Hello friends!

We’re back and we’re talking atcha!  Joy has been on the road, but she’s back and ready to cast.

Today we’re talking about IRRATIONAL FEARS of which we have many… like, too many.  Like… Tracy made a list and it freaked us both out.  Our fears begin with a rash and end in murder.  Yea.. we’re in deep.  Cry for help?  Maybe.


Do you love Lana Del Rey as much as we do?  We wish you would.

urlPhoto Credit: Daniel Cronin/Huffington Post

It’s amazing how easily a conversation can lead into  juggalos.  I mean… really.   In other news, what are you going to be for Halloween?  Lacy Minnie Mouse?  That wouldn’t be the worst thing.

mickeymouse9(images by HonestlyWTF)


Oh hey… remember that one time Jeff proposed to Nicole on the podcast!?  Yea… that was AMAZING!

Well, those two crazy kids got married!  Their sweet video here!  Love is real.  No big deal.

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28 comments on “Ir-RASH-ional Fears

  1. Jolisa Oct 24, 2013

    Love Lana Del Ray…missed you guys..my life is back!!!!!! ok..kinda dramatic..but I missed you guys. I literally shouted at my computer every time I checked & there wasn’t a new podcast..lol #realtalk. Yayyyy so glad to have you in my ears again.

  2. Jasmine Oct 24, 2013

    YAY to a new podcast!

  3. OH MY! That wedding video is heart warming to say the least! Congrats to Jeff & Nicole. Now i’m off to clean my house & listen to the podcast :)

    So glad you guys are back!

  4. Ruthyiez Oct 25, 2013

    Soo glad my gurls are back! Too funny I thought I was the only one that has Lana Del Ray album on repeat on the ipod. And here’s my confession being that you guys basically left me without anyone to listen to for the past few weeks, I’ve been having an affair with “ThisAmericanLife” – Ira Glass has become my new virtual bestie (or at least the virtual person that keeps me company while I cook in the kitchen – not the same not the same)
    Welcome back!!

  5. Sue Cote Oct 25, 2013

    So Glad you girls got to see the Video..It was an amazing wedding.

    Nicole’s Mom

  6. Natalie Oct 25, 2013

    My parents have two mirrors in their bathroom that are directly across from each other and reflect basically a hall of mirrors over and over into each other. It is possibly the most terrifying nighttime bathroom experience of my childhood. I was always afraid to look into them at night for fear of seeing “someone” in the distance! Irrational?

    • Tracy Oct 25, 2013

      When we lived in our old house, I had to walk upstairs to check on Cooper in the middle of the night and I had to walk past 4 mirrors in the process. I did it so many times while barely opening my eyes because I KNEW I WOULD SEE SOMETHING if I looked. Sometimes I would just embrace it and then look and then I saw something and bolted upstairs scared shitless. OK. I had to put that out there. WHEW

  7. Okay, missed you dudes so much! I have school Thursday nights and have to commute, and you ladies are my sanity-saving rush hour friends. Granted, the last few weeks I’ve gotten reacquainted with some of my favorite old CDs (Stereolab much?). My irrational fear? Not getting straight A’s in grad school. It keeps me awake at night. I graduated high school literally in the middle of my class (256 out of 512 – how’s that for mediocre?) and skirted by through my undergrad. I always kicked butt at my jobs, so being a stay-at-home-mom with no measurable success aside from how done the laundry is makes me kind of nuts. Anyway, glad you’re back.

    • Rachelle Oct 25, 2013

      Okay, and that video is real love. Truth. Happy forever, Jeff and Nicole!

  8. Okay, re: spiders. YES! I haaaaaaaaaaate spiders. My husband think it’s humorous, but he has an irrational fear of snakes and I don’t mind them. Weird? Dunno.

    I have an irrational fear of being stuck somewhere without a bathroom. So when I’m on a plane I have to make sure I can go, even though I also hate the bathrooms. I get really uncomfortable on buses. (I live in Spain so I have to rely on long-distance buses sometimes!)

  9. yes to a fear of SNAKES! the product of pet snakes gone bad and older brothers who think they are soooo funny. gosh, glad I survived childhood.

    thanks for the laughs ladies!

  10. that video is like…so beautiful. i can see why it made you cry, Joy! ahhh

  11. I am so glad you guys are back and making podcasts!! My attention span at work has been zilch since I didn’t have anything to listen to….yep I’m that person not getting on the treadmill (except I definitely don’t do treadmills). Thank you for making another podcast! I was worried that they were no more!

  12. So glad you ladies are back! Seriously, I’ve missed your laughs (is that weird? whatevs). And that wedding video was so sweet! Nicole & I actually have matching wedding dresses-crazytown! Thanks for sharing!

  13. New Podcast = Win! You guys lovin Lana Del Rey = Win! (i was shocked at the time of the snl perfomance at all the hate on her :/) Love filled wedding video = Def Win! Glad to have you guys back for another episode.

    + also seriously obsessed with teriyaki sauce mixed with ranch as a dip for everything! total Deep fried item soulmate Win!

