Embrace your inner hippie!  On this episode of the Joy the Baker Podcast, Joy and Tracy break down their versions of hippie living.  There’s coconut oil in your hair and baking soda on your face?  There are chia seeds in your favorite drink?  Oh man.  You’re a hippie genius.  Congratulations!

There’s all sorts of hippie things you should get your hands on!  Get in that kitchen and get hippie!

Cashew Oat Milk

Coconut Butter

Tracy’s Apricot Pistachio Granola


Beet Ginger Pear Juice



Scrubs for the hand and body!!

Coconut Lemon Scrub

Coffee and Lavender Sugar Scrub


Eat kale like a crazy person.  Kale Chips.


Drink juice like a hippie. Blue Print Cleanse!


We had an amazing time at Homefries U: back to school in Palm Springs!

It was full of food and laughter, new friendship, cookies, and cocktails.


We have so many people to thank for making this retreat possible.

Thank you to Vacation Palm Springs for the beautiful home.  Thank you, Tim!


Thank you to Juice Beauty for the awesome face wash!

Thank you to Picking Daisies for the gorgeous handmade napkins.  A big hit!

Thank you Blue Print Cleanse.  Thank you  Creminelli.  Thank you Bols Genever.  Thank you 18 Rabbits!

We could not have pulled off this weekend without your generous support.  Thank you!!

Please leave a comment below for a chance to win one of five gift bags!  We want you to have this stuff too!!

And I’ll totally make you a friendship bracelet.  Duh.


We can’t wait for Homefries U:  Spring Break!

Stay tuned for more about that.  It’s real!!!

Thank you to everyone who called in to be a part of the podcast.  We love that you listen and you care.

Thank you for being here.  Thank you for listening.

Say hello to the Homefries clan on Facebook, on Twitter, and on iTunes.

Call us!  Say hi!  Ask us a question!

(817) 82-fries  We love when you call!

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286 comments on “Embrace Your Inner Hippie

  1. Bronwyn Sep 29, 2011

    It was another great podcast, Ladies!! In talking about natural ways to clean the house, I mop the floors with a combination of ammonia and lemon dish-soap. It leaves everything sparkling and lemon-scented, and pleases my inner-hippie!

  2. I’m going to wash my hair with baking soda right now!

  3. Looks like you had an awesome time at Homefries U, I wish I could have been there. Food, drinks, crafts and lots of laughs – sounds like my kind of weekend!
    If you’re willing to ship the gift bag over to Germany I would LOVE to win, thanks for the chance!

    And Tracy, love the way your dress and Nathans shirt match in that group shot, yay for stripes!

  4. Sarah Elizabeth Sep 29, 2011

    You should rent out a P.O. box for all your lovely foodie fans to send you friendship bracelets… I bet you would have one for ever day of the year. Or maybe a friendship bracelet swap? It could be done! Also, I love me some sugar scrub and homemade granola. I am glad that you all had so much fun!

  5. ANN MARIE Sep 29, 2011


  6. Valerie Sep 29, 2011

    I love your podcast and I really wish I could have made it to Homefries U! It looks like it was so much fun!!

  7. Oh maaan, I love your podcasts! They are total awesomesauce! And maybe I listen to them more than once…it might be a bit alarming the amount of times I listen to each podcast, but what am I supposed to do while I wait for a new podcast to come up?

  8. Dear Joy + Tracy (or Troy as I sometimes celebrity couple call you in my mind),
    Thank you for all you hippie lady wisdom this morning. I loved listening to it on my morning jog. Because giggling while you jog makes you forget you’re jogging. So – um – thanks!

  9. Vanessa Sep 29, 2011

    Hi ladies! The retreat looks UH-MAZINGLY awesome! I’m mega bummed I had to miss it for a work trip cuz as interesting as TX was, the retreat looked way more fun! Hopefully I can make it out to the next one. I have totally been finding my inner hippie with all the projects I’ve been trying thanks to you two. I’ve tried one new idea from your blogs every week leading up to retreat week so I could feel like part of the fun. As such I’ve been a lavender body scrubbin’, kale chip eating, OCM face massaging, coconut butter making, friendship bracelet braiding fool! Trying to find lavender and dinosaur kale in Las Vegas is like trying to pan for GOLD!
    Here’s a hippie hint for you: Honey is awesome for healing severely chapped lips. Put it on, let it sit for 5 mins, then gently pat off with a warm washcloth! TADA! 2-3 days and you’re good as new! Thanks for all the ideas ladies and keep them podcasts coming!
    P.S. Just so you know, winning a gift bag would TOTES make my life! 😉

  10. Hi Joy and Tracey! I love the podcasts, and I had to comment because I like trying out new hippie beauty stuff.
    I’ve been doing some hippie hair washing for the last few months. I started by only washing my hair once a week. Don’t be grossed out! After a couple weeks of having a-little-too-greasy hair, my scalp started producing less oil. In between washing, I just rinse it with water in the shower. This works well even after working out. When I do wash my hair, I alternate between using baking soda and regular shampoo/conditioner. It’s been working really well! I have long, coarse hair, and I’ve had to use a lot less styling product since I’ve started doing this.
    I also like making a face scrub of 1tsp each honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg. And if some gets in your mouth, that’s more than ok.

  11. Lisa from Chicago Sep 29, 2011

    Love the podcast. You really do need a memory foam bath mat. They are awesome!

  12. Melissa Marie Sep 29, 2011

    Laugh out loud podcast, ladies. My sister and I are regularly sharing hippy remedies. (Note: I tell my BFF all my ideas who is trying hard to embrace her inner hippy and she never believes me until she reads it on the internet… because the internet NEVER lies…)

    Baking soda used to be my everything, but now I love vinegar. I use white vinegar with some lavender essential oil to clean EVERYTHING in my house: floors, counters, toilets, tubs, cat vomit on the carpet (stupid cat!). And recently I have started using white vinegar as a hair rinse… 50/50 with water, after a regular shampoo (and I do think it would be VERY exciting to try after the baking soda ‘poo), I spray my hair with vinegar and let it hang out for a few minutes and then rinse. My hair is soft soft soft. And as long as you rinse, does not smell like salad dressing.

    I also make my own face masks from quick oatmeal (I grind in a coffee grinder until a very fine powder), enough coconut or almond milk (or water or cow milk) to make a nice paste, about 1 tsp of coconut oil and a few drops of lavender essential oil. I spread this on my face over the kitchen sink because it’s a little messy and leave it on until it dries (15-20 minutes) and then I take a wash cloth and wipe it off (also over the kitchen sink). My face is moisturized, lavender fragranced, and all my little acne imperfections are soothed.

    Thanks for sharing. I love being a hippy.

  13. Melissa Marie Sep 29, 2011

    OH! And I’ve been doing the OCM with olive oil and that was making me break out so I’m going to try coconut oil next.

  14. Salwa Sep 29, 2011

    You guys are totally hippies! But that’s cool. I want to try the coconut oil as shaving cream, thanks for the tip! I made kale chips over the weekend too! Yay to hippydom!

  15. you guys help me embrace my inner hippie, my inner baker, and my inner dmv-worker (just to name a few). thanks for the laughs and the inspiration!!

  16. Koren Sep 29, 2011

    Inner Hippies. RAWR.

  17. Megan Sep 29, 2011

    Oh man, you girls have gotten me so excited to break into my jar of coconut oil. My proof that I am a little bit hippy is that I buy obscene amounts of kale at the farmers market every week, so much so that the farmer has named me Kale Girl. I love to stuff my face with kale. Another great podcast – it’s always one of the highlights of my week!

  18. Emily Sep 29, 2011

    I’ve been listening to your older episodes all week at work, trying not to snort too loud from my cubicle. I was so excited to listen to the newest episode this morning. Yay! :) Thanks for sharing your homemade scrubs with us, I really want to try them out. Your retreat sounds like it was a ton of fun. Thanks for telling us about Creminelli… I’m from Salt Lake but hadn’t heard of them before.

  19. The retreat sounds like so much fun. I was totally inspired by you two and had all of my friends over for a friendship bracelet making party! I have a question to, really a piece of advice, is it appropriate for a 26 year old to wear cat stuff? I have this awesome shirt with a cat on it, but I am not sure if I can wear stuff like that until I am a lot older. It is not too ridiculous, but maybe all cat fashions are ridiculous. I need you advice. I love your podcast and blogs! Thanks!

  20. I must have a big inner hippie cause I love all those things! The retreat sounds like soooo much fun!

  21. I think I’m going to need to shower with a beverage. And I can promise you that I’ll never ever put mayo in my hair. I just can’t do it.

  22. The coconut oil in my cabinet doesn’t know what’s coming.

  23. Ever since you guys started tweeting about baking soda, I’ve been wanting to try it in my hair! I looked up info about it and bought some apple cider vinegar for a rinse, but haven’t tried it yet. I’m still behind with the podcasts but will probably listen to this one next so I can hear all about your hippie ways! Also, I so hope I can go in the spring! Homefries U looks like it was amazing!

  24. Kelli Sep 29, 2011

    Another awesome podcast! Wish I was at Homefries U, insert sad face here.

  25. I work as an office administrator for a church, Thursdays are my last day in the office to get everything finished up for the weekend – This podcast keeps me sane. Joy, I’ve been doing the OCM since listening to the podcast where you talked about it. My face hasn’t felt this calm in years. THANK YOU!

  26. Catherine Sep 29, 2011

    I love your podcast!! I wash my hair with baking soda and vinegar and do overnight oats :) GO HIPPIES!

  27. Kate M. Sep 29, 2011

    I love your podcasts!! You talk about the same things my friends and I talk about! And I have never listened to a podcast that makes me laugh out loud like yours does 😀

    p.s. you should do a Cabin Fever Homefries U in the Midwest so I can come.

