Welcome to another Joy the Baker podcast with Tracy from Shutterbean!  This week Joy and Tracy discuss project T-Flo, wherein they try to annoy the heck out of Tyler Florence.  Joy and Tracy also discuss the difference between getting back on the horse, and getting back on the bike… as well as a little well crafted advice for a young lady with a much older gentleman caller.  All your answers are…. totally not here… but please listen anyway!

Project T-Flo… where we tweet the heck out of Tyler Florence was a great success!  Just look at his Twitter timeline!  Sadly, T-Flo did not respond to any of these tweets… so Joy owes Tracy $50.  It will be delivered in savings bonds… no biggie.

This Friday is Blazer Love Friday!  Sport that blazer and feel fiiiiine!

Blazers make you feel like a super competent, incredibly stylish lady.  It’s totally the move.  #BlazerLove.

Joy can’t wait to take the blazer super casual with boat shoes and cut off shorts.  Seriously… it can happen.  It WILL happen.  Trust.

Tracy’s Lemon Layer Cake with her brother’s face on it!

Joy is just smitten with this pink ombre cake from Cupcakes and Cashmere.  You could totally make this pink happen with beets.  Remember that Chocolate Beet Cake!?

You did your homework!

Two weeks ago Tracy assigned everyone a homework assignment.  Photograph and blog about 5 things that you love!  What are your five favorite things?  Your homework is wonderful!  There’s coffee, chocolate, rose hip oil, and a bonkers amount of nail polish!  Such success!  Check out all these beautiful entries!!

If we somehow missed your entry… oh no!  Please forgive us!  Just leave a link in the comments and will fix that right up!

Don’t forget!  This Friday is all about #BlazerLove… So tweet us, Facebook us, let us see a photo of you in all your blazer glory!

Thank you Thank you for being a part of Homefries and the Joy the Baker Podcast!  We’re excited when you’re excited!  We seriously heart you… that’s the truth.

Things My Roommate Makes–  Nice view and molecular model kit!

A Family’s Life–  We love chocolate and Instagram too!

Yep Indeed–  That’s some fine yogurt and Meyer’s is a total favorite around these parts!

The Dirty Oven–  Aaahh the stuff you love!  So happy you like your Enjoy gift!  Joy is kinda obsessed with all your husband’s bikes.  Major! Tapatio Love!

Saturdays with Maggy–  Whoa!  What is bread fruit?  Jacaranda trees are so beautiful!

Gretta Bell–  Wait… chocolate chip cookie pudding?  And tell me more about this cuticle pen!

Clean White Paper–  Joy needs to start watching Up All Night.  Nice post!  Very cute!

College Helping Hand–  Tracy… Erica called you TFS (Tracy from Shutterbean!)…. amazing.  We love candy and beaches too.

Cooking College Chick–  Whaaat is going on with that Peanut Butter Brownie!?  Also… your puppy is too precious.

Cake Sharing–  We love Toms too!

Crafty Bake Oven–  Your dog is wearing glasses.

Chocolate and Ginger–  Joy is obsessed with your fashion stylings… and a good red lip really does go a long way.

The Little Bite–  Joy loves your art and your sweet kittybear!

The Larderer–  Chocolate Beet Cake and good good podcasts.

Deb in Memphis–  Wait… Choffee?  Guilt free hot chocolate with a kick!?  We need to know more.

Whitfield Awesome–  Joy is an INFJ as well! Wait! So is Tracy!

Just a Titch–  Amy…. what is this beauty blender and why don’t I have one?

Pure Sweet–   So hilarious!  Shoot the gun face is amazing!  Your community group set up is also pretty great!

Food Snob StL–  Tracy, one day we’ll be able to braid.

Hanna R–  mimosas, quick bread, and good music.

Corvallis Foodie–  Wait… what is this gin!?  Nice branding.  You’re in Clarisonic nation too!

Rather Be Baking–  Cookie butter and nail color.  What more do you need?

PlanetBryn– You are so sweet!  Your nails look major and we WANT those rhubarb squares!

I Heart Big Flavour–  Your view of the world is lovely… and Glownola!?  Whoa.

Everyday Food Lovers–  Nail polish and cute kitty, sunshine, and online shopping.

Merveilleuse–  Peepton Abby!?!?

Third Row Seat–  Cakes and puppies and a beautiful vase.

A Glass of Milk–  Waffles and pretty stationary!

The Nerdy Baker–  The most darling video, and a new set of headphones that drown out crazy kids.

Take a Mega Bite–  Bando and chevron!  Just really lovely things!

Betalaloo–  Good mail and good technology.

Andreaisasi–  Lovely photos!  Coconut milk and awesome maps and an instant camera!!

Snow White Baker– bags and nail color!

Voraciousvander–  What is this rose hip oil, and coconut flakes are the best!  Joy is all for new oils.. Rose Hip!

The NonPariel Baker–  Wonder Years and Clear Makeup (?).

Kalijan–  Look at that kitty and that bike!

Fork You… No, Fork You!– Brunch and Coffee…. you know.

Lyssie-Lou–  Love the shoes!

