We have loads to talk about on this, the 80th episode of the Joy the Baker Podcast.

Let’s talk about accidents (not of the potty variety)… because we all have them.  Let’s cry over spilled milk.  We’re worth it.

We’re also going to take some of your hard-hitting questions about breakups, family travel, low-carb ruts, and what the heck to do with your life.  It’s a big old world and we’re here to help.

We love that you take the time to write in with questions.  Thank you for taking the time to share your business with us.  We especially enjoy when you use fake names that reference the television show Arrested Development.

We don’t have a ton of links for you this episode.  Mostly we just talked about how to break up with a live-in partner (yiiikes), how to work from home (put your bra on!), and how much cheese you should put on your roasted broccoli (a lot).

Thanks for listening!  We hope your January is going along swimmingly!

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23 comments on “I’m Mrs. Loblaw

  1. The name of Charles in Charge’s buddy was Buddy! Buddy Lembeck. I love that show!

  2. Illusions! Tricks are something a whore does for money! When is the movie coming??

  3. Lizzie Jan 17, 2013

    Oh man… I thought the p-cast was only 10 minutes long but in fact it’s an HOUR and 10 minutes. YEAH! I gotta say that I loved to hear Casey’s voice, after hearing so much about him. Hehe. It sounded like he said “phone line guy”… I’m thinking of some hot guy who came to hook up your phone line. OY!

    • Me too! I’m downloading the podcast now (nope, haven’t listened to it yet) and I say 9+ minutes. I was soooo sad. Thanks for the pre-podcast comfort, Lizzie.

  4. Oh geez. So much greatness in this podcast. I think this might be your best yet. Thank you!
    But…the last 15 minutes was probably THE BEST. I have been contemplating taking some crazy steps towards a writerly life (leaving my job…moving someplace new…taking some major life risks) and that was just gold for me to hear. I’m not right out of high school (almost 10 years, sheesh!), so it’s still ok to feel that way, right?
    Thanks so much, Joy and Tracy! I wish I could ask you all my questions about life, but it’s so wonderful just to listen to the podcasts!

    • Love this! And yes Christine–I did get your email and I’m writing my reply right now! Will probably send off on my lunch at work today



  5. Natalia Jan 18, 2013

    I spill wine on a regular basis and at the worst times!!!! Tracy, didn’t you find that when you were pregnant you spilled more things??? When I was pregnant everything fell, I think I was the clumsiest person on earth!!!

  6. two questions for tracy:

    1. texting all the time: does your crazy brain tell you to try to make the boxes even? sometimes I have to rephrase sentences to get the text box perfectly justified. #iphoneproblems

    2. can you hook us up with a cashew chicken recipe? I’d be into it.

  7. Joanna Jan 18, 2013

    Hi Joy and Tracy :)
    Totes love your podcast and all of your answers to your listeners’ questions.

    What do you think about paleo? I’m thinking about trying it for at least one or two weeks. I don’t want to loose weight, i just want to detox and be healthy.
    Have you guys ever tried it?
    Maybe you could give some detox advice on the next episode 😉
    Joanna from Germany

  8. Heather Jan 18, 2013

    I am still reeling over a text gone wrong. When my husband was traveling out of town, I sent him the text “Good morning, my sweets. Thinking of you.” Then about an hour later, I realized that I sent the text to the trash hauler guy that we hired during our home renovation, Mr. Johnson. Awkward, considering we were still renovating our house at the time. Thankfully, he never mentioned it….

  9. Sarah B Jan 18, 2013

    Joy-Just wanted to suggest that you see a chiropractor even though it wasn’t a crazy bad accident. It’s amazing how issues stemming from even a rear-ending can come up years later. Go get aligned! Woo!
    On another note, I love the podcast you two! Happy 80th!

  10. Oooh, been there done that with texts gone wrong. My rule now if I’m sending something…ummm…saucy, is that I always, always, always start with a blank “to” field. Don’t just reply to a text, because that can have humiliating consequences.

    Also, I’ve been looking for a new show to obsessively watch every episode of starting with season one, and I think I may have to try out Arrested Development!