  28. Wow, thanks for all the great tips! Can’t wait to try some of them out =)

  29. I’m so sad that I couldn’t make it to the retreat, it loked like you had so much fun! As far as being a hippy I’m all about it! I make all my own shampoos and body washes, it’s so much fun!

  30. Erin Louise Sep 29, 2011

    I’m so bummed I couldn’t go to the retreat…I’ve been dipping my toe into the whole hippie thing, my hubster thinks I am crazy, it’s all good though. I’m so glad friendship bracelets are coming back. I used to sell them on the playground in elementary school. I was the best and fastest friendship bracelet maker on that playground. :)

  31. Tabor Sep 29, 2011

    This podcast inspired “At Home Hippie Spa Day”…excited to do egg white face masks, baking soda honey scrubs, and all things coconut oil! :-)

  32. Alison Sep 29, 2011

    I absolutely love your podcast! I am totally making friendship bracelets at my bachelorette party in a couple of weeks!!!

  33. Homefries U rocked my socks. It was. AWESOME. You ladies are awesome and cool and oh so very down to earth. Best ever my friends. Best. Ever. xoxo Zoe and Erik

  34. Nicole Sep 29, 2011

    I so look forward to this on Thursdays! Thanks for making data entry “enjoyable.”

  35. Chelsea Sep 29, 2011

    Loved the episode as always! I thought I was pretty high up on the crunchy granola hippie ladder with my fair trade shampoo/condition and SoapNuts, but clearly I need to step it up to baking soda and coconut oil. p.s. I loved the call about laughing in public to this podcast. Listening to this podcast always makes me laugh out loud at work, which can be super awkward especially when I try to cover it up with clearing my throat and blowing my nose. Hooray for being super awesome!

  36. Totally embracing my inner hippie more than ever :)

  37. Hello! Your podcast is my saving grace today, on the one day at work that we are between projects and I have nothing to do! I love the theme of today’s podcast! I would have loved to come to the retreat, hopefully in the spring!

  38. Amanda Barkey Sep 29, 2011

    Thanks for using my voice mail/ so weird to hear myself and slightly embarrassed how Canadian I sounded. hmmmm so I left two messages because I didnt like the first one… then I didnt like the second one… but you used the first one anyways… ‘talk to you soon?!’… now you think Im totally weird. I think you need to have one of those ‘press one if you like your message… press two if you think you sound totally weird and want to re-record’ option voice mail thingys… toats. Anyways, Joy fave part was ‘just because we have that chia food in our refrigerator doesn’t meant we are hippies…chchacha chiaBOUCHA’ HA! OK- a thing about the bacon thing… what about people who eat Paleo but do hippie things… bacon eating hippies? I think yes. Also- I AM SO SAD I DIDNT GO TO PALM SPRINGS!!! Listening to you talk about it almost made my head explode. I need to go next time. Save my spot. ALSO Joy, since you so adamantly said that your home made laundry soap would be powdered I wanted to sent you this link to some home made liquid laundry soap… here ya go:

  39. Ladies! I love the podcast! It is definitely my guilty pleasure and I’m always impatiently waiting for the next episode to come out. You guys make my unbearable grad school work, that involves counting bats emerging from caves with clickers for hours on end, tolerable when I am listening and it makes the time fly by. I loved the hippy tips from this weeks show. I was wondering if you guys have any experience with Argan oil? I hear it is really good for your face?? Cheers!

  40. I love you gals! Your podcast is awesome. My boyfriend calls me crunchy all the time, but my hippy-ness is based around the food I eat as well as how I’m the recycling/compost enforcer. I have given up deodorant with aluminum compounds in them, but I buy Tom’s of Maine. Maybe some day I’ll try to make my own.

  41. Ginny Sep 29, 2011

    2 Tbs honey + 1 tsp nutmeg + 1 tsp cinnamon + 30 minutes on your face = best. mask. ever. Totally makes your skin feel great and also feels super soothing while it’s on. It’s a little drippy but the best part is that if a little drips in your mouth while you wait, it just tastes like something you would put in your coffee at Christmas time.

    On the laundry note, has anyone tried soap nuts? I’ve read about them but curious if anyone can weigh in on how well they actually work?

  42. Kelli Sep 29, 2011

    I love love love this podcast! You guys make an hour of work go by so fast, and you make me laugh out loud in quiet libraries. Thanks for all the great tips, and thanks for being so awesome and funny!

  43. Sydney Sep 29, 2011

    I <3 Joy and Tracy. Cutest podcast ever.

  44. Becky Sep 29, 2011

    My inner-hippy contribution: I used to make my own moisturizer from 1 part tea tree oil, one part hazelnut oil and one part lavender oil. I LOVED it and only stopped using it because I wanted to start using something with SPF.
    P.S. I am totally down to join your coconut oil revolution.
    P.P.S. I am so totally jealous I missed Homefries U. Can’t wait to see more photos and hear the details for Spring Break. I’m thinking you can make hemp jewelry this time if you really want to hippy it up.

  45. Courtney Sep 29, 2011

    Looks like the retreat was perfect! I’m so glad you ladies are doin your thing!

  46. My morning sucked. I plan to salvage what’s left of the day by listening to your podcast, which ALWAYS makes my life a bit brighter. Yay for awesome people! I especially can’t wait to hear about the Homefries U Weekend Extravaganza.

  47. Michelle Hernandez Sep 29, 2011

    Love love your podcasts ladies! Love listening and am always looking for the next episode to drop! Going to try the baking soda “no-poo” this week on me and my daughter! Very excited! Can’t wait for next week!

  48. Blurgh, I am SO mad at myself for not going to this weekend! I am definitely going to be there in spring, just you wait. So here is my entry to win the awesome gift bag that I could have received at your awesome retreat. You girls are great, thanks so much for this podcast. It really brightens my day.

  49. Brittny Sep 29, 2011

    BAHAA best podcast ever! totally love the hippy dudes, totally had a crush on a hobo hippy.. whatevs! I love that you guys are making homeade everything, such a fan.
    Love what you are doing, love the podcast, love you guys big time.


  50. Alison Sep 29, 2011

    Love this!! Thank you for sharing this! And for your podcast – it is my favorite one ever! I hope I can go to the next Home Fries U… Love you guys! Alison

  51. Sonia Sep 29, 2011

    I missed you too. This episode has inspired me to write an article about “inner hippie-ness” for my school newspaper! Never tried any of those scrubs/shampoos, but I may be inclined to bathe in baking soda this weekend. =)

  52. I would love a gift bag! I want to somehow make the next retreat happen for me, even though I live in England (oh wait, are the giftbags sendable to England?). It is my dream to have a SPRING BREEAAAKK! as I never had one as a youth.

    Every episode of the podcast gets better and better you guys! Love it.

  53. Morgan Sep 29, 2011

    Thanks for all the sweet hippie tips this week! One reason why I think I’m a hippie is because I have worms under my bed… yep worms. They are composting my veggie scraps in a plastic shoe box in my room. I know, I’m super cool. Keep up the good work!

  54. Sarah Y Sep 29, 2011

    Love this podcast! Funny enough I was making chia seeds chocolate pudding, as I was listening to this! Just mix a tablespoon and half with 1 cup of chocolate soy milk and stir. Let set for 40 mins and its a tapioca style pudding!:)

  55. I was scrubbing a strawberry stain from my cutting board JUST as Tracy suggested the lemon and salt mixture. Can’t wait to try that! And I’m totally jealous of everyone that was at Homefries U. Wish I could have been there!

  56. Jackie Sep 29, 2011

    eeeee! I really hope that I get picked for one of those gift bags! Just like everyone else on this list I’m sure, but whatever!

    I’ve been washing my hair with baking soda and vinegar for a few months now, and I’m still not entirely sure about it. I don’t do it the same way that Joy does, with the paste. Instead, I mix 2 tbsp baking soda with about 300 ml of water (I’m not sure what that equates to in imperial) and then pour some of that on my head and massage it in like shampoo. It’s cool because the baking soda dissolves and it’s a bit more gentle than using the paste. The vinegar has not made my head explode yet either. You also do a dilution of that (I use about 2 tbsp in 250 ml) and the vinegar smell goes away once your hair dries. Or you can use lemon juice in the same way. The important thing is that it balances out the pH of your hair.
    woah this is long…sorry!

  57. Dominique Sep 29, 2011

    Hi guys! Love your podcast 😀 Do you have to be a certain age to attend these retreats?

    P.S. Gift bags are kool with a k

  58. This podcast always brightens up my day! (and reminds me of fun times with my sisters, baking in the kitchen, or with home-made masks/scrubs on our faces giggling away!)

    and I would LOVE a giftbag! *Fingers crossed*

  59. Dominique Sep 29, 2011

    Hi guys! Love your podcast 😀 Im pretty sure dying your own clothes is hippy. Gift bags are kool with a K

  60. Love the hippie tips. Loved the podcast today. I second the idea for a Midwest homefries U! We could go to…Minneapolis (since I only live 60 miles away)!

  61. Becky Back Sep 29, 2011

    So wish I could make it to one of these class getaways! My hippie thing is making my own soap! Want some samples?!? :)
    Love the podcast, you gals are awesome!

  62. Hey Joy & Tracy! Sorry I couldn’t make it… silly work. Already took one too many vaycay’s…oops. I love the baking soda/honey face scrub… think I’ll use that when I get home from silly work. Have you ever done a beer or apple cider vinegar hair rinse? Post Shampoo/Conditioner-ing, use that rinse and BAM HOT HAIR! BAM!

  63. Samantha Reisinger Sep 29, 2011

    YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. Love your podcasts. Love your blogs. :)

  64. Jinxie Sep 29, 2011

    Ok, ok! I’m totally going to try the coconut oil on the hair thing. Maybe not the baking soda, though, because I don’t like it when my hair squeaks.

