Joy and Tracy would like to cordially invite you to this week’s podcast.  This week’s topic is etiquette, but we’re not talking tea parties and silver wedding anniversaries.  Not quite.  That seems just a tad bit old-fashioned… wouldn’t you agree?

With your permission, Joy and Tracy would like to…. keep it REAL!  The world is changing around us.  How do we keep our manners in the world of Facebook, Twitter, Reply All buttons, and emails forwarded from our mothers?  It’s complicated…

Kindly enjoy.

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23 comments on “Modern Day Etiquette

  1. Hi Joy and Tracy,
    Thanks for starting my Thursday with a smile! In a moment of my own dorkiness, I would like to declare that I feel as if I know the two of you just by following blogs and the podcast. I’d totally hang out with you ladies!

    Side note, I can relate to Joy’s story about meeting Oh Joy! This past summer I was able to meet Jessie Oleson of Due to my own awkwardness, when I finally got to introduce myself I blurted out, “Oh my gosh, I love you!” She instantly played it off by acting coy and struck up conversation. Despite the fact that I felt embarrassed for several hours afterwards, it was sweet that she understood what I was trying to say and even tossed in a freebie cupcake pin.

  2. Tracy Nov 3, 2011

    Reply-All generally being the bane of my existence, it especially gets under my skin when someone replies-all with a simple “Thanks.” I understand not saying “thank you” can run the risk of seeming impolite, but clogging up my email (and that of others) is a far worse sin. Especially if I had nothing to do with the task eliciting the “Thank you.”

    On that note – Thanks for another great podcast!

    • Tracy Nov 3, 2011

      Don’t you hate it when you write an email to someone and they respond back with Hi TRACEY.
      It’s like come ON! My name is RIGHT there for you to reference. Get it right, people!

  3. Kristen Nov 3, 2011

    You know what I can’t stand…. is when someone has left an voicemail, you listen to it, call them back just like they asked and say, “Hey, I listened to your voicemail…” and they repeat their voicemail back to you! That’s the worst.

    • Tracy Nov 3, 2011

      this happens ALL the the time. There’s someone that I’m related to (I won’t name names) who likes to repeat stories they’ve already told me. When I start to finish their story to give them a sign that I’ve heard it before they go “Yeah! And…” They FINISH THE STORY AGAIN. Same difference.

  4. Vanessa K Nov 4, 2011

    Hi ladies! Another great podcast. I don’t know how you two come up with all these topics to talk about, but they are all things I think about and sometimes have a conversation about with my friends. I imagine that this is what it’s like when you two are just having a conversation, and I’m sure if I ever met either one of you I’d have the same awkward moment that Joy did with Oh Joy! So if I ever meet either of you, excuse me in advance for my awkwardness. :)

    Till next time!

    P.S. Love the new look of! 😉

  5. Joy and Tracy-

    I have a question related to girlfriends and self esteem. Kind of random, but you guys seem wise on this stuff. I recently defriended one of my best high school friends on facebook, not because she did anything wrong but because she leads a famous, blemish-free life and seeing her fabulous exploits always made me feel bad ambout myself. I am almost 30 years old, I have lovely girlfriends, a fulfilling job and a happy little married life. I am a feminist, not a mean girl!

    Is it lame that I let a former friend’s success get to me like that? Should I have stuck it out and refused to seccumb to my self esteem pity parties? Or should I feel proud of myself for hitting that defriend button?

    I guess its weird for your listeners to leave Ann Landers-like comments, but it’s only a testament to y’alls savvy, chatty wonderfulness. Thank you for your podcasts!

    • KT- Remember! It’s all about editing. Her life is probably messy, complicated & flawed. She just chooses not to share that. Don’t feel bad! If people annoy you on FB and you aren’t sure about unfriending them, you can always “mute” them so they don’t show up in your feed. :)

  6. Hi Tracy and Joy,
    Maybe it’s too many years working in an office but there are 2 things I hate:
    1, when people don’t realize the “To” person is supposed to act on the email and the “CC” person is only intended to be informed – they should change “CC” to “FYI”!
    2, when people don’t bother to take note that you were copied on an email and they send you one you already received!
    LOL, girls…thanks again for the laughs!
    P.S. can Tracy relate how she chose the name “Shutterbean”?

