Hello friends!  Happy Holidays!  Are you in the thick of it?  We sure are!

In this episode, join us as we discuss middle age (wwwhhyyy!?) and the Christmas holiday.  I’m having my dad’s Hawaiian Chicken for  Christmas.  Tracy is going hard at some soup for the holiday.  But before all that we really need to talk about a few things.. namely, Snapchat and toe socks.  It’s really important (but mostly not).

We have a deep fear of toe socks.


toesocks are gross.

Louis CK describes what it’s like to put his socks on in the morning.  He’s too right.

Are we in denial that we’ve reached middle age?  Not really… it’s just that Snapchat doesn’t make any sense.  That’s just real.

Blow-hard Boss Exhibit A:  DAVID BRENT

David Brent

image credit: BBC

Tracy is going to make some soups for Christmas to make life easier! It’s becoming a tradition.


Carrot Coconut Soup

pasta fagioli soup

Pasta Fagioli Soup

This may be our last regular podcast of 2013.  Can you believe it?  Thank you for joining us for all of the chit chat!  It means so much to us that you’re here!  We’d love to put a clip show together for you.  If any favorite moments from the year come to mind, leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to include it.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday! Love you boos!


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16 comments on “Just Lift Everything!

  1. Amanda Barkey Dec 21, 2013

    JOY! they called me man hands too! but thats because my name is Amanda so apparently its an easy go to Amanda/manhands… also, they called me Mr. Frose because I had a pretty terrible pixi cut and it resembled the hair cut of a substitute teacher named Mr.Frose that we had. Great times!

  2. Carrie Dec 22, 2013

    I think you guys should do a mash-up of all your crazy voices… love it!

    p.s. Love you guys, but I have to respectfully disagree with your advice about the Blow Hard Boss. It’s not in her job description to hang out socially with him and he can be a big boy and get over it if his employees don’t want to be friends outside the office with him. Or, she can watch the (American!) Office episode called “Dinner Party” to see what happens when you are finally forced to socialize with your boss outside of work. Actually, I think we all should just go watch that episode because it is just so hilarious!

    That’s my two cents :) Thanks for letting me rant a little…

    • Tracy Dec 23, 2013

      Ok! Now what should she say to her boss? How does she say no?

      • Carrie Dec 23, 2013

        I liked your idea about just saying, “I like to spend time with my husband.”

  3. I wear my Dansko clogs every. single. day. For work and for pleasure. I have no shame! My husband calls them my lesbian Frankenstein shoes, a la Liz Lemon. Who cares?! My feet don’t hurt at the end of the day, so I call that a win. :)

  4. Tracy, we call breaded chicken cutlets, Chicken McMom, because my mom used to make them as an alternative to McDonald’s chicken nuggets when we were really little! Then there’s Chicken McBarney, which was my uncle Barney’s specialty. That’s chicken in lemon broccoli cream sauce. So I hear you.

  5. Christine Dec 27, 2013

    As someone 7 months into my first pregnancy, being middle aged sounds a lot like being pregnant! I’m hoping post-baby I loose the grunting when I stand up and the insistence on comfortable pants that I’ve developed. 31 can’t be middle-aged, right? Right?!?

    Tracy, any pregnancy/newborn tips? Joy, any tips for not alienating my baby-free friends? You guys are great! Happy 2014!

  6. Hello Joy and Tracy! I love both of your blogs so much! I had a question for both of you. I have started a blog on WordPress and I post quite frequently on there. But at the moment the only people who read my blog are family and friends. Lame right? I was wondering how I could get more viewers to look at my blog. Thanks so much! Brianna

  7. Glad to hear I’m not the only one weirded out by toe shoes! Imagine my horror when, at my friend’s wedding, her father took it upon himself to introduce me to an “eligible” bachelor….who was wearing toe shoes….at a wedding…. Yeah, that was never gonna happen.

  8. Excellent Podcast! I have a question for you both:
    My best friend wants me to make a homemade funfetti cake from scratch for her 30th birthday – but she has requested that it taste like a box mix recipe! How can I achieve the flavor of a boxed funfetti cake by making something homemade? Thank you!

  9. I have to confess that I have an irrational fear of my toes sticking together, so I wear Injini socks ALL THE TIME…sometimes with flip flops. true story. Today i wore them with my boots. I’m sorry – not sorry.

  10. Snapchat blows my 30-something mind. I cannot even wrap my head around the function or subsequent purpose of it. And now, I cannot figure out how to get it off of my phone. Should I ask someone in their 20s perhaps? 😉

  11. Sarah Jan 9, 2014

    I hate toe socks too, and thought I would hate toe shoes, but I love them, despite their ridiculousness. I refuse to wear them with “regular” clothes, though, Hiking and working out only!

  12. My mother-in-law is all about the weirdly-named dishes, such as “Train Wreck” (some kind of casserole) and “Dirty Rice” (oven-baked rice in mushroom broth). Then there’s “Chicken Cacciatore,” which is the furthest possible thing from its Italian namesake…I think the name is just to make it sound fancy.

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