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This week, Joy and Tracy discuss summer, and exactly how to survive it.  From picnics situations to barbecue desserts, summer espadrilles and white nail polish… Joy and Tracy get down to the nitty-gritty.  Keep your shorts in line, careful with those capris, and don’t be the girl that falls in the pool, unless you’re taking someone down with you.

a.  Fact: Salads with MAYO don’t keep well in the elements. Try Tracy’s Dijon Potato Salad or her Salt & Vinegar Potato Salad. They will both hold up for HOURS.

(not pictured)  Hollywood Forever Cemetery screenings.  Super summer fun!

b.  What the heck is farro? Joy loves the stuff and thinks you should bring her farro salad to a BBQ! Tracy has one with dried cranberries that is sure to impress your vegan friends.

c.  Sodas are refreshing. Ditch canned soda with high fructose corn syrups & ingredients you can’t pronounce and make your own. It’s easy and you’ll impress people thoroughly. Look at you with your fancy pants soda syrup! Here’s Joy’s Ginger Syrup for Ginger Ales & Tracy’s Strawberry Lemon Basil Soda.

d.  Hey, Nice Nails.  Joy is totally obsessed.  Get your nails done did.

e.  Joy is totally into this self tanner… I dunno… because she’s vain and she likes her legs to be tan-ish.

f.  Espadrille summer!  Get on this.

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28 comments on “Summer Survival Guide

  1. Thanks guys – I feel fully prepared for summer now and I’m going to go and look very hard at a bottle of white nail polish now.

  2. I need to get some homemade soda + infused vodkas in my life.

    P.S. My nails are mint green. True story.

  3. Hi ladies–I have listened to every one of your episodes today. I’m in Belgium and I’m hooked. Thanks for making me laugh out loud. Listening in is like having my best friends here in my teeny expat apartment. That’s a sweet, happy thing. Thanks for being great.

  4. I’ve been wondering about a good self tanner that won’t turn me into an oompa loompa! I’ve always been too chicken to try it in the past, but considering that my current look is dark shoulders, white everything else, it’s probably time to take the plunge. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. PerBer Jun 30, 2011

    I love your podcast!! You guys are awesome.. I listened to the same episode twice today.. partly because I was on a 4 hour drive and ran out of stuff but I love it!
    PS I am totally a lurker on your websites.. I will start to leave comments.. I promise!

  6. I just got a little sad when you guys said bye.

  7. Amanda Barkey Jun 30, 2011

    Love your podcasts! Addicted! The flavor sodas sound fab but Joy I cant get on board with the closed toed shoes at a BBQ- isnt summertime all about showing off those lovely polished toes? I think you just need to watch where your going lady! :)

  8. Briana Jun 30, 2011

    You guys rock! I listened to this episode while running and I got some strange looks as I was smiling (with teeth visible) along the way. Salt and vinegar potato salad and farro salad are on my list of must makes now. Have a happy holiday weekend!

  9. Oh man… I thought I was the only one who owned a single pair of shorts. I think they’re the only pair that have never pulled a front wedge on me. Shorts like that come around about as often as a lemon within a lemon. (see what I did just then? yeah… bringin’ it full circle, kids)

  10. I don’t like a plate on my lap either but building a sand table and chair would work. LOL funny.

  11. I love the pale blue nail polish for my toe nails haha, I guess I have a bright soul too? haha love you Joy and Stacy!

  12. Erin Louise Jul 1, 2011

    Another job well done Tracy and Joy!

    Shorts: I totally wear shorts, but not the denim underwear kind and not the dangerous capri kind either. They are longer, a couple inches above the knee kind and they have a cuff and I love them. They are sorta retroish. I wear them all the time and my legs are still blindingly white…I’m going with Joy’s theory that they are just too close to the ground lol.

    Deodorant: Tracy, I used that stuff for a couple years…doesn’t make them look any prettier,so I just went back to the old stuff I was using…still looks the same.

    Chicken and the egg: At Chick-fil-a(I’m in NC and I don’t know if you have them in Cali), they have a sunflower seed bagel with chicken and egg. It is delicious, but I do always feel guilty about them being together though. It is just a little weird.

    CANNOT WAIT TILL YOUR NEXT PODCAST…seriously…so I am just going to make Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread and think about Strawberry Infused Vodka…that will have to do…thanks girls!

  13. Epilater, seriously. I don’t shave my legs/armpits anymore because I epilate. It pulls the hair out like waxing, but cheaper. Overtime, you damage hair folicles and no more hair. I only shave every few weeks to get rid of tiny fine hair that the epilater doesn’t get well. I only epilate once a week or every other week.

    And I HEART self tanner! Jergen’s slow tanner is my fav. I am super fair and don’t like to blind people on a daily basis. Cause who wants to wear hose with their skirts. Really.

