joy the baker episode 13

Joy the Baker and Tracy can not handle your pet rat.  They just don’t understand.

In this episode, Joy and Tracy discuss karma.  How do we increase our good karma points?  Nice notes, random smiles, and lots of eye contact with strangers.  Let’s get on it!

Joy also plans a party for her cat.  It’s a problem.

We also take your calls.  Yea… we’re getting technical.

Tracy made her husband a delicious grilled pizza… and she drank juice. Clean up that system Tracy! You’ve got willpower for daaaayyyyssss!!

Stay strong.  Blue Print Cleanse is yummy.

joy the baker episode 13

Joy wants to have a birthday party for her cat.  Hats.  Bow ties.  Salmon cake.  Good grief.  Cat lady central.

joy the baker episode 13

Karma!  It’s comin’ atcha!  Leave a friendly note on a strangers car.

Smile at a stranger.

Pay some tolls.

joy the baker episode 13

Leave some quarters on the ground for a few strangers.  Hearts are nice.

It’s Homefries U time!

Click here for all of the retreat details.

Leave a comment below for a chance to win a ticket into the retreat.  Just tell us when and where you listen to the Joy the Baker podcast.  Comments close Friday August 19th, 2011.  A winner will be randomly selected and announced in two weeks, in podcast 15.

Subscribe to the Homefries podcasts through email.  That’s easy listening!

Also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and iTunes.

ps.  CALL US!  Seriously… call us:  (817) 82-fries

It’s a Texas number… we don’t know why.

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131 comments on “Pay it Forward

  1. love love LOVE the podcasts!! It feels like I’m sitting in the living room with both of you laughing and enjoying some coffee.

    I usually listen to you guys while I’m sitting in my living room around 4:30 5:00 in the morning lol. Hey it’s my morning pick me up.

  2. Heather E Aug 11, 2011

    I listen to the JTB podcast in the mornings in my kitchen while I’m baking or doing the dishes. Love you girls, and I’d love to join you at the retreat! Thanks for planning it!

  3. I never miss your podcast! I listen to your podcast while going on an afternoon walk. I tell you, the time just flies by when I’m listening. There’s nothing better!

  4. Heather E Aug 11, 2011

    Hey, also, maybe you can start a “roommates” comment section for the retreat. I’m sure there are lots of us out there who’d love to share a room at the resort or in a house for the weekend! Thanks!

    • michael Aug 11, 2011

      Great idea.

      • Heather E Aug 11, 2011

        Also, do you have the times listed for the retreat somewhere? My sister and I are coming and want to make sure we get flights during the right time of day on Friday (or Thursday?) and Sunday. :) Don’t want to miss anything!

        • joythebaker Aug 11, 2011

          thanks heather! i’ll set up a roommate page this afternoon! and the retreat runs from early evening on Friday to around noon on Sunday. i’ve amended the information on the retreat page. thank you! really hope to see you there!

          • Heather E Aug 11, 2011

            Fabulous! We just registered! SO STOKED!

  5. Karen Aug 11, 2011

    I love your podcast! I listen in the evening when in the evening when I’m making dinner. You girls always crack me up!

  6. Marie Aug 11, 2011

    You girls get me though my loonnggg days of bookkeeping…and workouts at the gym. I usually laugh-out-loud. People look at me funny.
    Today I will be listening to you while I sort invoices for July..its 8:30am but I have been up at working since 5:30. Coffee and chocolate will be involved.

  7. Sondra Aug 11, 2011

    I LOVE spending time with the two of you! I laugh out loud, there may be some snorting involved… most of all I love how human and real you are. Thanks for sharing your lives with us !

  8. Every time there’s a new podcast, you two become my workout buddies! Today we’re going on the stair climber. I get so into your conversations, I forget about how much I hate it.

  9. I always listen to your podcast at work! I love my job but it’s a great way to keep me even more entertained with what I’m doing! The only problem is that I might disturb everyone around me because I’m laughing so hard!

  10. I’ve listened to your podcast in many different places and situations! I listen sometimes on my walk to or from school, or while I’m at school doing work that only requires a little bit of my brain (woo data entry!), or sometimes when I’m home baking/making dinner/cleaning the kitchen. It’s great every time! Plus, I always wind up sounding like a kind of crazy person laughing to myself, so that’s a bonus.

    The retreat sounds amazing, I would love to get a chance to go and have fun cooking, crafting, wine-and-bourbon drinking, and taking some pictures. I even have some great friendship bracelet making supplies to bring along!

  11. Rachel Farquharson Aug 11, 2011

    every time I listen to your wonderful antics on this podcast I smile so much my cheeks hurt!

    PS thanks for the cookbook recommendations, I’v gotten both and am loving them!


