Pull on your lady blazer… it’s time for another Joy the Baker podcast!  This week, Joy and Tracy discuss social networks,  bonkers book tour shenanigans, and how they’re invading everyday lives.  We’re on your first date with you!  …that’s incredible!

Listen up, yo!

Tracy and Joy are on instagram at @tracyshutterbean and @joythebaker.

Apparently Tracy is OVER Draw Something.

Joy the Baker on Great Day, St. Louis.  The awkward leading the awkward.  And… Ghost.  The movie.

Oh Lordy.

Hello, St. Louis!  You were lovely!

What’s up, Chicago!  Daaang, you know how to fill a bookstore!  So major!

joy and abby

Joy and listener Abby!  We love you Abby!  It was so great to meet you!  For real.

Lauren did her homework!  She made two recipes, photographed them, and put them up on her blog!  There was also bourbon and champagne… such a lovely idea.  You deserve a blazer!  #blazerlove.

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See you in Brooklyn on 3/31!

THANK YOU for letting us invade your everyday lives!  Thank you Laura for the email and phone call!  Go Pinterest go!  Thank you Lauren, for letting us try and guess your husband’s voice.  Thank you Dayna for sharing your date story with us.  Wait… did we pronounce your name wrong?  It’s possible.  Forgive us!

Thank you.. YOU, for coming here, listening, and leaving comments.  We love you most sincerely!

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80 comments on “Like the Movie, ‘Ghost’.

  1. Keiko Mar 29, 2012

    I love this episode! I feel so bad for Joy but it’s too funny!

  2. Kmarie Mar 29, 2012

    Joy! You rocked that apple crisp demo and handled the awkwardness with style.
    We hope to see you in Bklyn!

  3. Joy you are just awesome and Tracy I want your style and organization. Thank you for signing my book way back in Pasadena it was such a great birthday surprise. Who knew mother in laws could be so awesome! You guys make my commute so much better and bring a smile to my face.
    PS: I think my husband is starting to like you guys as well…go dudes!

  4. Lauren Mar 29, 2012

    So, I’m sitting at work, listening to the latest podcast and trying to be a business lady, and I hear my name. Talk about bonkers! I felt so gratified by actually finishing my homework on time, it didn’t occur to me that anything further would come of it. Now I’m super embarassed that my silly little tester blog is, well, a silly little tester blog. But, by asking for an assignment I guess I was really asking for a way to get out of my comfort zone. Judging from my mental reaction of nonstop nonsense words (eek! yikes! aaack!) my comfort zone has officially expanded.

    Thanks again to Joy and Tracy and everyone who provided encouragement,

    – Lauren (aka bourbonandbroccoli)

    P.S. I’m totally going blazer shopping on my lunch break.

  5. I loved this podcast.

    I mean, Joy, how did you keep your cool so much with that dude getting all up in your biznass on tv!? I’m totally impressed. I would’ve pulled my cheek away for realz if there was a hand heading toward it to caress it stranger-danger style.

    P.S. I wore a blazer today. We be blazin’.

  6. Michelle M Mar 29, 2012

    That video was freaking hilarious. Thanks for making my work day a little less dull :) My favorite part was the way you said “immediately.”

  7. Valerie Mar 29, 2012

    WHAT A CREEP!! lol I’m glad you survived, Joy. At least you said all the right things. :) And very finny podcast! It was the first one I listened to haha.

  8. Oh my Goodness, Joy, your demo with that creeper was priceless. well played though!
    And Lauren, if you’re reading this… congrats on getting your assignment done! I took a look, and I love your voice. Just wish I could comment directly on your blog. Keep up the good work!

  9. It was great meeting you in Chicago Joy! I also love the “Ladies be Blazin'” trend. All your impressions and voices today had me cracking up. I even did my own over the moon voice… Out loud… Alone in my kitchen. Cool right? Side Note: After I finished your podcast I put on my favorite Pandora station, hits of the 90’s. No joke first song was Third Eye Blind followed by Blues Traveler! I almost peed my pants! So I decided to go from a podcast lurker to a commenter. Love you ladies! Gotta go, Hootie just came on.

    • Joy the Baker Apr 4, 2012

      it’s never time for Blues Traveler! also.. it was so good to meet you in Chicago! totally major!

  10. Karen Mar 29, 2012

    Awesome podcast! Would totally love an assignment, just like Lauren! Pretty please :)

  11. dustin Mar 29, 2012

    That video was mos def disturbing. I was cringing at just about every word and action that he did. He really did disappear when he was behind you though, Joy haha! Tracy, we’re glad you got an Instagram finally! the podcast rocks and so do you guys

  12. Ugh! I am heartbroken that Homefries U spring break isn’t happening. I can’t come in the fall and I was really looking forward to it! I will be in Santa Monica in two weeks though, Joy we should have lunch! No joke, I’ll buy. That news clip was outrageous. You did a great job, that dude was creepy!

