Hello friends!  We’re back with another podcast for you!  Sorry we were away last week.  We missed you most sincerely.  This wee we’re talking about blazers, Easter egg hunts that Tracy would like to turn naughty, and what to do if you don’t like your best friend’s boyfriend.

cathedral, new orleans

Last week Joy was in New Orleans.  This week Tracy is in Mexico!  We can’t seem to sit still.  We’re hoping Tracy comes home as a professional margarita drinker.

Donde esta el estacionamiento?

Tracy is really into Old Navy bathing suits!  Take in a little sun!  Go on.

Gone Girl is totally awesome vacation reading.  It’s a page turner for sure.

Have you every wondered about our themesong?  Michael had this song made for us detailing all of our weirdo inside jokes.  You can read all the lyrics here.


Also… if you think we should relive the Ghost experience, you can listen to the episode here:  Like the movie Ghost.

Once Michael gets talking about cat puns, there’s really no stopping the meows… it all started with Apocalypse Meow.

Thanks so much for listening to another podcast!  We love that you’re here!

You can always reach out to us in email: contact at homefries dot com, or call us!  (817) 82-fries.  We’re also on Twitter @homeries.

Love to you!


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41 comments on “Mexican Situation

  1. car in spanish is COCHE… but I guess in Mexico they say CARRO which is our word for supermarket cart….

    • Joy the Baker Feb 21, 2013

      oh man… we really gave that one the royal treatment.

    • Actually, in Puerto Rico (and all over the Caribbean, actually) it’s carro. In Spain it’s coche. South Americans usually say auto. Just depends what country you’re in, but they’re all correct!

    • We say Carro specially in the north of mexico, Carro for Car, Troca for truck instead of the correct Camioneta etc, etc. I guess is just our way of mixing the english words commonly heard and making them use to our border spanish.


      • Joy the Baker Feb 24, 2013

        thanks for allowing me to butcher that so badly. yikes!

  2. Hi Joy! I’m reading “Gone Girl” now… there are no spoilers in your Podcast, right? Cause… I’m into it BIG time… speaking of things I can really get into, it’s definitely time for a margarita here in the midwest… winter BaNg is on the way and we’re ABSOLUTELY gonna need to pretend it’s a warm summer day. Ei Yi Yi…

  3. 1. “Let Jesus chill” = me spitting my coffee out in my car. Well-played, friend.
    2. I have a co-worker whose husband plans an Easter egg hunt for her every year. Last year, he forgot and she cried at work and wrote a blog post about it. I can’t even.
    3. Regarding disliking your best friend’s boyfriend, I think that the most important question is always is your friend happy. I am not the biggest fan of a good friend’s boyfriend, but SHE is and seems so into him that I overlook the fact that he’s kind of a dud in person. Also, when I first starting dating my boyfriend, two friends made some questionable comments, and while we’re still friendly, it definitely altered our friendship, because while they may not have liked him, we’ve now been together over five years. SO.
    4. Regarding feeling left out of friend groups, I used to feel really left out by some girls I hang out with, and then I had the realization that my own stress had prevented me from being really inclusive. When I feel left out or bummed, I try to work extra hard to include those friends (initiate a happy hour or dinner out, invite them for brunch) and to also reach out to other people I’m hoping to get to know better. The more you put out to others, the more you get in return. Also? People who don’t blog don’t get blogging. It’s FINE. Just let it be and try to meet some bloggers so you can talk about the Internet. No need to ditch those friends.

  4. Michelle Feb 21, 2013

    I have that bathing suit in red with polka dots and I LOVE it!! I got it last year after having a baby. It has a little control top thing going on and it made me feel much better in my post-baby body! :-) Super flattering without making me feel like an old lady! :-)

  5. this is a totally awesome video a la exercising in your blazer http://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=rrub54-LlDQ

  6. Tracy, I think you were thinking of this Josh Hartnett classic (http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0243736/) when you thougt up the sexy Easter notes.

  7. That outro song. I just. ahh…

  8. I read Gone Girl after Joy’s glowing endorsement and I canNOT get over it! It’s such an amazing psychological twister. Still can’t deal. LOVE the podcast btdubs

  9. Lizzie Feb 22, 2013

    Two things: first, ladies, big thanks for decreeing that “I never liked him” is not an appropriate post-breakup friend confession. I wish more people knew that! Second, regarding manly Easter baskets, maybe mini bottles of liquor? My mom still makes Easter baskets for my sister and me…and now for my husband (don’t judge)…and the booze goes over well with adults of all genders. Plus, it fits in a purse. (Just me?)

