Welcome to California! We have horror camps!

This week on the podcast, we talk about being a tourist in our own cities. We both live in California. Tracy is from the Bay Area (Northern California) and Joy lives in Venice (Southern California). Tracy also goes off on a tangent about how 33 year olds don’t belong on bunk beds. Yeah… PURGE.

This is Northern California in the Summer.


This is Southern California in the Summer.


Notice the difference?

So! You’re coming to California. Let’s help you plan your trip.

Tracy would do the following if she was playing a tourist in the Bay Area:


Zuni Cafe


A 16


The Slanted Door

slanted door

Swan Oyster Depot

swan oyster depot

And if you’re venturing to wine country, go to Yountville and eat at:

Ad Hoc 

Ad Hoc

French Laundry

French Laundry

Tracy also suggests:

Alcatraz, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco Ferry Building, SFMOMA, Bi-Rite Creamery, Tartine Bakery & Chez Panisse

Stay away from The Fisherman’s Wharf. Dress in layers (it’s cold in the summer!). Go to Lake Tahoe. Head up to wine country and go rogue! Napa is cool but Healdsburg, Glen Ellen, Sonoma & The Russian River are lovely places to go to get your wine tasting on!

JOY is here to help with your Southern California Needs:


She did a post about it. I Love You, Los Angeles.  Refer to that for most of your LA adventuring.

Also refer to Anthony Bourdain. He knows what’s up. Except maybe San Francisco.

But don’t miss Clementine Bakery when you’re in LA. It’s EPIC.


Be sure to check out Cinespia! Movies. Outside. Picnic. Do. IT.

Also a must:

Aaaaaaand The Purge. To see or not to see? UGH.

Question: How many Northern Californians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Answer: Hella

Don’t ask.

Thank you for listening. We appreciate you! Give us some tips for Austin. Please/thank you!


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26 comments on “Horror Camp, California

  1. Majia Jun 6, 2013

    HELLA!!!! ahhhhh i miss my norcal roots something fierce!! My word for the day.. lets see how the brits take it!

  2. AUSTIN, non-touristy essential thing you MUST DO:

    If you’re there on a Sunday, it is mandatory that you got to Ginny’s Little Longhorn for Chicken Sh*t Bingo….this is where you drink Lone Stars, listen to some amazing live music, and wait for a chicken to poop on your bingo square, in which you would win a bunch of money.

    here’s a link: http://www.yelp.com/biz/ginnys-little-longhorn-saloon-austin

    I have a bunch of other recs if you need–used to live there.


    gray ::: yepindeed.com

  3. Fictionfiction (Kaylee) Jun 6, 2013

    For Austin things to do:
    It’s a little south but Moontower saloon on Manchaca is a hidden gem of an outdoor bar and music spot. The best part is the campfires that you can sit/drink by and roast s’mores. Also there are a couple of top notch food trailers parked in the vincinty. :) for something a little closer to downtown, the south congress strip is full of great food: my favorites are hopdoddy’s burger bar and Jo’s coffee, which is an outdoor cafe that also (randomly) sells awesome tacos. Have fun in Austin! It’s the best!! :)

  4. dana828 Jun 6, 2013

    We were just in Northern California in April. San Francisco, Napa & Sonoma, and Muir Beach. LOVED IT! The BEST thing we did in SF was a SoSF Bike Tour. Awesome way to see the city and explore all the neighborhoods! We stayed away from Fisherman’s Wharf (too touristy). Walked miles through the city…damn those hills! Enjoyed the Ferry Building market on a Saturday morning. Hit up an Off the Grid food truck gathering at Fort Mason. Loved Tartine. Had dinner at Wayfare Tavern our last night (excellent), and had a close run-in with T-Flo! Seriously, I kind of freaked out inside.

  5. Linda Jun 6, 2013

    Hope ya’ll have a great visit to Austin! I would try to meet up with you to split a salad or something downtown near our condo but I’m out of town, in the Bay Area actually. A wonderful local food blogger, Love and Lemons, did a summary post for visitors this weekend with lots of good tips. Enjoy. http://www.loveandlemons.com/2013/06/05/austin-blogher-guide/

  6. Courtney Odle Jun 6, 2013


  7. I lived in SF for 18 months in 2000/2001. All of Tracy’s suggestions (except A16…too new) were our favorite places back then. It’s great that they are still around.

    I still dream about the fried chicken I ate at Ad Hoc during a trip to wine country a few years ago. I believe they only make it once a week…maybe Mondays. It’s worth going when it’s on the menu.

    I live in Austin now. Bring your bathing suit, Tracy. It’s hotter than hedoubletoothpicks.