    • Joy the Baker Apr 4, 2012

      drats! i’m so sorry Homefries U didn’t work out for you Lindsay! major bummer. our apologies! give me a shout when you’re in santa monica!

  13. Reeve Mar 29, 2012

    It got to the point today, whilst listening, that I was laughing so hard I had to pause the podcast because I couldn’t hear it anymore…that video is beyond bonkers. I mean, I just wanted to be in his head and know if he THOUGHT he was being normal, or if he was aware that he was a (very nice) creeper.

    You girlies never fail to cheer me up and get me cackling no matter when or where I listen to it. Keep up the good moves!! :)

    Ps. Tracy, it’s now quite common for my sister and I (who live together) to randomly do the Oprah voice to each other in the middle of anything. We have yet to master your level of skill in the area.

  14. Petila Mar 29, 2012

    I love the knee-jerk reaction to the face touching gesture in the video! Graceful under pressure…way to keep it cute, Joy!

    And when did wrapping yourself in cellophane become easier than hopping on an elliptical trainer?

    Tracy – holding the nuts…it still makes me laugh!

    You guys are awesome!!!

    • Joy the Baker Apr 4, 2012

      you’re the best petila!! (don’t touch my face.) (k.thanks).

  15. Mariah Osborne Mar 29, 2012

    I can’t even watch! It’s making me so uncomfortable! Run, Joy! Run!

  16. Emily Mar 29, 2012

    Tracy! I was driving home from work today, and while stopped at a stoplight the guy in the car in front of me opened his car door, leaned out, and spit on the road! My first thought was, “What?! I have to tell Tracy about this.”

  17. Oh my goodness, Joy, did you feel like you were surrounded by CRAZY people on that tv show? I would have screamed as soon as I escaped!

    Love you and Tracy, as usual!! I had a baby 4 months ago and am waaay behind on listening to podcasts.. I’m still back in December. (But I need to hear your Christmas tips, haha.) Had to listen to this one ASAP to find out about your Ghost sitch. My husband and baby listened to it with me! We’d all love to come meet you guys at Homefries U! Well, maybe not the baby. She’s a spoilsport sometimes!

  18. Oh my my, sorry that my hometown has such inappropriate TV hosts, Joy! Even in St. Louis we do know about boundaries! You handled it like a pro.
    Thanks Tracy and Joy for another awesome podcast. You’re just what I need after a long day of work.

  19. Tracy Mar 29, 2012

    I DIED watching that video!!! Hilarious but also so creepy! Way to keep it classy Joy 😉

  20. Ladies

    A friend introduced me to the podcast a few months back knowing I would LOVE it. She has never been more right!! Every Night I listen to past podcast & find I sleep much better. They also help block out the upstairs neighbors getting the get if you know what I am trying to say.

    One question though…will you be in Lexington Ky rocking your blazer & new book? I think the answer should be yes since you love bourbon so much & we’ll we have something called The Bourbon Tour & we are also known as The Bourbon State…hint hint. Just saying’ no biggie. See you soon.

  21. Heyo!
    I somehow stumbled upon Joy the Baker and HomeFries a couple of months ago, and have been hooked from the start. Thanks for the inspiration and good times!
    I took your homework challenge and posted five favourite things on my blog today. It was much more fun than doing my real homework!

  22. Love your podcast again this week! Good times!

    You gals always make me laugh!

  23. Valerie Mar 30, 2012

    Oh my god this podcast just gave me a panic attack in the best way.

  24. Wendy Mar 30, 2012

    Lol. I totally just finished listening to the last episode and invited you, Tracy, to a DrawSomething game, and right as I pressed “done” I started listening to this episode! It’s all good. 😉

  25. Bahaha, those sound bites (or as Tracy would say “sound bit”) with Joy and that creeper man are HILARIOUS. Majorly awkward and awesome at the same time.

    I can TOTALLY relate to that “don’t touch my face” complex. I don’t like anyone touching my face, not even my own boyfriend (yea, I know, I’m weird). If that happened to me on live TV, I probably would have caused a scene. Haha

  26. Can I just tell you that it took me 2 tries to watch that video clip. I could not handle the awkwardness. Joy, you handled the mess out of that situation.

    Off topic, Tracy I’m making your mom’s sour cream coffee cake as I type this. I can’t wait to try a slice. The batter sure was delicious *wink*

  27. Alison Mar 30, 2012

    That was the most amazing video ever. So awkwardly hilarious!!! I am so disappointed about homefries U. My baby is due in September so I won’t be able to make it. Maybe next time!!!

