Gentlemen… this podcast is for you.

This week on the Joy the Baker Podcast, Joy and Tracy drop some serious lady wisdom.  Ever wanted to divulge some of the things that women wish men knew and understood about women?  From dating and marriage to fashion and gift giving… Joy and Tracy lay it all out there.  Text dating.  Making out.  Dudes in cardigans.  These are things you need to know.

Need a gift for your lady?  Here are a few good Etsy finds:

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29 comments on “Lady Wisdom

  1. I’m honored that my Etsy shop was deemed Ladywisdom Worthy!

    My own bit of advice for the dudes:
    *Remember that for every time we gals choose to open our mouth about something that might be bothering us, 10 similar instances of said something probably went previously unmentioned. It’s not usually impulsive nagging. We try to pick our battles.
    *Never deposit your wet bath towel on the bed. Simple.

  2. Courtney Nov 10, 2011

    -We notice how you treat other people. This probably goes both ways between guys and gals, but how you treat strangers is important!
    -Call on the telephone! Just calling to say “how was your day” and have a conversation once in awhile is super sweet.

  3. Courtney Nov 10, 2011

    Also, when you two say “international” for the retreat, does that mean you’re travelin’ for it?

  4. Karen Nov 10, 2011

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think a guy texting is a big deal. As long as he’s communicating and making plans with you, I don’t see why it matters what form it’s in.

  5. Alexis Nov 10, 2011

    OMG!! Tracy, it’s like you are in my mind. I would love not to nag, I totally hate nagging. So, I text my husband his honey-do’s before he gets home but I usually include what I’m doing that could benefit him (cooking his fave dinner, getting him his fave beer, etc) and it usually works and we are both happy!! I refuse to be the ball and chain, blahhh!!!

    • Good idea! If Casey responded well to text messages, I’d totally do that. I know emails work since he’s at the computer most of the time. I’m totes gonna employ that trick (more!).

  6. Jayne Nov 10, 2011

    I like the part on how relationships don’t have to change because you have a wedding band on. I signed our 2nd wedding anniversary card to my husband with “Your girlfriend”. I want to remain as his girlfriend, his best friend, his confidante, his lover, his playmate… everything we were/are before the wedding. We spend so much time together now because I now work at the same place as he does but we always try to keep it fun, playful and happy. We don’t allow sulking, pouting, unhappy situations to last longer than, like, an hour. So far, it’s working. It’s a 2-way thing, though because if I try and he doesn’t, it’s going to be a train wreck. We have to make it work together.

  7. Um Joy… you asked. I answered. Chesty turtlenecks, thanks to good ole MESH.

    You know, for those EXTRA classy days.

  8. That mesh turtleneck totally takes the cake. As soon as you ladies were discussing turtlenecks with cutouts I gasped cause I had just seen this hours previous while online shopping-browsing.

    That could have quite the cleavage with a pushup bra.

  9. Turtlenecks just make me think of Art Garfunkel – who is awesome but doesn’t really invoke the oh Dreamy factor. They are also on every one of the models in my mom’s coldwater creek and talbots catalogs. Im getting older but not quite there yet. Great podcast this week ladies!

    • Omg. You are totally RIGHT! Talbots always has them! (my mom Loves talbots & turtlenecks!) I think it’s apart of getting older and wanting to hide your neck :( Not looking forward to that. AT ALL.

  10. I totally support the importance of cards–if you just started dating someone and a small holiday comes up, and you’re agonizing over whether to get a gift or not; go with a card. A nice card (with or without the addition of a cheap gift card to her favorite coffee shop or something) can definitely earn you points. Do the card! Sometimes a card is better than a gift.

  11. i liked your imitation of “the princess bride” – funny thing is you said “that wasn’t my wedding” but it WAS actually mine!!! my husband and i got married in a movie theater to wedding clips from different films, and of course that was in it…

  12. Jillian Nov 12, 2011

    I need cooking help!!!! I love both of your blogs and torture my husband with your podcast.
    I have been “chasing the (cookie) dragon.” I have a great chocolate chip cookie recipe. 3/5 times the cookies are amazing, dense. crisp and thick BUT 2/5 times they are greasy and flat. Where am I going wrong?

    I love you guys. Please help.

