joy the baker podcast episode 19

 Guilty as charged! This week on the Joy the Baker Podcast, Joy and Tracy talk about their guilty pleasures. Bad television like Basketball Wives? Bacon? Pop Music? They also take your calls and discuss your guilty pleasures. Be warned… there is discussion of Fat Sauce in this episode. Real life.

guilty pleasure


Bacon.  Bourbon.  Doughnuts.

Real Housewives of Everywhere.  Basketball Wives.  The Men of Grey’s Anatomy?  30 Rock?

Baked Caramel Apple Donut

Candy Cane Infused Vodka


Get your guilty pleasures on!!

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46 comments on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Guilty Pleasures

    1) Joey McIntyre (there I said it)
    2) Teen Mom
    3) Hell’s Kitchen
    4) Cookie dough ice cream

  2. Toddlers and Tiaras/ Say yes to the dress… Once I start watching, I can’t stop. It’s bad, I know!

    Singing very, very loud in the car (and pretending that it’s beautiful). If you happen to ride next to me in front of a traffic light, you’ll know what I mean!

  3. For some reason I thoroughly enjoy eating drive-thru food in the car before getting home (it’s so much better when you can’t see it and can only use one hand, it makes it oh so delicious). Also don’t tell anyone but I watch all the Housewives (even though they make me crazy), Dance Moms (new crazies), Say Yes to the Dress (even though I am not in the market for a dress), too many Lifetime Movies (although they are sometimes so bad that not even I can tolerate it), and cheese. Yeah, any kind of cheese.

  4. Judith Sep 19, 2011

    Lifetime movies I’ve seen a hundred times (Widow on the Hill is a great one), repeats of 90210 and Melrose Place, a nap (I’m a new mom), crossword puzzles, and pizza! Before my husband and I got married, we were in bed eating prezels dipped in vanilla icing on a lazy Saturday afternoon … mmmm … that’s a great guilty pleasure too!

  5. Laura Sep 19, 2011

    I’m constantly sneaking handfuls of dark chocolate covered berries! Especially Trader Joe’s powerberries!

  6. Ashley Sep 19, 2011

    Major guilty pleasure: Say Yes to the Dress marathons (Atlanta included!) with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked FroYo (doesn’t happen often thank goodness!). Fantastically awful bad movies. The Cube movies (Cube, Cube 2: Hypercube, Cube Zero), The Mummy, Adventures in Babysitting, etc. So good. So bad. So generally fantastic and horrible all at once. I love it. My fiance and I both love bad movies and often choose to watch them instead of good movies. If you haven’t experience a good “bad” movie, you should watch one. Or seven.

  7. TV Guilty Pleasure: America’s Next Top Model

    Food Guilty Pleasure: A big container of Heluva Good Onion dip and potato chips. Greasy, salty, deliciousness.

    Musical Guilty Pleasure: I have an obscene amount of Spice Girls and 90s pop music on my iTunes. I actually have the “play counts” column hidden in case anyone looks at my iTunes.

    I can’t wait for the new podcast!!!

  8. Lizzie Sep 19, 2011

    The Washington Post wedding section. At work. Oh no I did not just say that. Hey, at least I scroll down far enough on the page so the giant photos of the happy couples don’t show and I can look like I’m reading something legit.

  9. Filet o’ Fish, eaten stealthily in the car. (I even take the garbage back to my office so it doesn’t enter my house!) That only happens about three times a year. My other love, Murder She Wrote, is available anytime at all, thanks to Netflix and more than 250 episodes. Now that the theme song is stuck in your head, I’ll go watch the next episode.

  10. There is no link for me to listen to this newest, and I’m sure most awesome podcast, please help! It’s not showing up on iTunes either. :(

  11. This little candies called Atomic Fireballs. Addicted. No joke.

    Pinterest. No words needed.

  12. Mariko Sep 19, 2011

    Occasionally stopping on Basketball Wives and sometimes Googling people from my past.
    And eating pig lips – which I ship to my job from a cajun site so my non-pork-eating live-in boyfriend cannot witness. They look bad but tastes AMAZING!