  65. I love the podcast! Always appreciate the tips and laughter =)

  66. Ah! I can’t wait til next Spring. I’m coming out there to Spring Break with you. And cookies.

  67. jessi Sep 29, 2011

    Love the podcast, girls! I feel like we could be friends. Also, I use baking soda mixed with water for shampoo. and I use vinegar with orange peel that’s been chilling in there for a while as conditioner. I don’t do this because I like how it feels, but I do feel better about not putting chemicals on my head. However, I follow this routine by several hair products that contain 100 chemicals each… oops? I only do this wash thing once a week, the other days i just use water.

    I’m super going to try coconut and jojoba oil. natural beauty stuff is all the rage. gotta wean off all those hair products though…

  68. Amber Sep 29, 2011

    I love this podcast! I have been embracing my inner hippie a little bit more each time I run out of something at home. Out of peanut butter? I have peanuts and honey. No conditioner? Apple Cider Vinegar should do the trick. Everything tastes, smells, and works better homemade. My brother asked a couple of months ago if there was anything that I don’t make, and I told him I don’t make the laundry detergent. Well, guess what I ran out of today? : ) I love the idea of using coconut oil for shaving, I might just have to try that next. Thanks for all the fun and ideas.

  69. Jillian Sep 29, 2011

    That gift bag sounds amazing….can I win one please? Love the show!

  70. Karen Sep 29, 2011

    Looks like you guys had a fabulous time last weekend! I so wish I could have been there-I’m gonna try to make it to the next one!

  71. Linda Sep 29, 2011

    Love the podcast. A pleasure that I feel no guilt whatsoever ebout enjoying. The retreat sounded awesome. Glad you had one brave guy attend. Wondered about the age range of attendees– you all (or y’all, since I just moved to Texas from CA) looked pretty much in your 20’s and 30’s. As a late 40’s person, would I be welcome as well?

  72. Allie Sep 29, 2011

    I love listening to you girls each week… I always save your podcasts for my longer runs (I am currently training for a half marathon that I accidentally signed up for, but that’s another story), and frequently have to stop on the trails to laugh and catch my breath. Of course, then I crank the Crush at work while entering data, so I guess I have a knack for listening to the wrong things at the wrong time… Anyway, off to make myself a friendship bracelet and shower with baking soda!

  73. You two are too hilarious! Sounds like you had a great time at Home Fries U!

  74. Christina Sep 29, 2011

    So, today I tried to wash my hair with baking soda. It was less than soft and silky afterward. Actually, it was the opposite of soft and silky…mostly like straw. But, that’s OK. It’s nothing a good deep conditioner can’t fix!

    I am very excited to hear about all of the—you say hippie, I say gentle—beauty solutions. My skin is so sensitive that I cannot use shave gel/cream of any kind and every time I try a facial scrub I wind up looking like a tomato. So, despite my personal baking soda debacle, I will totally try to shave my legs with coconut oil and I will make a homemade facial scrub and/or egg white mask.

    Thanks ladies!

  75. Jenna Sep 29, 2011

    I love the baking soda as shampoo tip, definitely useful for traveling :) Love the podcast!

  76. I vote for an east coast homefries u for spring break! Loved this podcast ladies. Maybe my favorite yet! I get embarrassingly excited when I realize a new podcast is available for listening. I may or may not have laid my kids down early for nap so I could listen to it. ; )

  77. Amber Sep 29, 2011

    I am a hippie too..kinda. I really want to try the egg white mask and baking soda shampoo thing. I sometimes do an egg yoke mask. It helps with acne and evens out your skin tone. I really wish I was at Homefries U. I really want to make every effort to be at the next one.:) You guys make my week.:)

  78. I loooove the JTB podcast. I so wish that I could have gone to homefries u. Hopefully in the spring I can make it! Love all the hippy tips, will be trying some this weekend :)

  79. Jamie Sep 29, 2011

    I’m totes going to make the sugar and coffee scrubs! True life.

  80. Laurie Sep 29, 2011

    Hey ladies! I love listening to your podcast while I prepare meals for our guests. It makes the time go by so fast, and I love laughing out loud by myself. It sounds like you had a blast at HomeFries U, and I can’t wait to hear about the Spring Break follow up. Thanks for all that you do! You rock!

  81. I totally eat and drink in the shower too! That’s one of my guilty pleasures. And coconut oil is my favorite thing, basically, ever. I use it for everything, and I’m guilty of eating it with a spoon and feeding it to my cat (hope no one freaks out at me for that – it’s actually pretty good for pets too). And great for makeup removal (on me, not my cat – she doesn’t wear makeup). As for baking soda I like using it as an all-body exfoliator in the shower before shaving. So many excellent uses for hippie ingredients!

    So jealous about the Homefries weekend! I hope I can do it in the spring.

  82. Ahhh, I want to go to Spring Break! I’m saving the podcast for my drive tomorrow :)

  83. When i saw the title of this podcast i was immediately excited. Um. Hippie beauty products? Favorite thing EVER. I am definitely going to spring break addition. I hope you guys don’t think i’m a stalker cause i comment on everything. Yeah. Sorry….? Also, natures gate herbal shampoo. We refer to it in my house as “hippie shampoo.” Love you guys!


  84. Megan Sep 29, 2011

    Hey y’all,
    Love your podcast and wish I had been at that retreat. I really love the sugar scrub you talked about. I use it all the time. Thanks for the other great tips!

  85. Tempa Sep 29, 2011

    Once again you two lovelies have totally inspired me! This weekend I’m going to try baking soda “shampoo”. For reals! And I’m so excited about the baking soda and honey face scrub! Thanks, as always, for sharing some rad beauty tips. You guys are my fave. :)

  86. marylou Sep 29, 2011

    love the podcast!

  87. Oooh, enter me in the contest to win a gift bag please!!! Off to listen to your podcast now…I always listen when I’m either cooking or cleaning. Tonight it will entertain me while I clean :)

  88. Jayne Sep 29, 2011

    I use coconut milk in curries and everything… I wonder if that’s hippie or just greed. 😛

  89. Listening to your podcast at the gym makes my workout AWESOME! Laughing while on the treadmill only happens on rare occasions; one being when I’m listening to you two. :) Thanks for sharing your fun personalities!

  90. Mercy Azarcon Sep 29, 2011

    Hi. Love the podcast. Love to win one of them there gift bags! Hope to make it to the next one. Thanks again for the great podcast! :)

  91. I’m so jealous I missed out on Homefries U! Can’t wait to find out about the next one. Love the podcast, ladies!

  92. Cristina Sep 29, 2011

    I’m totally embracing my inner hippie one step at a time. Instead of using baking soda, I’ve found that Loreal has sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. Seriously, you should get on this. They smell amazing and all of those nasty chemicals that cause cancer? Yeah. Not there. Great show, ladies!

  93. Christina Sep 29, 2011

    Oh lord, you guys are the best!

    I am a hundred percent with you on homemade hippie beauty tricks. This is my obsession. I sometimes start thinking about my evening face mask halfway through the day, not even kidding.

  94. michell boyd Sep 29, 2011

    Can’t wait to listen on my plane ride this weekend!

  95. Emily D. Sep 29, 2011

    I love this podcast so much. It is the perfect soundtrack for doing my nails.

  96. Melanie Sep 29, 2011

    I like your podcast so much that I actually offer to do the dishes if there is a new podcast for me to listen to! The usual policy in our house is that my husband cleans when I cook – meaning I rarely do the dishes. Keep them coming … my husband likes an occasional night off!

  97. I’m totally a hippie. Sort of. I use the OCM and baking soda/vinegar haircare. BUT. Sometimes I really do love to use something girly and fruity and not homemade.

  98. Rachael Sep 29, 2011

    i love these ideas and recipes!! I can’t wait to get in the kitchen and try them and am looking forward to more of the podcasts!

  99. Rosie Sep 30, 2011

    20 episodes went by so fast!
    I’m totes obsessed with your podcast- makes me bust out every week.
    My inner hippie?
    That weirdo makes granola and throws homemade fruit compotes into plain yogurt, is obsessed with carrot juice, kale and green beans, does yoga but can’t meditate to save a kitten and shames the part of me that isn’t at all a hippie for wasting so much water (let’s be real- my hippie homemade body scrubs definitely lead to longer showers).
    Have a great weekend, ladies!

  100. I lather my hair in mayonnaise! I killed my hair because I had a compulsion to change the colour every two weeks by home-dying and my hairdresser wanted to stab me but had to settle with insisting on cutting most of it off and telling me to stop killing my hair and to never, ever do whatever the hell it was I was doing. Anyway, hair was in a rubbish and sorry state and I bought Hair Mayonnaise (full of eggs and oil and tonnes of stuff and packed with protein awesome) and I keep it on for an hour once every week and my hair is now magnificent less than three months later and my hair has never been so soft or awesome! Mayo on hair FTW.

    But what’s hippie-like about rolling your own cigarettes? I’ve noticed in the US this isn’t a normal thing to do. Here, its perfectly acceptable. In fact, every smoker that isn’t a banker earning huge bonuses I know here in the UK, from every walk of life rolls their own cigarettes. Even those that can afford to buy straights will roll. I used to roll. And then I found out rolling is seen as weird in the US when my boyfriend took a picture of a minature pack of tobacco next to the cat and posted it online and a bunch of American’s were asking him if he was in jail because only prisoners roll or something. He was mightily confused!

    And I’m so jealous of all the people that got to go to Homefries U. I don’t like living here.

