joy the baker episode 14

Did you wear babydoll dress and Doc Martens?  Wait… did you wear Hypercolor leggings?  Please tell us you had a Blossom hat phase.  Please.

This week on the Joy the Baker Podcast, Tracy and Joy talk about growing up in a Hypercolor generation… sigh.  Thank goodness for secret languages and overalls.  Tracy had a late overall phase.  It may have overlapped with her hippie phase.  Let’s discuss.

Tracy did real life important things this week:  she sent Cooper to pre-school!

Just look at this precious human!  What a handsome kid!

ps.  Why does Joy bring up her cat every time Tracy brings up her child!?  They’re totally not the same thing.  Come on!  Get real!

joy the baker episode 14

Joy and Tracy wore these things.  Tracy had cool boots.  Joy had floppy, floral hats, and everyone knew what temperature Joy and Tracy were… according to the color of their shirts.  Clothing technology.

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84 comments on “We Are Not the Cool Kids

  1. Nikki.rae Aug 18, 2011

    Why do mothers tell us we’re hat people? I know the Blossom hat well. Frightening.

  2. Hey Joy and Tracy, I love your podcast. It makes me :). I think in 20 years, those giant sunglasses that cover half your face will be the thing we look back on and go “womp womp.” Also, what about stirrup pants with Warner Brothers characters t-shirts?!? I had a Marvin the Martian t-shirt that paired great with black stirrup pants, keds and a side ponytail. FASHIONS!

    • stirrup pants!!!! I had those!!!

    • joythebaker Aug 19, 2011

      oh man! i worked those stirup pants hard back in the day! and i totally feel you on the glasses! wompwomp for sure!

  3. Hi ladies!

    I have a question. I started working at this restaurant in New York about 2 months ago as a pastry cook. I work the dinner shift, from 4pm until about 11 or 12. My past restaurant jobs have always been in the early morning. I now have most of my day free. If I had a typical 9-5 job, I don’t think I would feel as guilty about not taking advantage of the time I have off from work. But now that I have the day free, I feel like I should be taking advantage of my time, especially in the busy city of New York. I have my share of lunch dates with friends, greenmarket adventuring, bookstore browsing, and going to random exercise classes. However, I still have trouble adjusting to my new night work schedule, not to mention working on Friday and Saturday nights. And eating is definitely a toughy for me now, too. Do I wake up and have breakfast at 11? A meal at work around 4:30? and dinner around 11pm? It just seems so off my usual path of daily life. Just looking for some advice on how to survive the restaurant night rush and what to do during the day to occupy myself when most everyone else I know is at work.

    Oh, and I totally wish I could come to the Homefries U. I miss California, but I’m loving New York and maybe in the future you would want to take a trip to the east coast for another round of eating, drinking, and big city perks. Eh eh?

    I love that you are jumping on the beer-brewing wagon. Keep at it! Ooo and have you every tried sour beer? It’s crazy. The only place I have every tried it was at a (Belgium) bar in Oakland called the Trappist, but I’m sure there are more out there.

    -Stephanie (

    • joythebaker Aug 19, 2011

      hi stephanie! so lovely to hear from you! i’m glad you’re making things happen in new york! i love it! this sounds like a question we might need to address on the podcast! i’ve had lots of experience working the night shifts at restaurants… i remember those days well!

  4. Tracy & Joy – I have a question for you: How are you a baker and not get all sorts of thick in the middle? All pictures I see of you two, you have (IMO) pretty bangin’ bods but still have the ability to bake & drink bourbon! I bake n’ blog… but I’ve had to severely reduce (i.e. once a month, SAD) the baking because I tried on shorts that fit last year a few months ago and well… they don’t fit anymore. Ok, sob story over. I guess I want to know how your genes (and jeans, too) are so dang good or what magical workout routine you do?

    Also, what are your thoughts about CSA’s and do you belong to one?

    • joythebaker Aug 19, 2011

      this sounds like another podcast question to be answered. ps. there’s no magic solution… sorry. blerg!

