joy the baker ep 15

Long distance relationships.  In love and in friendships, how do you keep the love alive when miles prohibit near constant hugging and friendly high-fives?  Joy and Tracy know a thing or two about love and friendship and long distance relationships.  Tracy got married.  Joy got broken up.  Tracy sends daily photos.  Joy makes dance videos.  We’re talking long distance relationships… get your text message fingers ready to spread the long distance love!

It takes planes, trains, and automobiles to get to your love when you’re in a long distance relationship.

Will travel for love.

joy the baker ep 15

And when it’s time to go visit your love… it’s best to make sure that your nails are pretty, hair is done did, and legs are shaved (if you’re into that sort of thing).  We have to come correct.

joy the baker ep 15

Keep the love alive with CANDY!!

joy the baker ep 15

Tracy sends clever and cute photos to keep the love and friendship alive.

I squish your (cat)head.

joy the baker ep 15

Joy keeps the love alive with really bad dance videos.

joy the baker ep 15

Long distance friends help other long distance friends drink tea instead of eating chocolate.  Truth.

joy the baker ep 15

Press on toe nails!?  Dear God, WHY!?

joy the baker ep 15

Tracy died and went to cinnamon roll heaven.  No… wait… Tracy ate cinnamon rolls, garlic bread, and burritos… and then went to heaven.  Carb overload.  On the real.  Joy ate a hot dog.  Booooring.

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35 comments on “Long Distance Relationships

  1. Nicola Sep 1, 2011

    Oh my god the video won’t play and I NEED TO WATCH THIS IMMEDIATELY! I will return later in the hopes that it likes me. Meanwhile Tracy? Cat squish photo? Amazing.

  2. I absolutely adored this episode. It made me feel so nostalgic. Yes, Spanish girl moving to Edinburgh for love. I wonder if it’s always the girl who moves. My parents were in a LDR too and it was my mum the one who moved.

    Joy, you can’t do this to us. You can’t tease us with the pic of the video and then not let us watch the real video! PLEASE!

  3. Trina Sep 1, 2011

    I loved this episode! I’m currently in my 3rd long distance relationship ( yes, glutton for punishment). Sometimes time differences work in your favor in LDRs. Currently my boy is in Texas where normally he’d be in Scotland. This works better for me living in Germany! Thanks for extra hints on keeping the spark :)

  4. Loved this epi! I’m in a LDR with my honey in UK (I’m in Florida), getting married in December (YAY!). Love to hear about other people’s LDR experiences, makes me feel less alone. THANKS! =)

  5. Loved this episode, too! I, like Tracy, married my LDR. Love you two. P.S. I think we need to hear some more support for the “old school” communication like letter and email writing! Joy, aren’t you a lover of letter writing?

  6. I’m in a long distance relationship with most of my family. Can you even believe it?! I keep it real by chit-chatting with my mom on the phone about food she’s making for guests or food I’m making for guests, and sometimes we talk about scones. And I text my sister pictures of my mani’s. So there you go! Thanks for the tips. You girls are the awesome. And now I want a burrito for dessert and to carb-load for the race of life. <3

  7. So funny that you ladies chose to speak about LDR. Tracy and I have about the same story… started dating my now husband senior year high school, dated for 4 years in the same country but not the same town, then I moved to the States for another 4 years. We had never spent more than 3 weeks together…Ever! And that only happened once. Got married last year! So I guess it was a good thing! :)

  8. Husband and I met in high school and spent allll of college in LDR status. Rough. No worries, though, we’re married now. It’s pretty sweet.

    -mix cd’s. (retro!)
    -surprise packages in the mail.
    -nightly phone calls/skype sessions/instant messaging.
    -tons of visits.
    -an “end date.” like, plan out when the whole LDR phase is going to end. and who’s gonna bite the bullet and move? plan this out in advance, like waaay in advance, so you both have that to look forward to.

    these things are all essential.

  9. Sonia Sep 1, 2011

    How fitting. My fiance asked me to marry him and then moved to Minneapolis for a year! I am having a hard time with it. I made a pre-marriage bucket list, which basically is a list of things I have more TIME to do now that he is gone. Making a quilt and brewing beer are on it! But yes, def need to send more care packages! 😉


    I’m currently in a LDR with the majority of my family and friends— I’m in Los Angeles (Joy, can we be friends?) and they’re on the east coast. It’s nice to hear tips and things for getting through LDRs from you two incredible ladies– thanks for constantly making me laugh even when the topics can be kind of serious!


