great to hear from you and thank you for all your hard work!

  5. I NOW just got the shucking joke. Apparently when I listened to it the first time, I didn’t fully get its awesomeness. Happy 50th podcast!

  6. Sarah R May 24, 2012

    Yay TSB and JTB – Congrats on the 50 eps! Thanks for making an hour of my work week a little lighter every week!
    Also, the caller who wanted listening material for her trip- in addition to Joy’s suggestions I would add – check out nerdist.com. They have a bunch of podcasts on there – my faves are You Made it Weird and have recently discovered Mike and Tom Eat Snacks. It is hilarious!

  7. Happy 50th episode ladies, and Michael! I love what you guys do- its mos def a highlight of my week every Thursday when I get to hear your silly jokes and stories. I started listening to this podcast in the very beginning thinking that you’d be talking about food each week…but this is oh-so-much better(x50)!

  8. Happy Golden Mickey/One Year Anniversary! I’ve loved it all. You ladies are what inspired me to start a blog. It broke my heart that there was no Homefries U in the spring (I can’t go in the fall). Here’s a strange fact – I might be a bigger fan of Michael than of the two of you! I used to be in video editing, now I’m in food blogging, so the three of you take the cake (ha!). It was great to hear him on the podcast. Thanks for being yourselves and having fun for all to hear.

  9. Happy Golden Mickey!

    Joy- I wanted to also voice my support for Dan Savage- I looooooooooooooove his Lovecast, and just him as a person in general. Really, what better podcast to listen to with your husband/ significant other on a long road trip? (After this one, of course)

  10. Happy 50th ladies! Cheers to many, many more.

    I have three great podcast recs:
    1. Crimes Against Food. They’re Joy and Tracy, the British edition.
    2. How Was Your Week.
    3. You Had to be There.

  11. Thank you both for the last 50 episodes! I can’t wait for the next 50,000!!! You bring so much joy (and tracy – :P) to my week. It was great to hear Michael’s voice and I REALLY hope you piss him off enough some day for him to release those “secret” shows. Love you guys!

  12. #1 – HAPPY 50TH!
    #2 – Tracy, when you find the $50 bill, I totally think you should frame it and put it up on the wall. Totally accomplishes your goal of honouring it, plus it’s hilarious because Joy had to pay you and now you’re not even going to spend it.
    #3 – I couldn’t stop laughing for about 5 minutes after you introduced the “retox” concept.

  13. Jackie H May 24, 2012

    Congrats Ladies! Here is to another 50 pod casts and more bacon fat lip gloss moments.

  14. Kaianna May 24, 2012

    joy…knowing that you listen to the world’s hottest jew (ira glass) AND savage love (to which i reacted “WWHHHHAAAAT? DAYUM, JOY!”) makes me love you even more. didn’t even know that was possible. thanks for being real. love you two.

  15. dustin May 25, 2012

    Happy 50th podcast! I am actually far from a 17 year old child, I’m a 14 year old… youth? :)Joy, your baywatch singing was awesome,it blew my mind grapes. you totally quoted the betty white snl, Tracy! Also, thank you Michael for making this podcast even more awesome than it already is. You guys rock!

  16. Sasha May 25, 2012

    Love this! Happy anniversary! It was great to hear from Michael, a very nice addition. So entertaining. I always have so much fun listening and I look forward to catching up with the podcasts I’ve missed.

  17. Aeshna May 25, 2012

    Happy 50th podcast Joy and Tracy and Michael!
    I hate gushing all over homefries but you ARE incredible and you DO touch lives so you deserve all the gushing. I look forward to the next 50 podcasts :)

  18. Joy and Tracy – thanks for one full year of listening enjoyment! And Michael – great to hear from the man-behind-the-scenes! As you know, I’ve been listening and loving since day one! Here’s another fun podcast to check out (described by my family as the “male versions of Joy and Tracy” …. My Brother, My Brother and Me.
    Love you Joy and Tracy! xxoo

  19. Lyndsay May 25, 2012

    Oh my word Tracy! You need to download the Stitcher App for Android. Joy the Baker and Simple Mom podcasts are both available. You can get almost any podcast you want and it streams to your phone without having to download. Plug in your “hands free” headphones while you drive (maybe just in one ear) and listen to your heart’s content.

    Podcasts I really enjoy:
    – Wiretap with Johnathan Goldstein (he’s a guest on This American Life a lot)
    – Fresh Air
    – The Story
    – The Splendid Table
    – NPR: Planet Money
    – Brain Food Dude
    – WNYC’s Radiolab
    – The Moth Podcast

    Whenever you choose a podcast to listen to, Stitcher will show you what other listeners liked. Pure AWESOME!

    • Tracy May 25, 2012

      I will I will! I just have a 3 year old who shout talks at me while I drive :)

  20. Happy 50!!! I am so happy the ‘I’M 50, 50 years old!” got slipped in at the end. Classic.

    Love your podcast, listen to them every week to get me through to the weekend!

  21. Emily May 25, 2012

    Woo! Super fun! I was definitely snorting to myself in my office, trying not to laugh out loud… and not succeeding. I can’t believe you pulled out Mos Def again… amazing. Also it was great to hear you Michael, I was just thinking you should be on the show this week! Thank you to all three of you for doing a year/50 episodes of such a fun podcast!

    p.s. selected shorts is also a great car podcast
    p.p.s. books on tape! great for road trips
    p.p.p.s. ebook?! wait… so cool!

  22. Oh my – GREAT 50th anniversary podcast.. and “meeting” Michael! Yay! So awesome. You sound super handsome!

    I love you guys!
    – and totes want to go to the next Home Fries U.