  12. Natalie Aug 11, 2011

    Hi! I love, love, love y’all! I would love to come to your retreat but I will have just had my bebe girl & couldn’t bear to leave her! I hope you have a blast ( I know you will!) and maybe next time! I’m listening in from Houston, Texas and I think it’s awesome your Homefries # is a Texas number. :)

  13. I listen to the podcast while I’m at work dreaming of making delicious food and wishing you both were actually sitting on the couch in my office hanging out with me.

  14. I listen to the podcast while cooking at work! ( and baking at home!

  15. Lesia Matheson Aug 11, 2011

    I listened last night pitting cherries (lots!) (lots more!). And while I bake at work. Im a baker!

  16. hi. hello. i’m abby and i listen to you guys all the time and end up talking about you on twitter. big whoop wanna fight about it?? i usually wait until i get home from work to listen to it and i make tea and a snack… and saddle up to my computer and listen to you guys and drink tea all sophisticated like. I end up laughing out loud like I’m listening in on you guys’ phone call or something. It’s a serious affair. It’s like Grey’s Anatomy serious. I prePARE for it. and i REALLY. REALLY. wanna go to Palm Springs with you guys! can i say really again? i’m gonna. REALLY.

  17. Katie Aug 11, 2011

    I love love love this podcast. And I love love love and I listen to this podcast at work when things are slow. Blah. But I think we would be friends. For real. Not creepy. Promise.

  18. Berenice Aug 11, 2011

    Hi! I’m so excited for Homefries U! I listen to your podcast as soon as I see that there is a new one and I constantly check and Joy the Baker dot come and just to make sure I’m not missing it. I listen usually in my bedroom while I’m cleaning up or just laying in my bed doing nothing because I love to just sit and listen to all the important real life comments you guys give. Honestly, I love it! Thanks for being so awesome!!

  19. Grace Aug 11, 2011

    I listen to the Joy the Baker podcast while commuting to and from work! How else would I manage a smile (and secret chuckles) while crammed into a crowded NYC subway train?

  20. Ok, I’m only 10 minutes into the podcast, but I’m laughing so hard that I had to pause it to comment on my strip club date. The guy’s name was kind of fratty – Erik? Right??

    Our first date was drinks at a bar, and he was incredibly handsome, incredibly charming, and my then 23-year old self was very impressed with his job – he was a chief at a government agency here in DC that shall remain nameless. The strip club we went to on our second date was called Crystal City Restaurant – I didn’t know what it actually was until I got to the parking lot and saw the blacked out windows with naked lady silhouettes on them. One would assume it was a restaurant, right? (I have never gone on a date without googling the venue again.) I actually went through with the date after going to the bathroom and texting my girlfriends where I was in case he chopped me up into little pieces, mainly because I was hoping to get a good story out of the evening.

    Obviously I wasn’t interested in going out with him again after that, but he proceeded to text me multiple times daily for almost a month. I ignored every single text until he finally got the hint.

    Long story short: your government officials are kinky and creepy. I have a really sweet boyfriend now who takes me to real restaurants where the servers are wearing clothes. Hurray!

    • I’m really happy for you Maggie. Glad things worked out and good point on always googling date locations!

  21. Cheryl Aug 11, 2011

    hey girls – I did not start listening until a couple weeks ago, and have had to catch up! I have been remodeling/painting 2 of my daughter’s bedrooms, and you guys have been keeping me company while I work! Love the podcasts – so entertaining and fun!!

  22. Rachel Aug 11, 2011

    We celebrate our dog’s birthday. We also don’t have kids yet. We like to make our dog wear a paper crown. He doesn’t love this. He usually removes it and tries to eat it before I can take a photo. I don’t know if I have ever been successful. (We do this at Christmas too, with antlers. I do have photos of the 10 seconds that this lasted.) We often buy him a present – a rawhide bone or something to chew on. Or, if we didn’t buy him anything, we just give him a big piece of paper that he can make into many smaller ones. He’s good at this.

    Regarding the bridge toll: If you’re not from the area, and weren’t expecting a toll, and only have a credit card and no cash, it’s really expensive, like $75! Yuck! Wish we’d had Tracy ahead of us that day. :)

    I hate it when people avoid my eye contact and especially when they don’t say hi back (I mean, I didn’t just smile, I said the words out loud. I know they could hear me!). However, I have also had people compliment me randomly (my sunglasses and my eye glasses, separate occasions, not wearing them both at the same time). Maybe they cancel each other out.

    Just tie the knot for your friendship bracelet and put the pin through it. :)

    This is what happens when I’m listening while working (from home)… I’m commenting as I listen, instead of working. Oops.

    • Rachel Aug 11, 2011

      Got to the end… to enter this awesome contest, in case the above didn’t count, I listen while I work as a Digital Artiste. I retouch photos, and after a while I need something else to think about because I start to get stare-eyes from staring at people’s faces for hours. :)

  23. Anna T. Aug 11, 2011

    I only discovered the podcast two days ago, and the only reason why this workweek has gone so well is because I’ve been listening to all of the podcast episodes at work. Joy and Tracy, I heart you both!