      • Blerg indeed. I just eat lots of soup. Good thing it’s fall & soup is an acceptable meal. No mind that I eat it with 50 pieces of bread.

  5. I was super proud of a pair of overall shorts that were white and patterned with blueberries and other assorted fruits. We went to visit my cousin one summer, and it turned out she had the same ones! So, naturally, we paired them with baggy yellow t-shirts and pretended to be twins for a day.

    Additional fails include: choker necklaces, bra-strap headbands, perfume from the gap that “smelled like grass,” wearing chapstick as an accessory, and mini-backpacks (particularly those ones with monkeys that sucked their thumbs).

    • joythebaker Aug 19, 2011

      HANNA!!! you nailed it! chocker necklaces!?!? i think i still have some of those! and that stupid stupid stooooopid Gap perfume! i’m mad just remembering that stuff!

    • A Little Coffee Aug 20, 2011

      Oh my, Gap perfume! I used to carpool to school with this guy that I secretly had a giant crush on (thought I was actually in love with him, but no. My 15 year old self did not know what love was.) Anyway I loved citrusy scents and flavours and one of the Gap perfumes was a lemony scent so I bought it. I applied it rather liberally the next morning, thinking I would smell delicious for my boy-crush. When I got in the car, he loudly exclaimed, “Whoa, what smells like laundry detergent?”

      I threw the bottle out when I got home.

  6. you ladies just brought me back down memory lane!!!!. Not only was I rocking the doc martens, hyper color sweatshirts and keds… but also… bodysuits, stirrup pants, skidz, reebok pumps, overalls worn… (with one strap down!), rocking it out like kris kross with everything BACKWARDS, tightrolling jeans, vests.. (like the thin ones guys wore), v-neck sweaters, airbrushed t-shirts, starter jackets. I also had many a perm… and everything NKOTB, and then went through a grunge phase and wore flannel 24/7… I could go on for EVAH!!
    You are like my sistas from anotha mista’. Keep rocking hard.

  7. I could not stop laughing for most of this episode. Hilarious as usual!

  8. ahhh! I know I just commented on the other podcast, but there were two, and I’m at home on stay-cation with time on my hands.
    There is mood-ring nail polish! I loooved it back in the day, and they still sell it!

    • joythebaker Aug 19, 2011

      shut. it. up!

      • If you’re not too embarrassed, they sell it at Justice and, I believe, Claires?

        • Kaitlin Aug 22, 2011

          There is no shame in nail polish. Mood polish is awesome- if your nails are a little bit long its like cheating at a funky french manicure!

  9. Berenice Aug 18, 2011

    Everytime you girls said hot in the crotch I was laughing so hard. I love your podcast I really, really do. Loved the confidence pep talk. You girls are amazing!!!!

  10. Chelsea Aug 18, 2011

    This podcast totally made me realize I am a little younger than you guys, I had never heard of Hypercolor anything, and all I can think is HOLY HECK that stuff sounds awesome. Maybe this will give you a hint to my age: I remember rockin’ the knee-high socks and wearing shirts with name-brands across the front that were ridiculously over-priced, like Ambercrombie and Fitch. I think the fad that’s starting to become popular that we will all look back on and go “womp womp” on is rompers. ‘WOMP WOMP’ on ROMPERS. Could someone please just tell me wwwwhhhhyyy? Why are people wearing these things? And possibly jeggings, though I’m secretly in love with them. Don’t tell anyone. Oh, and if you have time, I have some questions for next week! I am wanting to subscribe to a new foodie magazine, an affordable one. Any favorites? I was looking at Jamie Oliver, but would like something a little cheaper than $11 bucks and issue. Was thinking Bon Appetit? I drool over their site! Also, how do you feel about jeggings??????

    The podcast is awesome, love it! Thursdays are becoming so much more exciting!

  11. The biggest mistake that can be made with skinny jeans is to wear baggy skinny jeans! If you’re wearing skinny jeans they need to be skinny and not saggy!

