This week on the Joy the Baker podcast, Joy and Tracy dive into their Frequently Asked Questions from readers and listeners!  Let’s get nosey.

Also… poor Cooper is sick, Tracy eats old (but good!) cookies, and Joy needs a smoothie, stat!

Joy finished up her book tour at the bonkers Brooklyn Kitchen!

Tracy has had a sick little Cooper all week.  Poor pumpkin!

FAQ:   Tracy!  With a small child, husband, house, and job… how do you find balance!?

FAQ:  Joy!  How do you stay skinny when you make cakes and cookies everyday?

A balance of Chocolate Chip Cookies and Kale Smoothies.  That’s the deal!

Life Changing Vegan Thumbprint cookies. Life changing…as in they last 2 weeks in your car!

Angel Hair Pasta with Chile, Lemon & Arugula.  A T-Flo Recipe!

We should totally tweet the heck out of our friend T-Flo.  @TylerFlorence… let’s go!

And fonts!!! I think one of those fonts is Pistilli Roman.  Tracy is obsessed with that one!

Twenty cookies.  That’s all you get!  Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe from Tracy.


Tracy would be my bridesmaid if, and only if, she could wear this dress.  Duh.   Cute wedding!

Tracy and Joy both want to be Jack Donaghy.  But whyyy?  Joy is in it for the blazer.  Tracy is in it for the last word.

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90 comments on “More Woo than Woe

  1. I’m listening to this episode while working and I just had to stop and write a comment when I heard about the question you get for your day job and why you don’t like answering it. I’m self employed too, making jewellery. When people ask me what I do for a living and I tell them, they go “Oh this is not work” (meaning it’s so nice that it doesn’t count..)
    I haven’t slept more than 5 hours a night for the last week trying tofinish all my easter orders. It IS work! (and of cource I love it, but that doesn’t make it less work.. My hands and back can tell you that!)

  2. Loved the podcast ladies!

    Poor cooper! Hope he feels better soon!

    I love that you gals have answered all these questions that I’ve been wondering about!

    Listen to you next week!

  3. This was excellent – per usual! Can’t believe people pepper you with such pesky questions (Don’t they know just making cookies takes SO MUCH energy – that’s clearly how you maintain such a maidenly figure, Joy, not that it is anyone’s beeswax!). I also like that you are a lady of mystery – it keeps me guessing.

    Not sure who is Jack or Liz – but I think Tracy might Jack (sorry Blazin’ Joy) because she is always offering various mentoring advice, i.e. photos needin’ some saturation. But Liz is still super awesome (obvy).

    I sent in my homework last week but just for convenience here it is again! Thanks for another great podcast – you two always make me smile. OH, and I was at Brooklyn Kitchen and any person with half a brain could see that silliness was SO not your fault so don’t worry and getting to meet you was definitely worth it!

  4. just wanted to say that i love your healthy posts too! quinoa and kale me!! i also love the bean and beet sneak attacks! :) one of my favorite things is that you both have simple recipes that involve fresh produce. heart those!

  5. Great podcast! As always. It got me through my otherwise terribly boring routine of cleaning up before plonking my butt down to work on my dissertation. I went to see you, Joy, at Brooklyn Kitchen and, like noted above, it was obvious that the lack of organization was so not your fault. Plus you were really sweet in coming out and advising us to come back later. Unfortunately my pregnant belly and bloated feet prevented me from waiting to see you but I was really happy to get a glimpse of you before the whole thing started! I hope you had a great, awesome, super fun time in New York. <3

    • Joy the Baker Apr 11, 2012

      thank you so so much for coming! i’m sorry i didnt get to meet you, but i so appreciate all the effort you made to be there!

  6. Heather Apr 5, 2012

    You two are awesome. Period. Keep it up.

  7. Amanda Apr 5, 2012

    Speaking of Pistilli Roman, Tracy… I saw this featured on Apartment Therapy and thought of you! A little pricey… but Scrabble: Typography Edition has your name written all over it. :)

  8. So happy to hear your thoughts on the question, “Why didn’t this recipe work for me?” I have always respected the response that Deb, from Smitten Kitchen, shares on her website:

    I love the real talk: “I am not in the kitchen with you.” I am incorporating more recipes into my blog posts and will remember the sage advice of you smart (and sassy) bloggers.


  9. I forgot to put the link to my homework in my previous comment so here it is –

    Hope you all come by and have a look!

  10. PerBer Apr 5, 2012

    loved the episode!! Hope Cooper feels better! Just heard Tracy answer the question about people asking her why the recipe went wrong when they changed the ingredients.. one of the ones she mentioned was flour.. that was totally me!! tried to make pizza a little healther by adding whole wheat flour and it didn’t come out quite right.. oops.

