jtb ep 10

This week, on the Joy the Baker Podcast, Joy and Tracy get real.  Fat pants, thick middles, and summer salads.  Also… how many times can you say ‘tankini’ before you make yourself sick?  Like… seriously.  They also take your Twitter submitted questions.  This is real life!

It’s summer, and we’re totally into it… except for the tankini part.

Joy made a tremendous amount of salads.  Ugh… fat sweats.

Wild Rice Salad with yogurt vinaigrette.

Tuna Salad with spinach and noodles.

Carrot Apple Ginger Soup… it’s healthy!

Orange Avocado Salad.  So simple and so delicious!

jtb ep 10

Tracy is also on a salad bonanza!

Garbanzo Couscous & Spinach Salad.  Hearty!

Vietnamese Noodle Salad.  That looks SO GOOD!

Blueberry Corn Salad.  Delicate!

Tracy also has a major salad round-up!

jtb ep 10

What the heck do we do with cucumbers?

Boozy Cucumber Coolers.  Duh.

or Cucumber Infused Vodka.  Double duh!

jtb ep 10

Cindy!  We’re obsessed with your nails!

jtb ep 10


ps.  Regan! You’re pregnant, and you have pee in your fridge, and we love you!

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51 comments on “Thick in the Middle of Summer

  1. um…this is totes AWESOME!

  2. jessica Jul 22, 2011

    I love love LOVE your podcast. It cracks me up and makes my work days go faster. The other day I was sharing some hilarious tidbit from the show with my husband and he was like “Does the Joy the Baker actually bake? Because everything you tell me about her doesn’t have anything to do with baking.” Haha…keep up the good work, ladies!!

  3. Amazing! I guess I’ll diet too.

    Oh! And Cindy’s the best!

  4. Hi ladies!
    Loved the podcast, I’m not offended, I’m your most loyal Spanish listener, I love you both, but… What kind of horrible gazpacho have you been trying?????!!!!!!!! Chunky??? Like eating salsa???!!!
    No no no no, gazpacho is not like that, it’s smooth and creamy, fresh and rich with awesome olive oil. It’s delicious!
    Ok, now I have to go to make a raspberry and almond cake and roast a chicken, but later on I’ll try to send you a good gazpacho recipe.

  5. Joy…I feel you on the kale! But I love love love kale it can be so delicious steamed in a salad or even raw! Also, try vinyasa flow…yoga totally makes me feel better about eating :)

    And check this kale salad out! http://mleurban.blogspot.com/2011/07/two-things.html#more

  6. Heather E Jul 22, 2011

    Thanks for another fun episode, ladies. But when are you two going to stop teasing us with the retreat details and tell us how to sign up?! Can’t wait!

  7. Becky Jul 22, 2011

    Love that nails pic! Is there a link to the tutorial you mentioned?

  8. Katie Jul 22, 2011

    Wishing I still lived near a Trader Joe’s…hello hour long drive! I’m also a little thick around the middle, but working on thinning it out…thanks for the tips 😀

  9. Keisha G Jul 22, 2011

    Hi Joy and Tracy,

    This is my first time listening to your podcast, and I absolutely love it. Awesome, ladies. Joy, I have been following your blog for almost a year, and I have been totally satisfied. In fact, you have the best food blog, totally. I am a baker and home cook, and I find your stories and your food, very inspirational.I am going to start eating more kale and beans, and less cakes and cookies. Thanks!!!

  10. I’m so sad there is no trader joe’s near me :( – Not even ONE in my state ! Your frozen yogurt combos sound so good!

  11. I love this podcast. I feel like I’m hanging out with my friends whenever I listen to it. It makes my days so much better! Keep it up ladies!

    My parents keep batteries in the butter too! Ever since I was a small child, I have found batteries where there should be butter. Maybe they left those in fridges so that people can keep their batteries in there?

    Fat sweats are God’s gift to women.

  12. Vanessa Jul 22, 2011

    I have to say that while I’m huge fan of your podcasts and big reader of joythebaker.com, I was disappointed in how much this podcast focused on the word “fat” and our bodies as women. I understand it’s something that we all think about and that many of us are self conscious and can therefore relate to the topic. However, I think it’s unfortunate that it was chosen as a topic for your podcast and a message for listeners. Maybe if I had listened to the entire episode, this one portion of it wouldn’t have stuck out so much in my mind, but I decided to cut the listening short this time.

    • i’m sorry vanessa! you know i was talking about my own fat… right? keep in mind that these podcasts are a real glimpse into our real lives. i was actually wearing my sweats. i actually call them my fat sweats. i feel thick in the middle these days… that’s just a fact, and i wanted to talk about it. i also wanted to talk about awesome summer salads, my continued obsession with nail design, and frozen yogurt. earth shattering, right?
      i’m sorry this particular podcast didn’t connect with you.

