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We’re so happy you’re here for another Joy the Baker Podcast!  This week we want to inspire you to stay healthy, get informed, and go see a doctor.  It’s Spring and we just want to make sure that everything is in tiptop shape.  We’ll talk about donating blood, folding our clothes, wrestling with that dang paper gown… and for heaven’s sake let keep our socks on.

We got quite a few questions this week about weight loss.  Tracy and I have very differing tactics.  Joy attacks weight with exercise.  Tracy attacks weight with food management.  Also… let there be smoothies.




The Spinach, Kiwi, and Chia Seed Smoothie


How about a Strawberry Cucumber Smoothie?



Super Spinach Smoothie is always a good move.



This glass full of health:  Kale Apple Grape Carrot Juice



It’s jumpy house/ bounce house/ bouncy castle time!

Rachel, consider your joint birthday celebration PLANNED.  Bounce on.

Thank you for joining us for another podcast!  We are grateful for you!  Send us your email questions at contact at homefries dot com, or call us at 817-82-fries.

With love!

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36 comments on “Let’s Get Physical

  1. I have a suggestion re: bachelorette party gifts for your poor student – because I can totally relate. Weddings are expensive, especially when you’re in the bridal party! I know she isn’t the maid of honor, but maybe she could make a suggestion with the other bridesmaids (because I’m sure she isn’t the only one feeling like this): For my best friend’s bachelorette party, I had everyone bring a gift that cost $5 or less. I bought a bunch of identical gift bags for super cheap, put all of the gifts in the identical bags, and then the bride had to guess which guest gave her which gift (for example, since I cook, I gave her dirty-shaped pasta). It was super fun, hysterical, and everyone’s favorite part of the party. Everyone got to participate but didn’t have to spend much money at all.

    Great episode, as always!

  2. LOVED this episode! I listened as I worked out — totally not planned but thank goodness I was the only one there cause I kept busting out with weird laughs.

    Oh, and embarrassing thing last time I went to the doctor — I tried to shimmy myself on to the bench thing (and that dreaded paper) and tried leveraging myself off this bottom step/shelf thing filled with magazines, turned out the board wasn’t attached and it made this horrendous crash bang sound and everything fell..Needless to say I was mortified and acted like I only nudged it on accident. haha

  3. For your weight loss topic, I’d strongly recommend Jillian Michaels & Cassey Ho (@blogilates). They’re solid, know what they’re doing, and inspirational.

    I love JM’s podcast (free on iTunes) & have a few of her books. She’s such a nerd for digging down & getting real answers (from doctors, etc.), a great resource. She’s also good re: getting to WHY you overeat or otherwise don’t achieve your goals. The emotional root of it all.

    For exercise and overall healthy living inspiration and ideas, @blogilates is amazing. She posts 50 million exercise vids on YouTube for free, and her tweets and her blog are SO positive, and such good reminders to do good things for you. =)

  4. p.s. At a friend’s party, I went into the bouncy house allegedly to “help” but OMG was it fun and SUPER AEROBIC. So, your advice re: get a bouncy house is ALSO good advice re: burning about 10 million calories. =)

  5. “When you exercise, you eat more. Which is part of the reason why I don’t exercise.”

    I died. Tracy, you are my spirit animal.

  6. blburney Apr 11, 2013

    i’ve listened to all 91 JTB podcasts and this one is easily in my top 3. effing hilarious.

    tracy, fainting is also on my bucket list (died when you said that). i want to know what it’s like!

    in full support of the jumpy bounce castle. my bestie is getting married this year and she is having one at her wedding. so pumped!

    i recently had surgery (not a humble brag) and was totally dreading the paper gown/no socks situation. real talk: i got a pedicure the day before surgery. anyways, i was delighted to discover that the hospital had upped their paper gown game and had these:


    the gown is still paper but has “full coverage” (no kriss kross vest) and it has a hose that you hook up to the gown that blows warm air in. so weird, but i totally took advantage of it. also, they gave me some really cute no-skid socks that matched the gown. take note, general practitioners…

  7. Tracy, you might enjoy this calorie counting app called MyFitnessPal. I’ve been using it for years and it’s great to track everything. Also, I’m sure I burned many many calories laughing at this podcast.

    • Tracy Apr 11, 2013

      I used it for a week and it worked…but I couldn’t commit to doing it for some reason. I think that I got too distracted on my phone. And then I had a hard time with sitting there and tracking everything and finding it in a list—-especially if it was a recipe I made.

    • Joy the Baker Apr 11, 2013

      i think i might try this!

  8. Maggie Apr 11, 2013

    Beyond sorry: I’m looking for the episode where you ladies talk about the pros and cons of creating a website versus creating a blog. I’d be super grateful…

  9. Humble brag time, I lost 25kgs (55.1156 pounds according to google) after having my son 15months ago :p Before I couldn’t lose anything no matter what I ate or how much I exercised!
    Funny thing is I just changed portion sizes and carry around a very heavy toddler.

  10. Whenever I go to get my bikini wax I always race to get my pants/undies off, cause you need to save time to use that wipe because my fear is they will walk in while I am using that wipe or maybe while I am climbing onto the bed with my butt to the door or something. And then I lie on the bed and I always think that they think that I am laying in a provocative position when they come in. When they come in I pretend to be really into the hip hop music videos that are playing on the tv above the bed, and I’m like ‘oh, hi’ (Oh hey, I’m just laying here watching these hiphop videos my pants off). Which only adds to me thinking that they are thinking I am trying to be provocative for some reason. With my socks on.

