This episode of the Joy the Baker podcast is brought to you by Bourbon & Gin!

Joy is on Team Bourbon while Tracy is on team Gin.

Tracy is drinking gin in honor of Joy’s recent trip to London. There’s a gin lesson in this podcast. Pay attention!

Joy is in New Orleans this week. Live from Bourbon Street (not really, but kinda!).

And while you’re at it…

Joy gets real with some jean shorts talk. Can you be in your 30s and wear jean shorts? Inquiring minds want to know.

Drop crotch? It’s a thing. How do we feel about it? Uggh.

Word to the wise….Don’t cut your own bangs OR jean shorts.  Real life real talk.

Tracy goes on a Gin fueled rant about Take 5 candy bars. It’s pretty much the best candy ever (Tracy is totally typing this right now!).

Wait!! What is that 5th ingredient? Is it peanuts? That’s totally cheating.


Have you tried cookie butter? YOU ARE MISSING OUT if you haven’t. It’s AMAZING.

Aaaand! We have homework!

Rock your favorite accessory. Are you into arm candy? wrist candy? finger candy? headbands?

We wanna see!

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Speaking of tweets:


Maybe T-Flo just needs a little encouragement from you guys…

Don’t forget!!!   Accessory homework Awesometown. Population: YOU!

Thanks for listening!



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47 comments on “I Don’t Want to Go to Chicos

  1. Hey Joy and Tracey,

    Have not even listened to this week’s podcast yet, but I have a random question for you: have you ever frozen scones? My sis-in-law loves them, b ut they’re over $4 ea at the coffee shop, so I am going to make her some for her b -day. Do you think it is better to bake them then freeze, so she can defrost as she wants, or make them and freeze the dough so she can b ake one or two at a time? Thanks for your help!

    PS-I live in NOLA! Any questions for your trip? You are going to have the best, best time. And let me recommend Frenchmen St over Bourbon–trust me, it’s totes awesome.

    • Even though I’m neither the esteemed Joy nor Tracey, I’ll chirp in here (despite the fact that I always eff up all my baked goods by trying to make them healthy).

      I worked in a coffee shop for 11 years where all of our goodies where homemade, with our scones being a particular fave of many. Our baker always made up oodles at a time and froze the formed dough in big rubbermaid bins, making it easy to bake them up whenever we needed them (popped them into a preheated oven while they were still rock hard frozen). The only secret I know re: the recipe was that it included cream cheese. I can say without a hint of bias that those are some of the best scones I’ve ever stuffed in my face. Good luck!

      • Caitlin May 7, 2012

        Thanks, Elisabeth! I’m going to give it a shot. She wants blueberry scones, so I’ll be whipping them up and popping in the freezer tomorrow.

  2. Julia May 4, 2012

    I’m addicted to cookie butter! I gave some to my boyfriend and he calls it “spreadable teddy grahams”. He has since got a lot of our friends hooked on it but describing it this way.

  3. Carolyn May 4, 2012

    Too-long jean shorts that are turning into capris = shpants! Shpants are never a good idea.

  4. Heather May 4, 2012

    Joy sounds a little wasted. Glad she is having fun in my hood.

    Great show. Y’all rule.

  5. JCrew shorts are amazing!! And they have 3 lengths to choose from.

  6. I have started with the Tweets…T-Flo I am coming at YOU!!! You just made my week. I was laughing so hard about the 4th of May! Awesome! Made my kidney stone blues fly away! Arm candy coming your way!

  7. Tanashati May 4, 2012

    Ok so I totally cant deal! Every time you guys say “blaze” I picture both of you hangin’ with Snoop or Wiz lol. I’d bet they would love your baking skills :) #jokes

  8. ohhh drop crotch… I’ll never understand you!

  9. Kelsey May 4, 2012

    I love you guys. You’re hilarious.

    Anyways I had a realization during this podcast;
    Tracy, you say ‘totally’ the same way Jack Black does in the movie, ‘The Holiday’.
    Also my sister and I totally did the ‘Cinco de Quatro’ thing today.

