It’s time to think about the holidays! This week on the Joy the Baker podcast, Joy and Tracy get real about work holiday parties, awkward cousins, and egg nog. Kwanza sweaters? Champagne buckets? You’ll want to give this gem a listen. Happy December!

Tracy is not shy about her affection for nuts.  Spicy Cocktail Nuts!

Mmmmm!  Spicy Maple Glazed Walnuts!

Joy’s Spicy Roasted Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds.

Obsession worthy caramels!  Fleur De Sel Caramels!

How much are we going to talk about childhood dolls!?  My Buddy.  Kid Sister.  American Girl Molly and Samantha.

We’re weird.

Eggnog without Eggnog Pancakes!

Get into all the newness at Homefries!

Tracy’s new column, High Straightenence and Joy’s new podcast, We’re About to Be Friends.

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42 comments on “Merry Xmas to Me

  1. When I was little I got the freckled redheaded My Buddy doll and I just thought she wasn’t cute… She kinda looked like a bully instead of a buddy. I just wanted the pretty blonde one! ha!

  2. omg. I was *obsessed* with my kid sister. her name was sparkles (because I may or may not have painted her cheeks with silver sparkly nail polish). and, growing up, I always wanted a molly doll, but never got it. a friend of mine bought one for me on my 23rd birthday. best. gift. ever. (15 years later). I did get an easy bake oven though, so I guess it’s all relative. ps) you guys must be exactly my age. 😉 pps) here’s the original my buddy/kid sister commercial:

  3. Erin Louise Dec 1, 2011

    The best gift ever was my Samantha doll…I was convinced I wasn’t going to get her but then my parents surprised me. :) I also always wanted an Easy Bake Oven, but my dad refused to buy it, saying it was a plastic box with a blinking lightbulb…I know cope by baking practically 24/7…no biggie.

  4. Alexis Dec 1, 2011

    I loved My Buddy until Chucky came along and then I threw him in the fire! No, really!!! Totally freaked me out!!!

  5. Rachel Dec 1, 2011

    I had no idea what an American Girl doll was until like 5 years ago. I’m 30. Is that weird?! I now feel like every girl had one but me.

  6. Ahhh, I was obsessed with the American girl dolls! I was far from a spoiled child, but I actually had three of them because they were considered “educational.” I had Felicity, Kirsten, and Samantha. Yeah. My parents willingly bought me $100 dolls, but when I begged for a pair of Doc Martens in 6th grade they said no.

    I liked your work holiday party stories as well…before I started working in an office, my mom gave me one piece of advice: Don’t get drunk at the Christmas party. Sadly, I did not follow that advice and ended up telling the dirtiest, most inappropriate joke to a very important person. So bad…

  7. Caitlin Dec 1, 2011

    are you allowed to point out a “nutsack” like that?

  8. So I have this thing. Tracy mentioned listening to the new podcast while she was walking. I wish my routine was that healthy. For some reason, every time a new podcast comes out, I HAVE to play bejeweled while I listen to it. Weird, right? But it’s this mindless thing full of sparkly colors and your awesome stories that just culminates in the best experience of my week. I think I need some more exciting things in my life…

    Anyway, thank you both for such a wonderful podcast! I look forward to Thursdays even more than I already did with NBCs comedy line-up.

    Dana xx

  9. I bought my daughter a My Twin doll for Christmas when she was 8. She would bring her in the car when I dropped my kids off at school, and leave her in the back seat. Every once in a while I would need to look behind me or in the rear view mirror as I was driving and get a glimpse of the doll sitting behind me and I would get so creeped out…..

  10. Katelyn Dec 2, 2011

    Please tell me you’ve tried Garrett’s Popcorn in Chicago. The Chicago Mix is the best thing ever… cheese/caramel. Yum. (When you’re here to pick it up, DO NOT go into the American Girl Doll store unless you have to. You’ll be really depressed and long for the days when they just had Kirsten/Samantha/Molly.)

  11. Allison Dec 2, 2011

    OK guys, I love you and everything, but the racism in this episode was totally weird and rubbed me the wrong way. Especially since you got so judgy about “sluts” on Halloween.

