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This week on the Joy the Baker Podcast, Joy and Tracy answer your questions!  We hear you!  You want to know about blogging, and photography.  You also want to know what to do when a boy doesn’t like food, and how to handle a boy who doesn’t like cake.

Who doesn’t like cake!?  This sound suspicious.

a.  Tracy taking photos on her kitchen counter with a black placemat backdrop.  Trick of the trade.

b.  The most popular post on Joy the Baker:  Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread.

c.  The most popular post on Shutterbean:  Bell Pepper Egg in a Hole.

d.  Joy was skinny… and totally hungry all the time.  Lesson:  date boys that like to eat food.  Dating is not a diet.  Other lesson:  being super skinny will make your hands look extra giant.

(not pictured)  What to ship something to a special someone?  Peanut Butter Banana Bread!  And soooo much bubble wrap.  And overnight shipping.

e.  What do you put in cupcake liners besides cake?  Mini Cheesecake!  Tracy is a smart lady!

f.  Nut-Stuffed Delicata Squash, and how sage makes nuts taste like meat!

As always, find Joy and Tracy making ridiculous, unimportant statements on Twitter.

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25 comments on “We’re Gonna Need Lots of Tots

  1. You ladies are insane!! But in a totally sweet way!

    THANK YOU for not only answering 1 but ALL of my questions. I think I about fell off my couch when Joy said my name… it’s not a common name either.

    I’m going to have to relisten to the pod cast and write down all your advice. I already got myself on Tastespotting as soon as you recommended it!!

    Thanks again for all the feedback and I hope to use what you’ve taught me to make my own little cupcake blog the best it can be!!! <3

    Peace, love and cupcakes!

  2. <3 to you both. I'm really enjoying the podcasts. I feel like your both sitting in my office with me and entertaining my crazy thoughts about all things food.

  3. I seriously just had a conversation about mooses/meese the other day. You crack me up. And what’s with all these boys that don’t eat? Mine eats a pan of cookies in 5 minutes. Boys who don’t eat scare me.

  4. You guys are awesome! I feel like I am sitting in the room with you, just hanging out! So entertaining! Thanks!

  5. ahhh i love these podcasts. exactly the right amount of silly.

  6. I just really like you two.

    Thanks for having these! They totally make my work days go so much better.

    P.S. I bet that girl could mail cookies to New York! Once, I mailed cookies to my bro-in-law in Iraq and I just froze them for a few days first to ensure freshness. Whatchoothink!?

  7. Thank you so much for answering my question! It made me feel so special and getting information from the two of you is so helpful!

    I love both of you and I love this podcast. Joy, your blog is to me as Smitten Kitchen is to you, it’s not silly at all. I was reading your blog and thought it looked like so much fun!

  8. Your podcast is quickly becoming a laundry-folding ritual. I even involved my husband and daughter tonight and re-listened (and re-laughed) 😉

  9. I’ve been shipping my baked goods from California to New York City this whole year. Homemade granola bars were definitely a good choice. I packed them into large yogurt containers and stuck little squares of parchment paper between each bar so they would not stick to each other. Bar cookies are indeed the way to go because they won’t crumble as much as a regular cookie. I made seven layer bars aka rainbow cake and that shipped nicely, too. I like your idea of banana bread wrapped up nice and snug.

    Anyway, keep it up, ladies. You make me smile.

  10. You guys sound like me with my girlfriends. Total blast.
    I enjoy your recipe’s too.
    I have a newfound love in Edamame. Do you have any good recipes for it? I generally just eat it plain or with a stir fry, but I’m so not creative.

  11. Sonia Jun 9, 2011

    Sup dawgs,

    Just curious – are you guys sitting in a room together or talking to each other remotely? My friends do a podcast, but they are all in different countries. I was wondering because I am sure the dynamic is different if you are sitting in the same room together (eg, non interrupting on accident since you can sense when the other person is talking due to body language). Cool!

    Thanks – and keep it up!

    Wait, can I leave a question or do I have to email it?


    • joythebaker Jun 12, 2011

      we talk remotely. we’re not in the same room. good question! what is your friend’s podcast?

  12. Amanda Barkey Jun 10, 2011

    oh man, always so many great laughs listing to you ladies :) love it. keep it coming!

  13. I love the podcasts, so keep them coming! A suggestion that I hope you consider is giving a date or timeframe of when you actually record the podcast, so that we the audience have an listen to it later, we have that date to refer to. But please, oh please keep recording!

  14. I totally eat way more than my husband. At first it was really weird and kind of uncomfortable – now, well hell, I am freaking hungry!

    Great tips for building a solid blog and audience. Now how do I make my blog my job? Dream job!

  15. maija Jun 15, 2011

    For the boy who doesn’t like cake (WTF?), how about a savory treat in the cupcake liners, like mac-n-cheese? I keep seeing these all over the interwebs & I love this idea of bites of mac-n-cheese. Here’s an example: http://framed-mylifeonepictureatatime.blogspot.com/2010/08/macaroni-and-cheese-cupcakes.html

  16. Kendall Jun 17, 2011

    Joy, I submit to you that your inner spirit animal is a wombat!

  17. Amanda Barkey Jun 17, 2011

    hey just finished listing to your pod cast and i would like to share with the person who wrote in about the almond flour biscuits and i have made the ones from here http://www.elanaspantry.com/ and they are good. HOWEVER I have also made the pepper and chive biscuits that you top your chicken pot pie with Miss Joy and they are THE BEST EVER!!! i might just have to make them and take a picture of my wee little boys eating them because they cant get enough of em.

  18. Hey Girls! This is….
    For the poor girl who’s man wants biscuits and gravy, but can’t! I totally feel your pain. I used to be on a g-free diet and it totally stunk sometimes, but the good thing is they have lots of great alternatives and resources now to make it better…
    I am sure you could add some sausage to the gravy- but this might be a good start to a g-free gravy and biscuits! Good luck!
    P.S Elana’s Pantry is awesome blog for g-free people! 😉

  19. Rebecca Jun 27, 2011

    joy i found you on food gawker! =]]

  20. Ok, finally got to listen to the rest of this podcast… All I gotta say is PRINGLES CAN… It is the PERFECT mailing vehicle for cookies! I made a decorated one for my daughter’s preschool teacher for her “first day of school” gift this year but I’ve also stacked cookies into a cleaned out pringles can and mailed it. You can either put it into another box and mail it or tape it closed well and mail it as is.

  21. Oh yeah, and for the celiac disease cook, check out the GF flours, etc. from King Arthur Flour… (http://search.kingarthurflour.com/search.jsp?N=0&rt=p&Ntt=gluten-free&x=0&y=0 ) They’ve got some great new GF mixes, flours, etc. that would probably work well! As for the gravy, arrowroot or xantham gum work as thickeners.

  22. <3 y'all have made my day, and yesterday too when I found about y'all through Pinterest! This is inspiring and bright sunshine to many readers, of which, I have no doubt, grows more every day.
    Your new fan, Bronwyn

  23. Thanks for the great podcast! On shipping cookies – my parents have been shipping cookies at Christmas time to all their various comrades since the early 80’s. They just freeze them before they pack them all in boxes. As a lucky recipient of one of these shipments, I can vouch for the effectiveness of this in preventing cookie crumbling.

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