  12. Katherine Marie Aug 18, 2011

    butterfly hair clips. the ones that bounce while you walk. thoooosse were great! and probably a fashion mistake.

  13. maija Aug 18, 2011

    Cargo pants are “basically atrocious” made me laugh out loud. Ok, most of this episode made me laugh out loud (in my cube at work). In the last year or two, they came out with skinny cargo pants (like skinny jeans but with cargo pockets), and I didn’t really understand this – what is the point? Obvi, you’re not going to put anything in those pockets!

    Yes, I went through an overall phase and a hippie phase freshman/soph yr at college! No piercings, luckily beyond the usual ears. I also had the maroon/oxblood Docs – but the shoe ones, not the boots. Wasn’t tough enough for boots, I guess, but the Docs went perfectly with my pale pink Hole (yes, Courtney Love) baby-t with a big glittery heart. Oh, and my Hypercolor shirt was cool – it had a little guy on it & at it heated up his pants became shorts & his shirt became short sleeves. The rest of the shirt was not Hypercolor, so no pit marks!

    I think this was my fave episode so far, and it was the only at the end that I realized it really wasn’t about food at all! Funny! Thanks again for a good time.

  14. Katie Aug 18, 2011

    I have been beating myself up for a few weeks now about Homefries U. I am not a blogger, probably won’t ever be, but I think that this weekend sounds fantastic! I was wondering what your thoughts are on a non-blogging, never met you, new reader of blogs, bourbon/wine/food lover, much in need of a break mother of two toddler girls, coming to this wonderful retreat? Do I need an affiliation, or just a desire? Thanks gals, love the podcasts!

    • COME!!!! You don’t need a blog to join in the fun! All you need is a hearty appetite!

    • joythebaker Aug 19, 2011

      Katie! Get your butt to Palm Springs!!! This isn’t a blogger retreat! It’s all about getting together, sharing some laughs, eating too much food, and getting to know one another! Please please come!

  15. Rachel Aug 18, 2011

    For 8th grade graduation: pink dress with a white heart in the middle, with doc martins… oh dear… Blossom – loved the show and, yes, I have Glamour Shots photos with me wearing a Blossom hat. I always wanted a hyper color shirt, guess I wasn’t cool enough. I did have a mood ring though. I also had earrings where one said, “Call me” and the other said “For sure!” Glad I didn’t have hot in the crotch hyper-color pants! You guys made me laugh really hard in this episode.

  16. Oh Tracy you and I could’ve been sisters back in the day lol. I also rocked the overalls a bit late and was very fluent in OP lol. This by far was my favorite podcast yet of you two!

    Oh and I will admit I had the bike shorts they were black and white checkered WITH neon colors here and there and then I would pair them with a shirt and suspenders…oh yes I was stylin.

  17. Sarah Aug 19, 2011


    Idea! Does anyone know any good “Red Flag” songs?
    Wouldn’t it be hilarious/awesome to give someone a red flag mix!?
    Say, a friend, who needed a heads up…

    Ok, maybe a whole mix is weird but can anyone think of “Red Flag” songs?

    Maneater by Hall & Oats is one…
    Yikes, wish I could think of one less dated!

  18. I liked your Arrested Development reference!

  19. Ok first of all I’m obsessed with your podcast. It kills me…in the best way possible. I’m a runner and if I have to run by myself I will make sure to have downloaded your most recent podcast because it makes me feel like I’m running with some best friends ha. My sister and I recently started a blog though and we would love for you to check it out! Hopefully we can be almost as cool as you two someday 😉

  20. Iris R. Aug 19, 2011

    American Apparel is totally trying to bring back the hypercolor. They sell hypercolor shirts that they call “thermochromatic” (and I might own one…):

    Also, I was listening to you guys on a plane and I started laughing hysterically with the “dropping balls” comment. Pretty sure my seatmates were none too pleased.

