How many times can you mention Spotted Dick in one podcast?  At least five.  (Let’s just add Spotted Dick to the long list of things that Joy doesn’t know about.)

On this episode of the Joy the Baker Podcast, Joy and Tracy get into their Fall Bucket Lists.  They also suggest you move to a new city with your long-time boyfriend, dress up as your best friend for Halloween, and fill your phone with apps.


Get into Fall!  Just don’t call it Autumn.

Baked Pumpkin Pecan Doughnuts

Joy is totally obsessed with these stuffed apples.

Baked Apples with Savory Stuffing

Luscious Cardamom Pear Butter!

If Joy dressed up as Tracy she’d wear a stripe-y maxi and take pictures of her feet.

Spot on!

(No mention of Spotted Dick.)

This is what it’s like to text with Tracy.  She’s all business.

Apps we like:









Get into it!!

Very Important Note:

We really do love our listeners and are just crushed to hear that listener Tim lost his wife Veronica this week.  We want to do something special for Tim.  Do you have any ideas?  Do you have any kind words?  We’re in this together.

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46 comments on “Marry that Doughnut

  1. Maija Oct 4, 2012

    Completely sending lots of love to Tim. What about if he can tell us about his wife and what she loved and we could all do that- bake her favorite treat.. and then donate it to a food shelter? Doing something in memory of a great woman. I;d will participate in any way i can! HUGS TO TIM!!

  2. I am so sorry to hear of Tim’s loss! Could we send him a little care package (maybe even once a month for awhile) filled with a funny card, little words of encouragement and a few homemade treats?

    • I love this idea. I know I would love to send a card or a little something every now and then!

    • I love this idea…I would definitely be up for sending a little something every now and then!

  3. Rachel Oct 4, 2012

    When my father died, we got one of his favorite trees planted in his memory in a national park. So if Veronica was into gardening that might be something nice to do, that way Tim could go visit the park and always have a piece of his wife that he could share with others. Another thing that we appreciated when my brother died was someone sent us a bunch of vouchers for a movie theater. Just something simple like that that gets you out of the house can be a nice change of pace during a difficult time. My thoughts and prayers go out to Tim and his family.

    • I am so deeply sorry for your loss, Tim. My heart goes out to you and Veronica’s family.

      I think planting a tree sounds like a lovely idea. I remember in a past podcast Joy and Tracy recounted Tom Hank’s story following the passing of Nora Ephron and how the tree she gave him still provided the sweetest fruit so many years later. Perhaps a tree of Tim’s choosing could be planted in Tim and Veronica’s community or at their home. Or as Rachel suggested, in a national park.

  4. That is really sad. I like the tree idea also. When my grandma died (mom’s mom) my dad sent me a gift card to buy a tree or plant so I could plant it in my yard to remind me of her.

  5. First off, love to Tim. Perhaps Tim can tell us what some of Veronica’s favorite dishes were, and we can all make them and think of her and them while cooking and eating them with friends and family? I’ve always thought that food was the best way to spread love, and since she was a JtB and Shuts fan she probably liked to cook.

    Joy: my favorite rut-less exercise, especially when I was in LA, was salsa dancing! It’s really nice because, first off, there are a lot of very very good salsa clubs near you on the westside. I loved it because I ended up meeting a lot of new friends who dance, so I could go to the salsa club to hang out with friends and get lots of cardio in at the same time. It’s not like going to like, a ballroom dance thing, which can be kind of snooty and super intimidating if you don’t know all of the dances — salsa people tend to be really chill and a younger crowd that loves and welcomes beginners.

  6. Such a heartbreaking story. The tree idea is great, or donating a bench or marker in Veronica’s name if they had a favorite park or something they visited together. I also think care packages are much appreciated in a time like this—whether it’s homemade treats, or listeners suggesting/donating their favorite hometown/artisan brands of meal components like pasta, soup mixes, breads, etc., sending in cards, or contributing to some kind of gift card for Tim.

  7. Tim, I am so sorry for your loss. my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

    I love the tree idea! We had a nice bench put into my parents garden next to a tree we had planted when my Grandfather passed away. Maybe we could all write letters to show our love and support, too.

