Hello friends!  Welcome to another podcast in podcastland!  Joy and Tracy are getting girly and talking about their beauty routines.  Gentlemen… we’re sorry, but we kinda just need to talk about eye cream and mascara for a bit.  We’re also answering your questions about curly hair, boyfriend phone calls, and cooking for the French.

Here’s some of the beauty goods we talked about on the show!

 Whoa!  Eye cream is expensive.  Ask for samples at the make-up counter.  La Mer is the fanciest of fancy.  You might need photo ID.  Weird.

Good, shiny, flexible hold hair spray from Rusk.

Baking soda is totally a rad facial product!  It’s cheap.  Thank heavens.  Petit Elefant has some great tips.

Extreme Party Mascara by Bobbi Brown.  It’s dramatic… in a really good way.

Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins – Tracy doesn’t go to bed without putting this stuff on. Joy likes the word Night-A-Mins. Who doesn’t?!


Philosophy – Eye Hope Multitasking Eye Cream 

As in…EYE HOPE this stuff works. Tracy’s using this right now and will have results for you in a decade.




NUXE Huile Prodigieuse

Dry oil! Yes! It’s multi-purpose and smells divine.



NARS Illuminator Super Orgasm

How awkward that you can actually buy an Orgasm…


Bobbi Brown Bobbi Brown Corrector – Bisque

Tracy’s protection against dark eye circles.


Korres Wild Rose Brightening Flawless Finish Compact Powder 

A compact powder that’s SQUARE (this pleases Tracy) although having a square sponge is weird.

Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette – Beethoven

This is the I-palette that Tracy dropped on the floor after day 2.


St. Ives, Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub, 6oz

This stuff works! That’s why Tracy has used it since hypercolor was invented.


Are you cooking for a clan of Frenchies right before your wedding celebration!?  Awesome!  Major congratulations.  How about some Flat Roasted Chicken  or Slow Cooker Jerk Chicken?  Yum.  Good luck!!

Maybe spray tans make you look like a dirty child.  True.

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51 comments on “More Bang for Your Buck

  1. Morgan Feb 28, 2013

    Is it just me? Or is this podcast not working? :(

  2. Brandi Feb 28, 2013

    Not working for me either : (

  3. Morgan Feb 28, 2013


  4. technology is hard. we’re back in business.

  5. Yes! Calls are interrupters! I will call you back when I am alone!

    • howtosavethekosmos Feb 28, 2013

      I say text as much as you can and don’t expect instant responses. I only call in real need and hope he answers then because he knows it’s not my usual tactic.

  6. I love listening to the podcast every week, today I felt so special because I happen to be wearing a fresh mani featuring Nars nailpolish, color ORGASM! Wohoo! Pinky peachy shimmery. V beautiful

  7. howtosavethekosmos Feb 28, 2013

    You CAN ask your friends what they think of your boyfriend and they CAN tell you but only if it’s agreed upon and I think it has to happen really early in any relationship. Friends can’t come back years later and complain if they didn’t speak up earlier when asked. When I first started dating my now husband, I took him around to meet the friends and family and let people know beforehand that I was interested in their thoughts afterwards. Luckily, everyone saw what I saw in him and liked us together too!1\

  8. I started mixing nail polish colors a few months ago after I couldn’t find a really dark grey. It really works, Tracy. And since I don’t pay a lot for polishes either, I didn’t feel bad about mixing them. Now I have a dark grey that I love.

    • Tracy Feb 28, 2013

      Fiiiiiiiiiine. What happens when you mix two different brands? Does it still work if one of them is a fast dry one? Details!

      • Hmmmm unsure, probably wouldn’t do this. I usually just buy either white or black in a certain brand and use it to lighten or darken a particular shade of that same brand.

  9. Along the lines of beauty products, I just bought NARS velvet matte lip color in Sex Machine per Joy’s recommendation from a podcast a long time ago. Super excited to try it!