    Also, Joy, celebrating your cat’s birthday is totally legit. My cat’s 5th birthday was this February and I made a little catfood cake (two cans of cat food on top of each other, surrounded by a dry catfood border). Gah I really sound like a crazy cat lady.

  24. i listen via itunes while i’m procrastinating @ work. ha! i’ve told total strangers when their flies open or when they have food stuck on their face, does that count for good karma?

  25. i really really love the homefries podcast. i listen to them at work, they help the day go by so well!
    pretty pretty pick me?!

  26. I love to listen to your podcasts in my apartment in the morning while I make the bed, cook some breakfast, and get ready for the day.


  27. Celina Aug 11, 2011

    I listen the morning it posts, usually a Thursday, while I am washing dishes and doing laundry. You guys make the time fly by and chores kinda fun! BTW, guys, camping and “rustic” lodgings can be fun. Any situation is what you make it!

  28. Melozi Aug 11, 2011

    Here’s to karma. Who is not a big burly lady.
    And you ladies are beautiful.
    Your podcasts make my day full of sunshine and rainbows. Speaking of rainbows, Texas needs rain. Can that be our good karma return? Lots of rain?

  29. I listen to your podcasts in the car, when I’m driving to a cooking class, or any time I need a laugh. Good stuff!

  30. Connie Aug 11, 2011

    I listen to your podcast at home, when I don’t want to study, or when I want to wind down from a long day at work.

  31. Tiffany Aug 11, 2011

    Hi there!! I listen an work (shhhh don’t tell!)
    Heart you guys! :)

  32. This karma thing is cool – except when you’re alone in a halfway-to-shady, deserted part of town and an old guy with rotten teeth tells you he likes your shirt AND THEN walks away, muttering creepily, “You have nice legs.” That’s just creepy. Lesson learned – wear sweatpants and ugly shirts when walking alone! :)

  33. Annie Aug 11, 2011

    I’m listening to your Podcast at work! I work at Picking Daisies, and we wish we could go so badly!

  34. I listen to Joy the Baker podcast at my brain-draining data entry day job. I have to muffle my laughter from within my cubicle but most of the time I can’t control myself and end up getting of funny looks from co-workers – but I could kind of care less about that!. Your podcasts brighten my day times one hundred. Y’all are two of the most charming ladies & I would be pleased as punch to win a ticket to your retreat (fingers crossed) Thanks for being awesome!

  35. One time I was at the store standing in line to buy peanuts and the man in front of me realized he couldn’t pay for his groceries because he didn’t have enough money. So I was about to hand him some money and tell him he “dropped” it. Right before I did it, I watched him put a packet of ham and a bottle of mustard in his pocket. I couldn’t give him the money any more because then he’d know I was watching him steal ham! Argh, I wonder what kind of karma that is…

    Speaking of doing nice things for strangers, it reminds me of “Reverse Pick Pocketing” from the Soul Pancake book (

  36. I totally neeeeedd to win a ticket to the retreat. I always listen to your podcast super late at night when I should be sleeping. My husband hears me cackling like an insane person and then asks me why a baking podcast is always about boys and clothes. I told him not to worry about it, that’s it’s totally relevant to cooking and baking.

  37. Ps- I made my dog a doggie cake and a doggie safe pasta recipe for his birthday once. He even had friends help him eat it.

  38. Marie Aug 11, 2011

    I would totally have a cat birthday! My husband wont let me have a cat though :( haha. We do have a baby puppy named Griffin. He is 6 days old! ( he was a runt and orphaned by his momma) so now I bottle feed him every 3 hours and if he makes it to 1 year I will def be having a party. He is kinda sickly though ( being the runt) so I hope he makes it! Currently he is sleeping in my lap and sucking on my pinky finger.

  39. I usually listen to your podcasts while I’m walking to work in the morning. I’m hoping to come down from Vancouver, BC and would love to win a ticket!

  40. maija Aug 11, 2011

    I love listening to your podcast at work, especially at the very end of the day when I have run out of snacks & am feeling grumpy & don’t want to listen to my co-workers make random chatter. So, I pop on my headphones and do some of my more repetitive work tasks & enjoy your witty, crazy stories. Thanks!

  41. I made my dog wear a party hat on her first birthday :) I’ll send you the picture because I know you’re dying to see it 😉

  42. See you gals in Palm Springs!!

  43. courtney Aug 11, 2011

    hey joy!! i’m planning a party for madeline & tifffany. they enjoy cream cheese frosting (hence the carrot cake cupcakes coming their way) & bbq (lucille’s). we ordered a tutu for tifffy off of etsy & purchased a wading pool from toysrus for maddy who is still so obsessed with water. we’ll see how that goes over in my carpeted living room. give your big guy some love from his sisters.