  7. On keeping headphones in to avoid interaction at the grocery store–another way to avoid interaction (or to avoid looking awkward) is to pull out your phone and pretend that you’re texting. People don’t want to bother you, and if you’re alone and waiting for someone, you aren’t just standing there staring at everyone. This happens often for me… oh man.

  8. Jennifer Nov 6, 2011

    Voicemails are my hugest pet peeve! My mom won’t text me, but leaves me Voicemails that are absolutely useless, and would make better text messages (because it would save both of us time).

  9. Tracy,

    My husband showed me this video this weekend and I almost fell over laughing. It definately made me think of you (you’ll see why)!!!


  10. Hi new blogging “friends”.

    I saw you guys at the FB session Sat. morning. Instantly “loved you” :) and had I gotten over my own awkwardness would have come up to you to meet you personally. I have already stalked your blogs, subscribed and such. Will actually find you next year at FB Fest and try not to be awkward!

    Loved this podcast and I learned that I’m apparently older than I feel since I leave long voicemail messages! :) And Tracy, right there with ya on the Reply All.

    Can’t wait to hear more and will subscribe.

  11. Tiffany Nov 7, 2011

    My parents totally leave messages that make me think someone is dead too! They will say, Tiffany please call whenever you can in this serious voice. It drives me crazy!

  12. There’s just too much goodness here! I spent the entire time snickering/laughing/voicing my agreement out loud whilst listening to you guys today. I was even thankful for you both in my blog today.


  13. I am sitting here listening to this podcast and so many situations are happening in my life–random people and FB friending, wearing my iPod while grocery shopping so I can avoid talking to people, finding sneaky ways to check my phone without my husband fuh-reaking out, people and that darn ‘reply all’. Please never stop podcasting. I may just get a six pack from all the laughter…which could totally happen because you two are just so hilarious!

  14. i meant to write last week when I was listening but i had to run… guess what? i think you can save yourself from scary photos being tagged on FB. i discovered this the other day under privacy settings there’s a “tag review” and “profile review”…i’m not sure if that you can completely block being tagged but you can at least save yourself a bit (or just buy yourself some time)….if those don’t work then just untag yourself as fast as possible :) either way, it seems like all tags should get approval by the taggee before their public…c’mon fb.

    p.s. my mom would like to email you some jokes and daily affirmations (any takers?)

  15. dana828 Nov 16, 2011

    I don’t use the checking-in feature on FB much, but I recently did and because of it managed to see an old friend I hadn’t seen in over 15 years. I happened to be out & about in the city that she lives in, and when I check in somewhere, she posted that she was on her way down to a spot half a block away. It was a great! So, checking in may be awkward, but you just never know who you might run into…

  16. So many things to laugh at this week. First, poop in the backseat of your car? Really? I loved the response to that! hahahaha

    Second, Agree with checking in. It’s also totally unsafe (should have been a Mom email). However, I do check into foursquare (but try not to have it post on my facebook), so that I can get deals! haha

  17. You both are relaxing to listen to. I checked out oh joy – your blog is way better :) Seriously, your blog and your personality is awesome. Keep on keepin on.

  18. Wow, that erroneous IS is really embarassing. Sorry for that.

  19. Okay something I really need to talk about is instagram. A few times people have found me on instagram through my job–how? I don’t know, but it happens (geotagging maybe? that’s a real thing, but don’t ask me about it because I don’t have answers). And then they go through and all at once they like like 50 photographs and my phone is lighting up like crazy and it’s excessive and honestly pretty stressful. And then they show up to buy meat a couple of days later and I feel weird. I feel WEIRD. Do I have to introduce myself? Do I have to address the situation, like “oh hey…thanks for liking my photos.” This is not just a one time situation, it has happened a few times, and not just to me.
    This is an epidemic. It’s an issue. Ladies, please advise.

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