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How’s your turkey game!  This week we’re we’re talking about Thanksgiving, and all the Parker House Rolls and organic turkeys that ensue.

Did you know that there’s such thing as a TURKEY CALCULATOR.  This thing must be exploding in popularity right now.

Parker House Rolls are among the many delicious things that could adorn your Thanksgiving table.

Image Credit:  J. Kenji Lopez-Alt via Serious Eats

Are you going to spatchcock your organic turkey!?  It sounds so wrong it’s got to be right.

HOW TO SPATCH COCK on Serious Eats

Image credit: Gourmet Magazine
The Special Edition Gourmet Holiday Magazine has some really great holiday recipes.  Get inspired!  It’s great.
Pie baked into cake.  Let this be a lesson to you.  Don’t do this.
Tracy puts on her mom hat to answer some questions about family cooking and organization.
Get ready!  It’s almost time to decorate the tree!
Next week we’re going to have a podcast for you on Wednesday morning (instead of Thursday).  We hope you take us with you as you travel to for your holiday weekend!  Also.. please please show us your Thanksgiving spread.  We want to vicariously spatchcock!
We love you, we do!

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28 comments on “How’s Your Turkey Game?

  1. Jennifer Nov 15, 2012

    Great podcast, ladies. I especially enjoyed/appreciated your “q & a” segment. As a sometimes slightly overwhelmed working mom of 3 (youngest 8 wks), I could definitely relate to the questions posed by both Anna & Anonymous. Both of you provided helpful perspectives; so gold stars all around!

    PS – Tracy, the thought of your winning a hula hoop Wii competition at 7ms pregnant totally made my morning!

  2. Chantelle Nov 15, 2012

    Hi Tracy, My Mom and I always cut up our vegetables(potato, carrots, turnip) the day before Christmas dinner. We put them in their pots, cover them in water and put them in the refrigerator or garage. (She lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada, so it is cold enough). Great time saver on the busiest cooking day of the year!

    Love the show! I just found it a month ago, thank you apartment therapy, and used almost all my data last month listening to it on my phone!

  3. Kayla @ Tiny Inklings Nov 15, 2012

    Great podcast today, ladies! I also SO appreciate you talking about Minted this week. I’m one of the independent designers who works with Minted and I really appreciate your kind words and enthusiasm for supporting independent artists. P.S. i can’t stop saying “spatchcock” in my head…so thanks for that. :)

  4. That was the most amazing gobble-intro and gobble mimicking I have ever heard in 27.41 years!

  5. In college, my roommate and I threw amazing parties (and we’re Mormons so there was no alcohol involved). Our most looked-forward-to party which always had the best turnout was called “Clip and Dip”. We would send out invitations telling everyone to come with a few of their favorite movie clips cued up (this was back in the days of VHS – with DVD just know the chapter and how far in it is) and a favorite dip and we would provide the rest. So we would set out a spread of crackers, veggies, cubes of bread, fruit, etc. and beverages, and everyone would hang out and watch movie clips that were less than 5 minutes (usually) and eat delicious food. Normally people brought really REALLY funny movie clips. But aside from that party, we usually had success because we always had a theme and audience participation was strongly encouraged. Another favorite party was “A Night with the Coreys: celebrating the careers of Coreys Haim and Feldman” in which we watched “Lost Boys”, “Dream a Little Dream”, and “License to Drive”. People get really into a random theme and people like to participate by bringing a food or drink item. Anyway, hope that helps the reader with the party problems.

  6. omg tracy, those flatbreads are my life…i never thought to top them with anything though. that sounds perfect!!

  7. i’m with you tracy! i don’t like chocolate chips in my banana bread or pumpkin baked goods either.

  8. Hi Girls. I love your podcast. I get giddy when I see a new one appear on stitcher. Tracy, my mom makes the BEST mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving and we make them the night before. They come out awesome. You just reheat them in the oven when you need them. Happy TG!!