  8. Tim, so sorry for your loss. Sending virtual hugs your way! It’s always hard when someone passes suddenly and it’s tough to really cope with it but you have tons of supporters here. Maybe we can cook one of Victoria’s favorite dishes and share them with our families. Even blog about it, about how life is short, how spending time with family is so important.

    On the other side of the spectrum, hello bootcamp Joy! I’ve been doing a bootcamp from home and I LOVE IT! I do it when I damn well please, usually without any shoes or shirt on and I don’t care because nobody is there to bother me. Usually my house is a huge distraction but it’s been working for the past 3 weeks.

  9. Joy and Tracy! I just read this and thought of you two and the TRUFFLE SALT debate. Tracy, you will want to read this:

  10. So, so, sad :( Tim, I’m so sorry for your tremendous loss, and you’ll be in my prayers.

  11. So sorry to hear about Tim losing Veronica, I like the tree idea and then perhaps after the local listeners can get together for some of Veronica’s favorite dishes or a live podcast? i don’t know. I like the care package idea too. Sending lots of hugs to you Tim.

    Off topic – Joy if you want to join a Zumba class with seniors, I have one right up your alley. A friend and I recently joined one in Alhambra (Joselyn Senior Center) and its crazy but we love it. I totally don’t feel intimidated like I did with all those professional zumba girls at the gym in spandex, yuck.

  12. My deepest, sincerest sympathies to Tim. It’s been almost two years now since I lost my Dad and I think even the littlest ways of honoring our loved ones is the best. I think the care package idea is a great idea, and would be a touching reminder that there’s others thinking of Tim in this truly saddening time. Sending you love and prayers, Tim!

    P.S. JTB & Shutts, you guys make Thursday morning drives to my internship a lot more enjoyable. My off feeling I’ve had all week was temporarily lifted listening to you silly gals, thank you. :) I can’t wait to jot down my Fall Bucket List!

  13. Haven’t finished the podcast yet, but you guys were joking about different apps- I couldn’t help myself had to post this one:

  14. My sympathies to Tim.

    I feel silly talking about apps now, but Tracy, these are a few that I love:
    Cloth: You can record your daily outfits with pictures! This is right up your alley.
    Grocery List Free: I know you’re a pen and paper girl, but I love this app and use it all the time.
    FeedlerRSS: RSS feeder. Probably similar to Reeder.
    Waze: It’s a traffic app. Since you’re stuck in traffic often, you can see what’s going on up there. It’s great.
    RedLaser: Lets you scan barcodes for prices. I think I’ve only used it once, but it’s free and could someday come in handy.

  15. My thoughts are with Tim and his family. Sending big hugs his way. I think all the ideas are great. The idea of the gift card to buy a tree so that Tim and his family could then plant it where they felt it would be special is a great one. I also like the idea of the care packages. Please keep us posted on what the final decision is.

    Thanks for the smiles this AM. Loves.

  16. Thanks so much for telling us about Veronica and Tim. I started to tear up at work when you started talking about it and I just can’t imagine losing my husband now or ever. Tim, we are sending you love and prayers!

    My suggestion would be something like what the blogging community did for Jennifer Perillo when he husband died suddenly of a heart attack. His favorite pie was a peanut butter pie, so everyone made a peanut butter pie and posted it on their blog. The White on Rice Couple did a nice video as their pie post ( What’s her favorite dessert? Let’s designate a day when we make her favorite dessert and our words of support and post it.

    • I think this is a good idea, actually all of the ideas so far are great. I think we can all honor Veronica by making a point to bake something delicious (donuts?) for someone we love and let them know how much we love them. If we all blog along this theme, hopefully it will create an appreciation ripple effect.

      Tim, if you are reading this, please take care. I hope you are eating a lot of cake, brownies, or donuts. I hope that you are getting some sleep. I hope that you are with friends and family who love you. I hope that you know that we are all thinking of you. Aloha.

  17. Praying for you, Tim.
    There are so many great ideas already, but I definitely think there should be a recipe that you guys dedicate in Veronica’s name. Maybe a version of one of her favorite dishes?