  12. Jenna Dec 2, 2011

    Hi girls, i think we need to do an episode on racism–maybe for black history month? Because I am confused about what exactly being racist means–the Cosby sweater comment didn’t seem racist to me–am I a racist? HELP! Seriously…there is a show here.
    Is it racist to acknowledge race? Was it racist because you can’t assume that only black people celebrate Kwanza (we celebrate in my kids school and every black person I know –i use black because many ore not american–should I say of african decent–says they do not). I am not trolling I really think this would be a meaningful discussion–anyhoo!

  13. aaron Dec 2, 2011

    Hi ladies! I love your podcast and this episode was probably my favorite. I listen at work, because my job is extremely boring/tedious. I had trouble breathing several times because I was laughing so hard. I can totally relate to wanting to binge eat that canned popcorn stuff. That’s totally something my grandma would give me for xmas, but it’s so good. I love the awkward/inappropriate things you both bring up. It makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only person who does this.

  14. kellybee Dec 2, 2011

    This podcast was so much fun! Love you both and appreciate all the work you both do~your blogs and homefries are the first places I go when I turn on my computer. Love you oo

  15. Adrienne L Dec 4, 2011

    Hi Joy & Tracy!

    I just wanted to take the time to comment and say how much I enjoy your podcasts! I’m from Oregon (Go ducks!) but I’ve been studying abroad in France since August. I love listening to your podcast whenever I feel a little homesick or miss my friends! It’s a nice pick-me-up. So, thank you guys for being here during my adventure away from home!


    PS I had one of the “look a like” American Girl Dolls when I was younger…. It definitely creeped me out. I was all about Felicity.

  16. I was wearing my burgundy velvet dress (I bought it in Argentina!!) while listening to you talk about wearing a velvet dress for the holidays! You were right on the money, I love velvet!!

  17. Jennifer Dec 6, 2011

    I remember hearing in a recent episode that Joy was looking for a new winter eye look (can’t find which episode). Did you ever find one?

    • Joy the Baker Dec 6, 2011

      yes! brown eye liner with brown and gold accents.

  18. Joy, I am so alarmed about your incestuous family member! Hitting on ANYONE at a family gathering of any kind is definitely not ok. Huge red flag. Even if you’re not related by blood. Still icky at best.

    And thank you for bringing up the toys of my youth! I never had an American doll, Kid Sister, or Power Wheels (my parents were more about using the television to entertain me), but those commercials are drilled into my memory for all time. I would never have played with them, but I wanted them so badly! Pow! Pow! Power Wheels!

    And yes, I can still sing the entire My Buddy commercial word for word. I promise I’m a lot less pathetic now that I buy my own toys. 😉

  19. Natasha Dec 6, 2011

    I think the feeling of racism in this episode does not stem from whether or not the Cosby family celebrates Kwanza, but rather, that Tracy made a slightly racist comment that could have been brushed off, but instead, you both just laugh about how hilarious it is to make racist comments. You’re not racist. We get it. But the whole exchange was a bit ignorant. No biggie.

  20. kmarie Dec 6, 2011

    i love your podcast so much and i’m glad we covered the “racist” kwanzaa sweater comment thing in the comments above, but i’m wondering about something from a previous podcast where joy mentions her cycle/spin class or something about going to the gym and there being four big black guys there–i’m not sure that knowing the guys were black added anything to the story but you did mention it twice…

  21. kmarie Dec 7, 2011

    hi joy–would you possibly email me about your perspective on this? i like your sparkliness , and i think you can shed some light here as it comes up from time to time within our bi-racial family–some take offense–it’s confusing…
    I really like your outlook on life.

  22. Rachelsville Dec 10, 2011

    I feel like we were promised a Limoncello recipe to be posted in the show notes. Was I dreaming? Is it here but invisible? Did I drink to much the morning I listened to your podcast? Please help me clarify? Thx

  23. mandy Dec 27, 2011

    i know i am late to the party, but i always wanted the american doll samantha, but i never got her (my mom claims she didnt know even though i carried the catalog around mooning over it until it fell apart). so a couple of years ago she got my daughter the molly doll and me the samantha doll! my daughter of course has taken ownership of both dolls! loved that yall had the dolls that we now have!

  24. Hey Joy! So I just listened to this podcast (I was busy having my baby the day it actually aired. :P) and I wanted to tell you that I *love* your podcast! It always makes me feel like I’m at home listening to my Mom and sisters talking. And I had to laugh when I heard that you had the Samantha doll and Tracy had Molly. My older sister had Samantha and *I* had Molly. So yeah, I <3 y'all.

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