  13. Had pee in my fridge! HAD! The past tense is important!

  14. Molly Jul 23, 2011

    You gals are the best. I really despise tankinis too. Wear a bikini or don’t wear one. You ladies are a breath of fresh air always and I look forward to your podcasts. What are the details about getting into the retreat? Is there already a sign up? I’m totally interested!!

  15. I can relate to being “thick in the middle of summer”. Actually, it’s more of a “thick in the middle of fall, winter and spring” situation as well, haha. But I enjoyed this podcast (I was cracking up at work yesterday) and was motivated to create some awesome (and filling!) salads for lunch and dinner. Thank you Joy and Tracy!

  16. Sorry ladies, its all about the tankini. My arse looks better in the shorts, I can choose whether or not I choose to expose the tummy, they don’t bunch half the amount of a fullsuit and require only the quarter amount of self-consciousness required to wear a bikini! But the word is hideous.You know how people use the word “moist” or “toothsome” to describe food and you never want to eat that food ever? The word “Tankini” is like the fashion equivalent. Big time.

    Me and the partners of my boyfriend’s friends are staging revolts and having “salad nights” because no one’s boyfriend likes salad and due to living on a shoestring no one can afford to buy separate foods for each person in the couple. So we’re having salad nights, where we go away and gorge on salads and leave the silly boys to fend for themselves. So cheers for all the recipes!

    I not only have fat pants. I have my ultra-fat pants. I know I am not fat, in fact I am quite small (though I used to be obese. Damn being so short – the “obese mark” is lower!) but they’re for the days when I bloat up, when I feel uncomfortable in myself OR for if I am having a massive stuffathon, preparing to have one of those lazy ice-cream days and therefore the elasticated waist is welcome man! And I didn;t find this “focus” on size in any way sad or offensive, this is stuff we talk and bitch about all the time and that’s what I love about the podcasts – it feels like we’re listening in on a girly chat! Don’t start censoring!

  17. Listening for the first time right now!!! Love it you two are so cute! haha i love it “I can’t go on a diet my name is Joy the Baker”

    You’re awesome..just sayin

  18. Tanashati Jul 24, 2011

    salad for you to try joy:
    (I love salads w/ grains too)

    mixed spring greens or baby spinach
    pinto beans
    red onions
    …and really anything else you want to add (carrots, bell pepper, etc.)

    juice of a lime
    olive oil
    salt and pepper

    sorry I don’t have measurements, I don’t really feel it crucial for this salad.

    hope you try it.
    your amazing!

  19. Tankinis? BARF.

    Jeggings? GAG?

    Your podcast? CAN I GET IT THROUGH AN IV?

  20. I thought I am the only person who wears dresses as gowns to bed!
    I go to Forever 21 and buy one of their chea … inexpensive cotton dress, like $12 a pop, and I totally sleep in those bad boys. They don’t bunch and they’re super comfortable. And when you wake up on Sunday morning and realize you’re out of turkey bacon and you just can’t face Sunday morning without turkey bacon, you just throw on a bra and some sandals and hightail it to Trader Joe’s for your turkey bacon and nobody has any idea that you slept in that cute dress. They just think, “I wish I looked that put together on a Sunday morning.”

  21. I don’t think two women talking about their body issues is a bad thing. You’re letting us know you have the same issues and concerns about your body as a lot of other women do. It didn’t seem that bad to me, anyway.

    Very cool Podcast. Keep them coming, we love them!

  22. I saved this podcast for a dreaded road trip and it was totally worth it. Thanks for making my 3 hour trip fly by (well a portion of it). You guys often crack me up. The first thing I thought of when Joy mentioned not needing batteries was the remote! lol

    You guys are pretty awesome!

  23. This is so delightful. You guys are the best! Nightgowns, cucumbers, sweatpants, target, nail polish, I mean really! xo!

  24. Again, I LOVE. Can’t say much else…cause I feel like I stalk the podcast and keep telling you how much Erik and I love you gals. But we do. True story. xoxo

  25. I was eating peanuts while listening to your debate on dieting and stuff. that feels weird. I just finished the package.
    why do i write that?
    it just feels like hanging around with you listening to you podcast.
    it’s really a good way to spend the evening. sewing and hanging out and eating peanuts. Sorry if they are finished now. I’m wearing a dress means no buttons on my trousers.

    by the way: i would really love to know how you come up with a new recipe. i’d love a podcast on that topic. what are your steps and when will you say: “oh… mmh.. i should write that stuff down” or do you always write down steps while cooking. or .. or.. or???