  9. Sarah Nov 15, 2012

    First of all, let me say that I love the podcast and love that the holidays are coming up and thank you for getting into the spirit!
    Since the holidays are coming up and people will soon buy their real or fake trees, I wanted to set the Christmas tree situation straight. Although they are often pricier, and messier, real trees are actually the environmentally friendly choice. Many cities have a “treecycle” program that picks up Christmas trees and turns them into wood chips for fuel (yes, just like in “Fargo”) and if all else fails, you can compost that sucker or send it to the landfill, where it will biodegrade on its own.
    Here’s a link to an article about real vs. fake trees and their impact on the environment:

    Happy Environmentally Friendly Holidays!!!

  10. “Long time listener, first time commenter” :)
    Love the podcast ladies. I often listen to it while doing dishes, and more than once my husband has heard the podcast, and come downstairs thinking friends had stopped by.
    Wanted to say to Tracy that you can even make your mashed potatoes early in the day and keep them warm in a crockpot until you need them (I’d say up to 4 hours). It didn’t mess with the consistency of the potatoes at all…and kept them nice and warm. Just stir them around every half hour or so.

    We will gladly be taking your next week’s podcast on our 6-hour drive. Thanks for getting it out early!

    Last but not least, I almost peed my post-birth pants imagining a 7 moth SOBER pregnant lady beating out a whole party of hula hoopers.

  11. Tracy, I made my cranberry-orange-ginger thing this morning. I’m not even hosting Thanksgiving. I just want to eat it with a spoon.

    I’ve been listening to the podcast for just a few weeks, but I feel like you two have been in my brain forever. Great show, ladies!

  12. Spatchcock! (I plan to just randomly declare this from now on) Another fantastic podcast. I loved the discussion about the high school friendship that was becoming a bit of a chore. Joy- your thoughts were super insightful. Some friendships get harder and harder to maintain as life gets more “grown up” and your words really gave me some new perspective. I would love to hear more of “your favorite things” this holiday season and maybe some tips for holiday homemade/baking gift giving? Also: this is totally random, but since you both cook and bake a lot: HOW do you get that garlic smell out of your fingers after slicing garlic? I think the stainless steal spoon thing must be a false rumor started by garlic farmers… Anyways, it drives me crazy, hope you have some pro tips! Thanks ladies!

    • Nicole Nov 25, 2012

      they do make stainless steal bars of soap that really do work to get the smell out, i have the same problem with garlic smell clinging to my fingers and my husband found me that soap bar and it’s awesome! (i think they have them at Bed Bath & Beyond and places like that)

  13. I love all your Thanksgiving ideas! I’m hosting for the first time this year as well and am a little stressed! The promo code for says it’s expired… Is there a different code? Thanks!

    • Hi Sara

      We are looking into it and will let you know shortly. Thanks for letting us know!

    • Hi Sara maybe you have sorted this out by now but FYI I just (Nov 19th) placed an order with Minted [they ship to canada – yeah!!] and used the promo code and it worked fine for me – maybe try it again? Good luck :)

  14. Anonymous Nov 17, 2012

    I really enjoyed the podcast, ladies! I have to commiserate with the Anonymous on the question of “breaking-up” with a friend. I have totally dealt with and still am dealing with this! I graduated from high school 10+ years ago and I have a friend who does the very same thing. Slight bend to my story: He’s a pretty negative person and knows just the right thing to make me feel like crap. In high school we all teased each other, but I’m over teasing! I decided life was too short to adjust my busy schedule to make time for someone that always brought me down. I hear what Joy said about this person maybe really needing a friend right now, but I knew I couldn’t be a good friend because I was losing respect for this person. He needed to lean on his other friends. So here are some pointers: 1) “Forget” to call back several times. It seems harsh, but the hint is usually taken. Down side is you come off looking like a flake. 2) Be aware that your other friends might still make an effort to hang out with that person sometimes, even if you think you’re all in this “let’s not hang-out!” thing together. And if you want to see any of those friends (or go to weddings, or reunions) you want to at least keep this person on a friendly level. Therefore, it might be wise to give in to a hang-out ONCE a year.

