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Stuck walking down the same aisles of the gricery store. Stuck eating the same thing for dinner every night of the week. Stuck with the same workout. Stuck at the same restaurant with your boyfriend. Stuck Stuck Stuck in a rut! This week Joy and Tracy talk about how to bust outta that rut. It involves trust falls… yea. Teambuilding.

Joy is going to eat these Black Bean and Sweet Potato Tacos tacos for a week straight.  Major.

Switch it up with salad or rice!  That’s how to get out of a rut!

Stuck in a kale rut.

Kale Chips!

Kale and Sweet Potato Soup!

Kale and Pear Smoothie!

tracy's kale

Tracy knows a thing or two about kale too.

Kale Salad with Pecorino!

Kale Walnut Pesto!

Avocado Hash browns & Fried Egg!

tracy's crumpet

Tracy won’t stop eating, or saying CRUMPETS!

um... amber

What’s the deal Amber from TeenMom.  You’re eyelashes are stressing us out.  Also… your brush is mad HUGE!

We love ForkSpoonBacon.  This food photography blog will totes get you out of your rut.

We also love Steve Jobs.  It’s hard when someone who changes the world so much, leaves it.

Read his Stanford Commencement Speech, or watch it!  It’s a life changer.

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48 comments on “Stuck in a Rut

  1. I lurrrve crumpets!!! And I think the word “crumpet” is awesome too. Joy you have to try them!!!!

  2. Laurel Oct 6, 2011

    Oh my goodnesss! I was just thinking yesterday about how this would be an interesting topic for you guys. I was almost to the point of emailing you, that’s how much I wanted to listen to it. Can’t wait to listen.

  3. Mandee Oct 6, 2011

    Def. need to get out of the food rut. Trying to cook for my husband and 18-month son seems really limiting. Any tips for feeding a fussy little guy? and my son?
    Thanks Ladies!

  4. So is it cool that I’m totally working out, but then I eat chorizo quesadillas and gelato? Ok, good. <3

  5. Hey! Not all of us in Chicago sound like we are from Min-e-SO-TA. :)
    Actually shockingly you sound more like my in-laws family from Wisconson… “Hey Dere – Wanna Baaeeer?” (Beer)

  6. Amanda Barkey Oct 6, 2011

    Tracy! The League = SOOO FUNNY! My husband made me watch it with him and I was the same way, like ‘seriously?! a tv show about fantasy football?!’ but SO good. loves it! OMG! You guys are talking about Rachel Zoe right now and I feel like you are at my kitchen table! I have to tell you… when my cousins and I were in high school we made up our own language called pi po lingo (abbreviated for ping pong language fyi… we were 13… it was the mid nineties) So ANYWAYS we were talking like this in highschool in the mid nineties and now everyone including Rachel Zoe is talking like this. HELLO! Its banans… see what I did right there? totes invented abreevs. :) Also- with all this talk about reality tv and getting out of a work out rut I gotta tell you I totes ordered Bethenny Frankels Yoga flow DVD and I do it…. and its awesome. Got me out of the not working out rut. :)

  7. Anna T. Oct 6, 2011

    Joy, I love that you’re a BSG fan! I just finished watching the series on Netflix instant and so many parts of that series fill me with happiness.

  8. Amanda Barkey Oct 6, 2011

    awwwww Billie from Vancouver! My hometown! I loved hearing her voicemail and the Canadian Thanksgiving shout out! two Canadian voices on callins two weeks in a row! yay! Good luck on your marathon! So many good things on this pod cast! Also- Tracy, make yourself an omelette with caramelized onions, chives and goats cheese for breakfast- so good.

  9. Crumpet crumpet crumpet, humperdink humperdink, humperdink.
    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  10. Tracy: I own like 10 striped shirts and I WAS THINKiNG THE SAME THING ABOUT RACHEL ZOE EATING POPCORN!!!!!!

  11. That is soooo weird… I was just staring at the whole wheat crumpets at Trader Joe’s last week. I thought it would be a good idea to get the whole wheat instead of the white…but then I realized I would eat the whole package regardless…so I left them on the shelf.

    Tracy, Breaking Bad….my favorite….I’ve been watching it since the beginning and it’s so amazing. And… you have to watch BSG you are going to LOVE it! It’s the best show to just watch hour after hour after hour all winter long (serious amount of hours) and serious amount of entertainment (the whole scifi part of it is secondary to the stories and the drama). What about Friday Night Lights? That’s another great one… even if you hate football (which if you’re watching The League then you can definitely handle Friday Night Lights). I could go on forever…but I won’t….I’m just excited for your future.