  11. Tanashati Apr 5, 2012

    Joy, we love you (not sure if you noticed the turn out at all of your book signings lately). And I’m pretty sure that there’s more of us out there that understand how hard you work than those who just envy and hate on what appears to be an easy breezy life for you. So, with now understanding that you owe us supporters to not be sensitive to letting the world know that you are an amazing baker, blogger, author and person that has worked extremely hard to get where she is to day. You inspired many and just remember to do your blog math if you ever forget that :)

    • Joy the Baker Apr 5, 2012

      kindness! i shouldn’t be so sensitive! always remember blog math! thank you!

  12. Joy is Liz Lemon because she says fun things like BONKERS all the time and also because she has strange encounters with men…like that crazy news guy in St. Louis. Jack Donaghy doesn’t have a crazy news guy in his life–he’s got a steady thing going with his family and his job, like Tracy does. And both Jack and Liz totally rock. You ladies have such a fun dynamic! I love listening to your show each week.

  13. I loved this podcast like woo like whoa.

    And I’d totally want to be Liz Lemon! She’s about as hungry as I am always. B

    ut mostly, thanks for another awesome podcast. It was just the thing to help me drown out the guy at the gym singing super-loud with his headphones on. <3

    • Joy the Baker Apr 5, 2012

      how could we BOTH have forgotten how HUNGRY Liz is!?!?

  14. Caley Apr 5, 2012

    Joy and Tracy-

    So, I have your cookbook–and definitely cried a little out of excitement when I first saw it. My husband said, “umm…are you crying right now?”

    Yep. Anticipation. It’s a powerful thing.

    Anyway, I made Joy’s cracker recipe and love them. My husband took them to work and shared with other people, and they decided to make a competition out of cracker-making. The challenge: To see who can figure out the best flavor combination in your crackers. This sounds like fun, and to get ahead of the competition, I thought I would ask you lovelies for some advice.

    If you could give me some tasty and maybe out-of-the box ideas, that would be awesome!

    Thanks for all of the hard work you two put into your blogs and podcasts! I have grown as a baker and love listening to all of the things you talk about!


    • Joy the Baker Apr 5, 2012

      hmmm… cracker combinations. how about chive and cheddar? how about curry? how about sunflower seed and gruyere?

      • Caley Apr 8, 2012

        I like those. I will be experimenting this week! Thanks!

  15. my homework post from last week:


    Joy == totally Liz Lemon
    Tracy == totally Jack Donaghy
    commenter (sorry I can’t remember the name) = Kenneth


  16. You blazer wereing ladies make me laugh so much! THANK YOU ( insert Oprah voice…)
    Lets just say you make traffic so much better. Loves to you both! Keep on being you and keeping it real!


    PS: You both are an inspriration…. I know kinda lame, but the truth. Real Talk!!!

  17. My mom used to do the exact same thing with Peeps. She would leave them out until they were stale for weeks. There is no other way to eat them. It’s kind of like eating a moon pie microwaved instead of un-microwaved.

  18. Elizabeth Apr 5, 2012

    Hi Joy,
    I, as many, have wondered if you have a day job, and thought it might be the case that you are able to support yourself as Joy the Baker. I think that is AWESOME! Go you! Good for you for managing to support yourself doing what you love! And for creating it yourself! Oh gosh, so many exclamation points. I’ll stop now.
    But I also wanted to say, I totally respect keeping some privacy re: your relationship. It just makes sense.

  19. So, I hate to say it [or maybe I don’t?] but Tracy is totally Jack and Joy is Liz.

    Also, to Joy, you were so amazing in Brooklyn. The wait was worth it, I’m so happy to have a signed copy of your cookbook. And I was shocked to see how… badly… one of my favorite businesses in the borough handled the event.

  20. Hi! Loved the podcast. Here are my 5 Favorite things:

  21. Kassie Apr 5, 2012

    I had to comment (absolutely HAD to) and chime in on the whole Jack and Liz debate. Tracy is totally Jack, and Joy is Liz. Obviously, as a listener I know you guys better than you do…