  101. Looks like you gals had a lovely weekend! Hope I win a package. I wanted to go sooo bad!

  102. Katya Sep 30, 2011

    I sooo wish I could have come to this Homefries U event. What a bummer because I am in Europe right now. I love listening to you guys and it seemed like the weekend with you (Joy & Tracy) was such a blasty!

  103. Rachael Sep 30, 2011

    Another great podcast! Thanks guys! Sounds like you had a brilliant time at Homefries U – glad it went down a storm! I’m just gutted I can’t make it over from Scotland for the next one!
    Thanks for all the hippie beauty tips – I love making my own body scrub but I’m totally off in search of coconut oil now.

    Thanks for keeping us all entertained with your podcasts and blogs!

  104. I loved this episode! Totally inspired to let out my hippy-ness now, starting with Tracy’s amazing hand scrubs. x

  105. Meghan Sep 30, 2011

    Everything you both do makes me smile. And I think we could all use more smiling in our lives :-) So for that, I’m sending you a deeply heartfelt “Thank you!”

  106. Hi Tracy and Joy! Love the podcasts and was super excited when I saw the title of this one. I love my inner hippie and am not afraid to imbrace it and fully admit it to people!! My boyfriend thinks i’m crazy whenever he sees me smearing honey or egg whites on my face or mixing up things from the kitchen to make scrubs and faces masks! Whatever, I love it! The one hippie thing that I love and has pretty muched changed my life (for real!) is switching to using a Divia Cup.. check it out, it may seem a little weird and I was totally sceptical at first but my friend (hippie) had one and told me i HAD to try it, I did… and now I can’t stop telling every girl I know that this will change “the time of the month” forever. Never buy pads or tampons again! So cool, kinda gross but whatever, that time of the month isn’t pretty no matter what you use!
    Keep up the awesome podcasts, they help drown out the bitter old lady that works in the cubical beside me!

  107. Katie Sep 30, 2011

    So sad to have missed Homefires U :( Hopefully will be able to make the next. I totally went to a hippie College and you guys are just skimming the surface…when you haven’t showered in a few weeks, that’s when you really have to start worrying!

  108. pinkdragonfly Sep 30, 2011

    Another awesome podcast! Can’t wait to try tightening my face with eggs! Thanks for all the hippie-tippies :-)

  109. Spring Sep 30, 2011

    I definitely use coconut oil as lotion- like Tracy, I “shmear” it all over my body! :) ha. And I absolutely am going to try this baking soda shampoo situation. Soft hair is my favourite! Happy Weekend, ladies :)

  110. Clara Sep 30, 2011

    My sister and I absolutely love your podcast and it is our dream to go to Homefries U someday (after we turn 21)… :) You bring me so much happiness and inspiration and I don’t know what I would do without you guys! Thank you so much for all of the laughs, donut recipes, and “inner hippiness” you have brought us both… :) Love you guys so much! :)

  111. Tracy and Joy- I LOVEd this episode! I’ve been shifting more and more towards hippie-dom with each passing month. Mostly to cut down on packaging waste, but I also just love finding different reasons to use mason jars…
    I have been dying to try coconut oil for AGES, i just haven’t gotten around to buying any… I also use baking soda for just about anything cleaning related, but I prefer using a bit apple cider vinegar diluted in shower water for a hair rinse (sometimes infused with rosemary and a drop of peppermint essential oil). It also works as a great clarifying agent and conditioner all at once. When I finally run out of my stock of shampoos and conditioners, I will be attempting the ‘no poo method (ugh, I also hate that phrase) because I hear it works great for super curly-haired girls like myself. Baking soda, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil- Hooray!

    Oh, also, Joy, I have used an egg mask myself, but I was always taught to use only the yolks and leave out the whites. But it seems to work in a similar way that you described, “tightening” and whatnot.. mysterious.

    And one last note, I just read Leah’s comment above about the Diva Cup, and yes it might sound crazy to the uninitiated, but. It. Is. Awesome! I will never go back to any other method (Though I actually use the MoonCup… both rather awful names, but fantastic products).

    PS- Shower Beer for Life

  112. I would love a chance to win a gift bag! There was no way I could have gone, as I had a conflict (helping throw my mother in law’s retirement party, for which I got SUPER crafty), and I was sad to miss it.

    I would classify my husband as a hippie dude, as he has made his own tofu before (but we usually just buy it), but he totally wears socks with shoes and has short hair and uses body products.

  113. Emily Sep 30, 2011

    Hey! I make a scrub for my feet with coffee grounds and oil with a little sugar. Do it in the tub cuz it’s messy!

  114. Leahana Sep 30, 2011

    This is my first time listening to the podcast and its great! Thanks for inspiring me to release my inner hippie! I’m going to go buy a big box of baking soda, smear egg whites on my face and listen to all your other podcasts now! :)

  115. Megan Sep 30, 2011

    I listened to Episode 20 while I was getting ready for work this morning — what a fun way to start my day! I will most def(initely) be checking out the coconut oil sitch and all the wonders of baking soda. Thanks for keeping in real, Ladies!


  116. Emilie Sep 30, 2011

    I’m totally buying some coconut oil. Thanks for the great tips! And thanks for another wonderfully amusing podcast. :)

  117. Totally already commented once, but no biggie. I just listened to the podcast and here are some things that you should know about no-poo (I am a hippie, I use Dr. Bronner’s castile soap to make my own shampoos and body washes, use a vinegar rinse for “conditioner” and grapefruit juice and honey to wash my face, that’s all beside the point). So I just want to warn everyone to NOT use baking soda instead of shampoo if you dye your hair red and love that color. Baking soda has a very high alkalinity just like hair dye, so it opens up your hair follicles and allows them to release the dye especially on red (other colors aren’t as bad). Also, a lot of people who do no-poo use a vinegar rinse once or twice a week and pretty much never do conditioner (you don’t really needed it because the baking soda isn’t stripping away the oils).

    • Thank you so much for the warning!! so glad i read this. won’t be doing the baking soda wash anytime soon then, I gotta keep my red!

      • Yeah that’s what stopped me too! Castile soap is great instead of traditional shampoos…I only wash my hair every three or four days :)

  118. Loved this episode… and I love the hippie tips. I am going to try all of your baking soda tips (starting with nopoo technique).

  119. Can’t believe I missed Homefries U – next time.

  120. Ashleigh Sep 30, 2011

    I am going to buy coconut oil immediately. Maybe baking soda too. I think it’s time to work a little hippie magic in my life, especially if that includes drinking beer in the shower.

  121. I want a friendship bracelet! :)

  122. Crystal Sep 30, 2011

    Hi Joy and Tracy!

    I loveloveLOVE your podcast! I listened to it all summer and now that I’m back in school, I’m still making time to listen–it’s a great break from studying! (and I may or may not listen to it at work too). ANYWAY, my dad calls me a hippie mostly because I study environmental studies and I cut up the six ring plastic things that soda comes in to save the birds and fish from getting caught.

  123. Marthalynn Sep 30, 2011

    Totally gonna make some cashew nut milk now! You made me realize I’m not quite hippie enough. Thanks for the entertaining podcast. Listened while I cleaned my office and paid my bills – and it was an enjoyable hour!

  124. Stephanie C. Sep 30, 2011

    I have made a mental note to keep an eye out for refined coconut oil. I always heard great things about it, but I do not like coconut (boo, I know). So now knowing that refined coconut oil doesn’t have the smell I have a new tip to try out! I have never made a friendship bracelet and you guys are making me antsy to make one….okay I’m on that too.

  125. Donna Sep 30, 2011

    I listen to your podcasts every week and just laugh and smile. I enjoyed all of your tips and plan on buying boxes of baking soda.

  126. Rebecca Sep 30, 2011

    I am totally ready to jump onto this coconut oil bandwagon. I don’t feel like a super hippie, but I buy baking soda by the 12 lb bag because I use it on my hair, face, and a million places throughout my house. Anyway, that’s like my hippiest hippiness. But coconut oil? Totally buying some today. :)

  127. Yentl Sep 30, 2011

    It may sound weird, but I try to “save” your podcast like sometimes we save our favorite ingredient in the meal to eat it at the last.
    It’s like… Ok, the new podcast is downloaded but “I won’t listen it now because I MAY get interrupted or I MAY get distracted by another thing or I don’t feel inspired to do it now. It seems like it is a respectful ritual in the week, to listen to you, ladies! Hahah

    timely… *Namastê*

  128. Megan Sep 30, 2011

    I wish I could have gone to the retreat! I need some girly time sooo badly! But getting a gift bag would be just at lovely. I love your podcast, you girls are hilarious and loveable!

  129. Naomi Sep 30, 2011

    I’ve dug into my inner hippie lately and have been making laundry detergent. It’s powder detergent. The recipe: grate one bar of fels naptha soap, mix with one cup each of borax and arm-and-hammer super washing soda.

    And that’s that. Super simple.

    Thanks for all the hippie wisdom, ladies!
    – Naomi

  130. Krissy Sep 30, 2011

    Love the podcast! You’ve definitely helped me get through those crazy first months of no-sleep nonsense after the baby was borth to the drudgery of an afternoon back at work.

    p.s. I love that Eileen (way back up at the top) referred to you as Troy – your celebrity couple name. Awesome!

  131. Another great cast chicks! I think I am definitely going to try some of the hippie beauty tricks. One question, where do you get the oils, esp. coconut, that you talk about? Think I might wash my hair with baking soda this weekend for sure. Hopefully, this HomefriesU will get super huge and you can bring it to Florida eventually!

    p.s. thanks for the itunes shout out. (trying to get all my girls to start listening soon, so they know why i keep giggling to myself at work)

  132. Rebecca Sep 30, 2011

    You ladies are so fun! It makes my day to listen to a new podcast. I just made a friendship bracelet to use as a wrist strap for my camera. Thanks for putting out your positivity into the world.

