Hello friends!  We’re all up in this August like it ain’t no thang!

It’s Tracy’s birthday month!  That means it’s a good good month.  Anthropologie dresses and cocktails and greeting cards and surprises!

On this episode we’re talking about pop culture.  We have been unwinding from some busy days with good, old-fashioned vegging out in front of the television.  Yea.  Guilty.

It turns out that talking about our favorite television shows is just as much fun as watching them.  Yes!

Current obsessions include:


It’s worth staying up to 2AM for.


Tracy uses Parenthood as a replacement to Six Feet Under.

Doe she really just want to have Peter Krause apart of her life? YES.



Breaking Bad is starting it’s final season this weekend!  Oh noooo….  it’s going to get dark.
Have you heard of a new show on Bravo called Eat Drink Love?  Oooh boy.  LAweekly has some strong words about it.
Oh!  And while we’re talking about television:  Difficult Women – How Sex and the City lost its good name
And we’re totally going to talk about poetry for a minute.  Tracy is distracted by its form.  She has a list brain.  Have you read The Rape Joke?   People are saying its the best poem of 2013.  It’s difficult and powerful.  For real.
Is it weird if we talk about popcorn now?
If you’re looking to shake up your popcorn routine, try Tracy’s Toasted Coconut Popcorn.toastedcoconutpopcornHere’s the dill pickle seasoning Tracy (not so) secretly eats directly from the container.Tangy Dill Pickle Popcorn Seasoningdill



Also… Billy of Wit and Vinegar totally sings us a song.  Mariah Carey.  Acapella.  Boy is BRAVE!

We thank you for listening!  We’re so glad you’re here!


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23 comments on “It’s Been a Bit

  1. Yay! SO glad you’re back! It absolutely made my day to listen on my way to work this morning. Appreciate you both!

  2. maomau Aug 15, 2013

    Listening to ya ladies as I wait for a conference call. Random comments here. I dozed mid-way on Pray. The end. I can see Joy with another blog/show called “Runnin’ with donuts”. We have a cat name Boo. We make up names for him. Charles Boo-kowski, OBoo-ma, etc. He gives us a stink eye. its all good. Breaking Bad, holy shitz! Have you seen Luther (also on Netflix)? Happy Bday month, Tracy!

  3. Polly Aug 15, 2013

    My parents have a cat named Boo! She is 20 years old (not joking) and has been an indoor/outdoor kitty her whole life. She still prefers to hang out outside all day (despite being pretty much blind and deaf), but they keep her in at night (due to aforementioned blindness and deafness). I’m pretty sure she’d still prefer to be outside though.

  4. Joy/Tracy/Michael, I love love love the podcast. But I haven’t listened in forever ever… because I can’t get it to download or even find your show on my Windows Phone anymore. I remember some people asking with similar issues a while back but never heard a solution, any ideas? If it helps my error code is 805a0194.

  5. I find that I get too invested in characters from books that I read as I don’t really watch TV. The rare occasion I watch something, I get that same feeling… especially if the character is well written but my vice is in books.

    I KNOW it’s mostly fiction (even if they are based on real events, those characters are author impressions, aren’t they?) but when the character fleshes out in my head, it becomes.. part of me? It’s weird. I can’t even describe it. And I read somewhere about book withdrawal syndrome. That is, when a book ends, you wallow for a while, mourning the end, wondering what happens next. Almost like a breakup.

    I’m reading a fictional piece right now. I think I am getting stuck in too deep with this one. Oh man. Help?

  6. Hi, Joy and Tracy. I love listening to the podcast every week and LOVED that talked about poetry this week! Poetry is my jam (I am a poet and a literary magazine editor, and I get SO excited when I hear other people talk about poetry in unexpected contexts). Joy, I hope you’re enjoying your book right now. And Tracy, happy birthday month! I wonder if I might have a potential solution to your predicament re: line breaks: have you ever tried reading prose poems (poems that are broken into paragraphs instead of lines–like fiction is) instead of “regular” poems? Guaranteed not to look like to-do lists! :)

    An explanation of prose poetry:

    Some examples:
    “Sleeping with the Dictionary” by Harryette Mullen: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/242414

    “Grace” by Joy Harjo

    Alternatively, you could also always listen to lineated poems as recordings (removes the visual distraction factor!) I recommend the Poetry Foundation’s podcasts (http://www.poetryfoundation.org/features/audiolanding) and also From the Fishouse (http://www.fishousepoems.org/)

    On an unrelated note, dill pickle popcorn seasoning sounds AMAZING.