  12. maija Oct 6, 2011

    Tracy, I try to do the one-thing-new-at-TJ’s, too! I will buy the same things over & over there otherwise (frozen tamales, pizza dough, garlic naan, etc). Actually I have a weird obsession with reading discussion boards about people’s “must haves” from Trader Joe’s, as everyone’s lists are always so interesting and different. There are products there I totally overlook until someone else says they buy it.
    Also, I realized I’ve been working on my own ruts lately. I always read food memoirs – can’t stop, won’t stop, but yesterday I was very proud of myself for getting a sort of chicklit-fiction book & sci-fi book (if that’s what Hunger Games is) instead! I was in a food rut, but fall weather seems to have helped that as now I am all about the soup/casserole/baked things/pumpkin/delicata squash. Oh, and Friday Nights Lights is an awesome, amazing, touching show you need to watch if you haven’t.

  13. i haven’t listened to this yet, but i’m excited and i can’t wait to hear what you say about steve. i work for the company and am so moved and inspired by the legacy he has left behind!

  14. Laura Oct 6, 2011

    I loved this episode! I listened to the Steve Jobs speech as well, you’re right about it being powerful and life changing. Love you guys to pieces! xxx

  15. AHH! You guys rock.

    I will pour gatorade all over myself at some point and there WILL be a pumpkin doughnut at the finish line. that was arranged weeks ago!

  16. Is it bad that I’m completely lost as to why you (Tracy and Joy) are trying to get out of your food ruts?

    I’m completely shin-deep in a food rut, and I love it! I indulge in it. Even though it makes my breath smell like garlic and fish. (Nigella Lawson’s Vietnamese Noodle Salad, adapted. Vermicelli noodles, chopped cucumbers, lots of coriander, and chicken or shrimp. WITH a dressing consisting of grated garlic and ginger with red chilli, sugar, fish sauce, lime or lemon, some vegetable oil, a bit of sesame oil, and a bit of water. SOOO good. In case you were wondering, yes, I AM trying to drag you into my food rut with me.)

    Loved the episode, as always!

  17. Jennifer Oct 7, 2011

    You’re supposed to eat all your carbs in the morning because then you have all day to burn them off through doing daily acitivities. Carbs should be avoided later in the day.

  18. Melissa Marie Oct 7, 2011

    Shout out to Firefly!!! Go Joss!

  19. dana828 Oct 7, 2011

    I was so deep in a fashion rut this summer. Suddenly I came to the realization that my entire summer wardrobe consisted of 9 of the exact same v-neck t-shirt from Target. In 9 different colors. YAWN. I had to force myself to stop buying them, and only allow myself to buy shirts with buttons. I have also been in a cardigan/tank top rut for the past few years. Does 30+ tank tops constitute an addiction? 😉
    I am, however, completely comfortable in my Dexter/Mad Men/HGTV rut…

  20. Vanessa Oct 7, 2011

    Hey ladies! When you started hollering “Eli” in the Oprah voice I nearly lost it and almost fell out of my chair! Increds…as in incredible. LOL Now I’d like to tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance. I’ve been busy at work and it’s taken me longer than usual to listen to this whole podcast, but wasn’t I surprised to hear my name/honey tip when it came towards the end! You just made my whole life right now! YAYE! I’m patiently waiting for you to reach out to me, but I gotta tell you I’m bursting inside! I Heart you two!! :) BTW The League is super awesome and hilarous. And I too am addicted to Teen Mom and afraid of Amber’s lashes. So I want to share that I’ve been doing the BPC book version this week, and as a result decided to throw Hippie Mode into full throttle! I’ve been washing my hair with baking soda (works surprisingly well without conditioner – that’s a first for me!), exfoliating my face with honey and baking soda, and using coconut oil for shaving, as lotion, as conditioner, AND as deodorant (read it on the ‘net and it works!). It’s been an all natural week of fun for me! You ladies have really inspired me to embrace the hippie side of things. Now, I wanna know how people calling in know what topic you’re gonna talk about next week? You always have calls fitting for the topic. It’s mindblowing! Am I missing this post somewhere?!

  21. Natalie Oct 7, 2011

    Love Joy’s blog and now I love Tracy shutterbeans. Ive been meaning to catch up on these pod casts. And so today, my boss is working from home so I decided to just listen to this pod cast all day long. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my job — i do! I LOVE IT. but. Just want to say thank you for literally making me laugh out loud when Tracy was talking about whether or not Rachel Zoe ate that bad a pops or if she shared–ahh thanks! And yes I use google as spell check.