  21. Dominique Aug 19, 2011

    Joyyy I know gibberish. We can totally talk

  22. Joanna Aug 19, 2011

    So, I googled Pepper Pirates, just for kicks, and apparently there’s a Smurf’s episode called Marco Smurf and the Pepper Pirates. Were you guys named after the Smurfs? :) The episode looks amazing though: I only watched the first 30 seconds, but it was enough to know that Pepper Pirates was a great name choice. But yeah, I totally loved stirrup pants and chokers- typically hemp ones that I made myself. I also still secretly love Doc Martins- there’s just something about clompy boots that I can’t get over- though I don’t actually wear any anymore.

    • That’s TOTALLY it. Although when I was little I thought my friend made it up. Little did I know she was biting the smurfs!

  23. A Little Coffee Aug 20, 2011

    Confidence! I just had to comment on this one because I am taking this workshop right now that is uh-mazing and one of the things they have been teaching us is about confidence. It has really changed my life, the things I’m learning here. So:

    Faking it till you make it is kind of on the right track. Here’s the dealio though: Your level of confidence is an internal marker of your belief about where you stand in society. Because it’s an internal signal of where you believe you belong in terms of status hierarchy. Basically: low confidence = you don’t think you’re worthy of being at the top of the pack = you don’t think you’re Teh Awesome compared to others. But! This can change. A lot of people think this can change through positive affirmations, and that can work, but it works really slowly. There’s a much faster way to change your confidence.

    Your confidence is nothing more than a belief you have about yourself. Your beliefs fuel your emotions. Your emotions fuel your actions. Your actions fuel the reactions you get from others, and these reactions serve as feedback which fuel your beliefs. If you don’t think you’re worthy of something… let’s say working at your dream job… then you’ll feel scared to apply. So maybe you won’t apply (that’s your action… or lack thereof). That creates the consequence that you didn’t get the job or even the interview, and that fuels your belief that you can never score interviews for positions like that. Fastest way to change your confidence is to CHANGE YOUR ACTIONS! Yes, this involves risk… but if you change your actions, you’ll get different reactions and consequences, and that will fuel new beliefs about yourself much faster. So the fake it till you make it… that’s the right idea because that’s doing the things that could result in the reaction you want.

    I hope this helps!

  24. Helena Aug 20, 2011

    Hey guys,
    I just listened to this episode for like the fifth time – awesome! And I wanted to tell you, there actually IS mood nailpolish out there. I saw it in a magazine about 2 months ago, but I totally forgot the name and where to order it. After some searching I found this:
    which comes pretty close to actual awesome! But I which I could find it in, like, more colours, because I don’t have only two moods :P. This one is pretty good for now though, and if you guys happen to find anything similar – or better – please share!
    Keep up the blogging and podcasting, I love it!

  25. Helena Aug 20, 2011

    Oh nooooo, I just read that they only ship to the US and Canada – bummer! I live in Germany and I feel slightly left out now :(

  26. I remember wearing huge wedged sketcher strap-shoes things. (I’m not a shoe person, I have no idea what kind of shoe they were!) My friend had given them to me when she decided she didn’t like them. They were about two sizes too big and when my feet sweated it left these dark marks on the shoe and they were gross but I loved them and now I don’t understand why.
    Also the spice girls were kinda big when I was a kid so we all had union jack dresses and a lot of leopard print. Oh how cringeworthy.
    But I miss snap bracelets – though they lead to major playground violence! There was also a lot of glittery blusher going around. Luckily enough I realised that was stupid at the time.

  27. Oh and I WANT TO CALL YOU. What’s the international code etc from the UK so I can waste my money screaming how much I love you and have it on your records forever and ever? Its alright, I never use my phone so my phone is more loaded than I am, I need to waste its cash.

  28. McCall Aug 20, 2011

    There is “mood-ring” nail polish! In fact I have some on my toe nails right now! It is teal indoors, but when exposed to the sun it turns purple. It’s really awesome. Also, I attent a military Academy and wear cargo pants, definitely not stylish, lol.