    It makes me laugh. Stay wonderful.

  10. T-Flo! On the show!! I hope so- that would be epic.

    And…I agree on the J.Crew shorts- they are really well cut and always proper. Drop crotch…NOT good.

  11. kathryn d May 4, 2012

    super fun podcast, no matter how much you talked about jean short shopping 😉 (p.s. totally make my own, and they rule). i am bakin’ with bourbon while listening to this week’s show. the kentucky derby is tomorrow and it is totally a top holiday in my family. which leads me to suggest: please, PLEASE come to central kentucky to drink/learn about bourbon whiskey! there are SO many distilleries to visit and tour. and also, it’s just a beautiful place to see. love the podcast every week. a highlight. can’t wait to see what happens next time with tflo. ha!

  12. I haven’t pressed play on the podcast yet, but I was very excited to see the Benny & Joon picture! That’s one of my favorite movies ever!

    • Joy, I want to drink with you. You’re a hoot.

      I’m 28 and have already given up on shorts. Embrace sundresses! They’re so easy – they’re like grown-lady onesies.

  13. Jackie H May 4, 2012

    Take 5 bars are the best…I became addicted after listening to Joy go about them on the Halloween candy episode.

  14. Mariah Osborne May 4, 2012

    I’m not sure if I’m reading too far into the podcast, but it seems like you guys tucked a lot of throwbacks to listener’s favorite things in this episode. If you didn’t do it on purpose… there are quite a few sweet little jems here.

  15. Carolyn May 5, 2012

    Hi Joy and Tracy! Just wanted to say that I discovered your podcast a couple of weeks ago and I’m now addicted. I’m sure I sound crazy when I listen at work and giggle to myself. It’s sure made work more enjoyable catching up on the older episodes.

    Anyways, I do have a question for you: My 30th birthday is next week. I found a link to a fabulous cake a couple of months ago and saved it, knowing it was going to be my birthday cake. My parents and my husband are throwing me a party, so I’m making this cake. I’m pretty excited, but everyone I mention this to thinks it’s strange that I’m baking my own birthday cake! Is this strange? I know you might be slightly biased regarding baked goods, but I wanted your feedback. Have you ever made your own birthday cake? For the record, this is the cake:
    Isn’t it amazing??

    Thanks ladies!

    P.S. Tracy, I totally understand your thoughts on baby-doll dresses. I too wore them in middle school and someone also thought I was pregnant in 7th grade. :(

  16. Amanda May 5, 2012

    Didn’t know you were in New Orleans, Joy! Did you go to Jazzfest? I went Friday.. could’ve run into you! Will you do a book signing here? Hope you enjoyed Bourbon Street and the AMAZING food and music down here! :)

  17. recipe idea: one of you needs to come up with a Take 5 knock off with cookie butter instead of peanut butter. 😉

    and i see others have made my same recommendation: j. crew shorts! a nice middle ground between forever21 and chicos. the 5″ inseam is the perfect proper 30 year old lady shorts length.

  18. So, not directly related to this episode, but I saw the first episode of HBO´s Girls today (which by the way I realized I am to old for, in a good way. And I´m 29. Why does Hollywood have to be so obsessed with people in their early twenties? I expect thirties to be much more fun! And now I´m ranting, sorry:) So when one of the characters said “totes”, the first thing that came to my mind was “they totes got that from Joy the Baker”!

    Anyway, great show, and keep on blazin’!

  19. Listening to you talking in Italian has moved me and made me feel happy
    :-) Grazie di tutto, siete meravigliose!

  20. I’m a big fan of Bermuda shorts. Just short enough to be/feel cool, but long enough to cover my thighs (I’m VERY thigh-conscious)

  21. dana828 May 6, 2012

    First, I totally get the embarrassment over the whole “first trip with a passport” thing. I just turned 40, and (get this) don’t even HAVE a passport! I have been whining to my husband about how much this bothers me. It’s unacceptable! Like you, Joy, I’ve been to Canada & Mexico (if Tijuana counts?) back when passports were not needed. It’s sad.