  10. Debbie Feb 22, 2013

    Have you seen this ameowzing song? :)

  11. kendrabergen Feb 23, 2013

    Hi Ladies! The podcast does not seem to want to play or be downloaded. Are you guys having some interwebs trubs??

    • I seem to be having problems getting it to load on my iPad, but it’s loading fine my laptop. I’ll look into it.

      What are you trying to listen with?

    • Joy the Baker Feb 24, 2013

      hm… i’ve downloaded it and it plays on my computer fine as well.

    • I can’t get it to play or download on my phone or PC. It says it can’t find media.blubrry.com. It worked last week. HELP – I’m going through Joy and Tracy podcast withdrawal.

      Lin in PA

      • Might have been a temporary issue. It seems to be working fine on this end now. Let me know if you are still having problems.

  12. Stephanie Feb 23, 2013

    Love the podcast(s)! Glad you brought back the Apocalypse Meow references. How about ‘Brokeback Meowntain’?!

  13. love it when michael pops in! maybe once you guys are back from all your travels you can get back on the homework bandwagon. had fun last spring with all our assignments (blazer friday, favourite accessories, 5 fave things) and of course making lemon loaf for veronica & tim. makes the pod a little more interactive!

    • Joy the Baker Feb 24, 2013

      we should totally get on the homework wagon! you’re right, byn!

  14. Cayla Feb 24, 2013

    The dude who wrote and sang the themesong is so cute.

  15. Courtney Odle Feb 25, 2013

    who jogs in a blazer? give a break.

  16. I loved your tweet convo last night about purse contents… baby booze! Plus I totally relate to the dirty kid sock/toy car/etc. thing…

    That would be fun homework: purse contents + photo evidence.

    P.S. Maybe I’m just super nosey and like the idea of looking in on other peoples’ purse business?!

  17. Michelle Feb 27, 2013

    This is off topic, but have you checked this out. pinterestyouaredrunk.com Maybe I discovered it from here…I have a terrible memory.

  18. Tracey Mar 2, 2013

    My sister has told me multiple times about how you guys coincidentally mention things/items that she just became aware of, likes, etc. I am trailing just behind her and with this episode you mentioned not one but two things that just entered my mind/eyeballs: the Cadbury eggs (I look forward to them every year) and also the polka dot bathing suit. Just saw the same one for only $10 at a local Old Navy! Want to go back to buy it for an early Halloween costume (either pin up girl or if taking the funny route, an old-timey synchronized swimmer complete with daisy swim cap :P) Thanks for the laughs!

  19. You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow. As usual, you guys are hilarious.

  20. Little late to listening to this one. Totally agree on the MYOB about the boyfriend.

    I had a couple of friends tell me they were not crazy about my boyfriend. They felt he “did not have enough personality and was a little bit boring.” Their red flags were that he did not want to go out all the time and sometimes wanted to stay in and watch a movie, not hang at a bar. They felt this was him trying to keep me away from them, when the truth was I was also over the bar scene at that point and over their idea of fun.

    I have been married to that boyfriend for 26 years. He makes me happy every single day. And he has never been boring or lacking personality with me. The best part is he makes me feel loved and beautiful regardless of my age, weight, whether I am wearing makeup etc. Last summer he surprised me with a trip to Paris and London for our 25th anniversary…. not boring at all!

    While I still have some contact with those old friends through things like Facebook, I don’t hang with them, I might occasionally meet them for coffee if they are in town, but that is about it. And those two friends have each divorced guys they though were full of personality and tons of fun.

  21. I just relistened to this podcast months on and the outro song just gave me a warm feeling. I knew every single reference in that song and felt like you guys are friends. For a girl that never had true girlfriends growing up (I had a frenemy though), it feels nice to have lady friends that I get. Even if from a far. Thanks ladies. And Michael. 😉

  22. Tracy, all your baguette talk make me think we are soul sisters. I saw this buzzfeed and #26 made me think of you, had to share.
    You girls rock. Keep up the amazing blogs/podcasts. http://www.buzzfeed.com/floperry/jerusalem-artichokes?s=mobile.

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