  28. Elexis Mar 30, 2012

    This Episode was one of my favorites, I couldn’t stop laughing. I also couldn’t stop laughing when you two were talking about that girls first date, because I totally did that (with my boyfriend though) on a hike we went on, because I don’t really like hiking and I was like “how can I make this worth my while” so I pulled out the would you rather card! Thanks ladies for alway entertaining and another great podcast. Also Joy that video is off the hook hilarious!

  29. ladies, on the grantland website (it’s sports & pop culture) they have a “men in blazers” podcast. no joke! it’s like your podcast has a brother. in a blazer. and they talk about soccer.

  30. Joy! Why didn’t you alert us that it was necessary to RSVP for your book signing tomorrow? I was so pumped to meet you! It has been on my calendar for months!

    • JOY! I am so glad I decided to come out to Brooklyn Kitchen anyway – It was so wonderful to meet you! Thank you so much for traveling so far to share your smile with us! (Though I am sorry Tracy must temporarily exist in a separate time zone from you – bummer!).

      I can’t wait to make more of your amazing recipes they always make my day extra special and seem to make me a little more popular (especially those preztel dogs).

      Good luck on the rest of your book tour! I am sure you will continue to bring smiles to all you meet – especially if you continue to rock such excellent blazers!

      • Joy the Baker Apr 4, 2012

        thank YOU so much for coming out! you’re seriously major! it was so great to hear from you!

  31. That video. Oh my word.

  32. Citti Mar 30, 2012

    As always I love to listen to you guys, you are adorable, the only thing i dont like is that usually im at the gym on a treadmill when i listen the podcast and sometimes i laugh so hard that you can heard me no matter how many machines are running on, i guess i should listen it in my home! BTW i think social networks are amaizing but also very easy way to waste time, at least for me, and i think there are to many people getting burned out of FB, I am tho, cuz just realize I havent gotten into you blog since i can follow a bit of you life thru there, thats dumm! So im out of there till i have something really interesting to share! I love you both, XO!

  33. ohhhh that VIDEO! stranger hands touching my face is the stuff of nightmares.. but good job finding the humor in it, joy! fun podcast this week.

  34. Anne Taylor Mar 30, 2012

    OH. MY. GOSH. What the what?! Ghost?! That is absolutely hilarious.

  35. Sarah R Mar 30, 2012

    Just wanted to say this is probably one of the funniest podcasts you guys have put out. I lost it when I heard Joy say she was wearing two bras. Also, there was a total sleeper sound byte with the morning show creeper (sleeper creeper) – it’s kinda hard to hear, but when he slips in a “Myyy GOODness!” it was super stealth over the top creepy and simultaneously hilarious.

    • Tracy Mar 31, 2012

      what a creeeper!

      • Melanie Apr 2, 2012

        Holy Moly FLIRTSHOP! I can’t imagine how he acted backstage!….CRAZINESS… You handled it well, Joy, you looked gorgeous and I love your top.

  36. I seriously need to stop listening to the podcast at the gym, I got the “shut the f*&! up” face. Maybe I’ll just take my workouts outside :)

    P.S. I did my 5 favorite things post and guess who’s on it?! ::Spoiler Alert:: Tracy check my bonus link 😉 AND Joy I’ll be at your signing today!


  37. Katie Apr 1, 2012

    Don’t laugh, but I was a cheerleader in high school. ( I said, don’t laugh!) Anywho. Our mascot was a trailblazer, and as I was listening to your Blazer love section, I started to drift off into another dimension. Really all I could see was girls doing toe touches and screaming “Blazers,”. Any chance they make sport coats for ladies? I could get on a lady sport coat trend like nobody’s business. For example, #sportin’the coat. Are you feeling me?

  38. Melissa Apr 1, 2012

    Hey Joy! I’m so glad you included St. Louis on your book tour… I was at Left Bank Books to see you and I was the awkward one toward the end of the evening. (Tallish, long brown hair, glasses, cream leather jacket… I had you sign a book for my mom for mother’s day). I really didn’t know what to say to you and after standing in line for two hours after working all day, I was pretty tired and crabby. That said, I enjoyed your talk and Q&A session and am glad I got to meet you. So, the reason I’m commenting is I want to suggest that next time you come to St. Louis (on your next book tour or whatevs), do a demo on KSDK’s morning show. Most St. Louisans watch KSDK and they are very classy. No goofy host in sight!

    You looked great and were totally rocking’ that navy blazer. Good luck on the rest of the book tour!

    • Joy the Baker Apr 4, 2012

      thanks for coming out to see me in St. Louis and thanks for the awesome suggestion!