  11. I adore this show. Here’s an idea for Joy: If you want a relationship AND your alone time -marry a firefighter. For real. He’s gone every third night and home the other two. So every third night, alone time, then 2 nights of husband. It’s the best all around. (No disrespect intended at all for your gentleman if he doesn’t happen to be a fireifghter).

  12. Casey Benjamin Sep 1, 2011

    They were Spice Girls Crazy Dip pops, not to be confused with the Spice Girls Fantasy Ball pops.
    Mary Janes get respect for being from Boston and now owned by NECCO, but it was and always has been Bit-O-honey for me.

  13. I had a long distance relationship when I was sixteen (oh how young and naive). I have no idea why I found this guy that was eleven years my senior and still lived with his parents attractive but I guess i was lonely (Oh how young and naive). After about eighteen months I kinda realised “hey, I’m in a long distance and therefore expensive relationship with a guy that still lives with his parents despite being nearly thirty and doesn’t enjoy food – what am I doing?”. I went to great lengths to break up nicely. I actively paid the eighty pounds it cost at the time to travel the six hour train trip to where he lived, took him out to dinner (another forty pounds) and broke up with him over the table as nicelya s I could. He appeared to understand and I went on my merry way. We didn’t communicate at all until six months later when he heard I was dating someone else and I got the most confusing phone call where he accused me of cheating. What?! I had spent over a hundred pounds to break up with him, not one of our mutual friends was in any kind of thought that we were still together and, well, we hadn’t talked in SIX MONTHS. I think I just laughed at him and silently swore to myself I was never going to be kind to the point of great monetary expense in a break up ever again (I wasn’t. My next break up – another LDR – was by text message).

    I guess the message was never get into a relationship because you’re lonely and never with a guy that doesn’t enjoy food.

    He didn’t like cats either. What a waste of eighteen months of my life. I think I just stayed with him so long because his parents were awesome.

  14. This was so good. It was refreshing. It was fun. What about a podcast about CDRs (that is, Close Distance Relationships)? I’m afraid that they’re often more difficult and complicated than LDRs :-)

  15. This is a great topic! I was in a long distance relationship with my now husband for four years. Ick. We mostly survived with MSN chat. I used to wake up at 5am to speak to him just because of the time difference. Can you believe I only officially introduced him to the majority of my family just two weeks before our wedding? This was because of the crazy immigration systems in this country. My heart goes out to everyone who has to depend on USCIS officials to set an “end date” to their LDR… I recommend if you are going through the process…

  16. mariah Sep 2, 2011

    I’m currently in a LDR (no airplanes, but I have to drive 45 minutes to see him). The only good thing about that 45 minute drive is that it’s a perfect amount of time to listen to the JTB Podcast with TFS. I show up at his door dropping words like rando and phrases like “this is real life”. Then I start saying things to him like, “hey, I should make you bacon and peanut butter cookies!” (which I’m in the middle of making now.)
    Love the show!

  17. I so wish my mom and sis would text. Then our long distance relationships would be soo much easier. It’s part of the reason I blog.
    We just have to chat on the phone, like nearly every day.
    Tracy…… PLEASE post your recipe of the cinnamon rolls. They look uber yum.

  18. Oh my gosh, your guys podcasts just get better and better. My sister is moving to San Francisco soon and I will have a LDR with her. It makes me want to cry.

  19. Dear Joy and Tracy,
    Love your show. Major! Like so many others, it elevates my otherwise hellish commute to a more than tolerable level–thank you! Random- I had a dream about you guys the other night. Actually, you weren’t there in the dream, but I saw a preview of your new show on the Food Network! It was the two of you, riding bikes through an apple orchard and waving in Kinfolky-video/Pioneer Woman montage, music-only thingy and the show was called “What the What”– which is from Whitney and Christina’s podcast! So. I’m clearly spending waaaaay too much time in my car, and checking out blogs online. But who knows? Maybe a there’s a hybrid wine and cooking talk show in your future! I know I’d watch. Keep on keepin’ on!