  44. I love listening to your podcasts when cooking dinner and then cleaning up after dinner. Makes doing chores a little bit more manageable :) It feels like I know y’all from listening and laughing!

  45. Joanna Aug 11, 2011

    I listened to the podcast sitting on the floor, playing on my computer after work and eating cookies…I thought it seemed appropriate. And my cat is fuming at me that I’m not paying more attention to her. I totally want to come to Homefries U, we’ll have to see if I can round up some money…though be forewarned, I don’t drink… But it’s okay, I can be a designated driver :) I love listening to the podcasts- it makes me love your blog even more because now when I read your blog, I hear it in your voice in my head. Is that weird? Anyways, you guys are awesome, I want to come to the retreat so we can be best friends. Yay!

  46. Allison Aug 11, 2011

    I listen to Joy and Tracey while taking the wild dog on a very long stroll. Makes the time pass so fast. Wish I could find other podcasts that were even close to being as interesting as yours! Keep up the great work.
    P.S. What podcasts do you listen to? I know you’ve mentioned a couple before but I need some new ones!

  47. Iris R. Aug 11, 2011

    For some reason I was thinking about juice cleanses all day and then of course I listened to your podcast :) I listen to the podcast while I’m at work. I’m up in Alaska doing boat and hiking tours for the summer, so when I have some time to myself I listen to the JtB podcast, sorting life vests and rain jackets.

  48. Hi ladies! Thanks for your good humor, your time and effort, your love of life, and finding a way to connect and relate to us… (fans! I’m a fan!). I so wanna meet and hang out in Palm Springs! Portland, OR hasn’t really had much of a summer this year…hope to see you folks in SoCal.

    • Follow-up. So I was able to listen to this episode while multi-tasking- walking my cute dog, Lucy. My cute skirt has no pockets and it was too hot to take a bag, so I held the dog leash with my left hand and with the right hand the poop-bags (at one point, 1 of the bags was in use which turned out to be a bit tricky, but somehow it all worked out), keys, and iPhone on which my two favorite (seriously) podcasters were talking about peeing on oneself and smiling at strangers. Before I knew it, it was over. I hate it when they end…can’t wait for your next one!

  49. I love to listen to your podcasts while I’m driving long distances! I try to save some up because I travel frequently, but I couldn’t wait tonight and played it while I was baking some Irish tipsycakes… Hopefully I can come to Palm Springs and bake you some :)

  50. Sarina Aug 11, 2011

    Hi Joy and Tracy! I love your podcasts! They make my day! I would love to come to your retreat! :) By the way, you two need to have your own cooking show, Food Network should replace Guy Fieri with you guys!

  51. Katie Aug 12, 2011

    Hi Guys, I totally listen to your podcasts, the day after they arrive on my Ipod, usually at work (dangerous!) or at home…where I laugh myself silly! Love you guys, keep it up!

  52. Rachael Aug 12, 2011

    Loved the podcast this week!
    My cat loves plastic bags too – he seems to get some kick out of licking them! weird!
    Wish I could enter your competition, but it might be a bit far to travel from Scotland! Your retreat sounds amazing – I’ll look forward to hearing about it on your podcast!
    Thanks Joy and Tracy!

  53. TracyA Aug 12, 2011

    Pick Me! Really love to listen and so so so want to win the ticket to HF’s U. I listen while I work on Fridays but usually I don’t get any work done during the listening so I guess I’m really not working just listening. That’s the when, the where is Minneapolis Minnesota. Wish me luck on winning, my fingers are crossed for the next two weeks!

  54. Erin Louise Aug 12, 2011

    Hi girls! I listen to you while I’m at work which is baking at a coffee shop. I work by myself so it is nice to have you two keep me company :) Hope you got the spider Joy…they give me the hippie jibbies.

  55. Kristen Aug 12, 2011

    I listen to homefries at work, print out the all the recepies and think about what I’ll be cooking that night till more work ends up on my desk!

  56. Katie Aug 12, 2011

    I so look forward to listening! The only chance I get is in my car, to and from work. It’s like my “girl’s night out”, only it’s just me, stuck in traffic, before I get to sling hash to the masses. But hey, it works!

  57. i wishi i could go to homefries u! but alas, i cannot. if anyone wants to do a mini retreat just in los angeles another time….

  58. Lauren Aug 12, 2011

    I love listening to your podcast. I usually listen at home during my free time, when I can crawl in my bed in my pjs and ignore all responsibilities without feeling like a completely terrible person. It’s like a girls’ night in!

  59. I love, love, loooooooove your podcasts! Usually I listen to them (the first time) while I’m driving, but I also listen to them (again) when I’m cleaning, when I’m writing up lesson plans for high schoolers, when I’m showering (I really hope that doesn’t gross you out) and any other time I feel like laughing!. Love. Them.

