We’re so happy to be back today with a new Joy the Baker Podcast.

This week we’re reaching into our bag of tricks and chatting it up.  As usual, things get weird.  Let’s talk about Macklemore’s lips, Craigslist, and mixed martial arts.  It’ll all come together.  Join us on the ride.

You know the rapper Macklemore, right?  Tracy fell down an instagram rabbit hole and stumbled upon his Vine account.  Take a look at this Macklemore Vine video.


Apparently we have similar lip and chin areas.  Hmm…Tracy is not wrong.  It’s just weird.

Tracy ran into some old buddies from high school on Halloween.  High school reunions should definitely be costume parties.  Sumo preferred.


Also… now Tracy things I look like Gilligan.  Again… she’s not wrong. Good grief.

Thank you for answering our quickfire questions on Twitter!  We love that you’re in the game with us!

Tracy and I sometimes have the same food brain.  We both made pear cake this week!


Tracy’s Pear Cornmeal Cake with Rosemary Syrup.


Joy’s Pear Crumble Coffee Cake.


We also seriously threw down with some French Bread Pizza.  That felt right.

We talked about some interesting articles in today’s podcast!  Read up!

Oops, You Hired The Wrong Hitman.

We’re Guzzling Coconut Water.

We thank you for listening!  Be careful with Craigslist.  Seriously.  You could end up on a vibrating machine.  It’s really just easier to join a gym.

We love you!

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10 comments on “It’s Hard To Eat And Cry

  1. Your lips turn up. His turn down.

  2. sherlonya Nov 8, 2013

    So dang excited to see this. This is definitely gonna help me get my steps in. I’m holding this podcast hostage until my walk!

  3. I took a class at a gym in Philly that involved a Power Plate (vibrating machine) — we did squats and lunges and other such things off it. Apparently it aids in contracting your muscles? I definitely felt it the next day — I have never been so sore in my life! :)

  4. Dona Gomez Nov 10, 2013

    Tracy if you are looking for a gym in the city, not near home, check out the Embarcadero Y, it’s awesome, people are great and lacks the gym weirdness I’ve seen other places, and you can’t beat the view!

  5. Nicci Nov 12, 2013

    On your next podcast I would love if you could give me some ideas for Christmas card photos! We just moved to Arizona from England so thinking of showing off the warm climate (palm trees or something like that involved). Trying to think of something creative or cool or fun – more than just a smile and pose picture. Thanks!!

  6. Rhonda Nov 15, 2013

    3 Musketeers are my go-to candy bar. Though I have been known to melt them with a crumbled granola bar. I’m not saying that’s a good idea but it hit the spot at the time.

  7. Audrey Nov 18, 2013

    Hi Ladies! Have you all ever tried Pure Barre? It’s an amazingly effective, and super fun work out!! There are tons of locations all over California (and the country!). It definitely beats joining a gym :)

  8. Hey Tracy, did you join a gym? I’m a little behind on the podcast. To motivate myself, I put a sticker on the calendar on days that I exercise. It may seem childish, but then I can see how much exercising I accomplish over a month. It motivates me to keep going.

    • Tracy Dec 23, 2013

      I did! I like that trick. I can imagine it works well!

      • It does! Before we threw out our 2013 calendar, I went back to see when I was disciplined with it (and when I wasn’t). It was a clear visual of my accomplishments. May through August, I kicked @$$. Then, it went downhill when life got crazy. Clean slate 2014!

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