  14. Katie Jul 1, 2011

    I cannot do my housework if I don’t have a joythebaker podcast to keep me company…I adore the two of you and love having you over while I clean…come back soon!!!

  15. Sydney Bea Jul 2, 2011

    My toes are pale mint green right. Way to be trendy.

  16. Nadine Jul 3, 2011

    Please just know that some happy couple in Switzerland plus cat walks around their apartment with mugs of coffee in their hands and enjoy listening your podcast on sunday morning.
    Thank you!

  17. I am having so much fun listening to your podcast!
    I am intrigued by Joy’s love of bourbon. I recently moved to the States and I would really like to get on the bourbon boat. What producer would you recommend?

  18. Seriously guys, having presentable underarms is a big deal in the Philippines, where people tend to have dark underarms! Skin whitening, but especially underarm whitening. It’s a thing.

  19. Ok, so now i’m out of podcast episodes, so get another one done ASAP :) LOL! I totally love all the new nail styles! Have you checked out the new OPI “Shatter” I think it’s kinda cool. And even though I totally love the look of a lot of the new styles, I’m with Tracy on the darker shades working better for me. I love my dark teal and dark purple nail polishes for my feet (not brave enough for my hands yet!) but haven’t gone for the lighter shades because I have crooked toes and am afraid it would draw too much attention to them! Gonna have to go find your self-tanner Joy because my legs are whiter than a ghost! Thanks ladies for the laughs and the fashion tips! Can’t wait for the next episode!!!

  20. Heidi Jul 6, 2011

    Okay, so let’s talk about driving in the car without your shoes on. I just can’t do it. My foot always feels funny on the pedal. Then I found Fast Flats by Dr. Scholls, which are little black flats that fold up small, so you can just stash them in your purse or your car. Love them! I keep a pair in my car and use them when I’m wearing heels or any other shoe that I don’t want to drive in… and I’ve even been known to wear them around town to run errands. Thanks for another great podcast!

  21. I have to giggle about the nail bit. Erik and I listened and he was all up on that shizzle…even went to the nail website you mentioned. I totally forgot about it, and then a few days later he started to discuss nail fashion after I had returned from getting mine done. I didn’t realize, but I had gotten a “Joy approved” (as Erik put it) color (light blue) but he was concerned that Tracy would not approve of my color choice. Hilarious!!

  22. i feel like you guys read my mind and addressed all my summer issues: i HATE shorts, LOVE painting my nails (right now i’m into just doing my tips – use post-its), HATE my super pale legs and therefore LOVE self-tanner, and i just made my own rhubarb soda the other day. and tracy’s roasted strawberries are in the oven right now!

  23. kiyomi Jul 9, 2011

    I’m totally into doing my own nails!!! Loving that YOU’RE loving the new summer colors…And I had NO idea that there are so many nail art sites out there! Whoa!

    Just bought some vodka and strawberries to make the strawberry infused vodka and am thinking up some snazzy pink drinks for a cook-out soon!

  24. Anna H Jul 9, 2011

    Hi Joy and Tracy,

    I just got back from a road trip to my parents house (19-22 hours one way) and while driving I listened to all of your current podcasts. When I finally got home, after a day of rest, I got my nails done did. Well, I done did them myself. Toes and fingers! I haven’t painted my nails in over 6 months because that is just not something I can always get to with a 3 year old running around.

    My toes are a dark pinky color and my finger nails have a cotton candy pink on the tips with a sparkly sheer very light pink over top. They make me feel like a teenager, in a good way! I did try a white-ish polish that I had and it did not work with my skin tone, at all.

    Thanks for being such a great listen in the car.

    btw, Joy, I made your cinnamon pull apart bread as soon as I got home and my family (along with me) demolished it.

  25. Eva Squibb Jul 13, 2011

    Busted! I have the greatest story. I’m living in DC now, but I’m originally from North Carolina. I always feel like there is a little bit of a feeling of self entitlement to most people in this area, but over all I enjoy the city. I like to run on a green-way near my home where a lot of people run and bike. It is also used as a commuter trail for people on bikes. SO my only hang up with this running path are all of the super fast bikers that are going to/from work. There is even a speed limit on the trail for 15mph.

    One day, I saw a motorcycle cop on the trail and thought “that’s weird”. I round the bend in the trail and almost get blown over from the gust of wind when a speedy bicycler passed me. Not two seconds later do I hear a siren from the motorcycle cop going to pull over the speedy bicycler. I about died. Needless to say, I cut my run short just so that I could go see the bicyclist pulled to the side and think “Busted!”

  26. Marilyn Jul 21, 2011

    Your podcasts are so much fun to listen to!
    I’d really like it if you could talk about your bike ridding adventures and what kind of bikes you own : )

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