  60. I would LOVE to go to the retreat. I listen to the retreat at work actually. It’s the first thing I turn on when I get in. It makes the day way better. Yeah, I used bad grammar, that’s how great it is. It does make me slightly unproductive for the time that I listen to it. I keep finding myself pausing and just sitting, listening and laughing.

  61. LOVE your podcasts! I have never listened to a podcast before this one :)! You definitely make the work day go by faster :)!!

  62. Joy, I love your idea of putting post-it notes with kind messages on random cars, but I’m not sure its always going to have good results. In your random car selection, you could accidentally chose some paranoid person who would automatically assume it was a creepy stalker and obsessively look over his or her shoulder for the rest of the day…not that I would EVER do that. Perhaps, you should limit your happy post-it posting to work or other areas where creepy stalkers won’t be hanging out. Just a thought.

    p.s. Love you two 😀

  63. I listen to the Joy the Baker podcast at work. It helps me get through a very mundane data entry task I’m currently in the middle of.

    I am a new reader of, and also, of course, a new listener, and I’m pretty sure you (Joy) and I would be friends in real life. …that sounds crazy. But I promise I’m not a crazy person.

    um..yeah. You’re awesome!

  64. Natasha Aug 12, 2011

    I listen to the Joy the Baker podcast in the morning while at work. I simultaneously chat with my East Coast pal Allison about the podcast and try to contain my office giggles. After all, I’ve got to keep my cover. Right? :)

  65. Dominique Aug 12, 2011

    I always try to smile at random people. You know what sucks?..when i go out of my way to make eye contact and smile and then the person glares at me like, why are you smiling at me weirdo.. that sucks.

  66. Where don’t I listen? Home? Yes. At the gym? For sure. Out walking my dog? Only when my husband is too lazy to come (1/2 the time). This last episode I listened to while working out this morning. Amazingly, I lost 10 minutes of my life during this workout. I don’t know how it happened. I finished my workout and it was 10 minutes later than it normall is. I blame karma. And you lovely ladies. For being so awesome.

  67. Dominique Aug 12, 2011

    P.S. I listen to your podcast at my boyfriends appartment when he is too busy playing video games to hang out with me.*beep*. Red flag. This is a red flag…. feel bad for me.

  68. Molly Aug 12, 2011

    I listen to your show like the rest- at home, sometimes cleaning, sometimes cooking, always enjoying listening. Such a great, down to earth podcast! Thank you for brightening my day with your sometimes silly and lovely shows. You all should do a retreat in New Orleans, California is too far away from me!!

  69. Kieran Aug 12, 2011

    Hello Joy and Tracy,
    Thanks for the sweet podcast! This week I listened while waiting in line at the Vatican. I got some looks for all the giggling, but it was well worth it. It made a long, hot line enjoyable.
    Also, there’s this thing called “the karma seed” that is trying to bring pay it forward into the tech age. (check it out if you’d like @


  70. Oh my…I love your podcast. HILARIOUS.

    I totally get the cat party thing, because at the age of 8 (when cats consumed my soul and my entire life pretty much revolved around them) I convinced my parents to let my have a birthday party for one of mine….it involved a birthday candle stuck in a tuna can and some brownies for the next-door neighbors who showed up. Sadly, no party hats:(

  71. I listed while driving to and from work and it makes my commute lovely! I absolutely love the podcast and would love to go to Homefries U…school will have started for the semester but I will MAKE it work if I win!

  72. dana828 Aug 13, 2011

    I’m listening in my kitchen as I make Joy’s Browned Butter Blueberry Muffins for Saturday breakfast. Happy Saturday!

  73. Katelyn Aug 13, 2011

    Love listening to the podcast on morning runs along the lakefront path! I’m sure I looked goofy laughing during the “red flag” episode. Oh well.

  74. Betsy W. Aug 13, 2011

    I listen to the podcast in my car. It’s like you two are in my backseat. It’s especially great, or slightly creepy, when you answer questions from another girl named Betsy. Then it especially feels like you’re in my backseat joining in on the roadtrip.

  75. I listen to the podcast while cleaning my kitchen. And turn it up super loud so that I can hear it over the running water while washing my dishes. So my neighbors are probably listening to the JTB podcast too. Whoo!

  76. I love your podcasts so much! I listen to them when I workout in the morning! Makes my workout go so much faster!

  77. I listen to the podcast most of the time in the car and also in my house in my bed whist crusing pinterest:)

  78. homefries u?! sign me up! i listen to the podcast two different times of day 1) on my way to work – bc you’re happy & you make me laugh and 2) when i’m on the elliptical machine/treadmill – bc who likes doing that? no one. who likes listening to your podcast? everyone. duh.