  22. Hi lovely ladies, thanks again for another podcast leaving me grinning down the road on the way to and from work! I love it! Joy, I wanted to share my ‘boyfriend sharing’ history with you in response to your intentional omission of introducing your man to your fans. I too have dated lots of uh, some lovely, but mostly not so lovely gentleman. I made the mistake over and over again of sharing these new exciting relationships with friends, family, basically anyone who would listen. MISTAKE. ‘Cause you know, they start off fun and exciting but usually end and sometimes they end horribly. And it took me a really really long time to learn to just keep the mouth shut about any of it. There was a clear trend forming and it wasn’t pretty on any side of the fence. So, I finally decided to stop gabbing about the boys I was dating to anyone. I made this decision right before I met the man who was to become my husband. I met my now husband and didn’t share a peep to (almost) anyone. In part, I didn’t want to ‘jinx’ it (whatever that means) and I also wanted to still have friends. So I silently fell in love with this guy and silently knew that he was different from the rest and silently was happy with keeping this news to myself. It was OUR relationship, not my community’s relationship (much to their relief, I’m sure). :) We had never talked about marriage in our year long courtship, but he surprised me with a proposal on our year anniversary and we were married 5 months later. And now there’s a baby in my belly (which you saw at your Portland book signing). So, I just wanted to share my support with you and my understanding about not sharing your relationship with the world. I totally get it. These types of relationships are intimate and personal and so special. You are already so vulnerable with sharing your life and it’s obvious your followers appreciate and connect with that. So thank you for that! But I realize it’s fun to have that special relationship part of your life to yourself.

    • Joy the Baker Apr 11, 2012

      Kim! So lovely hearing from you! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment. I totally get you! Amazing!

      I’m also incredibly happy for you! It’s so great that I got to see you! Thanks for all the love.

  23. I love listening to your podcasts, especially while running. It usually gets awkward when I start to laugh, because I’m sure people think: “Who is that crazy girl running and laughing to her music?” But that is totally okay because I’m thinking to myself: “Who are these crazy people NOT laughing and NOT listening to this podcast?” Anyway, thanks for the wonderful favorite things homework. It was so much fun thinking of all of the wonderful and beautiful things I have in my life!

  24. Hi Joy and Tracy! Just wanted to share my link for my completed homework assignment. :)
    Can’t wait for the next one!

  25. Jillian Apr 6, 2012

    WAIT!!!!!!!! What happened with T. Flo?!?!?!?!? I need an update!

  26. I love this homework! I love looking at everyone else’s favorite things too!!! I think I’m going to do this every month! Here are mine:

  27. Melanie McCullough Apr 7, 2012

    Love you both so much! I also think that Joy is Liz after watching that extremely uncomfortable video last week with Joy and the no-boundaries St. Louis newscaster. That is a Liz Lemon story if I ever heard one.

    Just FYI, Tracy’s tweet about Gayle makes it easy to find out the mysterious identify of Joy’s boyfriend. Just wanted to warn you in case you wanted to preserve anonymity from twitter savants! :)

  28. So, now whenever there’s a new podcast up, we listen to it over dinner…. Me and my husband and the baby, gathered ’round the old laptop (and pausing frequently for interruptions). I’m so glad I got my husband into listening to you!! Joy, he is a HUGE fan of your cookbook — he’s the chef in our house. We’ve already made so many of the recipes. Today he was making the chocolate granola and he said, “I’m going to add some chocolate chips to Joy’s recipe.” I thought it was so cute that he just referred to you as “Joy” — just wanted to let you know that you’re a household name around here. We love you ladies! You brighten the week. :) You be blazin’!

    • Joy the Baker Apr 11, 2012

      you guys are so so sweet! big love to your family dinner and a high five to the husband! how did the granola come out?

  29. Love this podcast, so nice to hear some real talk about yourselves that we don’t see on the blogs. And I totally thought Tracy was a graphic designer too, koodos to you! Your blog is lovely.

    I did my homework!! It’s more than 5 things, but I found it a bit hard to narrow down (and of course it includes a blazer..)

    Also I made a version of Tracy’s yummy looking pasta with a meyer lemon cashew and arugula pesto and some flaked salmon tossed with bucatini pasta. It was Dee-lish! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  30. Here’s my homework!

    And I totally Twitter stalked you Joy and was deeply saddened to find there were no replies to your T-Flo tweets. How awkward for him…

  31. I so did my homework! I was totally needing inspiration like Laura from a few episodes ago and each week you two ladies help me get through it. Hope y’all enjoy the post!
    PS. any tips/shortcuts on the podcast in the near future about how to deal with blog tech would be awesome! I am having problems understanding code for adding simple widgets. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Love y’all!

  32. Ladies! I love your podcast and blogs! So, I’ve been one of those people that incorporated in blog-math as one who never comments but totally creeps on your blogs! (Maybe a little like the Ghost-hands St. Louis news man from your book tour Joy! Kidding!)Ha! Anyways, I thought the homework sounded like a fun assignment, so here’s mine!