    Anyway, thanks for another scintillating podcast! Listening to you is a highlight for me every week.

  7. *Loved that YOU talked about poetry, that is (not “loved that talked about poetry . . . “). Sorry about the typo. Clearly, I haven’t had my morning cup of tea yet!

  8. Orange is the New Black is so good! The book is worth reading as well. I had to stop with the Housewives when it hit me one day that I just don’t need to invite all that nastiness and bad energy into my life–we all deal with more than we need as it is!

    • Joy the Baker Aug 28, 2013

      Terry Gross’ recent interviews with the author and creator of Orange is the New Black on NPR are really interesting!

  9. Laura Aug 16, 2013

    You guys are awesome, so glad you’re back! By the way, I’m the Laura who called in about the guy “Steve” and how to tell my mom. And it was a couple of weeks ago that I called in so just wanted to update you on what ended up happening!

    I told my dad first and he was great about it but his first words were, “you’re on your own telling your mother!” So he and I both thought she would react badly. But randomly, the next day she asked about Steve while I was out for dinner with both my parents, so I took the opportunity to tell her actually he was going to be in town to see me this month. She asked a couple of questions about what he’s up to now, paused to think about it for a bit, and then asked if she could see him while he’s here. Later that evening, we had a nice sunset so she suggested taking a photo of me to send to Steve. And she is taking me for a pedicure this weekend “so I’ll look nice for him” when he arrives. Basically… she seems HAPPY about this news, I didn’t even have to try to persuade her. My sister and I have been talking to her a lot about acceptance and being supportive over the last few years, but it’s never really been put to the test, and I guess it’s really sunk in. I haven’t told her I might move away yet, I think that news can wait and will be less shocking if all goes well with Steve. So everything is good and now I can just look forward to spending some quality time with my guy :)

  10. Danielle Aug 16, 2013

    Oh my goodness… I loved it when I was listening this morning and Billy sang Mariah! I sang right along with him from the comfort of my car!

    Also, I’ve been having similar problems finding your podcast on my iphone app… they are dated like December of 2000? So, they’re not showing up when I refresh to see if there’s a new “most recent” one on Thursday mornings!

    • Same thing happens to me on my iPad! I have to go into the store and download it from there. Weird…

      Anyway, awesome podcast ladies! I watched the first episode of Eat, Drink, Love last night…yikes.

      • Joy the Baker Aug 28, 2013

        Hi Maggie! I’m going to try to get to the bottom of this podcast situation!

  11. Alexis Aug 17, 2013

    I am so happy you are back, ladies! Truly a highlight of my week.

    Now Real Talk:
    Joy – a couple weekends ago my husband and I were in a fight and we decided to make your peach and blueberry pie. He made the crust and I did the rest and it turned out so good! I have never had such a successful pie because making the crust stresses me out and it usually ends with me in tears. Anyway, that is just to say that your pie renewed my faith that if we work together we will succeed.
    Tracy – I too loved Six Feet Under. When that show ended, that was the best finale I have ever had the pleasure of watching and I cried like a baby. Happy Birthday month:)

  12. Great podcast…loved the arrested development references. SO glad to see Laura’s comment above…that’s exciting that things seem to be working out!

  13. Great news Laura! I loved your question and the ladies’ answer as well. And your mother’s attitude was SO positive – it truly is amazing. What a relief it must’ve been for you. Enjoy your time with Steve!

  14. fusilliamy Aug 19, 2013

    As a person who only recently sat down and watched The Sopranos front to back, PLEEEASE JOY GO WATCH NOW. Okay, I just had to get that out there. How much do I love Billy and how many times has Mariah Carey been in my head since I listened to the show. Basically, too much.

  15. Meredith Aug 31, 2013

    Hi Joy and Tracy (happy birthday, Tracy)!
    I just wanted to say
    1. Wow, Mariah. Amaze.
    2. I feel the same way about poetry- don’t like it, can’t read it, can’t concentrate (and this is only re poetry, not a problem in the rest of my life).
    3. Re overweight cats. Okay, my exbf had a cat w a weight problem and he came up with a GENIUS idea. He bought a hamster ball, the see through plastic type, and drilled about ten holes in the plastic just big enough for a kibble to fall through. Then we taught the cat how it worked and only fed him his food using the ball. The cat has to move the ball around to get the food to come out, which means he has to walk to get the food, and he stops eating when it’s not worth the work. Amazing. I thought he should patent it.


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