  10. Aeshna Feb 28, 2013

    Eyecreams DO work! My mom started using Lancome’s Morpholift after a bad under-eye situation (she’s 61 and had never used eyecreams till last year) and it’s made a gigantic difference. So much so that we’ve all started using it :)

  11. Corinne Mar 1, 2013

    Hi Joy and Tracy,
    Just wanted to say that I have listened to you guys while I have worked on finishing my basement, you have made taping and mudding a thousand times easier. I have let my daughter listen to a few old episodes (I like to listen while preparing supper, even though I’ve already heard them, it’s a sickness.). She asked last night, “Can we listen to the girls who talk about red flags?”

    Obviously I want you to keep podcasting forever.

    Last thing, breakfast for dinner, how many times a month is one allowing this wonderfulness. 2 times, 3 times? Waffles at night with bacon is……there are no words.

  12. Hi girls! There are a lot of great DIY beauty stuff on Pinterest. I’ve been using a coconut oil, vitamin e cream mixture for eye cream and it works great. I LOVE baking soda too. My fav though is mixing a tiny drop of vegetable glycerin with your favorite moisturizer. It makes it a winter moisturizer and seriously makes your skin glow. Do the drop at night and see the results in the morning! You can get vegetable glycerin at your local co-op.

  13. Brittany Mar 1, 2013

    Where’s the link to the article Joy was talking about? She said she would put a link in the show notes but I don’t see it!

  14. I have an alternative suggestion for Danielle! I’m currently living in Paris and dating an Italian chef (humblebrag), and I was super intimidated to cook for him. The solution, for me, was going completely in the other direction — Asian food! I’m Korean, and he hadn’t had much Korean food, so that was something that I felt much more comfortable with than, say, pasta. How could I ever compete with his mama’s fresh, handmade pasta?!?

    But yeah, the French are super into Asian food right now, but don’t like a lot of spice. So maybe simple sushi rolls or stir-fries?

  15. Julia Mar 1, 2013

    Joy, what kind of Argan oil do you use? I’ve been looking at them for a while and can’t decide which one to buy!

  16. I agree, it’s super intimidating to try to cook a “local” dish for the locals. I try to make the Spanish tortilla, and luckily my (Spanish) husband thinks it’s great! Still haven’t tried to make it for his mom though.

  17. ciao Joy and Tracy! great show…I just have to say that Rusk Hair Spray with argan oil is the only hair spray I use. it’s AWESOME!
    -Laura Martin

  18. hey tracy – just wondering if you’re still using your clarisonic? or are you over it?

    • Tracy Mar 3, 2013

      I use it a couple times a week. I’m into it not an every night kinda thing though. It’s purely cuz I’m laaaaaaaaaazy.

  19. “They’re Real” mascara by Benefit is so amazing. I’ve tried many expensive mascara’s and always go back to Cover Girl… this one, however. I”ll never go back. My lashes are lush!!!

  20. Also, I just bought the argan oil. I’m afraid, excited and a little bit poorer.

  21. Just started listening to your podcasts. Safe to say I am enamored with you two goils. . This may sound weird but listening to you relaxes me. You are so unlike frantic fast paced radio hyper shows that make me crazy. You are the polar opposite of listening to an announcer at a monster truck rally. You mellow talk things which I really like. you are just too cute for words. I laugh out loud in my car, on the treadmill listening to you both. -signed. anew fan!

  22. I’m glad I’m not the only one who still uses apricot scrub!! Holler to old school ish! lol. Ok just ordered the Eye Hope, eye hope this works!

  23. @Joy have you heard of lush cosmetics? I tend to be on the more natural beauty product side of things as well and I think you might like their products. I’ve also been told I have problem skin (how rude!) I just got some of the cleanser and moisturizer. I’m in love.

  24. All I could think of in the “bangs” talk was BANGARANG! As in, Skrillex. And then I started thinking it would be funny to make a video montage of people getting their bangs cut and styled crazily. Like, mini-mohawk bangs and bright pink crimped bangs and super-fluffed bangs and stringy-gelled 5-inch-long bangs…Oh, ridiculous me.

  25. Barbara Cooke Urbani Mar 6, 2013

    Wow. Where were you 12 years ago when i got married and settled for what i thought I deserved? I would have loved if one of my friends had had an honest conversation with me about self esteem and settling. I am now stuck in a unhappy marriage and do not know how to get out.