  20. Ladies, what is up with the press-on toenail hating? This is sad to talk about, but some of us have sickly, chronically ugly, no-open-toed-shoes, sweet-jesus-are-those-old-man-feet toenails, and are relieved to have pretty fake ones to make us feel more presentable. (Ok, I haven’t actually tried them…they probably look icky in real life. But I like the idea!)

  21. Long distance relationships are more common than I thought! Was in one for two years, high school sweetheart went to college in Socal while I stayed in Norcal for school. Used Skype EVERY day!

  22. I was in a long distance relationship my freshman year of college. I was in Socal and he was in Denver. We agreed to meet up and I (like an idiot) bought his plane ticket and he was gonna pay back half when he got here.The night before he’s supposed to come he makes up some lame excuses about his leg being hurt and his aunt and not knowing how to use an e-ticket. So of course we broke up. BUT then the best part is is that he calls me three months later asking for the info for the plane ticket so he can use the credit to go visit his new long distance girlfriend!!! Tell me about it.

  23. Thanks ladies for the ever-sage advice. Question: what do you do when someone in real life references your blog life? Awkward. Is there some sort of protocol for this?

  24. you guys rock my socks – SO glad you talked about LDR this week. I’m in a LDR with pretty much all of my friends and def all of my family since moving to London a few years ago! We skype all the time and send funny emails. I started my blog originally as a way to keep in touch with everyone. OH! And hand written cards are the BEST! I love getting random cards from my grandparents and my BFF, totally will brighten anyones day. Keep up the awesome job!

  25. Jayne Sep 7, 2011

    I’m starting to have withdrawal syndrome… New podcast please? Pretty please with sugar on top? JK. Can’t wait for next episode. I always feel sad when I finish one cos I know I have to wait for the next.

  26. Holly Sep 7, 2011

    I’m so surprised that your last meals wouldn’t be from The French Laundry!

  27. I’m a long-distance relationship with two of my best friends. The time difference is ridiculous to deal with, but somehow we make it work! You guys are the best.

  28. I also married my LDR. I lived in Texas, he lived in California. We met at my cousin’s wedding and started “dating” over the phone. We fell in love and got to know each other with letters (real USPS delivered letters!), over the phone, and and lots of emails (this was at a time before Facebook and Skype and even texting, I think). We had spent a total of 5 weeks together in person when we got engaged. When we got married, we had spent two months living in the same town (I was the one that moved), in addition to the 5 weeks we’d spent together in person on visits. It was wonderful, but I missed him so much I ached. I still remember those times when all we wanted was to sit on a couch together and drink coffee and read our books or watch a movie. Now, I try not to take these times for granted.

  29. Amanda Barkey Sep 9, 2011

    fave part :
    joy ‘tracy, your about to die!’
    tracy ‘oh! ok, i would do a beer bong… carby…’
    oh you two.

    ps- i am also married to my ldr! distance makes the heart grow fonder! no, seriously, there is something to be said about getting to know someone long distance… definitely strengthens the relationship i think… probably because youa rent just sitting in a dark movie theater in silence or makin out in the back seat of the car every day… you really get to know each other. i think its good stuff. just like this podcast.

  30. Tracey, you and Casey must be living a parallel life to mine….. you seriously described the LDR that I had with my husband! And we’ve been together 12 years too! So crazy!

  31. So, I’m a bit behind on my podcast listening (for shame!). However, with this topic I had to chime in. I once broke up with a boyfriend (of three years) on a trip to Germany, where he was stationed. It was pretty mutual, but it was three days before I was supposed to be leaving. I got an early ticket out of there for the next day. On the way to the airport, his car starts shaking. We pull over. He pops the hood, checks it and we start driving again. A few miles down the autoban, it starts shaking again, this time violently. I can literally see the airport about a mile away. All I wanted in the entire world was to get. on. that. plane. Finally, after pouring some water in the engine, it shuddered its way to the drop-off zone. Ah, sweet escape. So, yes, long distance relationship rule No. 1: do not break up with somone on a visit without an escape route.

  32. I want my LDR to work and happen, but I think he doesn’t want it :( I’m in Malaysia, he’s in Mexico and he keeps saying that “how come, coz we are so far”. He’s cutting it off now by sending no more mails, skype, text etc and I guess he just want me to forget it. I’m sad, really. Things that makes me unsatisfied is that if it couldn’t happen, why would you start it at the first place, you are aware of the distance since start and it was just fine. sigh….I am even willing to move.

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