  33. Why does no one want to be Kenneth? You have to admit, he loves his life more than anyone else on the show.

  34. I feel like I’m cheating on the homework as I already have a weekly feature called Obsession Confession Sunday: 5 things I’m currently obsessed with. This week’s confession:

  35. You two should really think about making this podcast thing a full time gig. You’re SO funny! Love it.

    Oh, and here is my homework…

  36. Listening to you guys is often the highlight of my week. This week did not disappoint!

    Here is my homework:

  37. Hi Joy and Tracy, thanks for podcasting- you are both funny and talented.

    Here is the ‘5 favorites’ homework:

    Can’t wait to listen to your next podcast!

  38. Hi Joy and Tracy! I got to the homework a little late. But here it is 😉
    Love you guys,
    -Darlene (the Corvallis Foodie)

  39. Hi ladies — another great podcast as always!

    Here’s my homework:

  40. i posted my link in last week’s show notes, but here it is again!

  41. Hi Joy and Tracey!

    So excited about this homework assignment! Thank you so much for inviting us all to join in the fun. Here is the link to my assignment…

    Lots of orange links in the comments, how awesome! Thanks for motivating us all to do something fun!

    xo Kari

  42. Josie Apr 9, 2012

    I dig your ladies advice, able to spare a piece or two?

    I was recently asked to meet up with a friend of a friend to delve out some travel advice. We got along really well and it’s always nice to make new friends! I always make friends better with guys and my boyfriend is aware and cool with this. Now, I’m not saying this dude digs me, but I never know how to drop the boyfriend bomb without making things weird. Any tips ladies?

    Looking forward to your next p-cast!!


  43. Loved the podcast, ladies! As per usual, it helped get me through the long ordeal that is riding public transit. I look forward to it every week and I so admire your lives. Both the crazy momming/wifing/blogging life of Tracy’s and the crazy superfamousblogger/author life of Joy’s. Both of you are such inspirations and I really hope that I can do what you’re doing some day. That sounded a little gushy didn’t it? But it’s totally true! I’m working on it everyday and I totally look up to both of you. You’re kind of like my gurus. Is that weird? Anyway…love the podcast and can’t wait for the next one.
    Love you both!
    PS. here’s my homework

  44. Betty Apr 9, 2012

    Hey gals! I completed my homework assignment, just for you two!


  45. Hi Joy and Tracy….here’s my homework link without the twitter typo 😉

  46. I can’t believe you guys are fighting over who gets to be Jack! I know they make Liz Lemon out to be such a hot mess, but I think she’s awesome. She has a great job, a cute apartment, and eats Sabor de Soledad by the bagful while staying skinny.

    Loved this podcast!

  47. Sorry guys, I did procrastinate but here it is…-joy-and-tracy/

    On another note, before I started reading the comments I was of the mindset that Joy was absolutely Jack and Tracy was Liz and now I am not so sure. You have a pretty thoughtful and persuasive audience. I am kind of going the other way now. It was a thought provoking question.

  48. Here’s my five faves! Boo yah! Boom boom pow, and stuff!

  49. Love you guys. You are aaaawesooooome-saaaaauuuuuce! (that said with the best Oprah voice I could do… in my head)

    I would like to try kale cookies.

    I think you are both Liz and both Jack. (avoiding conflict)

  50. Homework done! I’ve always been a hand it in at the last minute girl, guess some things don’t change!

  51. This podcast is like therapy one hundred times. Joy and Tracy, thank you so much for your infinite lady wisdom. This, and the bourbon spiked chocolate banana bread I am about to bake, are a sure ticket for snagging a girl out of her daily woes. Much love!!! Susannah

  52. I did my homework! It cheered me right up. Thanks, Joy and Tracy!

  53. Wrote a blog about some of my favorites, just for y’all :)

    p.s. pretty sure that Liz Lemon would love you both. Not just because you’re funny as heck, but also because you make killer food. And we all know Lemon loves a good mozzarella stick.

  54. Love listening to you ladies! Are we getting the original 30 Rock controversy-starter to clear up what she meant? I’m quite curious now.

    Here’s my homework! #ladiesbeblazin

  55. Hilarious as always! I love listening to the podcast on my way to work. Thursday is Monday in my life, and you two make it so much better :)

    I’m a little late, but here’s my homework!

  56. I finally did my homework. Better late than never, right? I loved thinking about my favorite things right now!

  57. Um, I didn’t do my homework because I’m too embarrassed to admit to my readers that my most favorite thing right now is the new Biebs song. Why am I into the Biebs?!?

    I don’t know, but I’m totally into his new jam.

