Hello again friends!

Thanks you for joining us for another Joy the Baker Podcast!  We’re so happy you’re here and SO HAPPY that we know who you are!  Thanks for leaving loads of comments in episode 127.  You make us an awesome community!

This week we’re talking about typing styles, gym life, and how to talk about yourself without bragging. We also came up with a thing called Modesty Mention. 

•  Do you type all proper-like or are you a hunt and pecker? (sorry/not sorry)

•  Gym life isn’t real life, right?  19 Things That Annoy You Every Time You’re At The Gym.  Why isn’t loud treadmill lady on this list!?

•  10 Ways To Brag About Yourself Without Sounding Like A Jerk.  Having a wingman is key!

We’re glad you joined us for another episode!  Leave us a comment below if you have any gym-life stories to share! Your gripes are safe with us!

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Happy end of August!

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38 comments on “Hunt and Peckers

  1. Jayne Aug 24, 2014

    I totally relate to the part on ways to hold conversations & talking about yourself. I tend to fall into the trap of trying to keep a conversation going on longer by revealing more about myself with hopes the other party would take a greater interest & engage more etc. It never works. I’d just feel like I’ve been clingy and cheap. argh.. I’m learning, I’m learning.

  2. Roxanna Aug 25, 2014

    Thank you for making your podcast downloadable again! Can’t wait to listen to this during my commute tomorrow!

  3. Megan Aug 25, 2014

    So I completely chickened out commenting on who I am last week..but I have been binge listening to your older shows since I discovered this a few days ago. I’ve built up some confidence…so I’m Megan from Louisville. I listen to y’all at work in my lovely cube. My husband has already banned it at home though, no offense to you ladies. He just said it feels like a “lady kind of show”. Hmmph. I don’t have many girlfriends in my life, so this show makes me happy. I mean, not to brag, but we would probably have to be best friends. Confession…I am the loud girl on the treadmill and the one who sweats like a river. I apologize! I just have clonky loud running style and am a healthy sweat-er! Take care and looking forward to the next show :)

    • Joy the Baker Aug 25, 2014

      sweat is cool! it’s also her attitude that makes her loud (and angry). you don’t seem angry so it’s cool! we’re glad you’re here!

      • Megan Aug 26, 2014

        No anger! The treadmills face a wall of TVs instead of your own personal TV..so yes, I do have to place a hand on the top (JUST ONE!!) to steady myself because my channel is horizontal to my running direction. Ha okay I feel like I’m really defending my crazy now. The only thing that really throws me at the gym..the really buff guys who I can see are tuned into the Bravo or Food Network, but try to face ESPN TV for show.

  4. Laura Aug 25, 2014

    I so related to Tracy’s comment about Ikea. When my husband and I were engaged and newly married and we would go to Ikea to shop for our new place, we got in the most horrific fights. One example being I liked this brown blanket and he said he didn’t because it was brown, the color of poop. I would get so mad and irritated and take it so personally. 6 years of marriage later I’ve learned to shrug off such comments and he’s learned to temper his opinions. Its true, most things just aren’t worth fighting about and if its in Ikea, its definitely not worth fighting about. It must be a universal problem though because I loved the 30 Rock episode about how all couples fight in Ikea.

    • Polly Aug 25, 2014

      My fiance and I had essentially the same fight as Liz Lemon and her boyfriend–it was even in the table department . I wanted round he wanted square…ah such is life. To quote the show: “We are not letting this table be a metaphor for our relationship…That’s what Ikea wants us to do!”

    • Tracy Aug 25, 2014


  5. weezie Aug 25, 2014

    Yes! Loud treadmill lady is always there yacking on her phone or texting and working out at the same time?? Rah!

  6. Ashley Aug 25, 2014

    I have the angry lady who runs loudly at high speeds while hanging on to the front of the treadmill at my gym too! I always wondered how good of a workout she could possibly be getting.

  7. I remember getting in trouble for looking at the keyboard countless times while typing… 5th grade was difficult for that very reason! Haha!

