Hi friends!  Thanks for joining us for another Joy the Baker Podcast! This week Tracy is giving us her Instagram photo tips, we running through some of our favorite Thought Catalog lists, and you’ll hear all about how I’m the RA of my apartment building in New Orleans.  It’s real and candid, with the usual silliness.  We’re glad you’re here!

tracy insta

Tracy has got her Instagram game on LOCK!  Tracy’s wisdom:

-Evaluate your feed.  – Limit your filter usage to three of your very favorites.  – Don’t shoot through your Instagram camera, us the regular iPhone camera.  – Shoot in square mode, like a boss.  – Do you use VSCO?

joy insta

Do you read Thought Catalog?  They have some really great, too true, life lists.  Let’s discuss.

Thoughts Every Woman Has While On Instagram

Twelve Things Guys Think About During Sex featuring: thigh complaints

Four Things All Women Learn The Hard Way

The Twelve Hottest Old Guys In Hollywood featuring: Daniel (freak in the sheets) Day-Lewis and Woody Harrelson and his ample vegan thighs.


Thank you for writing in with your questions!  We love hearing from you!

We’re helping Julia cook up some freezer goodies for her friend who just had a second baby!  Julia called into the podcast a few years back on the podcast!  Here’s the throwback episode and call!

Make Tracy’s Freezer Burritos and Flatbread Pizzas!


Turkey Meatballs would be great!

How about Tomato Zucchini Soup?

Mixed Berry Cobbler would be great too!  This Peach and Raspberry Cobbler is the perfect base to substitute from.

Thank  you for joining us for another Joy the Baker Podcast!

We sincerely appreciate all of your kind and encouraging comments on last week’s post!  We’re really lucky to have such rad listeners.

We’re in it together through noisy neighbors and random girls.

Find us, as always, on Twitter @homefries @joythebaker @shutterbean.  Email us at contact at homefries dot com.  Call us at (817) 82-fries.

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16 comments on “I AM The RA

  1. Alexis Apr 28, 2014

    That list you posted on your most recent Friday List from Thought Catalog (WTF things people saw at friends’ houses) – yyiikkeess!! It started out funny and then as it went on, I got more and more creeped out until my stomach hurt! Thanks for that:)!

  2. Thoroughly amused at the New Orleans shenanigans going down. I was dying laughing at work (I do retail so you get me through my opening/closings). I love you ladies, keep the podcasts coming!

  3. Where are Brad Pitt (50) and George Clooney (52) on that list? Now, those are two HOT guys! :)
    Love the show!!!!!

  4. Stephanie Shirley Apr 30, 2014

    Hey Tracy and Joy!
    I just wanted to say you guys are awesome and hysterical! I go to beauty school and as you can imagine people here are sometimes dramtic (read drama queens) and to avoid the drama when I’m not with a client I listen to your podcast and it makes my day so much better although I do kind of look like a freak laughing to myself over the hysterical things you two talk about. Also I wanted to say I love your blogs and think you guys are the bees knees and I love your healthy recipes Tracy so let the haters hate! I enjoy them!
    Thanks guys!

    Stephanie Shirley

  5. SO glad you decided to keep that frat house part in the podcast and also the part where you discussed keeping it/cutting it. This is real life. GUH! 😀

  6. Mira C. May 2, 2014

    Oh my gosh Joy, your DDL comment had me rolling with laughter! I’m totally in the DDL camp as well.

    Tracy, I’m so happy to hear your sciatica is improving! I hope you feel better and better.

  7. i just love you girls :)
    thanks for making me laugh

  8. Wahooo! Thanks for answering my question! I can now show up to my friend’s house fully armed with freezer burrits and berry cobbler and turkey meatballs (I love that recipe from Smitten Kitchen). And I’ll probably be keeping some of the burritos in my own freezer. Genius. You ladies are most certainly the best.

  9. @egeedee Agreed! I was laughing so hard during that part! So glad you two decided to keep it in there!

  10. franky May 12, 2014

    *Sigh* I miss you ladies. I loved thursdays! Just for the podcast. Can’t wait until you’re back in the groove :)

    • Joy the Baker May 19, 2014

      we’re getting in a new groove! and we appreciate you joining us!

  11. Mareike May 25, 2014

    “you know what that means – freak in the sheets” OH MY GOD I laughed so hard I think I might have just gotten evicted

  12. Marie Aug 15, 2014

    Joy + Tracy, I love your podcast and have listened to you guys since you first started! I had some catching up to do so I listened to three hours of podcasts while painting my guest room. I laughed a lot and spilled some paint. Kind of like having two awesome friends paint with me! Thank you for doing you! Cheers from Norway!

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