    • I have thought about “Anonymous”‘s question a lot too. A friend who is negative, toxic or flaky is not a real friend. It might be sad to “break up” with them, but you shouldn’t feel guilty. I think it is different though to avoid a person who you simply don’t have as much in common with, but who is actively seeking your friendship. I have often found that the more time I spend with a person, the more I like them. And a person who values your friendship to such a degree, may turn out to be a more loyal friend than someone who is just a friend based on things you have in common.

  15. hey guys, just a comment for the listener who is getting called the wrong name by her boyfriend’s family. my brother is divorced and the first few times he brought his new girlfriend to family functions, our older aunt called her by the ex-wife’s name. AWKWARD. everyone just ignored it, but after it happened a few more times i took my aunt aside and just pointed it out to her and politely asked her to make an effort not to do it again. it totally wasn’t intentional, she is known in my family to mix up everyone’s names! anyway, my advice for your listener is to find an advocate in her boyfriend’s family (sister or cousin or someone she gets along with) to gently voice her concern, and then they can in turn pass it on (discreetly of course) to the family. hope that helps!

  16. I actually sympathize a lot with Anonymous’ question and although friend breakups are unpleasant to think about, I don’t think Anon was too harsh. Sometimes friendships run their course and I certainly wouldn’t want my best friends hanging out with me out of pity, so I probably wouldn’t encourage Anon to “take one for the team.” I would suggest that the advice in the comment above is pretty good… do the fade-out but remain friendly if you run into this person at social gatherings. Just stop making an effort in the friendship… don’t return calls or texts, don’t initiate calls or texts, and I would probably leave it at that unless the friend asks you directly what’s up with your disappearing act. If they ask directly, I think it’s ok to gently let them know that you simply don’t have the time available to hang out that they are asking for, and you’ve been feeling a lot of guilt in the way that they have responded to that, so you’ve just taken a step back. I probably wouldn’t directly use the words that you don’t want to continue being friends… it’s not really necessary. Even if they don’t get the hint right away, they will eventually. It gets exhausting and embarrassing after awhile to continue acting as though you’re still besties if they’re getting virtually nothing back from you.

    Sorry to hear you’re going through this, friendship breakups can be hard. But try to forgive yourself for not being interested in a friendship with this person any longer. You’re not required to hang out once a week with them for the rest of your life just because you used to. Friendships change and grow and sometimes fade, just like other relationships. And that’s ok.

  17. Tanashati Nov 18, 2012

    I think the sponsoring thing is great, its wonderful opportunity for us listeners to get exposed to some amazing companies. As long as you continue partner with companies you really believe in I think it should be a huge success!

  18. AAHhhhhh!!! Two thanksgivings ago, my father-in-law insisted that I make a pumple cake ( with him. If you want to see the video of us trying to transfer it to his sister’s house, let me know. Let’s just say we iced the cake while it was still hot and it sort of exploded on his lap… amazing.

  19. Oh man, your flatbread pizzas look amazing. Can I tell you something? I’ve never been to a Trader Joe’s, but that will soon change. The first TJ’s in Utah is supposed to open (fingers crossed) before the end of the year. Thanks to you ladies, I have a running list of things I’m going try first. Can’t wait!

  20. I don’t think that Anonymous’s question was harsh at all. Perhaps this person does truly need a friend right now – I don’t know. I can only speak of my own experiences, and it seems to me that when you are very giving of your time, there are people who perhaps take too much advantage of that, whether they realize it or not. It is not worth the effort if it makes you less happy, and if you are describing someone’s attempts to get in touch as “aggressive,” this person might be less interested in your friendship and more interested in attention or what they can get out of the friendship.

    In that instance, even if you feel a bit guilty about it,I don’t think it’s necessary to answer every e-mail or text from this person. If they remark that you are difficult to reach, say politely that you are very busy with your commitments and projects. Sure, being a friend means being willing to give of yourself, but giving too much can be draining.

  21. Sarah Nov 26, 2012

    Tracy, I don’t like pumpkin with chocolate either. I thought I was aloooone.

  22. Hannah Nov 28, 2012

    Hey Joy!

    Do you have the recipe for the veggie pot pie? I used to devour chicken pot pie, but have been veggie for a while and would love a pot pie back in my life!

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