    Second, jean shorts…eeewww. Ugh. But then, I don’t wear shorts unless it’s to work out. And jean shorts on men=awful. Yes, husband, I’m talking to you!

  22. Kendra May 6, 2012

    Report: horrible misuse of jean shorts sighting.
    Today at Ye Ole CostCo, I saw a lady – an old one… like has several grandchildren and has been a card-holding AARP member for a long time – who was wearing jean shorts. Mid-thigh. Perhaps even upper-mid. And one short-leg was completely up and nestled between her thigh crease and, umm, lady part crease. I saw her from behind. It was all kinds of disturbing. I thought of you both and laughed. And possibly appeared that I was laughing AT her. Which I WASN’T. But someone should have said something to this women. I’m sure she’s dear. But really? Really. Intervention, people. Tell the truth.

  23. i have not worn shorts since i was 12, seriously. i wear lots of skirts and dresses in the summer with little shorts underneath just like tracy (otherwise my thighs rub together creating the phenomenon knows as “chub-rub”). is that TMI?

    i also feel tracy on the arm candy – when i see stacks on stacks on stacks of bracelets, i love the look but i don’t feel at all like i could pull it off. also – costs a fortune. but i would like one of these:

    love you guys as always.

    • Tracy May 7, 2012

      chub rub!! i totes know what you’re talking about…oooh love the bracelets! Especially the black on!

      • Ok, here’s some real talk. You need to check out Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel. It’s eliminates the need for shorts under skirts/dresses because it keeps your legs from rubbing together. They just glide on by eachother without the chaffing. Serious life changer! Amazing stuff!

  24. Hope to hear T-Flo on the podcast one day!

  25. I love your podcast and both of your blogs! I do a lot of baking and I’m always looking for new gadgets and gizmos for the kitchen. I also love seeing other people’s work spaces. I’ve looked around on each of your blogs and can’t seem to find any pictures of your kitchens! Also, do either of you have any must have supplies specifically for baking? Lastly, I live in a small town with no cake decorating stores so I have to do most of my shopping online. Do you have any suggestions for places to shop online? I try to steer clear of Amazon as much as possible! I know you’re both super busy but I figured it doesn’t hurt to ask! Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  26. I’m only 24 and I am so not into short-shorts! My rule with shorts and skirts is, if it’s wider than it is long, then it shouldn’t go on your body. But the always-awesome Target has appropriately-sized jean shorts – not too short, definitely not the awkward bermuda length, just an inch or so extra to not feel trashy. Check it out. I think they’re called the “boyfriend” shorts or some nonsense.

  27. Joy! The Chico’s comment almost killed me. Because it’s TRUE. Ok, I am currently sporting a pair of comfortable sits-at-the-natural-waist dark denim non-frayed, non-cheek baring, not-mom, not-16yr old jean shorts. Granted I found them in the Merona (Old lady) section of Target. Whatevs. They’re cute and respectable and I’m betting way cheaper than JCrew.

    Love you guys!


  28. Oh man. I HAVE cut jeans into shorts myself… At the Oakland ballpark. It was hot, and I’m sure I looked crazy, and I felt crazy. But so free!

  29. Hi ladies! I had a question that I wanted to ask you, but I can’t find the email address to submit a question for your podcast! Can you tell me the address? Thanks!

  30. ok…so I really love you both…I do(and I don’t care who knows it) I met Joy already(it was disastrous…I was a nervous wreck)I hope you guys are not as nervous when you do talk to t-flo. seriously.
    Amywho, unimportant, but I have to sadly admit that I can not drink any type of alcohol..I just can’t..i don’t know why but I hate the taste.agh! wine, beer whatever1 I hate it cuz I feel like I can’t be in this special club of people who drink alcoholic beverages.
    ..your going to hate me even more because I…do not like peanut butter! I wish I did…i get headaches with the smell alone…its probably all in my head. so take care and keep on keeping on!:)

  31. Dear Joy and Tracy – I think you should add a picture to your iTunes podcast icon! It’s too fun of a blog to not have a fun picture to accompany it. That’s all for now.