    • Tracy Apr 12, 2013

      I have ALL KINDS of visuals going on in my head right now. Thanks so much for this.

      • I always try my best to leave comments on websites that give people visuals of my butt.

  11. Melissa Apr 12, 2013

    I’m having trouble getting the new podcasts when they’re first available. I am subscribed on iTunes but the new ones aren’t showing up. I finally got It to load last episode with deb yesterday. Anyone else having this problem or is it just me?! I’m impatient and want to hear them right when they are released!!
    Thanks :)

    • Mine didn’t show in iTunes either because they are dated 2001 and show up as old episodes

    • mine are dated 2000 so also don’t automatically load. i just look up the name of the podcast here and then search for it in the podcast store. this way not too much time passes before i get to listen to them! :)

    • Tawnya Apr 12, 2013

      I’ve had this problem too. I got 28 Feb, 14 Mar & 28 Mar- but not the latest one… Weird.

  12. I had an exam this morning (for university- not the doctor) and I listened to this on the bus on the way there. I could NOT stop laughing, you guys are so hilarious. It totally made me feel wayyy less stressed about the exam. I hate that crinkly paper! I think Dr’s should have little timers so you can see how long you have before they come back. This would solve everyone’s problems.

  13. Great podcast-io! Several years ago at work I was preparing to sit down on a bar stool height chair when I hit my knee on the corner of the table. I instantly fainted.. There was another bar stool chair next to the chair I was attempting to sit on. I hit my head on the seat of that chair, the foot rest of that chair and the ground before making my landing. Totally embarrassing!!!
    I can check that off the ‘ol bucket list.

  14. Hilary Apr 14, 2013

    Tracy, I’m having trouble picturing high school Tracy. Would you ever post a pic? Long hair with sun-in?! Can’t imagine it! Would love to see high school Joy too!

  15. I’d have to say that the worst part of the bench at the doctor’s office isn’t the paper, but that mysterious gap between the paper and the edge of the bench…there’s a good two-three inches of exposed pleather that my (any many previous patient’s) sweaty thighs have to touch – gah!

  16. lauren Apr 15, 2013

    I was laughing my butt off listening to this episode. I used to be able to keep the hunger monster in check after exercise, but since I’ve been pregnant exercising makes me so much hungrier – and I’m doing way less, so what the heck!. I eat like I did 10 miles instead of the 2 or 3 I actually do.
    Ironically, I was at the doctor’s on Friday for a physical and while I “got” to wear a cotton gown that had a few ties and keep my socks and undies on, the doctor joked “I see you’ve gained some weight” long pause “…but that’s to be expected”. Hah. Not funny doc.

  17. i really don’t do well with anything medical, hospitals, etc … one time i was visiting a friend in the hospital and i got so queasy i had to leave the room … only to faint in the hallway a minute later in front of a group of nurses. i of course received the most thorough care imaginable (and soo many tests – pregnancy included) and the whole time i was just trying to explain that hospitals make my stomach turn.
    and the best part was i had actually cut my forehead open when i fell – so talk of stitches made my experience even better! (but THANKFULLY i didn’t need any)

  18. Meghan Apr 17, 2013

    speaking as someone who works in healthcare – believe it or not we totally try to take our time so as not to catch the patients mid-leap onto the table. I’ve even been like you know what, I’m just gonna take a sec and hit the little girls room first or maybe reapply my lip color.

    and please just take a sec and double check your shoes no socks decision before coming to see me after a long day at work… true story :-(

  19. We lived in west Texas for awhile, where they called bounce houses “brinka brinkas.” It took me several parties to figure out what “We’ll have a brinka brinka!” meant…

  20. Michelle Apr 18, 2013

    I have never heard of doing gifts at a bachelorette party. I have never brought a gift and there were never gifts there. Although, I haven’t been to do many bachelorette parties. I’m planning one as the matron of honor for my sister and I love the cheap-guessing-gift idea from a previous poster!!

    I would tell your caller to skip the bachelorette party gift. Homemade gifts are always great, too!! I got a scrapbook (without the pictures) at my baby shower and that was probably one of my favorite gift. I can’t wait to fill it!! It was beautifully thought out and I can tell she put a lot of work into it.

  21. You guys are the best. And I was in Girl Scouts too, from age 5 – 17, wore the uniform to school and everything. No shame.

  22. Carrie Apr 18, 2013

    I went to the doctor today. Had a hard time keeping a straight face as little clips of this episode popped into my head.

  23. Hannah Apr 19, 2013

    My Mom always tells me to write down questions on a note pad and bring it to the Doctors office- good idea because most of the time we forget what we want to ask. The note pad is also helpful for taking notes when the doctor gives us information. Love the podcast and both of you!

  24. Hi guys!

    Two things:
    1. We call bounce-houses ‘jumping castles’ in Australia.
    2. Homemade presents are the go for engagement/bachelorette parties. I made your Limoncello, Tracy, for a best mates engagement party and it was a huge hit….

  25. I laughed out loud at taking the paper gown home for a photo shoot! So funny, I gocha.

  26. Thanks for an especially funny podcast. The descriptions of undressing and gown logistics, along with Tracy’s blood-giving horror story, made me laugh out loud even more then normal! (And inspired me to give blood, strangely enough.)

  27. Thanks so much ladies for answering my juice question, I am just now getting back to podcasts since I lost access on my phone. Great answer, I just need to motivate myself more because juice is SOOOO good!

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