    AJ :)

  14. Great suggestion for Rent the Runway! I used it and it was awesome. No link but you can just google it!

  15. Thank you for a new podcast! Woot! Irrational fear #1? Birds. I want to do horrible violent killing things to them, yet I am too scared to get close to them to do said things. Also the mirrors. My dad likes to tease me to this day about my fear of Bloody Mary. Unfortunately it’s still a very real fear.

    Nicole and Jeff’s wedding looks lovely and perfect!

  16. Carrie Oct 28, 2013

    You said something about spiders…I’m not really scared of spiders, but I’m leery of spiders or bees getting into my drink. “Why?” you ask.I keep a glass of water on my nightstand every night. Sometimes I use a glass with a wide straw. One night, in the middle of the night I woke up with a dry throat, took a sip and gulped a spider!!! No joke! The spider wiggled its way into my straw and could not get out. I took a sip, got a tickly feeling in my mouth and spit it out on the floor. I saw it laying on the floor with my very own eyes….makes me wanna throw up in my mouth just thinkin about it. Now I cannot take a sip out of a straw or a pop can without look inside of it first. Ick!!
    Love your show.

  17. Listening to Christine’s situation took me back a year or two when I was in a similar situation. My ex ended our relationship out of the blue, by phone and the week before Christmas and whilst I was nursing my broken heart, 6 months later he was engaged. A year on, mutual friends invited me to their wedding and kindly allowed me to invite a date since my ex and his fiancée would be there. I wasn’t seeing anybody at the time so invited a platonic guy friend who understood the situation and I knew would be a lot of fun. A couple of weeks before something came up and he had to cancel. I contemplated inviting another friend but decided to go on my own and I’m so glad I did! Arriving at the wedding on my own was terrifying (I had had no contact at all with my ex since “the call”) and I thought my legs were going to collapse as I approached the church. Of course he was standing right there with his beautiful fiancée at his side so there was nothing to do except go straight up to them, say hi, introduce myself and get the small talk over with.

    I honestly felt empowered having taken control. I felt strong and am so glad I went to the wedding alone and with my head held high…a post-holiday/vacation glow and a gorgeous dress didn’t hurt either!

    Christine, you can do it! Just do not drink too much and subtlety remove yourself from the awkward slow dance moments X

  18. I don’t have an irrational fear of murder, but I have a similar one. I live alone, and I am always morbidly paranoid about something terrible happening to me and nobody noticing for days.. Especially on my days off, when I’m not required to be anywhere. At least when I have work, my boss/coworkers would notice that I didn’t show up, and hopefully they wouldn’t assume I was just ditching… And on that cheery note, I love listening to the podcast on my commute! It makes my drive soo much more enjoyable! Thanks, ladies!

    • Oh my god, my fiance travels a lot, and I live in a different state to my family, so this is a huge fear of mine. To the point where I have a plan in place with my work friends if I don’t show up at work one day.

  19. Y’all, I needed that real talk. The situation with the hairdresser ended up completely blowing over (minor pun intended), so much so, that I actually forgot about it the day of the baby shower! My irrational fear: PEOPLE. PLEASING. PS, my daughter is due in 4 days!!! Love, Christi

  20. Natalie Keene Nov 1, 2013

    Joy and Tracy,
    I’ve recently moved with my husband and two year old son from California, where all of my immediate and extended family lives, to Texas. While i’m totally up for all the new adventures I’ll share with my little family here in Texas, I really miss my family. My sister Mel is my best friend and has been listening to your podcast for the last year or so. She has always tried to relay a funny joke or story from your podcast and then just ends it with, “You have to start listening to them!” So as I started to set up house here, I subscribed to your podcast and now am totally hooked! You ladies are part of my daily routine and while being the newbie in town is mortifying, listening to your podcast makes me feel not so alone. Thanks for all you do and say!

  21. You guys… I have SUCH an irrational fear of the dark. Like, before we go to bed at night I make my husband be the one to shut off all the lights becuase I HAVE to be in the bedroom when the last one switches off so I can avoid walking through the apartment in the dark. I have no idea why I think the second the lights are off demons will appear and carry me off to who knows where (think Paranormal Activity – holy scariest movie ever). Needless to say, getting up to pee in the middle of the night is quite an ordeal. To make matters worse we have a GIANT mirror right outside the bathroom door..which I always avoid looking in as I sprint back to bed.

  22. Biggest irrational fear? Wrists. As a child, a friend of mine rushed past me at lunch, clutching his wrist which was POURING blood. And I assumed that if you put your wrist back to far, your veins would pop out and you would die. I seriously hide this fear from people for as long as I can, because a) it’s so insane and b) it’s easy to send me into a catatonic state of hysterical fear by touching/playing with my/your own wrists.

  23. That wedding! so beautiful :) they look so happy. That’s what weddings should be :)

  24. Mira C Nov 8, 2013

    Oh my gosh, that wedding video is too much. So sweet! What a beautiful couple.

    My irrational fear is driving over the grated part of a bridge – you know what I mean? Where you can see the water below? I’m not afraid of heights, but man, every time I drive over a grated bridge, I freak out a little bit.

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