Joy the Baker Podcast episode 15

Making the most of the end of summer!  Joy and Tracy talk Baywatch, bikini tops, the approach of football season, and beer.

Also… cats get haircuts, right?  That totally needs to happen.

Live your life.  Listen to this podcast.

Ps.  Be careful with the cherries.


This cat needs a trim.  No joke.

Joy the Baker Podcast episode 15

We’re not ready to say goodbye to summer.  We’re grilling meats and eating lots of corny things.   Corn and Zucchini Pizza.  Cold Avocado Soup.  Corn & Basil Tart.

Joy the Baker Podcast episode 15

Tracy’s go-to recipes:

Berry Studded Baked Oatmeal 

Vegan Thumbprint Cookies

Addictive Brussels Sprouts Salad 

No knead pizza dough


Joy’s go-to recipes:

Blueberry Muffins

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies


and more Biscuits

Joy the Baker Podcast episode 15

Joy is really into Cynthia Rowley tights.

Joy the Baker Podcast episode 15

Joy is also way into making her own beer.  Just in time for football season.  Success!


Nice job with the strawberry vodka Megan!  You’re living right!

Joy the Baker Podcast episode 15

joy the baker episode 15

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29 comments on “End of Summer Blowout

  1. Kristen Aug 25, 2011

    Try for tights! Over 50 different colors, including color splash, and designs, multiple fabric types… and reasonablely priced! (I don’t work there, so why did I just sound like an ad!? eek!) I just got some charcoal ones to go with an awesome dress and ankle booties for a fall wedding.

  2. Karin Aug 25, 2011

    Speaking of clothing items that have been outlawed, I think jerseys for grown men fall into this category.

    • I agree with you…but then I wonder if it’s there version of fat pants? An extra roomy jersey would come in handy if you’ve been eating like a football player.

  3. cathy b. Aug 25, 2011

    Those blueberry muffins were one of the first recipes I ever tried from your site, Joy…
    I have a Pennsylvania Dutch heritage, and homemade noodles with browned butter on them is something I grew up on! Needless to say, it’s so much fun to incorporate that “comfort” smell/taste into soft beautiful blueberry goodness! They have become our favorite blueberry muffins..I’ve given them to neighbors and friends and they always produce smiles.
    And what could be better than that?
    Well…podcasts that make me laugh don’t hurt either! Keep it up.
    cathy b.
    p.s. You’re awesome. Both of you!

  4. Becky Aug 25, 2011

    Joy, I shaved one of my cats once with my huband’s beard trimmer. He looked like someone gnawed his fur off. Beard trimmer – not recommended :)

  5. I totally used to shave my cats when we were young and had no air conditioning. They absolutely LOVED it. Kind of weird, but they were super soft and adorable afterwards.

  6. I’m so happy you sang the Baywatch song, Joy :) Also, thank you Tracy for solving a mystery for me. My commute home has been particularly awful lately and I couldn’t figure out why. Duh, school’s in. That’s right, Joy and Tracy solve real-life problems in their podcast. Thanks, ladies!

  7. Ciara Aug 25, 2011

    so i decided to finally stop being a lurker and comment……you guys are adorable and i thoroughly enjoy listening to all your rando discussions and excellent tidbits on life. i become a real person soon (i’m starting my last year of college) and have made the, not creepy at all, decision to be you guys when i “grow up”. just thought you’d like to know. :)

  8. I have to say that listening to you ladies is more entertaining than any TV show I can think of. I am so enjoying this..It has the “girlfriend” feel..I feel like I’m there sitting around the kitchen talking bikini tops, tights, doodle paper…sort of whatever pops into your mind with my best girlfriends…I love it…

  9. PS..I was a camp counselor…..

  10. megan Aug 26, 2011

    I’m really hoping I can find some looses. Or yoga pants with feet. That would be awesome. Thanks for responding to my question!

  11. I should never, ever listen to this podcast when I’m doing my online food order. On the occasion that you mention food, I want it so my food order this week is about half corn. And then a bunch of vodka.

    I have a story about shaving cats. Or, more accurately, not managing to shave a cat. I went to boarding school from the age of 13 and the housemistress in my first boarding school was just a total troll. No one liked her, she was evil. Not deliberately – I think she was evil because she was stupid. But she had a cat. Now, I am a cat person, I LOVE cats, but this cat had fleas and she would leave the joining entrance from her property to the boarding house open and because our dorn was right by that door ( we were apparently the bad girls) we would always get back from class and see this flea ridden cat on our beds looking very pleased with itself and then we would have to attempt to fumigate the room and wash everything. This had gone on too long so my room-mate and I decided that we had to shave the cat. I went and retrieved the cat, she readied herself with some veet, a bucket of water and a lady razor. The cat was not happy, it was really not happy, we managed to get it wet and covered in shaving foam before it zoomed off, completely pitiful and bedraggled, leaving this trail of shaving foam leading straight to our door.

