joy the baker episode 9

This week on the Joy the Baker podcast, Joy and Tracy are talking all things ROAD TRIP!  Tracy is in Lake Tahoe, and we need to know just how she got there.   From McDonald’s French fries to strawberry cheesecake, potty training to unpacking… Joy and Tracy talk it out… and totally hug at the end.

Tracy does her makeup in the car.  Joy eats pounds of Chex Mix.  What!?  Stop looking at us like that… we’re totally normal.

Tracy took a road trip from the Bay Area to Lake Tahoe!  There were feet on the dash, eyebrows to pluck, McDonald’s French fries to eat, and a child to potty train.

Also… there was jerky.

joy the baker episode 9

Joy went on a road trip from Los Angeles to Seattle.  There was an unhealthy amount of Chex Mix, lots of road and miles, no rest stop stopping, a few sister fights, and an entire strawberry cheesecake.  Ugh… awkward.

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30 comments on “Road Trip!

  1. Altitude baking tip…add a touch extra flour! Also if there is no baking soda and only baking powder add baking soda. (If the recipe calls for 1 teaspoon baking powder, I add 1/2 teaspoon baking soda.) I know this sounds crazy, but I live in Denver and it works, after a lot of experimenting this is what I’ve found. If you’re still there give it a try!

  2. ewwww mcdonalds! puke! DONT DOOOOO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Can you share the recipe for the creamed corn? It sounds delicious!

  4. Hooray for road trips! Skittles are fun in the car- great entertainment for when things are really boring. The husband and I have our own fav skittle colors so while he drives I hand him his colors and I eat mine. For the record, I prefer berry skittles.

  5. I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH! And I wish I could say I wasn’t drinking already but I already left a page long ramble on Joy’s blog so its hard to deny. But inebriated or not, you guys always make my day.

  6. if I ate half the things you suggested on the road trip I would have to stop at a rest stop, LOL. I love nothing more than a good road trip. A necessity for a successful road trip is tunes. Have to have some good tunes or access to satellite radio. Comfy pants … yoga pants are the bomb dot com! I am loving your podcasts; they amuse me while at work counting down the hours.

  7. I am really gonna put myself out on a limb here…but here goes! Things to do while roadtriping:
    1. Don’t stop at a road stop, but do stop at a truck stop with waitresses in matching uniforms. Get pie and coffee.
    2. Don’t eat corn nuts (eww, bad aftertaste), but do have a fresh corndog (food on a stick!)
    3. Sing at the top of your lungs to music that you will not admit to liking otherwise and get teary eyed at inappropriate love songs…um yeah, I do not resemble this at ALL.
    4. Talk to the silly drivers on the road…helps explain away all the bad, bad drivers.
    5. Stop for random garage sales…always
    6. Stock gum, extra toilet paper (just in case) and a flashlight!

  8. Heather Jul 18, 2011

    I’m not listening WHILE I am road-tripping, but I’m road-tripping this weekend (16 hours, what!), so it’s very appropriate that I chose this episode as my first venture into the Joy the Baker podcast! My rest stop suggestion: jalapeno cheddar tortilla Combos. Ah-mazing! Also, my non-McDonald’s fast food indulgence is Bojangles’ Chicken and Biscuits. I live in Ohio and we don’t have the joy that is Bojangles, so whenever I head down south, I must stop there.

  9. you guys make me laugh. i love when you just giggle. i’m so glad i found this podcast. thanks for sharing.

  10. I love you girls! I didn’t listen to your podcast on a road trip…just while sitting on my couch staring off into space :)

    I don’t have any particular food preferences for road trips…but I always need a stocked cooler of Diet Coke. In cans, not bottles. I’m picky.

  11. kelly Jul 18, 2011

    I really look forward to listening each week. It makes me happy :) Many fun memories road trippin with my sister across country when I moved from Boston to San Diego and many roadtrips within Cali while we were there. Living on the Big Island now … if you stay on the same road eventually you end up home again :\

  12. Nikki.rae Jul 19, 2011

    Tracy, I’ve got the armor all wipes and clean the car as a passenger too. Hooray for summer road trips – driving from the midwest to Montana this weekend and looking forward to all of this. Love listening to you gals!