  133. Michaela Sep 30, 2011

    I love your podcast and I look forward to it every week. I hope to attend the next homefries U!

  134. I really enjoy your podcasts. You chicks rock.
    I love how you talk about real life, not just baking/cooking.

  135. Gift bags! It’ll be just like I was there…only not. But fun!

  136. Sarah Sep 30, 2011

    Hi Joy and Tracey! I love the show, you guys remind me of when I get together with my sister and talk.
    Anyway I wanted to share my inner hippiness with you and hopefully get picked for a rockin goody bag. My hippie beauty tip is that I use olive oil, not evoo just the regular stuff, to clean my face in the morning. I put a bit in my hand and massage it into my skin then wipe it off with a dry wash cloth. You wouldn’t believe what kind of gunk comes off your face when you do this. Eww gross! My face always feels super soft after and not greasy at all. I think in the winter this will work great here in the dry midwest air but I don’t think I’ll be able to do it in the summer. I work outside on a farm and I think that would be too close to marinating myself every morning

  137. Kerry Sep 30, 2011

    Please make the Coconut Lemon scrub photo scratch n’ sniff. :) Love the podcast, keep up all of the crafty, eat-y, and hippy goodness!

  138. I absolutely adore you two wonderful ladies!!!! Can’t wait for the next episode 😀

  139. Lauren Sep 30, 2011

    OK, ladies. This may have been my favorite podcast so far. I loved all of the hippie tips. I’ve been cooking everything in coconut oil for a while now ( I am wildly allergic to olive oil..yikes!) and I am so excited to hear that it can be used for basically everything else in life.

  140. kayleigh Sep 30, 2011

    i absolutely love your podcasts! so funny.

  141. How do I hippie? I, like the two who commented above, must sing the praises of the cup. Diva Cup, Moon Cup, Soft Cup…whichever cup…fab.u.lous! I also wash my hair with baking soda once in a while and clean many surfaces in my home with white vinegar (environmentally and asthma-lly(?) friendly). Annnnnd I love the lavender Dr. Bronner’s Magic soap. I just (literally 4.5 hours ago) found Dr. Bronner’s Magic Organic Hand Sanitizing Spray at Target. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have a billion uses like the soap but it smells like the soap (love). I also like to hand stitch CD cases and fragrance my home with fresh rosemary and various essential oils – when it isn’t full of delicious home-cooked smells, of course.

  142. my high school chemistry teacher refused to use tooth paste and insisted that ivory soap did the job just fine (it didn’t). i should also mention that his diet consisted of cigarettes, peanut butter cups and coffee, which probably didn’t help his breath and grayish hued teeth at all.

  143. Kacia Sep 30, 2011

    I am sooo sad I coudn’t make Homefries U, but I plan to make every effort to be at the next one. Seriously, it’s imperative. Regarding this particular episode- WHAT?! Coconut oil to shave your legs?? It’s happening. Tonight. Booyakah. Cheers, Ladies!! xoxo

  144. Listening to your podcast as I work late on Friday. You girls crack me up. I’m maybe 25% hippie!

  145. Trying the baking soda shampoo tonight…and am totes excited about getting some coconut oil for my body, hair, and eating purposes! You girls are hilarious! Thanks so much for the laughs :)

  146. maija Sep 30, 2011

    Question for Joy – how do you not get the baking soda box all soggy in the shower? Or do you dump some in a separate container first?? I love using baking soda to scrub my kitchen sink super clean. Also, I once steamed broccoli & burned a stainless pan when I cooked off all the water. I thought the pot was a goner until I scrubbed it with baking soda & now it looks better than ever! I am now a baking soda believer :)

  147. I am sorry I missed Homefries U! I hope that the spring break retreat happens between March 3-11th as that is my school’s spring break. Thank you for hosting the best podcast ever! Also, are you doing something special for Friday, 11-11-11? I think you should as it is supposedly a “blessed” day.

  148. umm. i already left a post on joy’s blog about how much i l.o.v.e your podcast, but i’ll say it again… you two are awesome. really. you light up my drive to work when i listen! and i try to share the love by talking you up on my own blog!

    sign me up for spring break!

  149. Elizabeth Sep 30, 2011

    Oh my goodness. I wish I could send you a photo. I have serious hippie roots right in my bloodstream, from my dear folks. But these days, my inner hippie comes out when I do my housecleaning with baking soda and white vinegar. I also really like to put nutritional yeast and Bragg Aminos on various things I eat (on salads, popcorn, steamed vegies). Yum. And I’m very much on board with using coconut oil for all kinds of good things. I really want to try it next time I shave my legs, but does it make your bathtub all greasy? I hate scrubbing the shower more often than absolutely necessary. Do you have a trick to prevent the greasiness?

  150. JessieBear Sep 30, 2011

    Im a hippie… I got a feather extension put in my hair yesterday! (And its purple!) Love you ladies and would super love a friendship bracelet! :)?

  151. Grace Sep 30, 2011

    My Joy and Tracy <3 is up the WAZOO after this podcast. Tie-dye, natural hair treatments, hand-felted slippers… I'm such a hippie wannabe, haha, and you guys are totally fostering that!

    P.S. Current fav stickie on my laptop is a Tracy quote about it being OK to make a friendship bracelet for yourself, because you gotta be friends with yourself, too. :]

  152. I can’t wait to try these hippie tips! Love the podcast, I look forward to it every week!

  153. Helen Sep 30, 2011

    Wow, I never realized Baking Soda was such a versatile ingredient…
    I often tie a scarf around my hair as a headband/turban. What a hippie, I know.

  154. I love love LOVE your podcast Joy & Tracy! You definitely remind me of myself and one of my girlfriends. I’m entertainingly single and she is blissfully married :) Also, I’ve been embracing my inner hippie lately…I am now OBSESSED

  155. (whoops, it totally cut me off!)…with kale chips and I’ve been trying the honey/baking soda face dealy. So soft and awesome. I’d love to win a goodie bag!

  156. I really love your podcast ladies, I’ve been listening from week one from my sad little cubicle at work. I wish I could have come to the retreat but the whole living on the east coast thing made that kind of difficult. I totally would have made badass friendship bracelets. I promise that if you pick me, I’ll send you both friendship bracelets in return :)

  157. Betsy W. Oct 1, 2011

    I love putting apple cider vinegar in my hair about once every 2 weeks. Can’t wait to try the baking soda and coconut oil ideas. Also hope to attend Homefries U in the Spring!

  158. I love your podcast! I am going to try some of the baking soda ideas today, I hope they work! I have used baking soda to clean carpets before, it works wonders when you don’t have any carpet cleaner around. I am hoping for a Joy friendship bracelet!

  159. Caley Oct 1, 2011

    Loved the podcast! I do a lot of the things you mentioned…however, have never used coconut oil…excited! You guys are my favorites. Homefries U sounded like an awesome time. Too bad I live in Kansas….maybe you should go on a Homefries U tour. I’d be down.

  160. Caley Oct 1, 2011

    p.s. Joy! Share the other podcasts you listen to!

  161. Hannah M. Oct 1, 2011

    Off to make some granola right now :) I’ve never tried baking soda shampoo, but it sure sounds interesting…

  162. Tracy totally inspired me to try to make rice milk (as opposed to her cashew milk) and it couldn’t have come at a better time, because many of the stores in my area are not carrying it anymore. I’ve done the little-to-no shampoo thing for about a year now. Instead of making a paste I prefer to dissolve the baking soda in water. A little less harsh. I do miss the silkness of conditioner though. I put some coconut oil in my shower to try that tomorrow! Might even try shaving with it, just hoping it won’t clog my razor. I’ve also been looking for the link Joy mentioned about the oil that she said was in depth but can’t seem to find it.

  163. Hi ladies
    Funny story….so I make this olive oil/sugar/ylang ylang oil scrub and keep it in a jar in my shower. This last batch I used pretty high quality stuff, and the ants loved it! Here’s the kicker….its still in my shower, and has ant carcasses in it. I didnt want to throw it out and figured its added exfoliation!

  164. I think I’ve become way more hippie in the last few months. Can I blame/thank you?
    I love the oil face cleanse, by the way! I use one I found on Simple Mom.
    OK, gotta go try shaving my legs with coconut oil!

  165. Gabriela Oct 1, 2011

    Hello Tracy & Joy! I want to let you know that I really enjoy listening to your show and listening to all the hilariousness that you guys create. I first heard of Joy the Baker while I was googling “how to make cookies” or something. I have tried out a couple of your recipes and my boyfriend and I really enjoyed them! Then I found out there was a podcast and I have just now finished listening to all of them and I can’t wait for the next one! I think I’ll go brush my teeth with baking soda now… =)

  166. Cynthia Oct 1, 2011

    I am going to do a honey/baking soda facial scrub this weekend. Your weekend in Palm
    Springs sounds divine. I will look into a vacation rental there. Dreamy to have a mid-century
    home with a pool to myself!

  167. Lauren Oct 1, 2011

    You two are too cute for words. I listen to your podcasts while I walk to school. I am so depressed that I couldn’t go to the retreat! When you do the spring retreat, I want to treat myself to going as a graduation present to myself. Totally jealous of the awesome friendship bracelets!

  168. My hippie tip: Oatmeal face wash! Just a tablespoon of oatmeal and some warm water, it absorbs the oil on your face and is super soothing. Then if you’re feeling fancy, throw in some honey and yogurt for an awesome mask. Love the podcast!

  169. Joy! and Tracy!
    you two make me wanna be a better person :)
    P.S. I’m making your baked donut muffins TOMORROW!


  170. Caitlin Oct 1, 2011

    Hey Ladies! As I sit here listening and adding ingredients to my grocery list for the red velvet cupcakes and lemon meringue pie I’m about to make, I am adding a few items – coconut oil, nutritional yeast, Braggaminos, and possibly kombucha because I haven’t had it in so long. Love your podcast! I’m usually a non-commenting listener, but that will change.

