Oooh heck yes.  We made you another podcast!

This week we’re talking about new fascinations : the royal baby, The Skimm, and Suze Orman.  We’re also discussing moms on Facebook, strange stalkers on Facebook, and what to do when boys play the long game… with pie.

I think Tracy also mentions drapes and curtains.  Totally normal.



A baby king was born this week.  No big deal… TOTAL big deal!

This is someone’s life…. insane.  Unbelievable.

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 10.33.25 PM


Tracy and I have been getting some of our news from The Skimm.  It’s distilled, topical, important news that’s presented in a totally approachable email.  I also learned that Danielle and Carly take shifts sleeping to keep track of the news overnight.  They’re hard-working business ladies.  Mad props.

Other things we’re into:  finance!  Suze Orman is terrifying and informative.  I’m hooked on her podcast.  She’s helping me get my dollar bills in order.

SIX SECOND PODCASTS!!!  It’s the Gingercast and it’s hilarious!



We want our friend Billy from Wit and Vinegar to call us and sing Mariah Carey.

Actually…. we want everyone to call us and sing Mariah Carey.  Please!!!

(817) 82-fries.

Thank you for sharing another podcast with us.  Thank you for letting us talk about drapes and carpets and facebook all up in your ears.  We love you.

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34 comments on “I Didn’t Sign Up For This Friction

  1. Listen, underwear under running gear is bad, real bad. Commando can be awkward. What you need to do is invest in a cute pair of running shorts, not too short, with a built in liner for your coverage needs. These are my fave:

    Good luck from a once-beginner runner!

  2. Tanya B Jul 26, 2013

    Tracy, you are not alone in going comando when working out. I have done the same thing for years. One blister/heat rash where your thighs meet your body, and you begin to rethink the necessity or wearing underwear.

  3. Lizzie Jul 26, 2013

    Ah, the parents-on-Facebook dilemma. I feel it. My younger sister complained to me that she was embarrassed by our mom’s many Facebook comments and likes. Eventually my sister unfriended my mom, and both are prickly about it. I think part of the problem is that my sister is bad at keeping in touch with people, so often our mom could only reach out to her online. Maybe there’s a compromise here: if you spend more face time or phone time (or, shoot, Words with Friends time) with your Facebook-stalker parent, they won’t be starved for online contact. Wishful thinking?

  4. Elizabeth Jul 26, 2013

    You two are so much more human to me when you discuss farting and free-ballin’. I free-ball as well; you are not alone, Tracy. Just don’t wear baggy shorts and then do the butterfly stretch. Eeek.

  5. Oh no Abby! Oh my gosh, the boy SURE DOES move rullllll slow. Normally I would agree that you should wait until he outright asks you out or tries to kiss you, before letting him down. I still wouldn’t bring it up out of the blue, but his behaviour has a very boyfriend-y vibe. So next time he does something like that, you could take it as your cue to tell him to knock it off. For example, next time you see him:

    Him: Hey, friend! How are you? I brought you a dozen friendly roses because they really bring out the colour of your beautiful lips. My friends told me I should when I kept telling them how awesome you are. Oh, and here’s a mix tape I made for you to listen to on the way home with subliminal messages about how you should dump your boyfriend and be mine! *Overly friendly hug that lingers one second too long*

    You: Oh, heyyyyy, friend. That’s really nice of you. I don’t know if you meant it this way, but the pie and the roses and the mix tape are making me a little uncomfortable. I’m sure you mean well, but since you know that I have a boyfriend who I’m really happy with, I feel like it’s stepping over the line a bit and I would be disrespecting my relationship with him if I keep accepting them. I really value your friendship but I want to be sure we’re both on the same page that this is in fact a friendship and it’s not going to turn into something more. Ya dig? No more baking pies for me. Here, have a beer. So, what’s new?

    And if he reacts badly then he doesn’t get to be your friend anymore unless he apologizes and then plays by the rules.

  6. Nice GI JOE reference 😀

  7. Oh my goodness girls, I haven’t even finished listening but I couldn’t wait to comment on the workout clothes. Joy, what are you doing wearing panties under workout pants?! Tracy is right on, no panties under workout clothes! So uncomfortable! And I have to ask, what spin gym is selling thong underwear?! I don’t know a single cyclist who wears underwear of any kind underneath their kit. That is crazy town. You will enjoy your run so much more when you free yourself. For real.

  8. After vacationing with friends recently, I tried to catch up on your last three podcasts but those friends have ruined your podcasts for me. They’re trying to teach their children – 4 and 7 – not to say “like”. The whole four days, I heard…
    “Not ‘there’s, like, too much lettuce on my sandwich’…say ‘there is too much lettuce’…”
    “Not ‘she was like’…say ‘she said’…”
    “Not ‘can we, like, watch a video’…say ‘can we watch a video’…”
    etc., etc., etc…

    By the end of the trip I was catching myself when I said “like”, which is a good thing because now I see how annoying it can be. Unfortunately, I couldn’t listen to all of episode 100 because you two say “like” A LOT (real talk) and it made me crazy!

    How about doing an episode on how to stop certain behaviors…such as saying “like” all the time? And if you have any tips on how to stop biting my nails, I would appreciate them!

    • Tracy Jul 31, 2013

      If it makes you feel any better it drives my mom crazy too. LIKE a lot.

      • Ha ha! Post vacation, I can’t say “like” without following it up with “not like”.