  13. I roadtripped down the Oregon Coast with my mom this past week! Besides being so beautiful and seeing the Redwoods…which is enough, we must’ve gone through at least 2 or 3 pounds of salt water taffy in 3 days. Sometimes that’s all we had for breakfast and lunch. Buttered Popcorn salt water taffy…what. DELISH. yes. PERFECT road trip food.

  14. Well, it just so happens that I saved your podcast for my roadtrip today. 7 hours from Minnesota to Nebraska. I even took a picture to document my road trip guilty pleasures–Hostess Cupcakes and fountain pop. I also listened to the Pioneer Woman’s book on tape. Yes. I am saying “on tape”, Tracy’s husband. Yes. I just did that. Pictures will be sent soon to document my trip!

  15. RE: the putting feet up thing, I think it’s a short people problem. Tall people just don’t understand how uncomfortable it is to not have your feet touch the floor at the same time your back is touching the back of your seat/chair. This is especially a problem in movie theatres, as you mentioned, because those chairs are like bottomless pits that only giants can touch the floor in.

    • ahh. I have very short legs. This explains EVERYTHING. Thank you.

    • Katie Jul 20, 2011

      This is precisely what I was thinking while they were talking…it’s totes a short people thing!

  16. I’m going to France in August on a road trip. My boyfriend, me and… twix bars!

  17. OK Joy – I eat while in the car – like a freaking maniac. It is a weird habit but one I cannot kick. I have been driving a lot lately which means I have been mowing down a lot of food. Craziness! I thought I was the only one who did this – phew!

  18. Marilyn Jul 21, 2011

    I lovelovelove your podcasts! They bring always brighten my day and make me smile from ear to ear : )
    Your topics are so random but so interesting! Keep up the great work!!!

  19. Haha! You guys are funny. I like to listen to you while I work. It makes the time pass and it’s like I’m on a phonecall with girl pals. I often feel like jumping into the conversation and then am all what? Oh, yeah. It’s a podcast, not the speakerphone…. Then I feel foolish and silly. So, you should be all, “What do YOU think, Jen?” And then laugh at me.
    Cause it would be appropriate.

  20. Kristen Jul 21, 2011

    On my roadtrips, it’s all about the environment! I love books on tape if I have to drive by myself or having someone to read gossip magazines to me. And I eat like I’m starving, but it’s probably out of boredem. I eat “easy to eat foods” like tomato and cheese skewers or whatever I have to skewer, wraps, chex mix, and sour gummies!

  21. Fact: I was listening to this episode while I was road-tripping. I snacked on Chick-fil-A and a giant rainbow cookie. I also put on mascara, but while I was driving, so therefore no picture for Tracy.

    I love your show, ladies!

    P.S. JOY: check out these fun nails :

  22. I just love each episode more and more!

    And yeah, I really do need to go somewhere. Somewhere beachy.

  23. Ruth_117 Aug 4, 2011

    Hey So I listened to this podcast while pitting sour cherries but am planning on listening to another on my road trip tomorrow. So much laughing makes the time fly!

    So my favorite snack on road trips is Hawkins cheezies. They are awesome and I only allow myself to eat them on road trips. I think they are only available in Canada but they are similiar to chrunchy cheetos. so yummy!

  24. Caitlin Sep 3, 2011

    Chex Mix is the official road trip snack of my sister and myself too!

  25. paula Jan 26, 2012

    I do like Cheetos, Peanuts, Corn Nuts (original), and Watermelon Bubblicious. Also, lollipops.

  26. Heidi E Oct 29, 2012

    I love you guys! Hilarious and enjoyable to listen to! :) I just found you a week ago or so and listened to this podcast the other day. Went on a 3 hour road trip by myself to see my granny this weekend and had to stop at a couple of rest stops. Thanks for making me think about being murdered…(just kidding…I worry about everything anyway) 😛 Keep up the good work!

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