    PS I love the fact that you are both crazy busy women, but you seem always to be adding on more and more awesome projects. Thank you for taking the time to record these podcasts, clearly they make many people very happy!

  171. Claire L. Oct 1, 2011

    Your podcasts are totez a highlight of my week. I would love a gift bag! :) Keep making podcasts, they’re fabulous!

  172. I listened to the first half of this podcast in bed with headphones. When you two start laughing at the same time, I can’t help but laugh, so at least twice, I burst out laughing. I finally decided just to turn it off an listen to it the next day in the car so that my guy wouldn’t think something is wrong with me.

  173. Debbie Oct 1, 2011

    Couldn’t wait to try the coconut oil for shaving idea…it is amazing! My legs have never had a better shave (I am notorious for leaving lots of stragglers behind) and my skin felt WONDERFUL and smelled so yummy! My hubby keeps saying he is gonna use it to shave his legs next! HAHA! But really he wanted me to tell you he thinks my legs are fab now! Thanks, Tracy!
    I went to Shutterbean and snagged your coconut butter recipe to make…can’t wait to eat it…with a spoon, I’m sure!
    Love you two! You’re my car-girlfriends (where I can laugh LOUDLY!!!)!

  174. Hi! Loved the podcast. So, going to try the coconut oil and baking soda tricks. Joy, I agree with you that the Chia Seed Kombuca is a mouth full. To chew or not to chew?
    Thanks for another great podcast. They make my Fridays even that more awesome!

  175. Sandy R-HealingMom Oct 1, 2011

    I am so glad I found both of you ! Love,love,love your discussions. Thank you so much for entertaining us and also giving us great tips.

  176. So jealous of the meet up! I wish I could go but i am broke and live in Canada 😉 Love you hippy ladies as always! Your podcast today brightened up my awful sick saturday! Thanks <3

  177. Love you gals! I listen to your podcast while I walk – it makes me feel like I have friends along.

  178. Ok, here is my hippy story. When I was growing up during the Vietnam war, my mum would bake sugar cookies and recruit me to help her decorate them with peace symbols. Then she would drive me and my brothers to the Cleveland airport, and set us loose with baskets of cookies to give away to total strangers. Truth. This could never happen today. TSA would freak out.

    Thank you for your funny, wonderful podcast! I listen to it in the car on the way to fencing practice, and it always makes me smile. A good way to start the day. Hugs.

  179. My inner-hippie is totally into the vegan lifestyle. I’m not vegan, but I’m always buying stuff like soymilk, organic teas, hummus, etc. I may not be into baking soda shampoo, but my insides are beautiful!

  180. i choose what shampoo to buy based on exactly how much it smells like Smarties candy… does that count as hippie? thanks for the giveaway!

  181. Excitement!!! I didn’t know kefir was a hippie thing. I drink it because my mom told me to… ha!

    Have the next Homefries U in the Bay Area! That way I’ll be able to go ;]

  182. When I was about 15, my best friend and I decided we wanted to make hippie shampoo. We found a recipe that involved eggs, honey and this weird new age natural soap stuff. There was some writing on the bottle in a language we couldn’t read and it smelled foul; but we were committed! We made that stuff up, smeared it in our hair and waited. It smelled nasty and after we rinsed it out, it felt like we had rubbed dirt/grease in our hair. Thats when we pulled out the Pantene. We decided to not be hippies.

  183. Tracey Oct 2, 2011

    You know what’s cool? I listen to you while I sew. And then you post pictures of embroidery floss. I think that’s a cool coincidence. I’ve never ever ever heard the term hippie applied to natural, health-junkie stuff, being here in Australia and totally cut off from the world. Or maybe it’s just me. But I think that’s awesome. I was so tempted to fly over for Homefries U. But not really, because, man, travel ain’t cheap! Loved to hippie tips, absolutely hilarious as always…thank you for making the week that bit easier to bear.

    P.S – Tracy, we’re almost name buddies!

  184. TracyA Oct 2, 2011

    Sound like a great time! Can’t wait for Spring Break and will be trying the awesome face scrubs.


  185. Love your show. Listening to your podcast today while canning apple pies.

  186. Meredith Oct 2, 2011

    Does never getting out of my pajamas, eating oatmeal with chia seeds, and listening to four of your podcasts this weekend make me a hippie (oh, and don’t let me forget to mention that this has been my favorite weekend so far this semester at college)?
    You guys are awesome and I love your show. I had my roommate listen to this latest show and she has officially jumped on the Joy and Tracy bandwagon. Can’t wait for the next episode (I’ll be waiting with baking soda in hand)!

  187. I hope I can make it to Homefries U Spring Break!! I forgot to mention in my tweet to you that I was surprised you ladies did not mention Nutritional Yeast in your podcast. Have you ever cooked with it? Definitely the hippie boys that I dated sprinkled that stuff over everything from popcorn to toast with avocado and Earth Balance butter. I’ve made mac n’ cheese with it, too. Nut-yeast.

  188. So after I listened to this podcast, I immediately booked it to my grocery store to pick up a bottle, nay, a vat of coconut oil. Unfortunately, when I got there I saw that a small mason jar of coconut oil cost $20. Can this be true? Is there a place where I can find coconut oil that costs less than the $5 cans of cheapo pink insulation foam (aka ladies’ shaving cream)?

    You guys are the best, and I love the podcast. <3

  189. OMG. Mentioning Erik made us crack up laughing!! Seriously…he rocked those friendship bracelet. Made them with some serious concentration!! And…our favorite part of the whole weekend was Joys launch into the pool on Saturday night…cannonball and all. I think only 5 of us actually witnessed it. It was amazing. And the cub towel topped it off.

  190. I love the hippie tips. I have a bowl of baking soda sitting in my bathroom waiting for me as we speak. And I think I need to try the drinking wine in the shower too.
    I feel most hippie-ish when I start making things people normally buy pre-made. My latest thing I don’t think I want to buy again: homemade vanilla extract. Yum.
    Wonder if I could add some to the baking soda for a vanilla scented scrub…

  191. Oh, and Patrick, you ROCK. We should start a fan club for men that love the podcast. And I’ll get Erik to bring some single friends to the next HomefriesU. Seriously. I think it was Maryam that walked up the first night with her nametag stuck to her cleavage cursing that the only man there was Erik…married. She was like, ‘where’s all the single men??’ That was amazing.

  192. No way! I totally tweeted you guys asking for a friendship bracelet but I didn’t think it might happen. Glad you guys had a good time and I hope I can join in one year. I am currently 3000 miles away and about to move even farther. A girl can dream. Hippie dreams.

  193. LOVE this! Sad that I missed the get together! You guys ROCK SOLID~ Would love to be able to win a gift bag! I love listening to your podcasts, they make me laugh out loud, I get excited Thursday mornings to download! You both are awesome <3

  194. Okay, my inner hippie beauty trick: put a slice of raw garlic on your zits. Dries out the blemish, and makes your face smell like Italian food!

    Also, Homefries U sounds like it was a huge success! Wish I could have been there!

  195. Thank you for some beauty tips that I will have to try soon!

  196. Just discovered your podcasts and excited to check out more! Thought I’d share my homemade deodorant recipe (yup, I embrace my hippie-dom) with you guys. It includes baking soda and coconut oil, as both are anti-microbial. Baking soda is antibacterial and kills odors so it’s great as a deodorant. You can just use it by itself, but I like mixing it with a bit of coconut oil and/or shea butter and essential oil to make it smell nice. I used eucalyptus, but you can use any one that you choose. Mix together in a bowl and then put in a small jar. It’s sort of like a cream and just spread a little on your underarms and voila! no smell! works better than Tom’s of Maine and most other natural ones I’ve tried.

  197. Molly Oct 2, 2011

    I absolutely loved this podcast. I am constantly teased by friends and family for being a hippie. I guess these are some of the things that may qualify me as such: I compost, I juice (of the green variety), I love homemade soaps, I eat quinoa on the daily, and I drink kombucha, coconut water and yerba mate. If any of the haters ever started to do any of these things I’m sure they’d be converted. You two ladies make me smile so hard. Keep doing your thang!

  198. Ellen W Oct 2, 2011

    Since I color my hair (but not red) it makes me hesitant to try baking soda on my hair. I like to use it when something starts smelling funky in my fridge or pantry – a small bowlful gets rid of the smell. I enjoy listening to your podcast while I’m working out.

  199. I like to make my own things….when I can. Of course, it’s hard for me to keep those up. I did the baking soda/vinegar rinse for about a month. My hair is very curl and it just got too dry. Maybe I didn’t do it long enough? I’ve tried making a wild yeast starter and baking my own bread. Again, I did it for a month and couldn’t maintain the starter. Hahaha!

    What does this make me? 10 percent inner hippie?

    I’m going to try to do the coconut oil more though. That seems SUPER popular on this site.

    And Homefries U sounded amazing. Friendship bracelets, pizza, pool time, etc. Wow. Maybe in the spring I can make it….

  200. I so hope you do another Homefries U. You both think the way I do!! LOVE your podcast and both of your blogs. Keep it coming.

  201. You two are the best! Your podcast is my #1 podcast every week–and I listen to a ton of podcasts! Keep it up!!

  202. Adele Oct 2, 2011

    As the only female sharing a house with 3 other guys (one of whom I am married to) I’ve totally appreciated the unfiltered girl talk of your podcast over the past few helps to balance out all that boy-ness and get really excited about things like face scrubs and nail polish and pretty dresses :) On paper, I would look like a definite hippy as I brew kombucha, ride a bike, eat quinoa, that whole thing, but I never call myself one because I live in Oregon and there’s a lot of true B.O. smelling pot smoking hippies here who would totally show me up!

