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Jepper Depper Do you want to listen to a podcast!?  On this episode of the Joy the Baker podcast, Joy and Tracy answer your relationship questions, live vicariously through your study abroad program, and encourage you to eat more cheese.  Just more of the same!  Oh!  We also have some very important homework.  Have a listen!

Dan Savage talks about relationship deal-breakers.  What are yours?

Dan Savage also talks about all sorts of weird, crazy, and totally normal sex stuff… just so you know.

Tracy is happy with this outfit….although you can’t really tell….

Ooh Nikki.  You’re major!

Get up with the get down!  We’re talking about cheese!

French Onion Soup Sandwiches  and…


Thank you thank you for all of your touching kind words for Tim.  We wanted to show Tim some love and your suggestions were incredible.  We’re so glad you’re here!

We’d think it would be awesome if we honored Veronica with one of her favorite desserts:  Lemon Pound Cake.  Make it and share the love!  Tim and Veronica also loved volunteering and sharing their time and love with others.  Think about it…  let’s make this fit into our lives as well.  It feels like a really humbling way to honor Veronica, ourselves, and the people around us.

Please tweet us (@homefries) and email us at contact at homefries dot com.  We love when you share.

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33 comments on “Jepper Depper Do

  1. heather Oct 11, 2012

    So, I thought it would be a smart idea to have my brows waxed 2 days before my wedding. Well, the first brow went great, but the 2nd one was a disaster. The wax lady also got hot wax on my eyelid and then ripped it off before I could say stop. Yep, off came the wax and a big hunk of lid skin. So, I had a giant scab on my eye lid for my wedding. Real life.

  2. Cayla Oct 11, 2012

    Joy and Tracy! Tracy and Joy! Allow me to nerd out about blue cheese: You were right about the mold-spreading; if you notice that the blue part of the cheese is spreading into the white, or if other creepies are growing on the white part (moldy fuzzies, icky black slime–big warning there!! do not eat!!), then your blue is bad and it’s not a good idea to eat it. You’ll also know if it’s gone bad if its white parts start to look yellowy (or more yellow than normal, if the blue you buy has a creamy/yellowish tinge already)/pink/orangey/brown, and if the blue veins start to discolor; both of these characteristics indicate bad bacteria and/or bad mold, and they’re not safe to eat, so throw those beasties out! Also, blue cheese has a distinct sharp smell, but if the odor changes and becomes more offensive, especially if it’s a nose-stinging ammonia aroma, it’s gone bad. Also, if your cheese is suddenly slimy, oozy, sweaty, or otherwise showing signs that it’s breaking down, that means it’s going bad. Overall, familiarity with your blue cheese will help you notice anything that’s amiss. If the flavor/appearance/texture seems off, trust your instincts and toss it.

    Cheeze on!!

  3. Julie Oct 11, 2012

    You guys rock! Keep doing what you do! JEPPER DEPPER DOO!

  4. Megan Oct 11, 2012

    norweigan boys!!!

  5. Joy, I totally get it. Sushi is not a beautiful food. I also don’t like the texture of it… So I eat it quickly and without looking at it…

  6. JOY you need to get your brows threaded – wax is no go.

  7. Maija Oct 12, 2012

    aww way to make a girl cry at her desk at work! Veronica sounded like an amazing woman! Will bake and share my time :) Also… study abroad… ITS AN AMAZING EXPERIANCE WHERE YOU CAN TRY NEW CHEESES!!! :)

  8. “if every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right” Seinfeld knows best when it comes to relationships and…picking the right checkout line at the grocery store.

  9. sarah Oct 12, 2012

    Extra gruyere made me excited. Bake an apple pie with thyme in the filling and gruyere in the crust! Amazing.

  10. Lemonpoundcakingit!

  11. For two days now, I have had Jepper Depper Do on repeat in my head!

  12. I’m now repeatedly saying “Jepper depper doooooooo!” in my head, sorta like Fred Flinstone.

  13. I’m a chemistry grad student and I just have to comment on the lab attire thing. :) I kept wondering why Caitlyn can’t wear jeans in the lab? Maybe just skinny jeans huh. Most students wear jeans (just maybe not skinny jeans, but doesn’t have to be a boot cut jeans) and t-shirt to the lab because jeans stand up pretty well to chemicals… don’t wear “nice” (i.e. expensive) jeans to the lab obviously as if you work with very strong acids holes may develop over time… very important not to have any holes on the jeans. I’m a little bit worried about boot cut jeans actually; I’m imagining big flares that may drag on the floor or can catch on some stuff like pumps etc that they usually put on the ground hehe maybe it’s just my imagination. Anyways although it’s just t-shirts and jeans, you can wear nicer t-shirts, floral or some embellished or ruffled t-shirts to add something to your outfit. Now that it’s fall maybe you can also add vests, cardigans, etc (or a tank top… ha!). You can’t really wear jewelry and your hair needs to be out of your face but if your hair is long, you can style your hair in braided buns or ponytail twist or top knot I bet it will look really cute! Remember although flats are technically closed-toe it is not safe to wear in the lab because in case you spill stuff it does not give you protection. Sorry for being so nerdy! But really, you don’t have to look like a mad scientist just because you are working in a biochem lab! Wear a bit of foundation blush and maybe a little bit of lipgloss. 😉 Chemistry is soooo fun!! Be safe and don’t forget your gloves and safety goggles and button up that lab coat!

  14. LaneM Oct 13, 2012

    tapas style! I love it.

