jtb ep 12

Red Flag! Look out!  Danger ahead!

We’ve all been there… rationalizing why a restaurant is stone cold empty on a Friday night, baking with totally bunk yeast, booking a room at the ‘rustic’ hotel, dating the dude with lady hands.  All disasters.

This week on the Joy the Baker podcast, Joy and Tracy unpack life’s little warnings:  red flags! They unpack them, laugh at them, try to learn from their mistakes, and they stop working at the Cheesecake Factory… because who even knows what to do with that menu in the first place.

Listen and learn.


Red flags in restaurant dining… and Joy apologizes for being the worst waitress you’ve ever had.  She’s sorry, kinda.

jtb ep 12

Good Lord, Guy.

jtb ep 12

The road to Hana, HI.  It’s absolutely stunning.

jtb ep 12

I mean… really.

But wait.  Is all this nature a red flag?

jtb ep 12

This tree house was just a bit too rustic for Joy’s diva sensibilities?

The toilet situation made her nervous.

They were also outnumbered by mosquitoes and crawling bugs.  Not ok.

Oh!  And this place wasn’t even cheap!!!

Rustic = Red flag.  Major.

jtb ep 12


jtb ep 12

Cookies are never a red flag, are they?

No… especially if there’s bacon in there.  Joy loves Oatmeal Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies and Tracy made  Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies.

Sonic Boom!

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45 comments on “Red Flags

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. Photos in the show notes completed the experience :] Keep it up!

  2. This podcast made me ridiculously happy. Can’t wait to listen to the rest of them. Thanks, you two! :)

  3. i just breathed a HUGE sigh of relief that other people besides me have had ugly baking experiences with yeast. hallelujah, its not me, its you (yeast)!

  4. You ladies crack me up. Tracy I love your laugh. Now I want cookies..

  5. Celina Aug 4, 2011

    So which podcast responders were getting the emails? You said episode five but there were the most responders about Palm Springs following episodes 3 and 8. I responded to episode 8 so I was just curious.

  6. Emily B Aug 4, 2011

    Red flag for boys: when he tells you that he thinks it’s time for his pets to “go back to God,” and then you feel awful for blowing him off (because you’re assuming it’s a beloved dog or cat) and when you express your sympathy, he says “Thanks. They (twin fancy rat girls)… etc etc.” And then refers to them later as “my girls.”

  7. Another great podcast ladies! Oh, I’m with you on the Cheesecake Factory + rules drama. I worked there {for like two weeks} after college. I got yelled at for putting five more chocolate chips on a dessert. They actually counted them. On the plate. Ummmm…..yeah. Too many rules.

    Some of my red flags: brownie recipes made with mostly cocoa powder, restaurants that make you pay for everything extra {like bread} or have a lackluster beer selection, boys who have poor music taste, boys who don’t like to share their food, boys who don’t like vacations {yes, true story!}.

  8. Wilma Aug 4, 2011

    LARGE red flag for boys: when they only like to go to chain restaurants & order steak & baked potatoes. Every time. Eaten separately. Also, this boy never drank coffee in his life, never ate pie (!!! he thinks it seems like it would be gross), won’t eat tomatoes, doesn’t like desserts (although he never tries them, cause he thinks he might not like them) the list goes on & on. Literally frightened to eat new foods. It boggles the mind, and made me insane. And angry. He is now a “friend”. On another note, thank you for introducing me to the “Uhh yeah dude” podcast. Love it, & I also want to marry Seth. :) Oh, and I hosted a lunch at my house today, & the entire lunch was made from your recipes. Both of you. The compliments were profuse, so thank you.

  9. I had a question. I remember on one of the podcasts you asked everyone who would be interest to leave a comment. This was a while ago. I can’t remember which podcast it was but I certainly remember leaving a comment. I’ve gone back and looked through them all and I can’t even see where these comments were. I feel like I’m loosing my mind. Please help me. :)

    • interested in the retreat* Sorry, left a few key words out there.