    Great podcast ladies!

  11. Chicken dance, never nude, BUSTER! its like am pm… too much good stuff

  12. Elizabeth T Jan 18, 2013

    Omg with the accidents!

    When I first got my driver’s license, my family lived on a side street off a busy street and one day I was trying to figure out how to make a left turn onto our side street, must’ve given up the thought, and decided to find a U-turn instead. I drove on, distractedly trying to find a way to turn around, when I brushed against a UPS delivery truck! It bent my right mirror inward, but worse than that, I think the delivery guy was watching this happen!

    Also today, I drove to my train station to commute to work (as opposed to normally taking a bus). The payment machine overchanged me so I tried finding an employee at the garage to hand him the extra change, since it was the right thing to do, blah blah…
    Thinking I had done a good deed, I proceeded to turn onto another fairly busy street, and nearly hit a man who was crossing in front of me! Two actions just negated each other.

    In the text world, though, I’ve never experienced accidents, but one of my friends was mis-sexted. And then there’s another friend who was hosting a gathering at her boyfriend’s apartment and had to text the address to a different friend, and ended up sending the address to her boyfriend…

    Well, we all have our dog days…

  13. I can’ even tell you guys how many times I watched Arrested Development before I realized the joke about Bob Loblaw (and his Law Blog). I always just thought it was supposed to sound silly.

  14. Love you guys!

    I just caught up on a bunch of episodes, so I’m a bit late adding to the topic, but here’s my two cents on the dating an older guy conversation from a few episodes ago:
    If it’s the person you’re meant to be with, age doesn’t matter. My man of 4 years is 15 years my senior. It was a little weird to begin with (we started dating when I was 21 and he was 36), but no one even thinks about it now. He’s a kid at heart and I’ve always been “mature for my age”, so I think we balance each other nicely. He keeps me silly and young and I keep him grounded.

  15. Carin Jan 18, 2013

    haha of the potty variety…I giggled at this too. I kept checking my itunes for a new podcast and at the end of a very long stressful day it was great to laugh. Thank you Joy and Tracy.

  16. Meredith Jan 21, 2013

    Okay, I have a couple comments on this episode.
    1. My husband got into a terrible accident a few months ago. His car was totaled, as well as 3 or 4 other cars. No one was seriously injured, but he did have whiplash and other back problems for a while. What we learned after the fact (would have been good to know beforehand) is that any time you are in an accident INSIST that an ambulance be called to the scene, for a couple reasons. Reason one is what you mentioned, that you’re in so much shock and feeling all wobbly, you might not know that you are hurt. Reason two is that insurance will be more likely to cover any care if there was an ambulance called, and that includes massage and chiropractor.
    2. In response to Anna’s question, specifically about the culinary school thing. I went to culinary school after highschool, and while it did rescue me from Ohio (I moved to San Francisco), it also put me in a ton of debt. And I don’t even work in food now. And you don’t need a degree to work in a restaurant/hotel/catering company/etc. I would say, try to get an apprenticeship in a restaurant. Take a crappy dishwasher job, or prep cook job if you can, spend as much time at work as possible, and think abut culinary school way way later when you cannot advance any farther without a degree. Okay? Do not go to a fancy culinary school. Seriously.

    Okay, that’s all. Love love you guys.

  17. krissy Jan 22, 2013

    Hello Lovely Ladies,
    This is mostly for Tracy Shutterbean… I have bigger than model-sized thighs and Paper Denim & Cloth makes some decent skinny jeans that accommodate. I definitely would try them on in person, obvi, but they’ve treated me well so far and I would give them a shot.

  18. cayla Jan 24, 2013

    “Get me a vodka rocks.”
    –“Mom, it’s breakfast.”
    “And a piece of toast.”

  19. Bernadette May 31, 2013

    I have never watch the Arrested Development show so I wasn’t aware of the character Bob Loblaw. The name Loblaw is synonymous with grocery stores in Canada. We always thought the name was weird. So we then came up with first and middle names to go with it. Billy-bob Rob Loblaw. If I know she is having a bad day I will just text her that. We still get a tick out of it.

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