  8. Alice Aug 26, 2014

    Hey Guys!
    I love love love your podcast. I guess I don’t really have any gym stories since I use the internet to workout at home… But I do know how I found you both here! About a year ago, I decided to try out baking french desserts but since my pantry is always empty, I realized all I had were some lemons and eggs. So, I googled “lemon meringue recipe” to see if I could find anything good. Joy’s lemon meringue cookies popped up and I thought your website was the perfect balance of storytelling and food. From there I found Tracy, and her freezer burritos recipe made me stay. (Loving the new “And I quote” series btw). You both are the reason that I’ve been cooking and baking more often. I adore both of your blogs and read them almost daily. Thanks for being my go to source for confidence and a good laugh, ladies!

  9. Two things:

    I always thought I used proper typing technique, but recently I noticed that I do all my spacing with my right thumb. My left thumb just never contributes. Do you type with both thumbs?


    I love hearing you say “I’m proud of you” and I’ve been trying that out a bit. I think when we get more positive feedback we better learn how to genuinely accept that, and also learn to feel more comfortable sharing accomplishments. So we can help each other out by remembering to give the positive feedback too!

  10. Jennifer Aug 27, 2014

    You guys cracked me up with the analysis of your typing :-) You should check out the movie Populaire (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6upoz9I7eg). It’s a french film about a typewritting competition — okay, that makes it sound totally boring, but it’s not, I promise!

  11. Lauren Spicer Aug 27, 2014

    Yes to Tracy’s “meet-up in California” idea! That would be awesome and fun. Like a little mini-conference that’s all about good food and cocktails, with some girl talk thrown in? Yes.

    I definitely do the self-deprecating thing to a fault when first meeting people – I think it’s more about feeling intimidated and worried that I don’t HAVE anything to be a braggadocio about, though. At a networking event a few years back, I met this older woman who was very nice but also clearly successful, and when she asked what I did I just said something offhand about how I was still “figuring things out”, while working in food service (*cough*at In-N-Out*cough*), even though I was also working a part-time office job and was looking for something more creative. By the time I realized I should have said something about THAT, she had already lost interest, annnnd that’s why I’ve never been to a networking event since. Hah.

    I’m sure I just need practice, but extreme self-deprecation is somehow so much more comfortable than being overtly proud of an accomplishment, to me… just gotta work on it!

    • Joy the Baker Aug 29, 2014

      man that’s tough! i’ve totally done the same thing when i felt like i was stuck in my food service job. i think it takes practice! be kind to yourself and don’t forget how awesome you are!

  12. Hi Joy and Tracy!

    I know this was last week’s task to write in but I thought I would say hi regardless. I have been listening to you two for a LONG time and have been following Joy the Baker blog since 2009. I’m a fellow baker from New Zealand and last year I quit my very ‘Devil Wears Prada’ job to pursue a baking career. Having lived in Scotland for a couple of years I developed a love for oatcakes and seeing that there weren’t any back home I started to make my own. They’re called Bonnie Oat Crackers (https://www.facebook.com/bonniegoods.co.nz) and I have just officially launched it.

    Anywho, I may be a true bragger culprit so I will stop now! But I just wanted to say that I love checking out your blogs, listening to your podcast yarns and to say thank you to Joy for your LA tips. I had the most amazing trip there in April where I ate my way around LA thanks to your recommendations.

    • Joy the Baker Aug 29, 2014

      thank you for the awesome comment Morgan! congratulations on leaving behind your Devil Wears Prada job and busting out on your own! you have a lot to be proud of! come eat your way through New Orleans next time!

    • Mackenzie Sep 1, 2014

      Hey Morgan, I’m a fellow NZer! Are you in Auckland? I checked out the Bonnie Goods Facebook page and saw you’re at La Cigale, so hope to see you there one day!

      • Hi Mackenzie, apologies for the delay! I only just checked this now. Yes, I am at the La Cigale markets, conveniently situated next to the cheese stall. Come and say hi sometime!

  13. laura Aug 27, 2014

    I am so glad you talked about bragging on this show. I have a friend/relative who always posts stuff on Facebook like “oh, it’s so not easy having an IQ of 156″. Or “I’m so stressed, I have to travel to 5 country in 12 days, breakfast in Paris, lunch in Geneva, bla bla bla. Seriously!? So annoying! Glad it’s not just me.