  29. Elise Aug 20, 2011

    O. M. G. i had forgotten about my blossom hat phase… 5th grade, girl scout trip to baltimore. me rocking umbro soccer shorts, an oversized t-shirt, and a denim blossom hat. i need to find that picture stat.

  30. Casey Benjamin Aug 20, 2011

    I’ll throw out the male version of not cool.
    Mid 80’s: Black Nylon like Parachute pants with all the zippers, not the baggy kind. Penny loafers an pegged jeans.
    Late 80’s: Black and White checker “skidz” skateboard style pants (think Joey Buttafuoco)
    Early 90s: Obscenely baggy jeans for skateboarding, though I never sagged. I owned a zip up sweatshirt from Pacific Sunwear that appeared in the Joey Lawrence music video.
    Mid 90’s I wore a vest to school on occasion.
    Late 90’s I was following a rock band around the country and at the shows where everyone would be dressed for a rock concert, I had shorts, top-sider loafer shoes and a V-neck sweater.

    Oh yeah, Blossom was a troll but her slutty friend Six was hot…WHOA!

    • Jayne Aug 24, 2011

      Umm… is this Casey Benjamin– Tracy’s Casey? I’m getting, like, star-struck right now! Weird but funny :-)

  31. The summer after 5th grade, my mom made me spend an afternoon with a girl from my neighborhood who would be starting at my school the next year. I thought I was too cool, so to make sure that this girl knew just how awesome I was, I wore my turquoise blossom hat complete with magenta flower. To the beach. Turns out she thought she was too cool for me too-until I came out of my house wearing the blossom hat. Seeing the hat, she instantly realized that she had underestimated my coolness, and decided that we should be friends. Impressed by her ability to recognize a stylin’ hat when she saw one (and her purple gap jeans complete with matching flannel shirt) I decided she wasn’t so bad either. 15 years later, I was the maid of honor in her wedding. I did not wear my blossom hat.

  32. Amber Aug 21, 2011

    Oh my goodness! I totally wore blossom hats. I had a a denim one with a giant flower on the front. I went through a jean jacket phase and had one that I glued plastic jewels to. Tracy, I wore uniforms in Jr. High and remember layering like six necklaces (so true, accessorizing was the only way to stand out). I love that you girls are my generation. It makes you totally relatable and fun.:)

  33. I’m about the same ages as you ladies (a couple years older) and my phases were:
    Biker shorts (Why oh why did our parents let us where these? The shirts I wore were never long enough to cover my bum)
    Vests (I remember my aunt made matching ones for my cousin and I. We thought we were the shizz)
    Leggings with lace on the bottom (Always wore these with denim skirts. My favorite denim skirt? LA Gear!)
    Hammer pants (enough said)
    OH, and remember those really shiny black shoes with the thick black laces? I think Boyz II Men wore them? I HAD to have a pair.
    Silk shirts
    Remember those jeans with the big leather patches on the front on the thigh area?
    Bomber jackets. I was obsessed with owning a bomber jacket but my parents wouldn’t buy one for me. So I saved up all my babysitting money and bought one for myself. I held on to that jacket longer than I should have just because I’d saved so much and for so long to buy it.
    I’ll stop now. This is atrocious.

  34. I went through all those phases too! I just realized that I’m the same age Joy, I guess the phases happen everywhere at the same time. The only one I missed from those you mentioned was the Doc Martens, those didn’t make it to my school. Instead we had low-top mustard-colored construction boots. Fabulous substitution I think! Along with the one-strap down overalls, there was also the only-use-one-strap-for-carrying-your-book-bag phase. Why? You were so ridiculous if you used both. Somewhere mixed in there was the hairstyle where you made that little wave with some of your bangs and then had some hair coming down straight. Amazing. I also saved up money to buy myself some purple z. cavaricci’s when I was in fifth grade. Glorious! Pleated in the crotch!

