jtb episode 5

Joy and Tracy are chatty.  This week on the Joy the Baker Podcast these world class/world famous/ internationally renowned/ ultra adored/ lady bloggers talk about summer foods, summer dresses, how they really feel about Rocco Dispirito, and three-legged cats.  Also… Tracy.  You know that’s not your wheelchair.  What and why!!??

Ridiculous true talk.  For your ears.

a.  Tracy made a barbecue sauce with cider vinegar.  Cool.

b.  Barbecue sauce with espresso.  Dang fancy.

c.  Joy is totes obsessed with strawberries.  Proof.

jtb episode 5

d.  What is a cat tumbleweed?  Um… it’s just cat hair blowin’ around your kitchen floor.  Cat and weed.

e.  Tripod the cat.  On the other side of that cat is only one leg.  Trust.  That’s a badass cat.

f.  We see you Rocco, sellin’ out, trying to convince us to buy frozen, pre-made risotto.  Huh… we’re not buying it… we don’t care how nice your arm is.

g.  Once upon a time, Tracy and Joy met at a blog conference.  Tracy had a strangely long arm that was great for taking self camera phone pics.  Joy only had one eye.  It was a love built to last.

h.  Tracy thinks that wheelchairs are cool.  But… that one isn’t hers.

(not pictured)  Tracy’s cool blog suggestions:  Creature Comforts and The Blue Hour.  Joy likes DesignLoveFest.  Love.

Joy’s photo project triptych!

From right to left:

am:  morning podcasting, computering, and note cards for studying cheese and wine.

noon:  afternoon sun in the living room,

pm:  working a wine and cheese event… hence the morning studying.

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39 comments on “That’s Not Your Wheelchair

  1. I love that you met as bloggers and have become such good friends!

  2. You mentioned a blog that does the photo challenge you were talking about… can you provide a link? Thanks!!

  3. My dad has a 3 legged cat that I wanted to name Tripod but apparently that was “mean” so he is called Sammy. I cannot wait to listen to this!

  4. Erin Louise Jun 17, 2011

    I totally love Anthropologie…go in there all the time and out of the 3000 times I have been in there…I have bought exactly 1 thing that I found on some ridiculous clearance table. The salesperson at the checkout looked at me like “seriously, you are gonna just buy this $4 dollar item….that is all?” And I stood proud with my $4 clearance item, even after she condescendingly asked if I even needed a bag. They also always follow me around like I am going to steal something. Anyways, those are my thoughts of Anthropologie.

    P.S. I don’t like Rocco either, but I like you guys.


  5. Aleksandra Jun 17, 2011

    love an american accent, sound so cute!!

  6. Here is my question for the ladies: Do you listen to music while in the kitchen? What music have you been loving lately?

  7. You have a podcast!!!????!!!! YES!!! *races to iTunes to download*

  8. I’m tantalized. Wait. I don’t think I like that word. I’m intrigued. No not that one either. . .I’m . . . . .I’ll get to you. . . .

  9. I love the Big Sur Cookbook too!

  10. The podcasts keep getting better and better…… Highlight of my week! :-)

  11. Love the podcast! I have a question…can you two recommend any good blogging workshops that one can attend to become a better blogger?

  12. Samantha Jun 17, 2011

    Here’s are some questions for each of you…maybe you can answer then during your next podcast, I’m sure other people are wondering the same things…
    What are your day jobs?? And how do you have time to work a j.o.b. and keep up your blogs which obviously take a lot of work?
    My personal theory is that you must both be personal trainers in your day-job-lives, because it’s the only way you could possibly cook & bake the way you do and not be as big as a house! :-)

  13. I just listened to Episode 5 which was the first podcast of yours, I’ve listened to, and I loved it! Still laughing about Tracy & the pole…sorry! And…where did Rocco DiSpirito come from anyway???? Let’s have Chef Ramsey put him in his place…at home with the rest of us! Anyhow, thank you! I look forward to listening to the podcasts I’ve missed and the upcoming ones!
    Sandie in San Diego

  14. I seriously LOVE these podcasts. So much to comment on. First, would love a series on cobblers/ pies/crisps….what else am I missing?…..something like grunts and brown betty’s? I’m not even sure what those are, but I’ve hear about them. And I had a laugh with Tracy’s rationale about why Anthropologie is expensive. I also enjoy ALL of their things but can rarely afford any of them.

  15. Amanda Barkey Jun 17, 2011


  16. Rocco DiSpirito was an up and coming chef in New York City in the mid- to late nineties, when Ruth Reichl was the food critic for the New York Times. There’s a whole bit in Reichl’s book Garlic and Sapphires about her going to review his (then) new restaurant Union Pacific because the “food he served at his last pace, Dava was amazing.” (207)

    Her experience at Union Pacific can be summed up by the reactions of her and her friend after the meal:

    “That,” said Carol, “was an out-of-body experience. I don’t think I’ve ever had food that seemed so psychedelic. Do you think it’s the chemo?”
    “No,” I replied, “because I’m not doing chemotherapy, and I had the same experience. It was amazing.” (311)

    So yeah! I guess his popularity in the nineties is why he thinks he can sell frozen pasta in the aughts? You got me, but either way, a great podcast as usual.

  17. janelle Jun 17, 2011

    Love the podcast. I have to say, while listening I checked out the blogs you recommended, bought the Gourmet cookbook off Amazon for 8 bucks, and am currently browsing the sale page at Anthropologie!