  14. Ellen W Aug 28, 2014

    When I was a sophomore in high school my dad made me take a typing class against my wishes. He told me it was one of the most important classes I would take in school. Looking back, he is correct. I can’t imagine not being able to touch type. I am a horrible texter though, even with the swipe function.

  15. Alexis Aug 29, 2014

    Joy and Tracy! I was thrilled last night when I was breezing through the September issue of Better Homes and Gardens and saw both of your lovely faces!!! My mother’s friend gave me the subscription as a gift, and I usually just quickly page through and look for good recipes, but last night was the first time I was excited about an article they included. I immediately recognized Joy on the first page of the blog article (Tracy was harder to spot behind another blogger) and went nuts! So excited to see you both in such a great spread and I can’t wait to try Tracy’s drinks and Joy’s chocolate loaf. Would you consider talking about the experience on your podcast? Thanks and have a great holiday weekend!

  16. Alexis Aug 30, 2014

    YES to Delicious Dish. My husband has said the same thing when he has heard me listening to the podcast at home. But you ladies are so much better than that! :)

  17. Heather Aug 30, 2014

    Hi ladies! I didn’t comment last week but I am Heather from Sacramento. I love your podcast & I listen when I’m at the gym. Ironically, the owner of my gym is an extremely buff, extremely good-looking black guy named… wait for it… Tracy! I find it funny that I so enjoy two people both named Tracy (who couldn’t be more different from each other) weekly while on the treadmill. I will admit to kind of always keeping an eye out for Tracy Shutterbean whenever I’m in the Ferry Building! Maybe one day we’ll meet at Miette.

    PS- my two boys ages 8 and 4 love that the word “underwear” is in your theme song.

  18. Gina Foresta Sep 2, 2014

    Great gym story. I was in the gym with another woman and a man. The man was Loud Abnoxious Grunting Dude to me. It was just the three of us in the room. The man and the woman knew each other. Kelly Ripa was on the tv on the wall in front of me. The man was behind me and the woman was behind him. The man said “hey Terry you should work out more so you’d look like her”. I couldn’t help but turn to see if he was talking about me. He saw me look and said just as loud. “No! not her! Her!” Pointing at Kelly Ripa. He now goes by another name in my head.

  19. As I was listening to this, my husband was next to me typing — and he’s a hunt and pecker. I took typing lessons in school, so it drives me insane to watch him type.

    Gym life is seriously nuts! My friend and I used to call this one guy “lion man” because he’d wear a matching tan velour track suit that made him look like, duh, a lion.

    Also, Tracy, I had no idea you were so hilariously inappropriate (I’m referring to when you asked if Joy wanted to hear the “porn term”) and it makes me happy because it means I’m not the only one whose mind instantly goes to the gutter jokes.

    Oh and if you guys were on the hunt for a new best friend, you can pick me if you want. I volunteer as tribute! :) Or just have a California meet up so I can meet you both.

  20. OMG my friend and I used to lift together (powerlifting type regim, get at it!). There was one day when we were deadlifting and the guy next to us literally LEANED AGAINST HIS SQUAT RACK and just WATCHED us DEADLIFT. Holy creepy.

  21. Isn’t there something in between being a proper typist and a hunt & pecker? That’s what I am. I learned how to type before they made us use that typing program in school. I would get SO frustrated because I typed faster when I could just hit whatever keys I wanted instead of having to focus on where my fingers were, so eventually I just gave up. I’m a touch typer/(ist?) and I’m pretty fast. I get made fun of a bit because I pound the keys sometimes – probably because I almost exclusively use my index and middle fingers. There is no delicacy to how I type, but I’m fast and I don’t have to look at the keyboard… even when I reach across to hit # with my right hand because my left hand is holding shift on the right.

  22. This article is typing related… http://www.wired.com/2014/08/wuwt-typos and something that I thought you guys would enjoy! Apparently a touch typist knows she’s made a mistake typing even before she’s made the mistake… and everyone’s typos aren’t really his or her fault. Which makes me happy to know!

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