  79. Gabriella Aug 13, 2011

    Hey ladies! I heart you all – you make transit commuting w/ podcasts hilariously delicious. Here’s my question: what the heck do you do when you want to make a half-batch of a recipe that has one egg in it?? Can you halve an egg? Do you just use the whole thing? Is there some wizardry in there somewhere? Please, please tell us. Also, as a side question (and not as an indication of my baking fails involving halving recipes or tripping over cats in the kitchen or melting/burning wax paper in the oven – not at all, nope): what was your biggest baking/cooking fail? Did you own it? Did you eat it anyway? Did you serve it to some unsuspecting loved ones – or enemies? Tell us. We love your stories.

    Lots o’ love –

  80. You guys have brought a familiar laughter back into my life. I’m mothering two very high needs little boys and I’m sure that Tracy knows, we can tend to lose ourselves in our children. Whenever I get a break, I listen to you guys in my car while I’m driving to whatever errand I’ve been so lucky to get done by myself! I seriously laugh until I cry and it’s like therapy for me.

    Seriously, thank you. Sorry if that was a little Debbie Downer-ish, but I’m just so grateful for the silliness coming back into my life! – Ali

  81. Unfortunately I can’t join you all to the Homefries U. I live in Italy, and for now the flight is too expensive. But please, do it again, maybe I will come :-)
    P.S. As for good karma, what do you think about this?

  82. Amber Aug 14, 2011

    I love listening to your podcast! I usually listen while I’m washing dishes or cleaning. It makes it less grueling. I also love listening if I’m having a rough day. You cheer me up with fun random stories and awesome silliness & cute giggles.:)

  83. Jackie H Aug 14, 2011

    You guys have the best podcast! I really enjoy listening to your topics, but on your last podcast, Joy you mentioned you let your cat play with dental floss and Tracy you said you let your cat play with plastic bags. Please Please Don’t do this. Cats can eat things like string, rubber bands and dental floss. If they do your are looking at about a $2000 vet bill for bowel obstruction surgery, nuff said! An cats can get their heads stuck in the handles of plastic bags. If you want a cheap, around the house cat toy, try a small crumpled ball of paper or foil. It will make the crackly noise they like and it is light enough they can bat it around and carry it in their mouth if they want.

  84. Melissa M Aug 14, 2011

    I listen to the podcast while working. You guys always keep my spirits up and make me smile!! Thank you for being so real and honest! You’re the best!

  85. Hilary Wood Aug 15, 2011

    Love the podcast!!
    I listen to you guys in the UK whilst I am getting ready for work- you totally get me ready for the day!

  86. Angela Aug 15, 2011

    Joy-What you are doing with the podcast is what Cailtin over at started with her amazing operation beautiful…you should check it out its amazing. !!!

  87. I always save your podcast for my evening walk. Fells like I’m taking a walk with friends, but I’m pretty sure the people I pass when you guys make me LOL think I’m in crazy town.

  88. Kendall Aug 15, 2011

    I love listening to Joy the Baker while driving, and I totally look forward to my long trips every week because of it! I like to pretend that we’re all good friends and that you guys are riding along with me talking about boys and Anthropology. Yeah. You both are wonderful!

  89. I would *love* a chance to win the ticket – Also I have a question – are boys allowed to practice the same “good karma” that women do? Will people think they are creepers for leaving notes on people’s cars? Can they tell other women their hair looks pretty while in a committed relationship? Is there a double standard here? These are all questions that keep me up at night.

  90. Super cool. I would love a ticket. We can do each others’ nails.

    I listen to the podcast at work, while doing busy work, but then I pause to take calls, so then I have to rewind a little bit, so I end up actually listening to it twice through in little chunks.

    Speaking of karma, have you guys heard about Jonathan’s Card? This guy Jonathan put an image of his Starbucks card up on the internet for anyone to use. You could put it on your phone and have them scan the barcode on it at Starbucks and if it had any money on it, it would work. A bunch of people used it, and a bunch of people refilled it, too. I guess it got shut down last Friday, but it was interesting to watch while it lasted: and the twitter at!/jonathanscard

  91. I listen to you two (and the rest of the homefries crew) at my office job. This podcast and uhh yeah dude is all of what gets me through the day.

  92. Hi Joy and Tracey! I was hoping you ladies might consider doing a Homefries Summer Camp next year instead. I’m sure it’s going to be off the hook and you’re totes going to want to hold another one, so maybe you could hold it during the summer months? As a school teacher, September is probably the worst possible month I could take time off since I am actually going back to school. My bff and I would love, love, love to go, but there’s just no way. And since we are both big super fans of your podcast and blogs, she can’t go without me. I’d die of envy!!! Actually, I think I die a little inside every time you guys talk about it and how awesome it’s going to be. Is the added drama helping my case? :-). Please do summer camp! We’d be there in a heartbeat!!!
    Love, Stacy

  93. Kristina Aug 15, 2011

    I listen to you ladies everywhere. I listened to the latest podcast today while cleaning out my mommy mobile. As I was detailing the knobs and vents on the dash, I was thinking of Tracy and how she cleans her car like this when she’s a passenger on road trips. :) Teehee, it brought a smile to my face.