  13. Tsukiko Sep 19, 2011

    Looking for hairstyles on Fuck Yeah Curls Curls Curls and Pretty Black Girls With Glasses.

  14. Ilene Sep 20, 2011

    I’m old enough to be the mothers of ALL of you which makes this even funnier.. eating a complete box of sushi in the car before i get home (i understand the one hand, no see method). I can down 16 pieces in no time; Sneaking in Reality TV because my partner despises it; Doritos dipped in sour cream; Eating cheese and crackers in front of the TV; Googling Funky Short Hair Styles; Oh, because I change my hair every few weeks (this is a very guilty pleasure). Stopping at fast food restaurants and not telling anyone because I manage a farmer’s market! Enough said! :)

  15. 19 Kids and Counting because that family is just so fascinating.

  16. Guilty Pleasures:

    #1: Facebook stalking. Oh gosh, am I ever a creeper.
    #2: After work snacks. Stuff my face, over the kitchen sink. There’s no other way.
    #3: Nutella. I use walnuts as spoons. Right outta the jar, obviously.

  17. Mariah Carey’s song Fantasy. That song is just as good now as it was in 5th grade. Fact.

  18. Oh, just thought of another guilty pleasure in which I no longer partake. It’s called Secret Pizza. See, when your college roommate and you would like to eat pizza but would rather not have everyone know that you are being Fatty McFattersons, you say you are going to the gym or some other clever non-fatty place and instead you go eat pizza and leave behind no evidence. Oh, those were the days. I miss Secret Pizza.

  19. Truffle cheese & pears. Does cutting Sunday coupons count? I’m not extreme but the hubby doesn’t understand my glee after handing a stack and saving only 3 bucks. Ha!

  20. Becky Sep 20, 2011

    A clean desk and a package of colorful sharpie markers?
    Mind readers.

  21. Oh, almost forgot…food porn (virtual, books & magazines)

  22. Jayne Sep 20, 2011

    Chocolate, pickles and cake on the food front.
    On the life front? Talkshow snippets from Youtube. I while hours away like that!

  23. Hallie Hanson Sep 20, 2011

    Real Housewives- every season! US Weekly which I try to convince my husband is about national events- like USA weekly. :)
    For eating pimento cheese with a sprinkle of cayenne and pita crackers from Trader Joes.

  24. Erin Louise Sep 22, 2011

    Gilmore Girls…Spice Girls…Dunkin Donuts(even though I bake at a coffee shop)…Target clearance racks…oh and I love animal crackers dipped in cake frosting.

    On another note…Tracy…you have an amazing way of making ordinary things sound dirty…I don’t think I will ever be able to think of the name James Van Der Beek the same way. You have a gift lol.

    Thanks for another awesome podcast!!

  25. real housewives (especially Jersey, they are the most cray-cray) and keeping up with the kardashians. If there is a marathon on I will cancel all plans and my butt will be superglued to the couch. Also, i love eating popcorn with my tongue.. like sticking my tongue into the bowl instead of using my hands. I usually use copious amounts of nutritional yeast on my popcorn, which will then end up all over my shirt. I let my dogs lick it up… (that’s their guilty pleasure).
    Also singing billy joel at the top of my lungs in my car.. I can’t help myself…

  26. Sarah Sep 22, 2011

    Pitbull. Big time. Like actually bought his album(s) and listen to songs that are not singles. It’s bad. Also, tanning, like in a tan bed. Yeah… embarrassing… yes I know its bad for you but I just love laying in that warm tube and allow myself to do it sometimes. Cinnamon Toast Crunch… so good. No nutritional value. Anddd girdles… yes or garmets that are girdle-esque. Not that I’m really in serious need of a girdle but they make everything look so damn good.