  10. Holly Aug 4, 2011

    Love your recipes, love your podcasts, and would really love to be a part of your retreat next month.

  11. dear JTB,
    i love your podcasts, they are super funny. i was listening to the latest one and i heard you say something about a “monkey dish”. do you know why they call it a monkey dish??? because if you put it on your head, you look like a monkey. (dead serious)

  12. BlushingBaker Aug 5, 2011

    LOVE THE PODCAST! As I was listening to it I was eating joy’s, but made by me, meyer lemon berry pancakes, what a triumph! What a great way to start the day, thank you ladies!!!

  13. Laura Aug 5, 2011

    I love your podcast!! One red flag I discovered a while ago is that when you are searching for an apartment, if they call it “cozy” they do not mean comfortable. They mean small. As in your bed will have to be your couch and your desk, unless you want to set a tv tray in front of your toilet and use that as your desk. Yeah- never even bother with a cozy apartment. Some ads are even more sneaky- they like to call it charming. Yup. Another word for miniscule. Ding! Red flag.

  14. This last podcast is hillarious, I think it’s my favourite so far!
    Boys red flag: If they chew their food with the open mouth and making noises or if they hold the cutlery like if they were 7. Also I agree with Wilma.

  15. Melissa Aug 5, 2011


    Had a first date with a guy a few weeks ago… He totally handed me a dead fish (aka horrible handshake) and all my friends think I’m a jerk for calling that a deal breaker.

    I do think I am now dating a guy with dainty hands, but he’s super handy and does all sorts of home improvementy things… he just has really small hands.

  16. Okay–not a contribution to your goody bag, but if we’re doing a lot of eating and lounging and retreating at this retreat…I could teach a Zumba class. P.S. Joy, Street Fighter for Sega was the best. Although we never had a Sega, we got to borrow it while my neighbors were on vacation. Yes!

  17. Dating red flag: When a guy takes you to a strip club on your second date. True story. This was one of my favorite podcasts so far. I want to go to your retreat, but I’m not sure if it’s in my budget at the moment – hope you guys have more!

  18. I was just now listening to your red flags episode while riding my bike and laughed soo hard! I loved it!

  19. Sarina Aug 6, 2011

    Tracy and Joy, I love this podcast! You guys should have your own tv show, seriously! :)

  20. Elisabeth Aug 7, 2011

    “I can see you!” :-)
    I almost fell off my chair laughing. I love your podcasts, keep them coming!

  21. My favorite episode yet! Loved all the red flags and Tracy making that bing every time. You guys are great!

  22. hotel red flag:
    My husband (then boyfriend of a couple months) and I went to the jazz festival together in Montreal a while ago. After getting there we found out that NO hotels had rooms in the city (note: don’t make reservations on Expedia, apparently they aren’t always real). We drove around on the outside of the city, got lost, found a Hotel/Motel (the sign had blinking, alternating H and Ms… red flag) and went for it. When we asked for a room, they asked us if we wanted it for 3 hours, or for the night (AHH! RED FLAG). When we said for the night they said we had to wait outside for half an hour before checking in (what? EW!) But, that was the only option we could find (another red flag)… so we stayed there, sketchy back-door-to-the-parking-lot-in-the-room and all. And we survived.
    Thank you for making work more entertaining today! And for pointing out the oatmeal cookies… those will happen very soon.

  23. Natasha Aug 9, 2011

    I didn’t comment on the last podcast, but I would love to attend Home Fries U! Your red flags were on point, as you both always are.

  24. Sonic Boom was Guile’s big move, but the sumo guy was E. Honda. Yay for growing up around gaming guys! Another red flag is if they’re too serious about singing songs in the car, like if you’re supposed to be the “audience”.

  25. Katie Aug 10, 2011

    So sad about commenting on the wrong episode for the get together! Perhaps it will become an annual event?

    • joythebaker Aug 10, 2011

      it’s not too late! we’re announcing more about the retreat tonight!

  26. joythebaker Aug 10, 2011

    you guys! thank you so much for adding Red Flags! Tracy and I can’t wait to talk about them in Episode 13!