  18. Stephanie Oct 4, 2012

    Sending prayers out to Tim. (Thanks Joy and Tracy for sharing.)

    I like the idea (for those of us without blogs) of people posting photos on twitter/instagram of them making or eating one of Veronica’s favorite dishes. That way he can see lots of us celebrating the life of his wife.

  19. Megan Oct 4, 2012

    Tracy! My husband just developed an app and it is great for your needs (I say that in the most objective way possible, even though I am super proud of my husband and I love him very much). It is called Tweet Keeper (, and it allows you create a permanent, searchable archive of your tweets and other people’s tweets that you follow (Twitter does not let you access more than 3200 of the most recent tweets and won’t let you search your timeline). Plus, you can export the archive and pull up random tweets that you may have forgotten about. I hope it’s something that would be useful to you!

  20. Elizabeth T Oct 4, 2012

    Could we all write a note and send them to you or some common address for collecting, and then mailing out the massive package of support? Could work with a care package, too!

  21. My love and prayers go out to Tim — hearing that news at the end of the podcast broke my heart. I agree with ‘Diane, A Broad’ in her idea of picking a food or baked good that Veronica loved and then the online food community could bake it on the same day or in the same week to pay tribute to her. It made me think of ‘A Peanut Butter Pie For Mikey’, which I stumbled upon last year:

    Also, I love the care package idea — maybe Homefries could give us an address, where we could send letters or care packages they could forward to Tim.

  22. Tim, I wish you the best during this hard time. I agree with Winter and everyone else who suggested that all the bloggers make a dish in honor of Veronica.

    Joy: You should definitely give Zumba a whirl. The first few time are really hard but then it becomes addictive. I have been going to Zumba for over a year and now I can finally say that I am a “dancer!”

  23. Melissa Oct 5, 2012

    My deepest sympathies for your loss, Tim. I will keep u in my thoughts as well as Veronica.

    Joy and Tracey, can u put together a fund of sum sort for ppl to donate and maybe u ladies can put together a package w the $ we raise??

  24. I love the recipe idea, cooking some of Veronicas favourite recipes and posting them on our blogs, or just making them anyway while thinking how lucky we are!

    Joy, Tracy thanks for making another awesome podcast, it’s seriously my therapy every week! I might even make Spotted dick in honour of you both, and as I’m British, it will be extra authentic :)

    Happy Autumn guys!
    The Petit Kitchen

  25. howtosavethekosmos Oct 5, 2012

    Prayers go out to Tim. Can Joy and Tracy play Tim and Veronica’s phone call on their next podcast so Tim has an audio copy of Veronica’s voice forever to keep?

  26. Yentl Oct 5, 2012

    What if all talented bloggers ~ create together~ a menu in honor to Veronica&Tim’s love?

    The inspiration could be her and Tim’s favorite ingredients, places where they have spent great time together, their favorite colors…

    It could be a chain.
    Joy starts baking something for breakfast, then the next blogger creates a smoothie, Tracy comes up with lunch, someone else with the dessert, etc, etc…!

    It is to materialize a memory in 5 senses. 😀 <3


  27. Sarah R Oct 5, 2012

    Tim, my heart goes out to you! My condolences for your loss. I figure any couple who listens to the JTB & Shuts podcast is a kindred soul.

    I’d love to participate- I don’t blog but I could bake a favorite recipe and send in a photo, or contribute to care packages, etc.

  28. Tim, I’m so very sorry for your loss-my deepest sympathies to you.


  29. Very Important for the friend diet app….My Fitness Pal!! I started it when you guys started the friend diet and I’ve lost 10 pounds!

  30. This was such a moving moment in the podcast. It was so real and genuine…amazing! I was trying to think about what Tim might need in a time like this. Of course, food is a great idea, but maybe there could be a more lasting situation set up… And not just for Tim, but for other people that the JtB podcast wants to shine its love light on. This might be a HUGE undertaking, but here’s an idea: maybe there is a part of set up with a paragraph and a photo about a person and an email or mailing address for them. Listeners can choose to write an email, send something or whatever, but the little archive of our community love can grow and grow! I would love to look on the list every week/month and send a little note to someone who needed it and I’m sure others would too :) Love you ladies…Blaze on!