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73 comments on “Like Nobody’s Blazeness

  1. I LOVE your podcast. I cannot wait to hear a new episode. :)
    Best regards from Berlin, Germany

  2. Thanks for putting me on your list!
    I haven’t worn a blazer since I moved to Brlgium and stopped working… I’m totally going to be wearing a blazer as I drop my daughter off at her art class tomorrow! I wonder if they still fit??

    Loved the podcast, I will try the beet juice to make things pink soon, there is a birthday cake for a little girl to be made soon!

  3. Blazer ready to launch! Thanks for another great podcast! I really enjoyed checking out everyone’s favorite things this past week.

  4. High-five, fellow INFJ’s! Killer podcast, ladies!

  5. Ok, this is totes off subject, but every time you ladies say “Blazin'” I think of this amazing video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vA_iMuZ3ZDw

    p.s. I also spray-bottle my counter-surfing cats, works like a charm

  6. Oh, I can’t wait to blaze it up tomorrow.

    And well, the other week I was riding my bike and I ran over a kid’s remote control car. And when I apologized the kid and fam just stared at me! So there you go. Somehow my bike didn’t explode and somehow the car was still moving. (!?)

    Jeez, bikes are cray-cray, but so fun.

  7. I’m late to that 5 faves party, but I’m totes here 😀 http://www.hungrygirlporvida.com/blog/2012/04/12/five-faves-beauty-booty/

  8. I think it’s time for me to buy a blazer. It’s overdue, really.
    Here are five faves: http://phdprocrastination.wordpress.com/2012/03/29/five/

    Thanks, as always, for the good times and inspiration!

  9. JOY- where is your blazer from?
    TRACY- where is your necklace from?
    I like your style (but not in a creepy way)

    • thanks! I got it off of etsy a looooong time ago!

    • Joy the Baker Apr 12, 2012

      blazer is from Zara!

      • i stopped a girl at starbucks last week asking about her blazer and it was also from zara! (she looked at me like i was nuts…awkward…the things we’ll do for a blazer!)

  10. My cousins girlfriend just got a job at Zara and I damn near yelled at her to get me a blazer lol! Needless to say it was temporary insanity but I’ll be picking up a blazer to show my #blazerlove soon. And trust that blazer + shorts WILL happen this summer. That’s like daytime wear going into dinner out with girls evening.

  11. I’m sitting here giggling in my office (which I share with another human who probably thinks I’m crazy) because “White Elephant” is that game that you play on Christmas where you get to steal other people’s presents. It’s sometimes called something else… Mean Santa? Angry Santa? B*tchy Santa? I don’t know. My go-to White Elephant gift is a chip-n-dip shaped like a sombrero from a discount store, filled with packets of Taco Bell hot sauce. It’s a lot of work, but it’s just once a year. (Never play this game with me.)

    I accidentally wore a blazer today, oops! I’ll definitely find another one to rock tomorrow.

    • Joy the Baker Apr 12, 2012

      that is totally the worst White Elephant gift… ugh. (ps. LOVE!)

  12. My highlight of Foodbuzz was dinner demo with T-Flo. So steamy. So inappropriate…so good.

  13. I must have been actually paying attention to my work when you assigned homework cuz I didn’t catch that… Yup, I’m totally one of those ballsy people that just didn’t turn it in. I was like major in high school too…
    PS Joy. Where on earth do you get your necklaces?? Please spill!

  14. this is my 1st podcast listen to homefires,joythebaker, shutterbean. my first ever podcast listen to anything,really. I love it! glad to be on board!nothing but love for ya guys!

  15. Hey Ladies, this is me turning my homework late, just like high school & college!

    as an avid cyclist, my advice for Abbey and her bike, take your bike for a quick spin around the block just once or twice to get your confidence up again. Hopefully you can get the gitters to go away by a short, easy ride!

    You know I will be rocking my blazer tomorrow!

  16. Thanks for saying how I had balls for not doing my homework! It got me into art school! =] I’m very on top of my school work now, so I think it just depends on the type of schooling they are receiving? Like, if they enjoy where they are at and such.
    Love you, gals!

  17. Deshika Apr 12, 2012

    I love Sperry’s! Such a fan of blazers with casual clothes.

  18. Shoot! I’ve always been tardy on homework. I got mine up on the blog last night, but it must have been after you guys went looking. Boo. Oh well, next time.

    Blazer is ON. Well, not right now…but tomorrow!

  19. I did my homework! I posted it on Tracy’s comment but here it is again! hahah


  20. Okay, so here’s a question… I have a jean jacket (which by the way I DO NOT wear with jeans) that is sort of like a blazer… Question 1- are jean jackets still a thing that’s allowed? Question 2- does it count as a blazer? Question 3- should I be ashamed of myself for even asking??

    Thanks ladies. You ladies rock :)

    • Joy the Baker Apr 12, 2012

      no laura! you’re totally cool! i totally have a demin blazer. as long as you don’t wear it with jeans… you’re cool! rock that thing!