  22. OH MY GOODNESS – Tracy (and Joy). I did not think you could actually get more awesome but you did because you watched FIREFLY! It is the my fave – Nathan Fillion (Capt. Mal) is like the best, and if he came into my life there would be a fight between me and my boyfriend over who would get to run away with him. Also – I think the phrase you might be searching for to describe the show is Space Western. Looking forward to the next podcast!

  23. Tracy, about two weeks ago, I decided to cut out carbs (well, gluten specifically) for breakfast and lunch. I’m doing a Paleo-lite style of eating these days. I’m not totally cutting out carbs, but I’m eating much fewer than I used to. ANYWAY, for breakfast, I agree with Joy: eggs and spinach (I usually choose kale) and turkey bacon or chicken sausage. I buy turkey bacon from Trader Joe’s (it’s the only kind I’ll eat) or their chicken sausage links. It’s super filling and you won’t be hungry for hours!

  24. Megan Oct 9, 2011

    I was shopping at Trader Joe’s yesterday and picked up some crumpets in honor of Tracy. The lady at the checkout was gushing over them, telling me that they are the BEST. Can’t wait to try them out! :)

  25. So funny that you mentioned Green Eggs and Ham! Not only was that my favorite book, but it’s also my favorite breakfast at my favorite breakfast restaurant in Portland. http://muddyscoffeehouse.com/ (I think their site is down right now) Check out their menu for their Green Eggs and Ham. I always sub the ham for a soy breakfast patty. There’s feta, avocado, spinach and scrambled eggs in there PLUS a side of delicious potatoes and yummy toast with homemade jam. And of course bottomless cup of coffee! Super easy to do at home.

  26. I’ve just bookmarked a crumpet recipe. Hehe. No ready-made crumpets here…or Trader Joe’s for that matter! :)

  27. Natalie Oct 10, 2011

    Ugh, Teen Mom Amber’s lashes and brows totally creep me out. Her lashes look like baby doll eye lashes (NOT cute!) and her brows are there sometimes…then they’re not. Uh uh, No bueno.

  28. Tracy and Joy,

    You guys are awesome! :-) You guys keep me awake and motivated while I analyze gigabytes of data! This weekend to get out of my rut (which involved eating cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner)- I made the kale-walnut pasta and lavender cookies…both of turned out kick-ass!! Yay..I am so proud of myself for getting out of the rut.
    Thanks again!

  29. To my dearest Joy,

    How in the world can you eat those Kale chips? I tried making them a few nights ago…and let me tell you…they were not good. No good at all. Did I do something wrong, I wonder? I wish I could say I love them as much as you…but even the smell of them made me a little nauseous after a while. I definately just googled nauseous to know how to spell it.

    Perhaps you have a secret ingredient I am not aware of? I tried to follow your recipe precisely. Do tell.

  30. Joanna Oct 10, 2011

    I didn’t think I could possibly love you guys more until Tracy drops that she loves Firefly! Seriously?! And Joy- Battlestar Galactica?! I haven’t watched it yet but it’s on my nerdy to-do list. I’m a super syfy nerd (but not one of those socially awkward ones with no fashion sense- usually) and those confessions just made me love you guys at least 10 times more. I may have audibly gasped when Tracy mentioned Firefly- it’s a space western- how can that not be awesome!

    On a totally different note, can I just say I love when one of you says something wrong and the other giggles uncontrollably? You guys are the best!

  31. Traci Oct 10, 2011

    If you haven’t seen it yet you have to watch MTV’s awkward. Totes awesomespice. Their language is one you ladies will love!

  32. It’s JEN, the caller with a guilty napping at work pleasure! To answer your questions, I sleep on the floor in front of my desk on an exercise mat with a pillow and blanket! I hide these items behind my desk 😉 I’m an art director for a magazine, however, I’ve always thought it would be nice to work in a mattress store! Yes, my son is 2 and I still do this, but not everyday, only after those sleepless nights with a cranky toddler! Love your podcasts and listen to them at work, too.

  33. Caitlin Oct 16, 2011

    i TOTES made a stop at Trader Joe’s to try crumpets while driving home/listening to your podcast! haha it was like subliminal messaging i think! LOVE your blog. Thanks!

  34. Hi Joy & Tracy! I thought of both of you tonight while I was watching Dexter. Joy—Mos Def is on this season of Dexter. You’ll have to mos def watch it ASAP. :) And Tracy, I always always watch TV with the closed captions on. It’s the only way to go. Love the podcast!