  35. Lindsay Aug 21, 2011

    Your podcast cracked me up today. It reminded me of how I used to own a pair of sunflower-patterned shorts-overalls. Oh boy… there’s a reason I don’t like to look at pictures of myself from about 6th to 10th grade. I’ve started listening to your podcast during my canning sessions (I’m working on learning how to can this summer), towards the end while I’m getting hot and cranky. It makes that last 30 minutes of “boil, stirring constantly” much more pleasant. Keep them coming!

  36. Remember slap bracelets? They are BACK! Some of my students have them–only now, they are not a safety hazard/possible weapon once the fabric rips and the metal band starts sticking out…

  37. Jayne Aug 21, 2011

    I totally have an awkward question to ask the both of you. I was going to write then I heard it mentioned in your podcast. Ummm… ok.
    Is it ever ok NOT to shave? Legs and all? Even if your bf/hubs said it’s ok?
    I’m asking this because my hubs say that he doesn’t mind if I don’t shave. In fact, he doesn’t want me to shave at all cos (like he doesn’t allow me to shave):-
    1) he wants me to be me. Natural, like who I am without the insecurities of being who I am
    2) he prefers me without leg stubble. It… um… gets weird when we get cozy. I totally understand this.
    I hate shaving, that’s true. But I feel weird with hairy legs, you know? What do you think? I’m a 25 year old. I don’t have legs for skinny jeans and I have tree trunks for thighs. I rarely wear anything short enough but then…

  38. Jayne Aug 21, 2011

    BTW Joy? I just finished watching Last Night (2010) and you have an uncanny resemblance with Eva Mendes. Totally.

  39. I will be your Gibberish-speaking friend, Joy! My mom taught us all so that if we had friends over, she could still talk to us (or yell at us) without the friends’ overhearing.

  40. I burst out laughing when you said “Gangy,” Tracy!!! I was also there with you during the Rando Calrisian moment…
    You guys crack me up! I always look forward to your new podcasts so I can listen to you while I drive to work. It’s like a wild sleepover every time.

  41. Loren J Aug 22, 2011

    Tracy – I’ve heard you mention that you’re into astrology a couple of times and as a curious Libra, I was wondering where you get your astrological info? Are you a daily horoscope reader or just the occasional astrologer? Another awesome podcast!

    • I get my monthly horoscope from Susan Miller at (it’s AMAZING!) I also read my horoscope from the local paper (online) each day and check out on my igoogle page when I get a chance. Obsess much? There are plenty of days where I don’t check it though.

  42. Hi Tracy and Joy!

    I love listening to you two talk about real life stuff as well as baking stuff! In fact, my boyfriend lives in AZ and I live in AK. He can cook but baking somehow is a mystery to him. Baking for me is a stress relief. Everybody wants to be my neighbor during finals… Anyways, we (the bf, Richie, and I) pick a recipe every Sunday –from cupcakes to brownies to bars- and we bake together over Skype! This week we are going to tackle the cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread recipe on Joy’s blog. I saw the picture and started drooling. This hobby is great for our relationship..bad for my figure.

    Anyways, I know Tracy had said she was in a long-distance relationship for a while. How did you survive?? We have at least a year til I graduate and can move down south.

    Love listening to you both!


    Not exactly hypercolor nail polish… But it changes color!!

  44. Becky Aug 25, 2011

    Oh man, this all makes me think of my many disaterous outfits once apon a time… but those hyper color shorts – SCANDALOUS! Thank the gods I never went that far. Tracy, as a fellow unform wearer did you stay up at night meticuously planning your “free dress day” outfits? I remember a particularly awsome one where I wore a baggy tweety bird top that sagged off one shoulder to show off my neon tank top underneath. H.O.T.

  45. Nicola Aug 27, 2011

    Hey! I’m from Australia and despite not knowing who Blossom was – we still had the Blossom hat phase. Mine was white on the outside and had red, white and blue tartan when you flapped it up. In country Australia we also had leggings, long knitted jumpers, hiking boots and slouchy socks – all at once. And at one point, every kid between 12 and 20 wore Klue jeans, which were a light denim and had really wide legs. I still own my navy blue Doc boots, 13 years later! We also had an outstanding citrus phase when all you could buy were lime green and orange shirts, the brighter the better.