        Me: I want to go someplace where I can get, like…not like… I want to go someplace where I can get a big salad.

        My speech is no longer peppered with just one unnecessary word, now it’s three.


        Are you working on a new podcast about changing bad habits? Like…not like…please?

  9. Peggy: i heard she was a disaster Suze..
    Elaine: look it, its not Suze all right? Its Suzie my name.. is SUZIE!

    • fusilliamy Jul 31, 2013

      I mean…what am I…some pom-pom-wavin’ Backseat Bimbo?!


  10. Rhonda Jul 30, 2013

    Totally need to go comando when working out — and see suggestions above for cute shorts — or skorts (my fav) with liners so exposure is not an issue (or chafing/VPL for that matter). Also — love, love, love using “Glide” for preventing thigh chafing — recommend 100% for exercising or even when wearing skirts/dresses. You can find it at running stores or online I’m sure. Rock on ladies!

  11. The whole workout clothes conversation blew my mind. In the words of Chandler Bing ‘can open, worms everywhere!’

  12. I had the same problem with my mom on facebook. My solution was to tell her the truth – that I love her and I’m glad that she enjoys keeping up with me over facebook, but that having her all over my feed makes my friends feel awkward about interacting with me via facebook because they know my mother is watching everything that goes up there. I basically told her that it was making my friends not want to put up pictures of me or post on my wall, and so it was actually limiting the amount of my life she was seeing.

    I told her instead she should write me an email when she saw something on my facebook that made her happy, and then I could respond better and we could actually talk about it, which she was pretty into!

    • i have the exact same problem on facebook except with my MOTHER IN LAW. Talk about awkward. My husband keeps saying to unfriend her (what?????) and I don’t want to do that or create a big family issue over facebook BUT who wants to look at a facebook page where every single photo or update is followed by their mother-in-law’s comment? Nobody. NOBODY. Can someone please publish facebook etiquette 101 for those over 60 and distribute it? That would be super.

  13. Just listened to your podcast for the first time today – very entertaining?
    In reference to your discussions about running and VPL, I thought you might find this interesting;

  14. You know what’s cool about running? You can be doing it for awhile and try a new aspect and be a newbie, nervous and falling on your face again, and it’s awesome. I’ve been running for five years and ran on a trail in the woods for the first time yesterday. I tripped like 10 times. And your Twitter person advice is so right…runners never judge, we were all there when we started, when we came back from an injury, when we had a damn shitty run and just gave up and walked. Mos def get some running shorts with the liner sitch in them or some spandex-y pants or shorts. Underwear while running leads to rubs/blisters in really awkward places…

  15. My husband and I are going on a long road trip in about a month. We have tons of music to listen to but would also like to try an audio book or two. Any recommendations? (He says he won’t listen to JTB for the entire 60 hours there and back…what’s up with that?!)

    • Tracy Aug 1, 2013

      Bossypants by Tina Fey is fun to listen to! You might also like to listen to some comedy as well.

    • Mindy Kaling’s book was awesome! ‘Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, and Other Concerns’ (although it was kinda girly, but hopefully your husband’s man enough to handle it :) )

    • Emily Aug 2, 2013

      Totally depends on what kind of books you are in to – Wolf Hall was a great audio book, I loved it, but pretty dense. Young adult books can be great since they are easier to listen to (Harry Potter and the Golden Compass series are both great). I just finished listening to The Magicians the other day and that was read very well and a fun book. If you haven’t read the Hunger Games series before, I liked them much better as audio books as compared to regular books, something about the writing style suits being read aloud very well. Skippy Dies is a great one too, about an Irish boy’s school and the students there.

    • Clare Aug 12, 2013

      I listen to audiobooks at work a lot, I just finished Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris and it was perfection. If you’ve never listened to him read aloud, you’re in for a serious treat, the man is great at it, plus his writing is already hilarious. I highly recommend it!

  16. Heather Aug 8, 2013

    Guys! Can I just say how excited I was to hear that you love World Market. I work at a World Market in San Diego. And my job in the store is taking care of all the super delicious candy bars and snacks and sodas! Sadly, it’s my last week there as I am about to start grad school. So I just stocked up on all my favorite items! And don’t worry Joy, I guarantee I bought way more candy!

  17. Francesca Aug 8, 2013

    Two weeks without a new podcast; I’m really starting to miss you guys!

  18. Lesley Aug 12, 2013

    Really missing your voices in my ears. We haven’t had our weekly chat in forever! sad face :(

  19. Don’t do a 6 second podcast! I like to hear your voices for longer! Also, I totally understand your pain in regards to running and underwear.

  20. I couldn’t believe how put together Kate of the Royals looked so soon after giving birth. I felt like I was unfit to leave my house for weeks after, let alone in front of millions of cameras.

    I read this post recently, and in it, the blogger congratulates Kate on not hiding her post-baby poochy stomach and also mentions how the Royal Mama was probably just waiting to get back inside and sit on some ice. Real talk for sure. Love it!

  21. I want to call in and leave a mariah song voicemail. Possibly after a few margaritas. Although that may result in the voicemail sounding like David Sedaris singing Mariah Carey :/ So conflicted! :) Love this podcast episode. Happy to discover the Skimm.

  22. In discussing Tucker Taylor’s Vine account, how did you not make a joke about he’s a farmer with a vine? Tomatoes, squash, 6 second videos, all things that the farmer tends to.

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