  35. Shannan Oct 17, 2011

    Crumpets. Toasted. Butter. Honey. That is all.

  36. So I have been a fan of yours for a long time Joy, and being a transplant from Southern California to New York City, your blog reminds me of home. Sometimes, I am riding the subway and listening to you and Tracy, and start laughing out loud. Then people look at my weird. Whatevs.

    But down to business, after listening to your podcast for awhile I became obsessed with the need to make friendship bracelets. I finally got the chance to pick up some embroidery floss when I was in the Midwest for a wedding this past weekend. All the other bridesmaids started making fun of me and my recent obsession, but I told them they would be jealous. Sure enough, fast forward a few hours, we’re all sitting around the kitchen table getting to know one another and all the girls start picking out colors to make their very own bracelets. Thanks for providing the inspiration of our abnormal bonding experience. And thanks for the entertainment week after week!

  37. Jenny Oct 19, 2011

    I absolutely loved this episode! Thanks for the suggestions. Maybe my boyfriend and I will have to try some dinner theater sometime! I get in food ruts too ( I call them food obsessions). One of my weirdest ones was something called “ube pan” from Uwajimiya in Seattle. Its like a buttery roll stuffed with this purple (taro) filling that was nice and sweet. The color was great and I ate more bags of that stuff than I remember. I really want to join pinterest.com which both of you are apart of, any chance one of you would send me an invite? Thanks Joy and Tracy! Loving the podcast a lot.

  38. Sheila Oct 25, 2011

    Hello Ladies,
    You guys are incredible… I hate to go on and on but FANTASTIC.
    I have a funny, not so funny story/awkward situation about skinny jeans I need some help on. I have this friend, for real friend, it is not me… who LOVES skinny jeans, but does not have the thighs for skinny jeans (I mean who really does, right?). So how do I have the conversation about the skinny jeans with her, or do I even? Should I allow her to get out of the rut herself?
    Thanks for the laughs…. CRUMPTS RULE!

  39. Grace Oct 26, 2011

    I just listened to this podcast and have to commend your taste in TV. The League and Firefly are my two favorite shows. I’m so glad that not only another person, but another woman, appreciates Firefly. Good work!


  40. Melissa Jan 16, 2012

    Hello Joy, I was flying along happily listening to this podcast while cleaning the house, enjoying Amber’s eyelashes and other such delights but then you spoke of the ‘three black guys’ at the gym and, well, I didn’t want to listen any more. I can’t imagine how the ‘black’ descriptor was necessary or relevant to your point. Not sure what else to say except a big red flag went up and my desire to download more podcasts went way down. I would welcome any response to this you would care to give.

    • Joy the Baker Jan 16, 2012

      Hi Melissa,
      I was simply trying to give the listener a more complete picture of the scene. Certainly nothing malicious or inflammatory. My father is a black man… which makes me half black. And my boyfriend is a black man. Whatever you’re trying to imply of me is utterly ridiculous. I’m sorry that the mention of someone’s race struck you as a red flag. I just made it part of a story. Really not a big deal.

  41. Hi Tracy & Joy!

    I’m working my way through the archives and just listened to this episode. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m going through a huge rut (with some subsequent serious depression – funtimes) and your episode really cheered me up. The one takeaway I got was that, despite which rut situation you are in, you need to get out of your comfort zone. That really resonated with me as I’m in the process of applying for new jobs to leave a very toxic one. I also loved what Tracy said about going out and finding your own personal happiness so you can bring it back to your everyday life. I actually mentioned to my husband tonight over dinner that going to HomefriesU might be a nice way for me to take a break from life, recharge, and bring some happiness back to my life.

    Keep being you, ladies. You make a huge difference, more than you probably know.


  42. Hi! I have been catching up on your podcast episodes since discovering the show at Christmastime. I was listening to this one yesterday and what Tracy said about getting a new perspective on her husband totally blew my mind. I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 4 years, the first half of which was a loooong distance relationship. We’ve lived together for 2 years now and I always find myself getting irritated when he shares something new with our friends that I haven’t heard. But now, I’m going to think about it as an opportunity to gain a new perspective on his ideas and use it as a gateway to new conversations. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! Ever since I discovered the podcast, I feel like I’ve made new friends in you two fun gals. Thanks for being a part of my day! – Becky

    • Tracy Feb 27, 2013

      I am so glad that resonated with you! I think it’s important to surround yourself with a variety of people, because each person brings out a different side of your personality. You can only bring out so much being around the same person all the time.

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