  94. Katie H. Aug 16, 2011

    Hey Joy and Tracey! I have listened to every episode of your podcast, and I think you are awesome-sauce. This time, I save episode 13 to listen to on a road trip down to the beach (Ocean City, MD). I live in Annapolis, so it was only like a 3 hour road trip. No biggie. But it was perfect timing when you talked about karma because I got the chance to pay the toll of the person behind me going over the Bay Bridge (Chesapeake Bay- not in San Francisco). Hopefully that means I’ll get nice weather at the beach. That’s how karma works right? On my road trip I drove barefoot, dressed in comfy layers (already wearing my bathing suit, for instant transition from car to ocean), and strategically planned my snacks- which included fresh cherries, beef jerky, and French Onion Sun Chips. And dried papaya strips…and sunflower seeds. FYI- please give the free ticket to Homefries U to someone else because I can’t swing the airfare/hotel at the moment, but I wanted to tell you about my roadtrip listening anyway. Seeya!

  95. Bri Roach Aug 16, 2011

    Hello Joy & Tracy!! Thanks for being so awesome :) I listen to you guys while on the eliptical. I hate the eliptical soooooooooo much… it’s the worst.. BUT when I have your podcast to listen to it makes the horror of that crazy machine a billion times better and super enjoyable. The best is when I bust out in laughter and look like a loony laughing on the eliptical. Anyways, thats for brightening my workouts. Your podcast gets by butt in shape and makes me happy. THANKS!

  96. Generally speaking, I listen to you lovely ladies at work at, oh, ya know, around 1:16pm (give or take 5 minutes to 2 hours). I usually work from 7 to 3 and I love closing out my Monday’s with such good vibes because LORD KNOWS in Seattle traffic I need it! Sometimes, if I don’t finishing the podcast before I leave work, I pump up the jams to Joy & Tracy on the drive home.

  97. i listen to the podcast on my way home from work. it’s a great way to wind down. I love, love, love how long they are!

  98. Kaitlin Aug 16, 2011

    I have actually been walking to the gym so I have time to listen to you guys. I really don’t like going to the gym, or unnecessary walking, so this is a huge complement. I also get some weird looks cause I tend to laugh a lot. Thanks for helping me be less fat.

  99. Jessica W Aug 16, 2011

    I listen to your podcast in my kitchen while I’m cooking or baking. You guys make me laugh! Love all the random things you discuss.

  100. I must thank you guys. I just moved out of state to a new college, and in my weird feeling dorm I am listening to you guys and it feels like home!

  101. susannah Aug 17, 2011

    Joy your cat and I were born on the same day….suddenly I feel much more special

  102. I listen while I’m stuck in the waiting room of the allergy department. I get allergy shots and have to wait for 30 minutes after each one. Your podcast takes “annoying time” and makes it “hilarious time.”

  103. I listen to your podcast while I’m sewing awesome things for my 4 year old daughter. There hasn’t been an episode that I have missed and I’m probably going to start listening to them all over again b/c once a week isn’t enough, you ladies are funny, just start dropping some eff bombs, if possible…

  104. karen Aug 17, 2011

    i listen to you while at work. and by “at work” i actually work from home and it gets lonely. and on slower days my cats just don’t make for good conversation. too much crazy cat lady? joy may understand… love to you both, great listening!

  105. I’ve purchased my ticket and and now I’m looking for roommate/roommates. Anyone interested in going in on a rental house or hotel room?? The renal houses would end up being pretty affordable if several people when in on them together.

  106. Kathy Aug 17, 2011

    I listen to your podcast on my commute from San Francisco to Menlo Park. It makes the commute bearable!

  107. Hi Ladies! I’m soooooooo excited about the retreat–I just signed up! I usually listen to the podcast on my fancy new ipad speaker dock thingy…that I mostly use for watching illegal TV online, since I cancelled my cable :) After reading the Joy the Baker blog for ages, it’s been awesome to hear your interactions and learn about Tracy, too! Looking forward to meeting you soon (and if I win, I guess I’m bringing a friend!)

  108. Julie Aug 17, 2011

    at home after dinner!

  109. Joy and Tracy.

    I listen to you everywhere – but mostly late at night. When I’m working in SOMA.
    No, I don’t work the corner. But I DO work at an awesome place where you can build your dreams.

    You guys have built your dreams, I help build dreams.
    That is neat.

    Pick me to come, because I can make some favors on the laser cutter and bring them.
    Jus’ saying. Bribes? I’m not above them. Especially when I’m calling them “presents,” and you’re saying “come to our retreat.”

