joy the baker ep 6

This week on the Joy the Baker podcast, Joy and Tracy wax on about Pinterest, summer boozy times, the horrors of a workplace pool party, and what to bake for your boyfriend’s parents… when they don’t seem to like butter… which is totally weird.

Listen up.  It’s about to get ridiculous.

a.  Tracy knows all about the wonders of Pinterest.  Joy doesn’t even know how to say it right.  Seriously though… it’s awesome.

(not pictured)  Joy listens to podcasts in the kitchen.  The usual suspects:  The American Life.  Radiolab.  And!  Two ridiculous dudes talking about everything and nothing and everything and nothing:  Uhh Yeah Dude.

b.  Strawberry infused vodka actually turns out pink!  It needs to be agitated, too.  It’s the drink of summer.  Get on this.

c.  Peach and Rosemary Spritzer.  How do you say spritzer?  Quick like… get in and get out.  Don’t linger on that business.

Both boozy drinks might be just what you need to survive a Work.Pool.Party.  Good Lord!

d.  Your boyfriend’s parents don’t like butter?!  What’s wrong with them?  Seriously!  Someone needs to get punched.

After the punching… try a classy Pavlova with fresh fruit, or a Double Crusted Blueberry Pie.

(not pictured)  Write your future self a letter!!!  This is uh-mazing!

(not pictured)  Um… Joy knows what a plural noun is… she just confused it with proper noun.  No biggie.  Geez!

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18 comments on “Boozy Susan

  1. I so wish I could call in to your podcast! :-) Enjoying listening to you girls discuss Pinterest – none of my “in-person” friends are on it yet and I’ve been really wanting to debrief on people are using it. You’re going to love pinning, Joy!

  2. Just a note for you Joy, since you hate pitting cherries: a paperclip, folded out into the “s” shape, works excellently as a cherry pitter! You insert through the stem-end and sort of…loop the hook behind the pit and yank it out. I just made a cherry-amaretto tart at work, and consequently had to pit 1.5lb of cherries. Thanks to my trusty paperclip it only took about 20 minutes!

  3. I love your podcasts! they are so fun to listen to! :)
    I’m recovering for some teeth extractions so i’m hearing this one and im about to listen the podcast number 4 because I missed it :)
    Keep doing this …. its awesome ….. and you love it and I love it haha! 😀

  4. I’m so thirsty for a burly glass of dish water.

    P.S. I love these podcasts!

  5. “spritzer- just go in and get out!” hahaha LOVE IT!! you two are too funny!

  6. These podcasts make me so happy! (And they make the work day much brighter.) Thank you, ladies.

  7. Kristen Jun 24, 2011

    L.O.V.E. :)

  8. These podcasts make me so happy. And they make the work day go by so much faster. Thanks, ladies!

  9. Katya Jun 28, 2011

    Your podcasts are hilarious! I loved this week’s (as every week’s) comments about punching your boyfriend in the kneecap. I was in the library and almost died laughing! Keep these coming. I love them!

  10. How’s this for a fool…. I call it “pee” “interest”. For real. Someone at work finally set me straight. I had no idea! But I still call it pee interest… take that :)

  11. You guys crack me up. I always loved Madlibs. I like word humor. I’m a nerd.

  12. “Ohhhhhhh, thank you for your concern”. You girls are too funny. Love love love this.

  13. Arianne Jul 4, 2011

    I loved hearing what you guys listen to in the kitchen. I was listening to this while making chocolate chip cookies for a friend’s birthday!

  14. You two crack me up! Joy, you need to check out the ginger liqueur from Stirrings ( ) or even make your own ( ) Speaking of which, do you make your own vanilla for your baking? I’ve been making my own for several years now and LOVE it. No colorings or extras in mine, just cheap vodka (or rum) and vanilla beans…

    Oh, and for the person looking for something for the potential in-laws who were not thrilled with the butter… just don’t cook in front of them! :) My in-laws are “health conscious” and my mother-in-law would never comment, but my father-in-law does. It’s amazing though how often I hear about how much they love my cooking and this dish or that dish…all of which are not diet foods. Anyway, I’m sure they love the end result, they just don’t want to see what goes into it because then they feel some need to feel guilty about enjoying it :)

    Love the show and can’t wait for the next installment!

  15. Dominique Jul 15, 2011

    i was listening to your podcast and this person kept prank calling me so i just let them listen to your podcast. i think it was the surrong part. it was funny. so yeah.

  16. Erin Whitcraft Jul 19, 2011

    Dear Joy and Tracy,

    Thank you for keeping me company on my roadtrip from Minnesota to New Jersey…totally saved me and cracked me up. I was excited to hear you talk about your infused vodkas/fave drinks because I have a beautiful hot pink rhubarb vodka infusing now; also, check out the book Preserving Food without Freezing or Canning – bachelor’s jam (just keep layering fruit of the season with sugar and booze for the whole growing season!). TDF.

    Love and boozy summer days to you,

  17. Madlibs are contraband at the middle school I taught at. Haha! Love this podcast, you gals are great.

  18. Tanzida Feb 24, 2016

    I’m going through and listening to the podcasts again (because why not?). I listened to this one weeks ago, and in my head a Boozy Susan is a cocktail. Here’s an example: “Oh I just had some friends over, and we made Boozy Susans.” Now I just need to figure out what a Boozy Susan would be made of.

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