  21. Okay, I just got my blazer situation worked out for tomorrow. I’m taking it in a weird directions…details to come. In the meantime, here are my favorite things (better late than never!):


  22. I’ll probably get docked a letter grade, but here is my late homework assignment…


  23. Adeline Apr 13, 2012

    I was the listener with the older gentleman caller – THANK YOU! I’ll follow your advice when I next see him. You guys are awesome.

    PS: Joy, 90% of people can’t pronounce my name (go figure) but you do. High five.

  24. So the TJs cookie spread is a knock off of Biscoff Speculoos Spread. It’s huge in Europe. http://www.biscoff.com/DirectionsWEB/webcart_category.php?catid=BSPREAD&pcatid=BISCOFF

    Tell Tracy she can get some at Fisherman’s Wharf (they have a Biscoff Cafe) if she gets over her *spitting issue* 😉

  25. Love the podcast as always…Wondering if you ladies saw the cover of the Gotye song done by the 5 people on one guitar? It’s weird and kind of awesome at the same time! Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9NF2edxy-M&feature=related

  26. Caley Apr 13, 2012

    Awe man! I am just now listening to the blazer post—and I wore mine yesterday! Obsessed.

  27. So much for being a blazeness lady.

    I am putting the LAZE in blazer right now – at work, wearing my casual Friday blazer, powering through a bad case of the 2:30 sleepies.

    It’s a blazy Friday afternoon…

  28. Relating to cats:

    I just listened to Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs earlier this week. Not sure if you’ve read it or if you’re a Chuck Klosterman fan, BUT I love question #13:

    “For reasons that cannot be explained, cats can suddenly read at a twelfth-grade level. They can’t talk and they can’t write, but they can read silently and understand the text. Many cats love this new skill, because they now have something to do all day while they lay around the house; however, a few cats become depressed, because reading forces them to realize the limitations of their existence (not to mention the utter frustration of being unable to express themselves).

    This being the case, do you think the average cat would enjoy Garfield, or would cats find this cartoon to be an insulting caricature?”

    Thoughts? I say insulting; but, as discussed, all cats are different. Maybe some of them would tell the others to lighten up?

  29. Hey! This lady be blazin’… maybe on Monday? Missed the memo, unfortunately. But that’s ok! Plenty of opportunities to wear blazers (with chevron armwarmers!) later. Also, I was one of those kids who would always, always, ALWAYS hand in their homework on time… even if I had to stay up till two in the morning the night before it was due. Speaking of homework, I think you lost mine! Here’s another copy: http://cutthecookie.wordpress.com/2012/04/10/tomato-onion-jam/ Love the podcast, as always!

  30. My list is a little late in coming but it’s here. I did it a couple days ago but I think I may have forgotten to send you a link!


  31. I love that you posted so many blogs in the show notes…I just subscribed to tons of new blogs! Looks like I’m about to be friends with a lot of new people. :)

    See what I did there? Yep, had to. Love you guys!

  32. Joy, you should do “We’re About to be Friends” with T-Flo! Haha…

  33. My list is late as well but I decided to post in anyway =)

    Loved the podcast as always!

  34. Kickin myself for being late with my homework! All sorts of high school guilt coming back….


  35. I loved this podcast!

  36. I took my blazer day on Sunday, because by the time I listened to your podcast, I was already on my way to work on Friday!

    PS. I looked awesome

  37. hey everyone! thanks so much for your late homework assignments! we love you, we do!

  38. Abby A Apr 17, 2012

    Joy, I’m relistening to the very first Joy the Baker podcast, and I was just reminded that at that time you were still using iPhoto to edit pictures. I use the same thing, and I’m gearing up to start my own blog. I have a Canon EOS Rebel T2i which really helps. But what I’m wondering is whether you’re still using iPhoto, or what you use now, because I love your photography and I could use recommendations for an editing software. Cheers!

  39. I listened to the podcast late so I am late to the party. Here are my five things for spring!


    Love the podcast! So much fun to listen to!

  40. My favorite episode is totally the “would you rather…” one. I was listening to it on a run and had to double over a few times because I was laughing so hard. I also loved the road trip episode, or any time Joy talks about her sister. Love the sisterly love! My sister and I love your podcast!

  41. i call Sacagawea coins “Sac-a-jo-momma”s.

    You’re welcome.


  42. Wait, Tracy… whyyy did you give Joy ideas on how to obnoxiously give you the money she owes you? So did Joy actually ever give that to you?

    I’m glad that I now have you two to keep me up on slang. I’ve been wondering what totes meant for the last year… (kidding, kind of). But now that I listen to you guys, I’ll be teaching everyone else the modern slang instead of the other way around.

    I wish that my stress food was something as healthy as green beans and not exorbitant amounts of chocolate, carbs, and sugar.

    I’m totes wearing a blazer today. I feel so fashionable and professional. AND it’s Friday. I didn’t plan that. It’s casual Friday, so I’m wearing my navy blazer with the sleeves rolled up, jeans, and cheetah print loafers. Just over a year too late.

    Why don’t I see a picture of Joy’s missing tooth? I’m sad to miss out on that.

    Thanks for a fun podcast!

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