  31. Grace Oct 6, 2012

    so incredibly heartbroken by this news. all my love to tim and his family. i have found that i am most at peace when i am cooking or baking. what if we all wrote down our favorite, comforting recipes along with a little note of love and encouragement and sent them all to tim. going off of the monthly care package idea, he will be receiving reminder after reminder that he is not alone and that his podcast family is here for him. then, he will be able to collect these recipes and use them whenever he needs a little love. we love you tim. stay strong.

  32. Emily Oct 6, 2012

    Thinking of you Tim, I am so sorry for your loss. Joy and Tracy, thank you for telling us all about this, I do think there must be something we can do – Grace’s idea of sending some sort of recipes and care packages is a good idea. I wish we could all send him food, I know that can be a huge help, but I hope his community is filling that role. Please let us all know what we can do to help, Joy and Tracy.

  33. I think it’s a wonderful thing a little community like this exists to send rainbows of good wishes when someone is hurting. I’d like to add some color myself, hope for strength and peace from afar, Tim.

  34. My heart goes out to Tim, I am so so sorry to hear about your loss.

    I really like the idea of everyone making something (Veronica’s favorite dessert) in her memory and posting about it… Maybe all the photos could then be taken and combined into some sort of mosaic that Tim could hang on the wall, or they could be used to frame Tim’s favorite photo of Veronica?

  35. A. Kumari Oct 9, 2012

    I’m sending up lots of prayers for Tim, thanks for let the rest of us know about him in his time of need.
    Also, Tracy you should try the app Swacket — it tells you what to wear based on the weather. Joy, for your new workout routine if you’re not into Zumba you could always try TurboKick, it’s a high-energy kickboxing class.
    As always, a great podcast ladies!

  36. Krissy Oct 9, 2012

    Tim, I’m sending you the biggest, warmest, hugest bear hugs that never end, I will keep you and your sweet Veronica in my thoughts.
    I really like the idea of little care packages and would lovelovelove to contribute. Great podcast ladies, love it!

  37. LaneM Oct 9, 2012

    Tim, I’m praying for love and comfort for you and your family. Thank you for sharing you and Veronica’s love with us.

    Let us know how we can help you! I’d love to make her favorite dish and share it with my friends in honor of you and Veronica – good idea crispy homefries!

  38. I agree with the other commenters about all making a dish dedicated to Veronica. I think it would make everyone in our community, including Tim, feel even closer, no?

    Also, Tracy – I love the gorgeous (and sometimes whimsical) designs of the affordable (!) iPhone cases at I’ve definitely lost hours just browsing and trying to decide on a new case! I think they have ones for the iPhone5 out already, too.

    I just discovered your podcast (and respective blogs) a few weeks ago and have been totally absorbed in trying to catch up with all the episodes. I think people are a little creeped out when I start giggling to myself in the subway while listening during my commute. But I love it and hope you guys keep up the laughs!

  39. heather marcus Oct 10, 2012

    what if everyone took a picture of something beautiful to cheer Tim up, or at least show him that the world is still full of wonder and possibility. my heart and thoughts go out to you Tim, and all of those who are grieving.

  40. I am so so sorry for your loss, Tim. Losing a loved one is heartbreaking, espcially the one you shared your heart with, it is not easy.
    When my brother passed away 4 years ago his work donated a tree to be planted in his memory. It is a White Pine and since it stays green all year round we visit it at Christmas time and put decorations on it to dress it up and make it festive. I know someone has already suggested this idea, it’s a great way to honour someone’s memory and somewhere for Tim to go and watch it grow over the years.
    In dealing with losing my brother the thing that helped the most was the support from friends and family. I have tried multiple times to tell them how much their support has helped me get through the last 4 years but words and actions will never be enough.
    Know that even though we have never met, we’re all hear for you and want to help your through this tough time.
    My heart goes out to you, I hope you find strength in pain.

  41. Tracy… Feeddler! Best app for google reader. I’ve tried them all and this one is great. There’s an ipad version as well….

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