  13. Joy! All men should hear this episode.
    Also, I just wanted to recommend you try Pi in St. Louis for pizza. It’s good. Ridiculously good. I wish they would open one in LA. That’s all!

  14. Christine Nov 12, 2011

    Hi Joy and Tracy,

    My awesome dad hooked me up with four pounds of butter from Costco this weekend. I want to freeze it, but I’ve read mixed results on how it will act in your baking recipes. Have you worked with frozen butter, is it ok? Thanks!

    PS I listen to your podcast when I’m walking my dog-and I totally don’t care when people look at me funny for chortling out loud :) !

  15. Holly Nov 13, 2011

    Like the photo of the ball and chain on a hairy man’s leg!

  16. lady wisdom: boys, don’t show up to your date wearing sweatpants. not classy, not 2nd date worthy.

  17. Speaking of turtlenecks that still show your chest, I was watching Charmed last night and Phoebe was totally wearing one of them!! It had this weird cut out area that showed her chest, but then still continued up and folded over just like a turtleneck. Talk about shirts that should be banned!

  18. Salwa Nov 14, 2011

    Tips for marrieds:
    -Leave notes when you go away. Soo sweet to have a note on the pillow or on the bathroom mirror.
    -Keep giving gifts, even after you’re married. You gave such good gifts when we were dating, what happened?
    -When you are stepping out, open the door for her to that fancy restaurant. I put on heels for you, you bring the chivalry.
    -It’s just as easy to take husbands for granted. Gush over that dinner he cooked, compliment his hair cut (or, at least notice it), thank him for doing the chores. Ask him to do the same for you.
    -If there’s something you can’t face doing (like doing dishes after a dinner party), let him know and tag team it (you do half, he does half) or decide you’ll do it together later. Teamwork.
    -Make it OK to be in a bad mood sometimes. Give it a cute name (like cranky pants) and move on. Don’t take it personally.

  19. Hi Joy!

    I hope you ate Berger Cookies in Baltimore! If not, I’ll have to send some to you. For real!

  20. Oh my goodness I just wanted to say I love your podcast and your blogs so much! It’s strange because the other day Joy was talking about how she felt she knew the other Joy really well, and this lady had no idea who she was, and theat’s how I kind of feel! So I thought I’d tell you a little bit about me, one of your fans, who probably isn’t a typical fan. I’m 16 and live in Christchurch, New Zealand (if that sounds familiar, it’s because we had a massive earthquake in february this year), and I started reading Joy the baker blog, which eventually led me to this podcast, and that led me to Tracy’s blog. I am so sad because I had a wee stash of podcasts on my ipod that I’ve just finished listening to from the ones you’ve done over the year and so now I am rationed to one a week! At the moment I am on study leave for NCEA Level 2 exams (which are the exams we take to get into university/college) but all I can seem to do is read Shutterbean and Joy the Baker and listen to your podcasts! Well, now I ought to get back to work studying for French and Chinese, but I wanted to say a big thank you for brightening my days! Love Anna xoxo

  21. Loved the Princess Bride reference. Twoo wuvvv. :)
    And I definitely agree about a sharply dressed man. Every girl’s crazy for a sharp dressed man, right? ZZ Top knew what’s up. (Ohh, I am so lame. Hahaha.)
    That last bit about the turtlenecks made me crack up. Excellent podcast, as always. :)

  22. Fantastic and hilarious podcast, as usual. One tip about men and marriage. Take your lady out to dinner in the middle of the week for no reason. Get cocktails or wine. Go somewhere fancy. It will feel so special and sometimes we all (men included) need a much deserved treat!

  23. for bathroom snoopers-my hubby has a mini buddha in the bathroom cabinet and always has. and i totally got caught on our 2nd date when i came out of the bathroom and was all ‘why in the world is buddha in your bathroom?’ if you put something rando-they will ask and then you know who the snoopy-snoops are!

  24. Lady Wisdom for married men:
    I think Tracy has mentioned this in another podcast, but…for me, the biggest aphrodisiac is when my husband does chores unprompted. Vaccuum, dishwasher, and the biggest of them all…laundry – not just washing it, but putting it away. Forget the flowers. Surprise me by doing the grocery shopping.

    Love you guys. I am still catching up on all of your episodes so I have the lucky break of listening to you several times a week.

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