    And Jen – baking Skype dates? Does technology get any better than that?!

    Joy and Tracy – you rock.

  46. Stephanie Aug 28, 2011

    Hi Joy! Hi Tracey! I’m Stephanie and this is the first time I’m leaving a comment…. ever, and your podcast is also the first podcast i’ve ever listened to.
    I really enjoy listening to you guys. I’m studying abroad and I get kind of lonely, I totally miss talking to someone and so it happens, that when I listen to you I get the feeling you’re here with me and that keeps me going :)
    So, thank you so so much for keeping me company, making me laugh and boosting up my mood even if you don’t know me.

  47. Hey gals! I am listening to this podcast a little late (I saved them up for some downtime) but I just wanted to say, this was a hilarious episode. Did you have Pepe jeans? What about Z Cavaricci? I wanted a pair, but could never lay down the cash. Tracy, I just want you to know, “There’s always money in the banana stand.” I hope you get that. I’m sure you will, though.

  48. I saw denim short-overalls in Target last week – are those back now?! (Please no!) I never had a pair (didn’t have the thighs for them even as a middle-schooler) but my skinny sister did and I was SO. JEALOUS.

  49. Melissa Aug 31, 2011

    This podcast was a great traveling companion on my road trip to visit an old college friend in North Carolina. I could add many of my fashion faux pas to your list (oversized tshirts tied with a hair scrunchie on one side? colored denim shorts with the hems rolled up multiple times? men’s flannel shirts?) but, I’ll save myself the carpal tunnel. I did want to share this: while exploring a old mill turned into a shopping gallery, my friend and I wandered into a bead store where I saw some pretty beads called Mirage Beads. I picked one up. IT CHANGED COLOR. I knew you would want to know. Here’s one example I found online:

  50. OMG, Gibberish! I still use it to talk to my sister when her kids are around. She can’t speak it, but can understand it, and it drives my brother in law CRAZY! He keeps asking what i’m saying about him – as if! :)

    PS I’m catching up, I’ve missed a few weeks, but usually listen on Saturdays here in Auckland, New Zealand :)

  51. Joy, I love you for the slicee reference – I rocked at handball in my elementary school years. And Tracy, is it weird that I’m still completely fluent in op-talk? (And pig latin, of course!) I seem to recall it came from a book that I read… Babysitter’s Club or Nancy Drew, maybe? ^_^

  52. Jenny Sep 14, 2011

    I love Arrested Development. My boyfriend and I finished the last season last night. It’s a great series and I get your reference XD

  53. LOVED this episode! So much that I came back to rate you guys on iTunes and leave my first comment. I was surprised at something you guys didn’t mention, though – slouch socks! Tie-dyed ones, particularly. Oh, and the word ‘confidence’ always forces me to break out singing “I Have Confidence’ from The Sound of Music. Always. :)

  54. Emily Sep 30, 2011

    I was a hat girl, too, and my older sister *hated* it. Sometimes I would wear my fancy hats to church just to make her mad. But I loved them. :)

  55. Hey Tracy I loved your comment about owning yourself. Really awesome :)

  56. I agree wholeheartedly that leggings as pants will be something we regret. I go to a women’s college where people have even started wearing tights as pants. PARTY FOUL. I hope all of their kids see pictures of them flashing control top to the world.

  57. francesca Nov 6, 2011

    NEVER MIND I FOUND IT! haha me and my brothers do the same thing tracy! my brother writes “sexy time” most of the time.. he’s a strange one.

  58. I still wear overalls… I am so doomed.

  59. Joy (another baker) Apr 14, 2012

    I’m studying in Germany right now with students from over 13 other countries. Whenever people speak only in their home languages, we Americans speak Pig Latin (because everyone here understands English). Love throwing in some Gibberish too! It’s like middle school all over again.

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