  18. I love that you guys are talkin about Anthro dresses! I absolutely adore them and saved up to invest in them. I actually have dubbed them magical dresses. So flattering on all body types.

  19. Where do we e-mail our photo tryptychs!? I’ve got one on the ready. <3

  20. I finally got my act together and downloaded this podcast. love.

  21. kristi Jun 18, 2011

    rad!!! I loved the laundromat story. I would have laughed too.:). Keep up the great work.

  22. Two great moments I experienced while listening to the new episode. Every time either you said ” so, summer…” I was like “Yea?… oh wait they aren’t actually talking to me”. Also, the blurb about Bakers being control freaks… that was played at least 7 times to my super twitchy/ amazing baker of a husband. LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the big laughs…..and confusion.

    – SUMMER

  23. Tanashati Jun 19, 2011

    your idea for the the photo challenge is great, we had to do things like that in my photography class in high school and it definitely helps with that photographer’s block. good luck!

  24. Tiffany Jun 19, 2011

    Oh my goodness, I love you two!! Also “it’s a heck-i-copter.” Love it! It reminds me of my sister-in-law who says angel eggs instead of deviled eggs.

    Even though its not related to cooking/baking, you should talk about tattoos. Do you have any Tracy? I really want one, but am not sure.

  25. Hilray Jun 20, 2011

    Will you put the names of the cookbooks you mentioned into your show notes? I can’t recall the names and I wanted to check them out!!

    • Mikey F. Jun 24, 2011

      Tracy recomended:
      Mad Hungry: Feeding Men and Boys
      Joy of Cooking

      Big Sur Bakery Cookbook
      The Gourmet Cookbook by Ruth Reichl

  26. Don’t worry Tracy, I almost always use unsalted butter! The only thing I’ve really noticed a difference in is frosting, so I try and use unsalted butter for that. I once only had unsalted butter on hand and I used it on my toast, it tasted horrible!

    Also, I do some stock piling, glad I’m not the only one. I have two posts ready and queued up right now and then a bunch of photos and stuff that need to be posts, I had a busy “krafting” weekend. I wish I had time during the week to do it instantly (I do however try to write the post ASAP after making stuff so it’s still sort of in real time, then I just add it to my queue :)

    You guys are awesome!

  27. Miranda Jun 22, 2011

    Love the podcast. always makes me laugh. Wanted to say hi and let you know that I’m listening. Have a great day.

  28. Joy, Tracy!

    I came across this website and thought you both should know about it.

    Based on the conversations you’ve had on your podcasts, it seems as though it would be relevant to your interests.

    Have a lovely day, and thanks for podcasting. It was the highlight of my cross-country road trip. (California—>Massachusetts).

  29. One of my more embarrassing moments as a young adult was when I was sick on a Greyhound bus-ran back to the bathroom thinking I was going to throw up, couldn’t lock the door because I was on the verge of passing out, stood up, passed out and fell back against the door and out into the aisle. Came to with faces of the types of people who sit in the back of a Greyhound bus staring down at me….kind of combines both of your embarrassing moments…..
    BTW, agree that Rocco is a tool.

  30. Steph Jun 24, 2011

    Tracy, your story of running into the pole reminded me of the time I was on my way to a presentation for a competition and had some nervous energy and was kind of jogging and ran smack into the mirrored wall next to the hallway I had to turn done. My nose hurt and I left lipstick on the mirror that remained for the rest of the weekend. I couldn’t stop laughing at myself! Definitely calmed my nerves and those of my teammates. (it would be way funnier if I told you in person rather than a quick post :) ) In addition to that one of the opposing coaches saw and told everyone, including one of the judges. But we won so it was all good in the end. :)

  31. I was wondering if you had heard about the phenomenon of Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters stealing designs from Etsy sellers. http://consumerist.com/2011/05/urban-outfitters-jewelry-identical-to-independent-designers-line.html

  32. I recently started listening to your podcast and am really enjoying it. Often laugh out loud funny, especially episode 5. Your embarassing stories reminded me of another podcast’s embarrassing stories episode. Check out The Because Show on iTunes with Jerilyn, Amy and Susan, episode Hot Pad.

  33. Becky Jun 30, 2011

    Slowly catching up, LOVE these podcasts! Joy, I have to tell you that Tracy and I had a similar “love at first sight” moment. We started a job the same day and complimented each other on our purses. Then in our orientation we both immediately flipped to the dress code section of the employee handbook. I knew she would be my bud from that moment forth. <3

  34. Victoria Jul 1, 2011

    I’m just catching up on the last few episodes and I totally agree with you re: Anthropologie. I thought their extortionate pricing policy was in part due to me being in London, nevertheless, they have a big sale on at the moment and I found a super cute summer dress with a £150 reduction Woop Woop! Love the blog, loving the podcasts.

  35. I’m totally unloading the dishwasher right now because I’m gonna feel bad now if it’s not done when my husband gets home. Another great podcast! Thanks for keeping me company while I’m cooking dinner.

  36. Annalise Sep 1, 2011

    I LOVE you guys!! Ever since my commute doubled to an hour each way, I’ve been laughing my way to and from work with your podcasts! It is so much fun to listen to all of your craziness and get some good ideas/suggestions at the same time! I seriously want to be friends w/you guys because I think we’d get along! Thanks for helping my commute along!

  37. Rocco. The WORST. That’s all. except you guys are awesome.

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