  58. I didn’t real the bazillion comments here, so I don’t know if anybody already posted this, but I thought Tracy might be interested in this book about the history of fonts: Just My Type (if she hasn’t already read it).

    Graphic design people I know raved about it to me the other day. I’m not a font nut but even I want to read it now. (Summer reading, maybe… hmmm… blog book club??!!)

    • I’m reading that now! It’s great! I am a font nut (I’m a graphic designer) but it isn’t dry at all. It would be a fun read for anyone interested in design.

  59. Hi, Joy and Tracy,

    So I’ve been listening since your first podcast and have finally made it over here to leave a comment. Why the wait? Well, I’m busy and I listen to the podcast in my car, and by the time I am to my computer I forget to stop by. BUT this week something you guys talked about really stuck with me, and that is the whole idea of balance. I think, especially as women, balance is this illusive idea of making everything work just right and looking wonderful while you do it: mothering, working, being a wife, being a cook, being fit and healthy, being smart and beautiful…you know what I’m talking about! What I have learned is that instead of balance I seek harmony. Balance is about equality of all things, but harmony is when each part of the music of life, if you will, is weighted differently, but in a way that just comes together perfectly. Some weeks the harmony is blended in a different way, i.e. work gets more of my attention or my kids get the majority of my time, or my business is what is pulling on me the most, but the amazing thing about harmony is that there are many ways to create a beautiful song.

    Love the show! Keep it up!!

  60. Julia Apr 12, 2012

    Tracy, you’re pretty fonts on pretty photos have been inspiring me as I’m trying to learn how to be a graphic designer at my new job. (and incorporate that into my poor, neglected blog…ack!) Hooray!
    And I had a thought about Joy being a full-time blogger as I was listening to this episode. You basically have three jobs—IT person for your website, art director/graphic designer for your website, and web editor. That’s pretty badass, because each of those by themselves are hard jobs.

  61. Love the kale talk! Keep posting the kale recipes – I always try them! Unlike these poor people who can’t find kale, I have a ton of it in my garden. It even survived the winter, but before I realized it was going to, I planted more. Kale chips for life!

  62. I think it is awesome that your job is what you want it to be and what you enjoy doing – most people don’t have the courage to make their dreams a reality. All those other people are jealous because their day job is something they don’t love to do!

    I’m a little late, but here is my 5 favorite things homework!

  63. a little late in the game on letting you guys in on it, but i did my homework.

  64. WHAT THE WHAT?! I think I started listening to this but had to turn it off and then thought I listened to the whole thing but didn’t. I was having a terrible day at work, and right when I thought I was going to pull out my hair, Tracy said, “We got a really thought provoking question from Becky on itunes…”

    I was so excited you brought up my 30 Rock comment. It was a laugh when I needed it most.

    Part of me thinks I should assign who is who, BUT I like the power of ambiguity. Like an artist, I shall leave it open for interpretation.

    *cough beckyizkenneth *cough

    • Joy the Baker Apr 17, 2012

      aaahahhahhaa! this is awesome! and yes… we totally made you kenneth.

  65. I’m a little late to join this party (story of my life–hah!), but this “homework” gave me the extra little push I needed to share a few tidbits that I might not have thought to bring up otherwise.

    Cheers to you ladies! Living far from home and from my social circle, the chance to listen to your awesome friendship truly brightens my day. Thanks for that!

  66. Sarah Apr 28, 2012

    I think the REAL answer to the question of “who is Jack” lies in the answer to this question…WHO HAS THE COOKIE JAR COLLECTION?!!

  67. I’m a little late in the game to the Joy the Baker podcast but have been enjoying catching up! Not sure if you still get notified about comments here, or if it’s too old, but Tracy–have I got a free site font mecca for you! ahhhhmazing!

  68. Joy, you have some feminine mystique going on, and that is pretty great. Good job on not sharing boyfriend details.

    Tracy, You’re such a great motivator, giving people assignments to complete and all that jazz! I feel like maybe I should go do some things now, except I’m at work… so maybe I should just focus on that. Ha.

  69. Joy, I would be one of the people who would ask if you have a day job. When I heard your reaction to that question, it motivated me to post a response, rather than remain a lurker. The reason I would ask is, your blog is so well done, you post so regularly, your posts are well written and your pictures are always great. I have a blog, although had is probably more accurate since I haven’t posted in a couple years. Even when I did update it, the quality of my posts were no where near what yours is. I would ask that question because I want to know if I have a shot at ever creating something at the quality level of your blog while maintaining a full time job (and the rest of life). I hope gives you another perspective on why you are asked this question so often, not because we are judging you, but because we want to understand what it takes to do it as well as you do.

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