  26. Jessica Mar 6, 2013

    I just switched to a Naked 2 eye palette, but did love the Kat Von D one I had previously. If you’re going to splurge a little on a gloss, I’m in love with Korres Lip Butter Glaze (I love the quince color). It adds more color than a typical gloss and is not as sticky or quite as shiny, plus at $14, it’s not a total bank breaker.

    And I would agree with a few of the other commenters, that Danielle should go with cooking something different than what the French family might cook. What about bbq if she has a good recipe? It can usually be made ahead of time. And I’d stay away from the baguettes unless she has a killer bakery nearby. Good luck!

  27. You girls inspired me to finally stop being lazy about my 36 year old face. I just picked up Josie Maran Argan Oil (a sample at Sephora) and the Orgins Night-a-Mins cream. Not to mention about $100 more worth of stuff I’d run out of lately. Most helpful podcast yet (for me)! Thank you guys!

  28. Did you guys mentions fragrances that you like?, ones that don’t make you smell like an old lady?

    • Burberry Sheer = FAVOURITE! My sister has this delicious smelling Coco Chanel one too that everyone always asks why she smells so good whenever she wears it… must remember to ask her which one she uses…

  29. I use the Garnier eye roller. It’s just a little stick that is supposed to help the eye area. I guess it works? I can’t be bothered with the expensive eye creams either. Hopefully this doesn’t come back to bite me.

    Smashbox also makes an excellent illuminator that I really love.

    Good stuff ladies!

  30. Years ago 1 of my best friends was marrying a guy I really didn’t like. What I consoled myself with (since I needed SOMEthing) was that every time I saw them together, he was REALLY nice to her. I was IN her wedding, and thought I was being the brave, supportive friend, when she told me years later that when the photos came back, I looked really sad. Had NO idea. Oops. =)

    Now, she’s remarried to a GREAT guy who IS worthy, so she’s much happier, as am I. But, I really don’t think there’s much for you to do when you don’t like your friend’s man, but to be supportive of your friend, and just let it go. =)

  31. This has nothing to do with this episode but wanted to thank Tracy for introducing me to the miracle that is Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. I have gone through 2 jars in two weeks… AHHHHH. It is a huge highlight of all my meals.. and maybe even dessert sometimes? (Most of the time). You guys are the best – please never stop podcasting or recommending gems from Trader Joe’s!

  32. May I just say that Tracy, you were killing me with your hilarious one-liners in this episode. “Nobody likes a short bang…” HA!!

  33. Tracy! I still use that St. Ives Apricot Scrub and it is better to buy the brand name rather than the Target knock off version I realized. When I compared the ingredients the Target one had parabens in it! That Kat Von D palette looks so pretty, I would be really sad if I dropped it cause they’re totally not cheap!!

    • Tracy Mar 25, 2013

      Good to know! I have a lot of issues with the Up & Up brand as a whole. Some of the stuff is worth it…most of it isn’t!

  34. Megan Mar 26, 2013

    Hi ladies!! I have been meaning to try Nars Orgasm in basically any form, but recently heard about ‘makeup dupes’ – cheap brands that imitate the expensive ones relatively well. They are all over the internet and Orgasm is of the most popular ones that people try to find matches for! I bought a NYX blush recently, and while I’m sure it’s not the same it’s pretty damn great!

  35. Playing catch up and just listened to this episode! As soon as Tracy mentioned Benefit’s They’re Real, I started nodding in agreement. I first tried it out when it was offered at Sephora in a sample size and I was impressed with it from the start. The formula seems to have been changed recently, though, as the more you build it up it gets this tar-like, tacky feeling and you have to be very gentle when you take it off your eyelashes. (I use coconut oil to take off my makeup.) I also sometimes use a light amount of it on top of another mascara, or just on the tips to have a feathery effect without needing to use false eyelashes.

  36. I’ve been reading both of your blogs for quite a long time now, and I started listening to your podcast only recently (looove it). As a Frenchie myself, I had to leave a comment on this one! Tracy: great pronunciation of Nuxe 😉

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