  110. I’m at the office listening to this podcast and have to say it’s totally validating my habit of complimenting stangers on their nice shoes, cute necklace, nice glasses, whatever. My husband thinks I’m a freak to throw out compliments to strangers, but I think it just makes the world a nicer place, and it’s super comforting to know I’m not the only one who feels the same. Thanks Joy, thanks Tracy…you guys rock.

  111. Just catching up on the podcast… Maybe I’m crazy, but my cats wear a hats. They make the angriest faces ever, and walk backwards if maybe I sometimes put them in costumes at Halloween and Christmas (for my own twisted amusement), but they’ll do anything for treats and bits of bacon. ANYTHING.
    You guys are awesomely hilarious. Thanks for making such a great podcast.

  112. Kayla Aug 18, 2011

    I’m listening to you at the office. I download the podcast, put on my headphones, and attempt to drown out the “workiness” (is that even a word?) of the workday. Let me just say that I’ve gotten some awfully funny looks from some of my coworkers when I bust up laughing and it’s totally silent throughout the rest of the office. But whatevs. Joy and Tracy, I love you guys and look forward to your podcasts every week. So give me weird looks, coworkers, you just do that. Cuz guess what? I’ll catch you off guard when you do and fling a compliment your way. Boom! That just happened. (no biggie).

  113. Jenna Aug 18, 2011

    I love listening to you two while I’m baking, or anytime I miss hanging out with my girlfriends. I’m around guys all day, and it’s nice to hear discussions about things I like- baking, crafts, wine. You’ve brightened so many of my days, thank you for all you do!

  114. elizabeth Aug 19, 2011

    So I listen to you two place….at work, it keeps me sane during my crazy days and in the car going home from work…you guys are a wonderful distraction from the horrible DC traffic jam that I get to sit in everyday before I know it I am home and baking! It is nice to listen to two individuals who sounds like they love what they do and who enjoy giving a glimpse of your world to everyone else. Rock on Ladies!

  115. I listen to your podcast at 6am, when I get to work. Nobody else comes in until 7:30 so I need someone to keep me company! Thanks for making me laugh every week. Oh and Tracy, Dennis would totally take a girl on a strip club date. You were right on with that one. Luckily, I didn’t date Dennis long enough to be invited on a strip club date.

  116. Jenna Aug 19, 2011

    I listen to you guys when I travel for work. Life is sooo much better then!

  117. HeatherJean Aug 19, 2011

    Holy Moly I just listened to this today and REALLY want to come! How great to get out of cheese country for a while! Don’t judge but I giggle in front of the computer while I listen at work – in between wonderous amounts of spreadsheets is my little podcast player! thanks for this – keeps me entertained! Heather

  118. ZOMG, my birthday is the day after your cat’s, Joy! I don’t know why that’s so exciting to me, but it is. Um, I also have a cat that wears a bow tie. It’s bright red and he’s black and white sooo he looks stunning. Um, for your cat’s birthday, I’d recommend this:

    I think I’ve given away too much about myself.

  119. I want to go to Homefries U SO. BAD. I listen to your podcast on my drive home from work… downloading ep 14 right now, can’t wait!

  120. I listen to Joy The Baker at the office. I have even converted a few co-workers to listen to your podcast!! Can’t wait to see you guys in September.

  121. Andrea Aug 20, 2011

    I totally threw a birthday party for my “twin” cats! I made birthday hats and cake (for me) and got them a rotisserie chicken! They loved the chicken so they suffered through the hats. Now I have a third cat (cat lady?) so I think I’ll throw them all a joint party :). Joy, I cant wait to see what you do for your little guys birthday!

    ps. my husband and I were the only ones invited, so I didn’t go too crazy-pants and make my friends and family participate in this.

  122. Sonia Aug 23, 2011

    I suppose I am too late for this, however, I would love to win this prize.

    I am Sonia and I listen to your podcast at work (usually), either in the AM or the PM, depending on how actively I can listen. Also, at home when I am feeling….heavy…and need to listen to some light talk.

    Thanks guys, you are cute.

  123. Bummer, I just listened to this podcast today (while walking to the metro on Capitol Hill, DC). WIll there be another chance to win a ticket?? I guess I need to get to listenin’.

  124. Amy S Aug 25, 2011

    I was having a moment the other day where I was really doubting the whole karma thing….just enough had happened that I wasn’t sure wether or not the pendulum was gonna swing in the good direction….AND THEN..this bus driver stopped in the middle of the street and opened his doors and told me I was beautiful. It’s a silly thing, vanity, but we all have it, and it never hurts to be reminded that sometimes, we ALL shine.
    I listen to your podcasts at work when I can, and have been caught many a time guffawing totally inappropriately! I am the only girl in an all guy department, so I can only imagine what they think I think is funny!

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