  27. THANK YOU for voicing my deep seeded distain for the Cheesecake Factory! (I was publicly humiliated in one – the bad, flirting-with-the-waitress-who-has-your-name kind of experience – and now I realize, I should have known the Boy was trouble ’cause red flag = Cheesecake Factory!!)

  28. just adding to some other red flag situations: renting or buying a home. some scary places. *shudder* anyhoo, great subject! :)

  29. Melissa Aug 11, 2011

    Boy red flags were too true. A friend and I have always agreed that the man must have larger hands than you, especially if yours aren’t all that dainty. I would also add another red flag: boys who don’t want to tell people you’re in a relationship “just yet.” Boo.

  30. Joy the Baker Podcast Drinking Game:
    1. Gather friends
    2. Serve bourbon
    3. Listen to episode 12: Red Flags
    4. Take a drink for every “ding”
    5. Take 2 drinks for every “ayyyyyyyouken”
    6. Finish drink for every sonic boom.

    This may be a red flag about my drinking habits.

  31. Just finished listening to the podcast and totally agreed with all of the red flags! I once dated one of those too close to their mom kind of boys and what you guys said was so true! It was annoying! I totally had to come and see the pictures of the treehouse that Joy promised and oh my gosh my mouth dropped! I couldn’t have stayed their either and it does look worse than camping! I mean at least camping bathrooms are actual rooms, not decks! New red flag: toilet paper flapping in the wind means no doors and people will be able to see you! Just say No!

    Thanks for another great podcast ladies!

  32. Cristina Aug 13, 2011

    Oh ladies. These red flags sound like my life. Fo. Real.
    Street fighter guy? Yup. Been there. Shoryuken!
    –.– NO. I’m done.

    Mama’s boy? Been there, too.
    Love you two, so so much for keeping it real.

  33. RED FLAG for restaurants: if they only have frozen desserts they don’t have a pastry chef, and if they don’t have a pastry chef it’s not worth spending your time and your money there.

  34. A Little Coffee Aug 14, 2011

    Oh, lordy. Red flags for dating:
    -If you’re online dating and he either wants to meet up with you after chatting for about 5 minutes (this means he wants to have sex with any breathing female), or if he resists making plans to meet up for an unreasonable length of time (this more than likely means he’s actually an obese lesbian hacker posing as a hot guy online, while sitting in the roach infested basement at her parent’s house.)
    -He won’t introduce you to his friends or won’t touch you in public, not even holding hands.
    -He has pet rodents. Sorry, it’s not just if he’s too into them. If he has them at all, you’re dating a 12 year old boy in a man’s body.
    -His room is decorated with wall-to-wall bookshelves chock full of his shot glass collection and handpainted war figurines. Not that this happened.
    -He has lots of weird food issues. I know that allergies are not in his control, but if he can’t eat spicy food, dairy or soy products, shellfish, or 5 kinds of nuts, it’s not going to work out for us.

  35. SO TRUE about the Hana Hwy. We tried to drive it last year and my husband got so stressed out we turned around at the ghetto rest stop halfway there. (Red flag: only cold water, no soap in restroom! Also: flies, feral cats and chickens.)

    I don’t see what’s so bad about plastic-wrapped plastic cups at hotels. You guys must be hella richer than me if that’s a red flag. I don’t like the doors that lead straight to outside either though.

  36. Jenny Sep 13, 2011

    I didn’t know the Cheesecake Factory had such time restrictions on things like water and bread. I don’t think we have EVER gotten water and bread that fast.

  37. Oh my goods I’ve BEEN there! (the Road to Hana, that is). Hubs and I went on our honeymoon. Stopped at KMart before the journey to buy bread and PB, then a swift wind blew this lady’s muumuu up OVER her head. Disturbing. Red flag right there. Don’t go to KMart while in Hawaii. Or, don’t go to KMart EVER.

  38. Late to the party here, but it’s Hadoken and it was said by Ken and Ryu. I’m a gamer girl who loves baking and cooking and girly things haha.

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