  26. BlushingBaker Jul 25, 2011

    These podcasts make my LIFE! Seriously, on a blue day all I have to do is listen in, have some wine of course, and I’m feeling cheerful again! Thank you ladies! :) My comment makes my life sound kind of lame but whatever!

  27. Stacerella Jul 25, 2011

    Avocado gazpacho. Would you try that? It’s mild and lovely, and has good cream in it. It’s totally NOT cold salsa (I normally heat up salsa in a bowl in my microwave – am I alone?).

  28. Rachel Jul 26, 2011

    Listening right now… I have to say, I’ve never had Gazbacho, and have always thought it would just be like salsa. Yuck! I love salsa… with chips. Regarding the tankini, I have to admit that I have a cute, black halter one, with black boy shorts, that I Iike, and feel comfortable in. :)

  29. I am feeling you on the diet, I started a clean eating one week “cleanse” and it is not easy! Especially when I see people eating bread, or hot dogs…o dear, yeah…I feel you!

  30. O dear I misspelled my own name! It is actually Krafty (with a T)

  31. Meghan Jul 26, 2011

    I happened to be on an 8 hour drive when I got a text – “listen to the new podcast right now. this is real life.” My car is parked now, but Castaway is still accurate. I reasoned through picking up a cheesecake, but decided without a sister to hand it to me, or forks, things would get messy. Thanks for keeping me company for part of the drive!

  32. kelly Jul 26, 2011

    tights=yoga pants. My daughter said “mom you don”t even do yoga”. True but I hope to one day. Love you both! <3

  33. Laura Jul 27, 2011

    Just wanted to let you know that my (new as of 7/16) husband keeps his checkbooks in the fridge. Maybe not quite as bizarre as batteries… but it’s fire safe! (or at least that’s his justification) Thanks for making me laugh and entertained on long drives and long jogs!

  34. Seriously… you guys crack. Me. Up. I love listening to your podcasts while making dinner and often times burst out into laughter. My husband comes rushing in because he thinks I’m choking to death.. Then he wonders why I’m listening to people talking about random stuff. Whatevs. I like it.

  35. Katie Jul 29, 2011

    Hey Joy! First of all, I am so not a “commenter.” I prefer to just listen to podcasts and stalk blogs. But I had to chime in when you mentioned your “embarassing” thing about pulling your eyebrows because this is a real thing! It’s called trichotillomania (makes it sound WAY worse than it is, huh?). My sister does the same thing- playing with eyebrows and pulling them out without realizing it, and it was really hard for her to deal with at first because she HATED herself for it. But it made me so happy to hear you mention it and just be like, yeah- I know it’s weird, but it’s just something I do. We all have our weird things right? I’ll be the first to raise my hand to that. Thanks to you and Tracy for being willing to put yourselves out there and maybe help people realize that doing things like eating popcorn for dinner and driving with your jeans unbuttoned are totally normal.

  36. love the podcast! i’ve been saving up the podcasts 1-9 for when the baby is asleep and my husband is out–and this has finally happened! i love it! however, as someone who birthed a baby a year ago for the first time, i was saddened to hear the ridicule in your voices when discussing tankinis. for someone like me who is still working on losing the SIXTY lbs (ell-beee-esses) i gained while prego, a tankini is a must. granted, i do have a one piece, but when faced with holding a squirming one year old in a disgusting public restroom at the pool while trying to wiggle out of my bathing suit in order to relieve myself, well, i wear the tankini. sorry, ladies. please don’t hate me.

  37. I am getting married and we did register for a kettle-seemed like the time! I would like to note that I did buy myself a Kitchen Aid Mixer (in Pistachio!) a year before marriage because there was no way I was waiting for a man to enter my life before the Kitchen Aid could…

  38. Spring Aug 22, 2011

    I love this! You both are hilarious. I read your blog, but I had never listened to a podcast- until now. I shall forever be hooked! :)

  39. Just heard this and laughed out loud at Tracy’s barely audible “swiper no swiping” comment. Nice Dora reference. Love it!

  40. Jessica Nov 18, 2011

    I was JUST listening to this episode again while in comfy stretchy pants. Went upstairs to change, MAJOR pants issue. My absolute favorite pair of jeans? Way too tight. But, in the words of my sweet hubby, “They make your butt look super nice.” Thanks but now I won’t be able to sit down or eat anything for dinner. Awesome. Ohhh fat pants.

  41. freedomshold Dec 20, 2012

    Kia ora! I have been reading your blog for awhile now, and have just recently discovered your podcasts. Awesome! If you two lived in New Zealand we would be friends, and would spend our summers “thick around the middle” from all the cafe visiting and the baking we would do in each other’s kitchens. :) Keep the fun coming. -Ebby

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