  27. Oh my god this podcast had me laughing out loud! Joy your cat was absolutely determined to be a part of this! He wanted his voice HEARD. haha

  28. A Little Coffee Sep 22, 2011

    Ok on the sneezing front: I am a person who sneezes 7 times in a row, EVERY single time. And I would just like to say that I don’t think you understand how satisfying that last one is, when you know your sneezing fit is over.

    Weird random fact: minty smells and tastes make me sneeze. Kind of a pain when brushing my teeth, as toothpaste is definitely minty.

    • That would explain why my husband sneezes after he brushes his teeth every night and morning!!

  29. Megan Sep 22, 2011

    Dear Joy and Tracy,
    Your podcast is my absolute favorite. I used to listen to it while running, but I was laughing so hard that people in passing cars got worried. My guilty pleasures are cookie dough, 16 and pregnant, ANTM, and expensive conditioner.
    You guys are awesome! Joy, you noticed in your last podcast that a couple of callers talk like you. To tell you the truth, I read every post and listen to every podcast, and I’m unintentionally starting to talk like you too. That’s happening.
    Love y’all!
    P.S. Brown butter fat sauce. Let’s make that happen.

  30. Joy and Tracy – I love this. And also, I have of course read Bossypants! But now I absolutely must get the audiobook to hear her read it. Also, there was another caller from my town on your show! I love that – it means you are super popular and people across the planet are listening! Have so much fun at the HomefriesU retreat, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  31. Aloha! Eye-rubbing Gwen here. It was super weird hearing my voice on the podcast – I kinda feel guilty about sharing my guilty pleasure. No, seriously thanks for condoning my behavior;)

  32. Sonia Sep 26, 2011

    Holy crap. Tracy is HILARIOUS. Love that creepy voice.

  33. stalking my friends’ friends’ blogs. checking out cds i don’t feel like buying from the library and copying them on my computer. eating all the m&ms out of trailmix!

  34. Pro tip for people who like to rub their eyes: get a significant other to put their elbow in your eye socket. It will be immensely pleasurable. Significant other might get creeped out. Totally worth it.

  35. Jackie Sep 29, 2011

    Hi Guys!
    I just listened to this podcast and you mentioned the whole “sneezing in sunlight” thing, and I just wanted to share a fun fact.
    It’s actually called achoo syndrome! It’s a genetic trait that can be passed on:

    people usually sneeze 2 or 3 times, but some can sneeze up to 43 times!

    Anyway, just wanted to share.

  36. Guilty Pleasures: Gossip Girl aka GG is amazing. It is totes my show and Dawsons Creek was/is amazing…Cinnamony anything…and your podcast. Its a problem…I listen to you ladies at work, bust out laughing and because I sit in the middle of everyone people thengive me funny looks. Its bad. You ladies are amazing and most def make my work days better!

  37. Books can be guilty pleasures! Just think of Twilight. Yes, I read those books, and they were totally guilty pleasures.

  38. Joannabee Oct 1, 2011

    cheeeeeeeez doodles – ugh

  39. I’m all with you with the long hot showers. Also, when I was a kid, my mom would save money by only using 1/2 of a dryer sheet in a load of laundry. So now that I’m a grown up lady…my guilt pleasure is putting TWO dryer sheets to a load. I just love the smell of fresh laundry..a lot. And I also love throwing my jammies in the dryer before I go to bed.

  40. HeatherJean Oct 3, 2011

    My guilty pleasure may just be flavored vodkas 😉 I made strawberry – then honeydew melon (amazing by the way) my next flavor is coffee! Think homemade Kahlua!

  41. Ooooh. My. Gosh. That whole online shopping thing. I do that! I totally thought I was the only one in the world who did that. Thanks for the vindication. :)

  42. Speaking of Grey’s Anatomy… When we were dating, my husband and I watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (because it’s my guilty pleasure…) but now he’s even guiltier because he reminds me when it’s on every single week. He loves it. LOVES it. And he’d probably be a little upset that I told you. What happens on the Joy the Baker podcast stays on the Joy the baker podcast? k maybe not.

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