    Our housemistress never mentioned it but the joining door was always kept closed after that. I was expelled a month later – it wouldn’t surprise me if attempting to shave the housemistresses cat had been the straw that broke that camel’s back. I was a nightmare child. I feel truly sorry for anyone that ever came across me as a teen. Including my own cats who were regularly dressed up and, once, I dyed the bright white tip of my otherwise quite dark tabby cat’s tail blue. I would not recommend this. Ever. Poor, poor Pepper.


  12. I also have a problem with pitting cherries. I don’t have a cherry pitter so I just use the chopstick method. And it ALWAYS reminds me of that scene from the Witches of Eastwick where the pastor lady throws up a whole lot of pits and stems. And then I feel grossed out.

  13. Becky Aug 26, 2011

    Tracy, the bow ties were Nicole’s, but I might still have some sparkly cat vests to share!

  14. Ladies! So I’m in the kitchen. Preparing for hurricane Irene … and trying to use up some of my perishables by baking muffins. I turn to Joy the Baker. For inspiration. A recipe. A port in the storm. Enter your browned butter blueberry muffins recipe. (Except I substituted a jalapeno and sour cherries because I went a little crazy during cherry season and pitted about 5 pounds of them. Yikes.)

    I turn on your podcast, ready for it to entertain while I bake … and you guys mention this very recipe as a “go to” and then go on to talk about the laxative properties of cherries. Kismet! Keep doing your thang. Love you guys. And I’ll try not to eat too many muffins. Wish me luck against Irene!

    P.s. cherries are easier to pit if you use a paper clip. That’s a tip straight from grandma. 😉

  15. Megan Aug 27, 2011

    Hi Tracy and Joy- thanks for posting my picture and for the shout out! I listened at work the other day and was like ‘oh hey they are talking about me!”. I’m def holding onto summer….now to get through hurricane Irene.

  16. Meredith Aug 27, 2011

    My sister and I listened to your podcasts on the drive down to college. We love your podcasts–they make us laugh, and they almost made us forget about the impending hurricane.
    P.S. My sister says that pantyhose are also for ladies that have to wear suits, and not just for ladies that work at Hooters.

  17. I used to buy the best tights on the streetcorner in Seoul–never binding–only 10,000 won (about $9), miss that. I have a stash I have been able to hoard because it is too damn hot here to wear tights except for a day or two in February.
    P.S. we made beer for our wedding favors–it was labelled “wedding veil ale”, good times

  18. Amystrat77 Aug 29, 2011

    I feel so honored! My comment from iTunes got read by y’all! Sadly, he wasn’t cool enough to have a Cosby sweater… Just superhero T-shirts. That should’ve been another red flag. He was a walking stereotype. I’m so glad I’ve now found my prince charming and I am DONE with the crazy dating scene!

  19. Joy! You don’t have to pit your cherries for maraschino cherry goodness. Just throw them in whole, and when it’s time to drink, let your friends know there are pits there. :) Seriously, it’ll be fine.

  20. Stephanie Aug 30, 2011

    For a future episode: What do you do to get over a boy? What helps? Advice?

  21. Found a note reading “Hi gorgeous <3" in book at the local bookstore tonight — someone in my neighborhood likes your style.

  22. I love y’all (please note the correct spelling of y’all)! I also love that you talked about the line on your stomach when you wear tights – hey, it happens. Also, Tracy, I too wear leggings (ahem F21) and put boots on over them and no one knows. I wear socks with this, too. (It’s cute until I take off the boots, then it’s just weird.)

  23. Sarah Aug 31, 2011

    First of all, love you guys, you make my work day go buy just a little quicker. Second, Joy, I also have a fluffy cat and I recommend investing in a “furminator”. Not only does it have an awesome name and an eject button, but it works wonders on getting all the unnecessary fluff out. Amazon has some good prices:


  24. Frazier Sep 3, 2011

    I so agree, Tracy, about the Sharpie pencil. I also had high hopes. What a bust.

  25. I hear that if you shave a cat’s tail the hair never grows back.

  26. Heather E Sep 10, 2011

    I’ll be a counselor-in-training at your summer camp next year! :)

    Also, thanks for getting the Step By Step theme song stuck in my head…

  27. I love meatballs for football food. And chili. (And I have to say bratwurst because I am from Wisconsin and support the Packers. ) In fact I enjoy entertaining for football as much as watching it. I get distracted if it is on tv, but it is really fun to go to a game!

    Also, it is now winter so this is not timely, but for NEXT summer…my aunt had a fluffy cat and she got him the “lion” cut: shaved body, but tail, head, and paws left fluffy. Goofy looking, but he was much cooler!

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