  23. Evelyn May 25, 2012

    Congratulations! Keep on podcasting ladies, because you are fabulous.
    Thanks so much.

  24. Mira C May 25, 2012

    Congratulations, Joy and Tracy! My favorite part of listening to this podcast over the past year is the evolution of your friendship. Thank you for sharing your friend growth with us!

    I L-O-V-E LOVE the Snap Judgement podcast. If you like listening to stories, this is so addictive. Check it out! Happy moving, Sarah!

  25. Bettie May 25, 2012

    Congrats! You are so much fun! I was enjoying your #50 this morning and was quite surprised to hear you read my I-Tunes review! Very appropriate as I too recently celebrated a 50 milestone. I just started listening recently and am trying to catch up on older episodes-my reference to comments about age I think are from an episode I just listened to where you said it was the 40th episode, which then led to “40 being over the hill” and “50 being the new 75″. It doesn’t matter anyway because I am loving your podcasts,cookie butter(new to me too), blogs and cookbook AND I have strawberries soaking in vodka as I write this!

  26. Congrats, you two!

    Here’s to the next year…

    (Hi Michael! *wave* Nice to hear you pop on here.)

  27. Hi Joy and Tracy,

    I just wanted to voice a word of caution about Dan Savage. I heard so much about his advice and his position in the queer community and how wonderful he is. Then, when I actually started to read some of his stuff I was pretty shocked.

    As a sexual assault survivor I’m horrified by his advice that it’s okay to have sex with your partner while they’re sleeping – that’s rape! Plus he’s said some horrid things about bi-sexual people too, which is not cool.

    I wish I didn’t have the experiences that make me so sensitive to this advice, but I do, and that advice sucks.

  28. Tiffany May 28, 2012

    Tracy–I totally did the same thing about my age. When I was 25, I spent the entire year half thinking I was already 26!

    Congrats on your golden mickey-Keep em coming!!

  29. We do the retox in our house w/ kombucha & gin! Would that be a ginbucha?

  30. I found a recipe online for a Margabucha recipe, Margarita/Kombucha mix. And yes, I googled it to find any already used combo names for you guys.
    Also, yes I do realize how sad that is…

    I LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks for 50!

    Fun to hear from Michael. :)

    BTW, I’m soooo glad that this isn’t along the lines of Martha Stewart… don’t change a thing.

  31. Staci Magnolia May 29, 2012

    Hey Ladies!!! It’s me, Staci!
    Thank you so much for taking my call!!!
    You have no idea how excited I was to hear it and all your advice!
    I feel like you guys totally helped take the pressure off my cooking for one dilemma.
    I wanted to reply sooner but I’ve been vacationing in your great land of California!
    Thanks again, you guys are definitely a huge delight in my week.

  32. Cheers to 50+ more!

  33. We have very similar podcast tastes… you should REALLY be listening to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me from NPR – it’s my only source of news.

  34. I was wondering how the three of you (Michael, Tracy, Joy) met? You seem like such great friends and I would like to know if you have any tips on meeting new people.

  35. Um…again behind on my podcast listening, but hello! I got a shout-out! :) I’ll pass the joke appreciation along to my husband, who’s the real comedic genius. He’s full of ridiculous jokes. If you ever find yourself lacking in silly jokes, you just let me know.

    What did the farmer say when he saw the brown chicken and the brown cow making out?

    – Brown chicken, brown cow (sing it like bow-chica-wow-wow)

  36. ashleyj Jun 9, 2012

    Hi Joy & Tracy! Since I’ve been listening for the past year, I thought it was time for me to comment. It all started last summer, while I was working on an archaeological dig in Athens. I enjoyed your podcasts while traveling around the Greek islands by boat & bus. I’m a TV lover, and your podcasts were a great replacement while I was out of country. I continued to listen during this (stressful) academic year, as I finished graduate school. And I will continue to listen, as I pack up and move on to my next adventure. Thanks for all the fun listens!

  37. Danielle Jun 13, 2012

    I love the Baywatch song. I actually own the soundtrack to the show! Don’t be worried, I didn’t purchase this recently. It was part of the Columbia mail order CD catalogue thing that existed when I was a child and I was obsessed with the show so naturally, I ordered the soundtrack. I might have to pull it out for time times when I need a little extra support or inspiration!! Love the podcast!

  38. If I am remembering correctly, in this episode one of your readers asked about cooking for one. And I was so bummed that both of you were all, “eh, just throw some stuff in a pan. No need to get fancy.” Ok, maybe no one needs to get Fancy. But I cooked for myself alone for a long time, and I always thought it was worthwhile to spend the time to make myself a meal. Yes, a bread and cheese dinner has its place. BUT…I totally encourage people who live alone to cook a proper meal for themselves almost every night. You can eat the leftovers for lunch the next day, bonus, and it’s nice to treat yourself alone as someone who is worth it. I even started a whole blog about cooking for one (the lone gastronome) but then…I moved in with someone and stopped cooking for one, so the blog kinda…died. Ooops.

    That was a long-winded (long-typed?) response, but I wanted to share for your other solo readers. Get in the kitchen! You are totally worth it!

  39. Oh my goodness. I love your podcasts. I just started listening a few weeks ago and am already at episode 50. I work from my home so you two are the only people I socialize with some days. Scarey, right? I burst into laughter when Joy started singing the Baywatch song. Thanks for all the laughs! (PS I was watching the Great Foodtruck Race with TFlo the other night and one of the young hip constestants called him “TFLo.” I got so excited but then listened to the TFlo Podcast this morning and realize that the name may or may not have originated from you all. I will just leave it at that. x’s and o’s!

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