  203. kendall Oct 3, 2011

    I def need to get in on this coconut oil – hope to make the spring break trip!

  204. PerBer Oct 3, 2011

    Wish I was at your retreat!! sounds like you had a great time. Maybe I can make the sring break one! love your podcast!!

  205. What proportions do you use to make the baking soda and honey face scrub? (Also, pretty please pick me for the gift bag!!)

  206. Nicole Oct 3, 2011

    Congrats on your successful retreat. So wish I could have been there. Love the podcast. It’s difficult, but I make myself wait until the weekend to listen as I clean my kitchen. Thanks and keep ’em coming.

  207. Hippie-o-meter – chia seeds, carrot/beet/spinach juice, maca powder, hemp oil face wash, self waxing (wait! hippies may not wax, ya think? …. never mind that one ) i will redeem myself by saying i use coconut oil as moisturizer and in baking. I love you guys and am looking forward to Home Fries summer camp : )

  208. I LOVED this episode! My favourite crunchy-granola things are crunchy granola, homemade deodorant (AMAZING – waaaay better than any store stuff. No, really.) and the Diva Cup – it has changed my life for the better. I’ve been searching for a SCOBY (I was so excited when Tracy kind of muttered it) for awhile, but can’t seem to find one locally. I did see them on Etsy, though. Kefir grains, too. Weird, eh? Oh, and I totally agree with Joy about the honey / bs scrub – that’s what I do, too, and it’s great. Love the podcast!

  209. Love the podcast! Can I have a gift bag? :)

  210. sofie Oct 3, 2011

    sounds like a splendid time! love the hippy DIY crafts!

  211. I’m sad that I missed Home Fries U! I want to get dates for the next one and start planning!

  212. Shannon Oct 3, 2011

    I’m so jealous of the retreat! Sounds like it was a complete blast.

    Thanks for another epic podcast. You girls are awesome! :)

  213. U guys rock!!!

  214. I hope I’m not too late! I love your podcast. Wish I were there!

  215. Mandee Oct 3, 2011

    So much I want to try! But I am a little scared about the no-shampoo idea–I really like my floral scented stuff, and so does the husband. Perhaps I can be a hippie in moderation?
    Love the podcasts–definitely brighten my workday :)

    P.S. saving the pennies for the retreat.

  216. So awesome! I am having a fun time listening to your podcast and embracing my inner hippe. Coconut oil is in my hair, and kale chips are in the oven. YES

    I will definitely stay tuned for the Spring Break fun times!

  217. I just went to a silly makeup party last week and bought some crazy expensive scrub – and now I realize I can make my own, even better body scrubs all on my own! Your podcasts are my favorite part of the week! Thanks for being fabulous.

  218. Josie Oct 3, 2011

    loved! this podcast. thanks for the beauty tips and so glad that retreat was a success!

  219. kellybee Oct 3, 2011

    Love you girls! Wish I was there. Maybe next time. So much fun listening!

  220. Dahlia Oct 3, 2011

    Not sure if this started the “no-poo” phenomenon, but I use offical No-Poo Cleaner from Devashan (it keeps my curly hair in check)… yeah, it’s a long way from hippieville.

  221. you guys won me over.. i used to hate on podcasts! i thought “who wants to hear people chatting about cheese and floral arrangements on their ipod? uh, crazy people.” but i love both your blogs so i decided to venture into the unknown and am now thoroughly eating my words! to me your show is like listening in on 2 good friends having a really great chat and i love that! so chat on ladies chat on

  222. Ellie Oct 3, 2011

    Okay ladies so my hippie secret is that I use baby powder to “wash” my hair, however I don’t really wash it I just sprinkle baby powder on it when it gets gross to soak up the grease. Is this gross? I do it when I have straightened my hair because it takes so darn long and this extends it for an extra day. What are your thoughts on this?

  223. Melissa Oct 4, 2011

    Ladies! I L.O.V.E. your podcast… It is one of my guilty pleasures. I listen to you whilst getting ready for work. I hope I can get to your next Home Fries U. Thanks for being so awesome!

  224. Thank you for being a bright point of my week! I love listening to and laughing with you both! You are amazing. And you are not a guilty pleasure for me…I proudly let my HomeFries flag fly!

  225. Christine Oct 4, 2011

    You girls totally make my day! Your mannerisms are also creeping into my life. True story. Wish I could have been at Homefries U!

  226. Guilty Pleasure is totally the Real Housewives or anything Bravo puts out there. :)

  227. Michelle Oct 4, 2011

    This podcast was by far my Fav!!! I love being a little hippie, not too much though! Great tips, lots of new treatments to try! Exciting!! Love you guys!!

  228. Wish I could have been there… with a gift bag at least I can pretend!

  229. melissa Oct 4, 2011

    thank you for encouraging me to explore my inner hippie. such great ideas and i’m so excited to try some of them! would have loved to have been at homefriesU, but i was on vacation! love both of you girls! thanks for doing the podcast!!!

  230. Carmen Oct 4, 2011

    Hello Joy and Tracy! You girls are my favorite podcast to listen to at work. Loved this one and thought you should know it inspired me to pick up a kombucha at lunch!

  231. chrissie Oct 4, 2011

    Awesome, inspiring episode. I want to eat the face scrubs they look that yummy and wash my hair in baking soda so I can experience the squeak. And winning one of the gift bags would be super cool too.

  232. Great podcast! A friend gave me a half used jar of coconut oil a while ago when she moved across the country, and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. It’s been in my fridge for literally a few years. I’d maybe be skeeved to bake with it now, but if it doesn’t smell nasty maybe I’ll get crazy and rub it on myself. The baking soda hair thing is intriguing. I look forward to exfoliating my cutting boards with Tracey’s trick. My favorite hippie thing is that I keep a spray bottle filled with 20% white vinegar in my kitchen at all times for cleaning the counters and everything else. A giant jug of vinegar is like $2.50 and will clean your counters for years!

  233. Elizabeth Oct 4, 2011

    Ummmm hello,I adore and worship you two! I also make my man listen to you( he secretly loves you). I loves everything you are doing,wish I could have been at the retreat with this fun gaggle of ladies! I’m so stoked for the next episode like always!

  234. Liz E. Oct 4, 2011

    I love, love, love your podcast. Haven’t had a chance to listen to this one, but I can’t wait!

  235. I am buying a 1/4 cow with my future husband!

  236. I love your podcast and I’m so sad I missed out on Homefries U. I have been wanting to try washing my hair with the baking soda… you’ve inspired me!

  237. Ladies! I love the girly things that you talk about… I have learned so much about simple things you can make into face scrubs! I love it!

  238. Hi Joy and Tracy!
    I just LOVE your podcasts and wish I could listen to a new one every day! It’s my guilty pleasure at work (you guys crack me up so much I actually have to force a cough to cover up my laugh). I talk about your podcasts all the time and love sharing your recipes and funny stories with my friends.
    take care!

  239. Oh gosh, I would love to win a gift bag!

  240. Lindsey N Oct 4, 2011

    Totally loving your podcasts. I listen at work and sometimes people look at me funny because I am laughing but they don’t know why! Your conference looks like it was a blast, put me in the hat for a gift bag!

  241. jenny Oct 4, 2011

    I am so glad to hear about all the hippie stuff you do. What about homemade deodorant? It works so much better than the “natural” stuff you buy in the store. That stuff just makes you smell worse. Yesterday was a good test. I apparently only applied it to one armpit (not on purpose). I then went to the city for a meeting. My bus was super late, the trains I needed took forever to come. It was about 30 degrees warmer than forecast and I ended up running around in the building because I could not find the meeting room. By the time I got to the meeting (which was half over) one side of me was super stinky and the other was fresh as a daisy. Thank goodness it was not a job interview or anything.
    Love the podcast!

  242. Grace Oct 4, 2011

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fun swag bag! (and can’t wait to try shaving with coconut oil!)

  243. Emlue Oct 4, 2011

    Love your podcasts. Tried the baking soda in the shower tonight (without a drink haha) and you guys are right! Super soft, clean smelling, totally awesome and easy. I do kinda hippie things like… use olive oil as makeup remover, buy Yes to Carrots chapstick and Crystal Rock Deodorant, scrub my lips soft with some sugar, honey, and almond extract, and etc. etc. etc. I also love being hippie-ish beyond food and beauty, but I won’t get into all that jazz. Also I would Love getting a giftbag, I would’ve totes came except A) I live in MN. I mean, come on. and B) I’m 16. :( No cocktails for me and I just don’t understand the allure of Real Housewives… Come on.
    So thanks for being awesome, you are my rolemodels, have an awesome day and keep spreading some happiness. :)

  244. This particular episode was so wonderful and so helpful I cannot wait to try all the new scrubs. And I am washing my hair with baking soda tonight so that is very exciting. All my cousins call me the hippie in the family so this was exceptionally fun for me.
    Thank you Joythebaker and Tracy Shutterbean for being so great and for making this podcast so my drive to work and school go by fast and not boring at all. Sad part is that I am all caught up now, and am eagerly waiting week by week for your new ones.
    And because I could not attend homefries U, I would LOVE to win one of your extra goodie bags so pick me pick me!

    Thanks again. <3 love always!

  245. I love, love, love your podcast and both of your websites, my family should also thank you because they have been the benefactors of many of your recipes. The strawberry banana bread, super yummy Joy… it was eaten as an after school snack(double recipe) by a pack of hungry teenages. I am known as the mom with the best snack, in part because of your recipes. The herb tomato tart is fabulous, we can be neighbors Tracy,….. I can make it for you and your can make it for me. I share your websites and blogs with eveyone! My daughter even knows if I am laughing to myself with headphones on must be listening to you. Joy, we are huge friendship braclet makers, even had to by the cute little container to keep all the supplies in. I am currently wearing three but could totally do with another or we could do a trade. Thanks for making housecleaning, gardening and working out at the gym so much more enjoyable, because I am laughing through your podcast! Cheers!