  8. Mary B Jun 6, 2013

    Please please please try Cuvee Coffee. It’s locally roasted and AMAZING. Even better, try it at Cafe Medici and get the short americano. Lamberts has great food, if a little pricey, its worth it though.

  9. The Game scares the actual shit out of me. TERRIFYING. The mere thought of Horror Camp also makes me shiver.

  10. Ellen W Jun 7, 2013

    Bring industrial strength sunscreen and deo – it is scorching hot and humid this time of year in Texas (I live in Houston). Make sure you have a chance to eat some Tex-Mex and Texas BBQ – brisket.

  11. Alexis Jun 7, 2013

    I loved Tartine, the morning bun was the best ever, in all the world! I also went to Muir Woods, which was just magical. I wish I could visit it every day.
    Also, wear good shoes in SF. I wore Toms because I obviously did not know that would be a bad idea and it was wet and cold and I was miserable.
    On your visit to Texas – eat BBQ. A must visit is Salt Lick.

  12. Brittany Jun 7, 2013

    Go to midnight cowboy! It’s an old speakeasy, very cool ambiance, and they have great cocktails!

  13. I tried using Yelp the last time I visited LA and I didn’t find it superhelpful because the people writing reviews did seem a little picky. I loooooved Scoops while I was there. I still follow them on twitter and lament over their flavors of the day. I also really enjoyed Lunch in Culver City.

  14. i grew up in Austin and enjoy going back for visits now and then. A few things I recommend:

    1) Go swimming at Barton Springs or Deep Eddy swimming pool (the walking trail around Town Lake can be accessed from the park right next to Deep Eddy pool as well)
    2) Watching the Mexican Free tailed bats leave their home under Congress Bridge downtown for a night of insect eating is pretty amazing.
    3) Visit Amy’s ice cream-they always have delicious and interesting flavors.
    4) Visit Toy Joy-quite possible the best toy store on earth, made for children and adults.
    5) Margarita with a tequila float on top at Trudy’s
    6) Queso w. guacamole dip at Kerbey Lane Cafe (yummy breakfasts too)
    7) Blanton Art Museum at the University of Texas
    8) Half Price Books
    9) Elizabet Ney Museum (small, decent museum with nice sculpture park to walk around)
    10) Texas French Bread bakery-delicious sandwiches, breads, desserts and CAKE!

    I hope you give us an update on your trip to Austin : )

  15. Summer Albin Jun 7, 2013

    Great podcast ladies!! Just wanted to add that the name of the kids museum that Joy mentioned was the Exploritorium. It was originally next to the palace of fine arts but I think it has recently moved. Hope that helps those interested!

  16. Joy: “The best taco truck in LA, in my opinion, is Taco Zone.”
    Me, out loud, alone in my apartment: “YEAH IT IS.”

    Joy. Heart.

    Also, when I heard about that horror camp thing, I realized that I could possibly accidentally hurt one of their employees. Which would be bad. But I think that’s my honest to God instinct. So. I will not be going to that.

  17. Ha! My mom made my brothers stop saying “hella” in high school so they switched to “hecka” and it has totally become a family joke.

    Another great thing to do in SF in the summer is catch a Giants day game at AT&T park (if there are tickets available).

  18. I’m definitely going to be singing California by Joni Mitchell for the rest of the day. It soothes my soul.

  19. caylanotcarla Jun 10, 2013

    In Austin:
    For used vinyl and some tapes/DVDs/other music and media (though not many, if any, books), visit Cheapo.
    Super-agree about Salt Lick.

    And when you’re ready to get adventurous and test your driving mettle, gear up and drive to Houston. Find Ninfa’s restaurant. Order whatever sounds good, because it’s all great. Eat. BLISS OUT. Don’t miss out on the guacamole blended with crema, nor the tres leches cake. It’s not Austin, but MAN. IT IS SO GOOD.

  20. Erica Jun 11, 2013

    Just wanted you both to know that this podcast was great! I work for tourism on the East Coast, and we love when local bloggers give their personal perspective. I hope your local tourism agency contacts you to feature this!

  21. Rebecca Puckett (@bittybeckles) Jun 12, 2013

    Joy’s complaint about sharing her beach with tourists made me chuckle. I live in central Florida where Disney, Universal and Sea World clog our lives with tourists year round. I sympathize with you sharing your beach or mall or airport or roadway with them. My tourism tip is wear sunscreen! Turning lobster red because you don’t respect the environment just makes you look silly! And, drive the 30 minutes out to visit the Space Center and its associated nature preserve. It’s peaceful and beautiful and full of amazing wildlife.

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