    The best study abroad movie is L’Auberge Espagnole. It about a French study abroad student in Spain. It definitely underlines what Joy and Tracy are talkin about – go and enjoy and learn a lot about yourself and friends. I’m with Joy’s aunt – study abroad is suuuuper fun! Have a blast and do it single, for sure!

  15. Brittany Oct 15, 2012

    Hi Joy and Tracy! So, I need help…I’ve been listening to old podcasts/every week listening to the new one you’ve posted and in one of them (I don’t know which one!?!?!) you mentioned a book that you both were (are?) reading and one of the chapters was all about boiling water. This completely intrigues me and I’ve been trying to find the name of this book in the show notes but just absolutely can’t find it. Can you help me?? Thanks so much! Brittany

  16. Does anyone know if nursing homes accept food??
    I’d love to make the lemon cake and take it to one!!

    • Hi Staci – it depends on the individual homes – but that’s exactly what I was planning on doing! Great minds think alike!

  17. Judi Setzer Oct 16, 2012

    LOVED this week’s podcast! I will be making a Lemon Pound Cake to honor the memory of Veronica as well. I have been volunteering at my church watching babies and various other children’s activities for years. I love the babies : )
    ALSO … I feel compelled to give a big ole shout out to my favorite cheese – BRIE, preferably all melty gooey inside of buttery, crusty, flakey croissant or puff pastry, I could eat an entire wheel, GEEZ. LOVE YOU GUYS!

  18. havilahjoy Oct 16, 2012

    The Dave Ramsey class we volunteer at will be eating lemon pound cake tonight!

  19. Tamara Oct 16, 2012

    Allow me to make a recommendation. Do not wax your brows anymore. Please try threading. It is the best!!! It does not rip off your skin and it makes a nice clean line.

  20. Hey Joy and Tracy, I know this comment probably has nothing to do with your podcast but I have to ask. How long does it take for you two to come up with a blog post? I just started my own blog and whoa… it takes me about 2 hours to get one single post right!

    I would type the words then add the pics. The formatting, re-editing (x100), updating, previewing. It’s exhausting! I’m into my 4th post and I feel like giving up. gah!

    Does it get easier or is it just going to be tough tough tough? I stared at the PC so long today I feel my head spinning now. For reals.

    And yes, I’ll be making that lemon pound cake very soon. My favourite cheese is brie. Ooey gooey brie.

    • Tracy Oct 17, 2012

      Oh man! Sometimes it takes 2 hours sometimes it takes 8. The editing of photos gets easier the more you do it…but for me, it’s the writing part that I get hung up on. Keep it up! And don’t always take yourself to seriously! HAVE FUN WITH IT.

    • Tracy Oct 17, 2012

      Oh man! It all depends. Some days a post can take me a few hours and other days I’ve worked on it for 8+. At this point the photo editing is really fast for me since I have a good routine and handle on what I’m doing. It’s the writing part/editing/proof reading that takes me FOREVER!!! It’s hard work to make things look effortless. Keep doing it as long as you have FUN!!!

      • Thanks for replying Tracy. You have no idea how much comfort you gave me. I took a day off from my blog, just to get my mind straightened and now I’m in the middle of writing a post. I have NO idea what I’m doing but I’m determined to have fun with it. :-) Not having a DSLR ain’t gonna stop me.

  21. Hey gals, here’s my homework. I hope all our love and poundcake making has reached Tim:)

  22. Sarah Oct 18, 2012

    Hello nice ladies, Sarah from London here, now then I think your advice to the study abroad conundrum was a bit harsh on the boy. Wanting to go on a study abroad programme on your own, as opposed to in a couple is doesn’t necessarily mean you intend to shag half of Europe!

    I can understand this boy’s reluctance – you show up on day one of your international programme in pseudo-married couple and odds on people are going to treat you differently, make less of an effort to be friendly, etc. From my experience, if you are there on your own, then you make more of an effort to speak to the locals, meet new people, etc. Also if you are on your own, then other people make an effort to invite you to things, it’s easier to join a group of randos going to a bar, etc, otherwise folks assume “oh they are a couple. They are fine. They’re not lonely, need inviting to dinner, etc.”

    I travelled around America with a friend for 3 months when I was 21, and we realised at one point, we had only significant conversations we had had in 5 days were with each other. The only interaction we had with locals was buying food,etc. Lame!

    So don’t judge this dude too hard, although based on the friends with benefits thing, this dude is probs keeping his options open. Therefore I say Emmie, study abroad somewhere-else if you can, be your own person, snog some fit australians, you are only young once, etc.

    Or if you do go to Europe, do break up with him/put things on hold because when you are old, you’ll kick yourself that you spent a semester in Europe sitting in your room feeling depressed about some bloke who is shagging a girl from Wisconsin in the room next door. (Because let’s face it if you study abroad the only people you really meet are the other people studying abroad.)

    PS if Emmie comes to London, she can stay round ours if she likes. We’ll introduce her to cute London boys. x

  23. Freya Oct 28, 2012

    I am in the process of become a volunteer for the Red Cross here in the UK helping people who come home from hospital. When I volunteer for the first time I’ll have a lemon pound cake on their kitchen table for when they get out of hospital :)

  24. Listened to this on the way to my first emergency medicine residency interview this week, just what I needed to keep me from stressing out! Thanks for the laughs as always!

  25. Emily Dec 2, 2012

    The two girls who called in from Salt Lake City mention falling in love with Joy’s blog after reading a post about why being single in your 30s is great. Can someone point me toward that post on Joy’s blog? My search isn’t finding one. Thanks in advance.

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