  246. Megan Oct 5, 2011

    I love your podcast, I’m always excited when a new one pops up in iTunes! Great episode about embracing your inner hippie, so many good ideas!

  247. Claudia Oct 5, 2011

    Another great podcast! I love listening to you guys while I am cooking or cleaning – you always put a big smile on my face (and my father finds you entertaining as well when he happens to pop in). Keep up the hippie ideas; I love them! Thanks so much.

  248. Hi, ladies. I’ve been listening to the podcast for a while and LOVE IT! I haven’t called or commented, but that is mostly because I am in the car while I am listening and then always forget what it was I wanted to say to you when I get where I am going. However, just wanted to pass on my hippie cleaning tip. I use plain ol’ white vinegar to clean my toilets. It is AWESOME. Just dump some in, let is sit there a while, and scrub away all the gross.

    Keep up the great work and keeping my fingers crossed for a goody bag!!

  249. Laura Oct 5, 2011

    I use coconut oil instead of olive oil in Tracy’s Apricot granola and its delicious! Now I’m tempted to try it on my body as well… Thanks for the podcast! They are getting me through midterms!

  250. Emily J. Oct 5, 2011

    Hello Ladies! I’ve been listening since the beginning and I LOVE your podcast. Unfortunately I don’t have any coconut oil in my pantry…yet! I really look forward to using it to make some pecan butter.. yumm. Stay awesome! LOVES!

  251. Amystrat77 Oct 5, 2011

    I so love your podcast. It makes my day when a new one comes out! You girls make me laugh. LOTS!

  252. I loved this episode. I have recently gotten a little hippie-ish myself and am starting to try a lot of the kinds of things you talked about. Also, I am totes jealous of everyone who went to Homefries U. For real.

    Love love love listening every week. You always make me laugh out loud (sometimes even when I am on the treadmill…quite the feat!)

  253. Cassie Z Oct 5, 2011

    Bahaha you guys always make me laugh! I start laughing in my office and people come in and give me really strange looks. It makes listening even better!

  254. Wish I could have been at the retreat!

    Some of my inner hippie things: To use olive oil instead of lotion, and also to remove makeup. I occasionally wash my hair with baking soda and condition with apple cider vinegar (so far my head hasn’t exploded). I like to clean with natural cleaners, like baking soda and lemon or with Melaleuca products. I use tea tree oil on cuts and blemishes. Um, what else…. I’m sure there are many more things that I’ll think of as soon as I hit “submit”.

  255. another great episode! thanks for making me laugh!

  256. LaneC Oct 5, 2011

    Hi Joy & Tracy!

    I sparse out your podcast so it lasts me all week but then I dont find out about your giveaways until the very end….what a bummer! Anyway, your gift bag sounds awesome. Thanks for your great podcasts
    : ) My fiance is Patrick who used to live in Fairbanks – he said there was a moose that lived on campus at U of Alaska Fairbanks!

  257. Mary Ellen Oct 5, 2011

    Definitely wash my hair with baking soda every time I get in the shower for the last 5 months! It’s fab!

  258. Awesome podcast, and it looks like everyone had an amazing time! Next year – count me in!

  259. Is it too late to enter the giveaway?? I would love the goodie bag!! Almost as much a I love your podcast….

  260. Hi Joy and Tracy!

    Love this episode! I embraced my inner hippie while in undergrad (much like Tracy did), and have become less of a hippie after moving away. I am so ready to become a hippie again with all of your wonderful ideas. I will be keeping this podcast handy so I can keep try everything you all shared.

    I would also love Love LOVE the chance to win a gift bag. I am so happy that Homefries U was a success. Although I live across the country, I hope I can make it to at least one of your retreats in the future.

    Love the podcast, love listening to you two during my commute, love my inner hippie.

  261. Sara Dawn Oct 6, 2011

    I’m so glad you did a hippie-themed podcast because I’m totally a secret hippie, due to the shame of fuddy-duddiness around chicer seeming people. My favorite secret hippie habits involve trying to cure all ailments under the sun with different kinds of herbal teas. Ginger for nausea? Valerian for stress? Chamomile for cramps? There’s totally a tea for everything. Thanks for making such a charming podcast.

  262. Megan Oct 7, 2011

    whee! I love your podcast!
    So, in an attempt to connect with my inner hippie I tried using baking soda to wash my hair.
    ermm. I didn’t get the same silky soft effect that you guys did…baking soda is a raising agent, right? I ended up with mega VOLUME! serious volume. for 2 days. I ended up connecting more with my inner disco queen. But it was fun and worth it – disco dance moves are way better than the hippie shuffle, no? Perhaps instead of a replacement for a clarifying shampoo, I’ve found a replacement for hair gunk that gives you volume 😉

  263. Andrea j Oct 8, 2011

    you have me so wanting to buy some coconut oil. Where do you buy this? what brand?

  264. This morning I washed my hair with baking soda and I shaved with coconut oil. IT WAS AWESOME! Thanks for the tip. You guys are super funny!

  265. coconut oil is on my next shopping list. smooth legs here i come.

  266. Taylor Oct 10, 2011

    Am I way too late for the giveaway?

  267. Katie Oct 10, 2011

    I’d never heard podcast until today. My sister loves listening to you both and now I understand why. You two are hilarious, and I can’t wait to hear more :)

  268. My inner hippie is rampant! Baking soda. Yes. Baking soda and vinegar for cleaning. Yes. Homemade laundry soap. Do it Joy. It’s easy and smells yummy even though you don’t add anything to make it smell yummy. Also try giving up paper towels. Awesome.

  269. Loved the podcast as usual and I’m thinking that I need to jump on this coconut oil train!

  270. I cannot get enough of your podcasts and this one was my favorite so far!!! I went vegan almost a year ago and have two kids with Celiac so I end up making a LOT of things homemade that people would normally buy in the store without even thinking about it. Because of all that my friends have been teasing me mercilessly and calling me things like “dirty hippie”. This new-found love of making all things food related at home lead me to search for green options for other things as well. I’m totally riding that baking soda bandwagon with you! Also, instead of making your own laundry soap, you should try Soap Nuts! (Sounds weird and a little gross, I know.) They’re so awesome and they even eliminate the need for softener! My husband was super skeptical but even he’s on board after a couple of months of using them!

  271. Olivia Oct 14, 2011

    I’ve done a lot of what you gals mentioned today…. baking soda in my hair, definitely awesome. I have done a lemon-sugar scrub for my face, but the egg white option sounds awesome, too. :)

  272. Christine Oct 14, 2011

    Hippie. I’m going to put this out there, because we’re grown-ups, and we can talk about this. DivaCup. Changed my life, and I’m being totally serious. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you dismiss the idea immediately without reading more about it first. It was weird at first, but it made my life so much better and I have turned on like 4 or 5 ladies on to it. For reals, it’s the best.

    Mad hippie though. Pride!!

  273. great podcast as usual! You girlies always make me laugh!!!

  274. This episode was my first introduction to the Joy the Baker podcast. I loved it! I really want to try coconut oil as a moisturizer after hearing the two of you talk about it. I make my own face wash and bar soap because I have really sensitize skin. Oh, and I completely recommend homemade laundry soap. I’ve been using it for months and its great stuff!

  275. You two make me laugh out-loud at work a lot. And for the record, I’m one of the vegetarian-hippie sorts, and I do actually make my own soy meatballs, and i love tofurkey… i promise it doesn’t have to be rubbery :)

  276. oh man, yeah.. at my house you can find baking soda with my cleaning supplies (cause baking soda and vinegar cleans ANYTHING), baking supplies, and in my bathroom, cause I do the toothpaste thing with baking soda thing too. oh, little hippie tip – if you put hydrogen peroxide on your teefies 30 seconds or so before brushing your teeth, it works as a teeth whitening solution… costs just pennies and actually works! :)

  277. Oh man I’m such a hippy. I ditto all your thoughts. Did I miss the link for the jojoba/tea tree oil thing because that sounds fun!
    I make my own deodorant. I’ve finally developed a super awesome recipe that keeps from stinking quite nicely – with coconut oil I might add.
    I clean like a super hippy too. I didn’t really realize what a hippy I was until I listened! Ha!

  278. emilynn Jan 5, 2012

    silly technical question but how do you keep the box of baking soda from getting all wet and soggy in the shower?

  279. Kristin Feb 26, 2012

    Great podcast! :)

  280. hi Joy and Tracy! i love washing my hair with baking soda! I keep a jar of it on my bathroom window sill. I’ve put several drops of tea tree oil in with it, as well as some crushed lavendar. I use it for hair, i mix it with equal parts honey and olive oil for an AMAZING body and face scrub and i even sometimes dip my toothbrush into it and brush my teeth after using normal people toothpaste. Funny story, I used to have these two roommates who found my little baggie of baking soda in the bathroom and thought i had a drug problem due to its apparent resemblance to cocaine. This is especially funny since I am the most straight laced person out there dot dot dot

  281. I know I’m a little behind the times (just catching up on the podcasts by totally listening to the back-to-back, not that that’s weird), but I feel like there’s a few important things to discuss here. A) the line between hippie and hipster is becoming more and more blurred, especially in the bay area (hello mason jars are way too cool). B) don’t forget hippies use fabric bags when they go grocery shopping. It’s disorienting when you forget one – what do you do? Oh yeah, they have paper bags for you to take your groceries home in (no plastic ones if you live in SF). Thanks ladies for another great podcast.

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