  32. Love you guys. Glad T-Flo tweeted you!!

  33. Another vote for JCrew shorts. They are for classy youthful ladies! Don’t go to Chico’s. Don’t do it.

    Happy Cinco de Nueve! Ha :)

  34. Helene Mahnken May 10, 2012

    Hey girls! I’m not in my 30s yet, but I’m not a very small girl and I’m not big on super shortie shorts… That being said, I have two suggestions. American eagle (I know they’re marketed to college students but hear me out.) They have shorts called “midis” that are a great length but still stylish. The other type I like are actually twill shorts. Mine are from Target and they’re cuffed and denim-ish but not really denim
    But they come in black and khaki and a few colors too :) ok, that’s all! Love love!

  35. Katie dB May 11, 2012

    Wow Cookie Butter is actually called Speculoos!!! I think that is originally Dutch because we have a ton of it over here and its been a staple forever. They actually eat it on bread for breakfast because they think peanut butter is too sweet in the morning (yeah people here can be weird ;)).
    I have even seen it in sprinkle form – which I guess would be your dream combo :)

  36. Lisette May 11, 2012

    Hi Joy and Tracy. I’ve been listening to your podcast for two months now, and although I adore it and eagerly await each and every new show I never comment ’cause I tell myself I don’t have the time for that kind of thing. But I just had to post a comment now, if only just to thank you, THANK YOU, for leading me to TJs last night where I purchased my first, and most certainly FAR from last, jar of cookie butter. COOKIE BUTTER. It’s sitting on my counter right now and I’m looking at it and thinking of all the things I want to do with it (my intentions are good, truly), instead of looking at the piles of laundry and other daily detritus surrounding me with which I ought to be doing boring things. Like washing and folding. Anyhow, thank you for the CB tip and for your podcast, and also just for being awesome. I’m going to go do my homework now and throw on some wrist candy, and hope that the baby doesn’t try to chew on it.

  37. Ceili May 11, 2012

    i was casually catchin’ up on JtB podcast, this morning, until suddenly it became a really huge deal because of all the Trader Joes talk!! I laughed when you guys were saying the number of times per week you visit TJs, because when I am home I go at least once per day. It is the closest retail establishment to my house, and my family cannot ever seem to plan far enough in advance to grocery shop for tomorrow SO its become my second home. As I think of myself as kinda a TJs connoisseur, I will share the 5 products I miss the most when I’m away at school (peppermint joe joes, crumpets, choco-covered sunflower seeds, PB filled pretz were totally on my list too) :

    1. wasabi mayo (on frozen salmon patty with whole wheat bun and baby spinach mmm)
    2. mint melange tea (refreshing for morning, decaf for night!)
    3. frozen tarte alsace (impresses drop-in guests, but i eat the whole pie myself sometimes)
    4. sunflower seed butter (TJ brand only)
    5. sparkling pink lemonade in tall glass bottles (always feels like a huge treat!)

  38. Emily May 14, 2012

    You guys… thank you for making my thick-thigh/oh-man-my-shorts-don’t-fit situation not a crisis. It was a nice sunny day Saturday, and I wanted to throw on some shorts… but they are now a no go. Sigh. BUT you made me feel SO much better about it. Also, you are hilarious, as always. Thank you!

  39. Okay, I have made my own jean shorts… they may have been referred to as “never-nude” shorts (as in Arrested Development”) but I like them… and I’m all about the DIY businesss…. deal with it. Own it. NBD (no big deal). p.s. – chico’s does NOT have normal jean shorts.

  40. I’ve never tried gin or bourbon. I think this is a bandwagon party I need to get on.

    Oh my word. I lived in England for 6 months and still had sooo many issues understanding people. The accent seems to change with every county! Yes, it does sound like a different language. Yes, they do think we’re speaking slowly. Totally not fair because they understand every word we say and we can hardly understand anything they say! The scottish ones really are the worst.

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