  39. Hi Tracy and Joy! I just wanted to let you know that I’m listening to your podcast while making an art journal. I’m doing a sort of DIY booklet out of scrap paper and covering it in all kinds of colors. The both of you are keeping me company, and it’s real nice. And although I’m nowhere near getting paid to pin it was you who introduced me to Pinterest as well as other awesomeness like salad-sharing, Bri Emery, shower booze, the fact that I’m not the only one who fast forward the singing on Glee and, today, #blazerlove. I need more blazers in my life. And a new lipstick(s). Well, that’s a quick peek into the life of one of your listeners. Lots of love!

    ps. blueberries in brownies = pure love

  40. Homework happened! I briefly contemplated returning to the pretzel brownie assignment but I realized I made brownies on Friday AND on Saturday…whoops. Only that was not a whoops at all.


  41. Ok so it wasn’t a first date, but I definitely used the “would you rathers” to make conversation in the car with my boyfriend last week. On about the sixth one he just says “Where are these coming from??” I told him it was none of his concern, some things are just not on a need to know basis.

    p.s. – that car ride? An hour long so that we could get to the best gelato place around. Why would he think that was weird?

  42. Caitlin Apr 2, 2012

    Hi ladies. I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to listening to the podcast but then I was hooked…. I’m super bummed now though because I’ve gotten through all the archives and now I have to wait a whole week in between podcasts.

    Also, joy you totally held your own on that tv show, you don’t even look flustered, I reckon it was pretty impressive.

    Also, I was just reading a cup of Jo and saw a post about banana bread with bourbon… I knew it was you before I even read the post. Awesome.

  43. You ladies are friggin’ hilarious! Totally just found out that a co-worker listens to the podcast too. I now have someone to share the hilarity with :) Inside jokes here we come!

    Oh and thanks for inspiring me to try blogging again (for the third time)!

  44. Um, so this may be awkward….and it’s probably really random….BUT I was re-watching the season premiere of Mad Men (because for SOME reason episode 3 isn’t available online yet; what’s up with that??) and I just realized the voice of Dolores (the girlfriend of the guy who lost his wallet) sounds JUST LIKE Joy! I know this because I listen to the podcast every week, so….yeah. For a second I was all, “Wait, is Joy the Baker on Mad Men??”

    As always, awesome job ladies! Thanks for making these podcasts and, you know, being awesome.

  45. Briel K. Apr 3, 2012

    Great podcast ladies! You always make me laugh and the story about the tv show was no exception!

    Looking forward to more info about Homefries U! I REALLY want to go. You don’t have to be a blogger to go do you?

  46. Christen Apr 4, 2012

    That video killed me. What a weird dude! He’s probably that guy who creepily walks around work offering up shoulder massages.

    Love you ladies! You’re hilarious.

  47. oh my goodness. :-O that tv appearance is… too much.

  48. Kate M. Apr 6, 2012

    Help me Ronda! Joy I am Dying. Just listening to that creepy interview was bad enough, but watching it was traumatizing! It made my skin crawl so much I had to show it to my Mom and Sister! You handled it SO well, I was very impressed. :)


    “Are you going back to LA?”

  49. Kaitlin Apr 7, 2012

    I’ve been listening to the podcast since it started but I’ve never commented before. I look forward to listening to you ladies every week!

    I listened to this episode while I was out for a run last week and I kept laughing out loud. I had a hat on so you couldn’t tell I was wearing headphones… the people driving by must have thought I was insane! I’ve been wondering for years why guys find it necessary to spit so frequently. And the interview? Oh my.

  50. Hey Ladies!
    Love the podcasts the blogs… so much inspiration!

    I’m down with homework assignments, hope mine isn’t too late.


  51. Ahhh my homework is late! I was never that kid in high school either…


  52. Sandra Apr 24, 2012

    I know I knoooooow I’m way late to the party. But I’ve been behind on the podcasts, so I caught up with this one last night and I was SERIOUSLY. DYING. LAUGHING. when you guys did the multiple voices of Laurens husband. It was amazing because my fiance (who is also soooOOOOoo over you guys) was sitting RIGHT there and I played it out loud for him whilst I was dying. He laughed…I think he finally gets the humor. Love you gals! You crack me up daily :) Thanks for the much needed comic relief.

  53. So late on this comment (I’m catching up!), but the email about the first date and talking about pee made me laugh so hard. I actually talked about cat puke on a first date once. So random and awkward. But it turned out okay. He surprisingly called me for a second date, and we’ve been together for almost 6 years now. Hope everything worked out for her as well!

  54. Natalie Jul 1, 2012

    OMG. I’m just now watching this video. I listened to the podcastio way back when but I always listen on my iPhone so I didn’t ever see the show notes! Joy, you were amaze balls!

  55. THAT’S SO AWKWARD! I am not a touchy person, so I would probably die. Good work holding it together, Joy. Have you had any more awkward moments equal to or greater than this one since then?

  56. Tears of laughter running down my face as I listen. Seriously they just got all over my work papers. LOL I love you guys.

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